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"judy adamson" Discussed on WGN Radio

"I have set up comedy is meeting incredible fellow comedians. And I'm thrilled, by the way. I don't I get to meet their family members. I don't know who to introduce here. First because in studio, I have Judy Adamson. Who's in here? Talk about a great fun. Great food fundraiser that you guys are doing trying to raise how many how many jars of peanut butter thirty thousand jars of peanut butter. Hi, judy. How are you doing? Let me make sure I got here that's roll out of high Judy. Hi, how are you? I'm very well. And and we have your daughter on the line and Mona's on the line. Hey, mona. Hey, how's it going? How are you very? Well, your mom reached out to me and said that you are you're both raising turnaround thirty thousand jars of peanut butter for this food depository. It is national. I know we misma- national peanut butter day yesterday. But still it is still today is it midnight. Yeah. We got you in under the wire. Yeah. Okay. This worked out. Well, we I had it all planned out. I know you've had. Mona. Where are you right now in the world? Right now, I'm sitting in sea point Capetown, South Africa. Oh, wow. Wow. What what an adventure? You're out. I love keeping up with you. And seeing where you are. You're mom must be are. You proud. Oh, so much so much. So tell tell us about how you came up with this idea Mona to raise thirty thousand jars of peanut butter. Was it? But whose idea was it moms are yours. Is my mom. All right. Tell me about this Judy. So I'm in a leadership program and part of the program, you're supposed to create something. And then show how you can make it happen. And so Monet and my favorite food on earth is peanut butter. And we found out that actually peanut butter is one of the things that the Chicago food depository absolutely loves in fact, the World Food Program, which gives food to people all over the world uses peanut butter as part of their base ingredients. So, and we also know that in January a lot of the donations drop off after Christmas people are if they've kind of given everything over the holiday season. Okay. So we decided we wanted to raise thirty thousand jars of peanut butter in the month of January. So it's called PB. Nj. Oh, that's smart. I love that PB and J. How proud of you your mom. I'm asking your momma proud. She's of you Mona. How are you of mom? My mom is the best because the thing grew up eating even I mean, come on, Patty. Sometimes there's a spoon in the jar in a cabinet. That would be a fun little. So when we found out that first off the United States even had national peanut butter day. Of course, you have national food. Sure. And it was just great. It's so I'm so proud of her, and I'm so proud of that she's doing something around something that I love and incorporating comedians because comedians look to laugh and comedians, really. But I guess, and we we have your mom brought me a tub of Jif Jif whips, which I've never tried before guy JJ and it's half the calories of the regular peanut butter. I've got addicted to it. I I so here's the first thing. I thought I was like, okay. I know I have saltines in my pantry. That's what I love saltines and peanut butter is my go-to go. Yeah. I'm excited about this. So you like it with a spoon anything? What else? Do you put it out? Because I you know, what I'll do I have left over pod tie. And I don't have their peanut butter stuff. I I will just heat that up with it works. I use it on crackers. I use it on bread apples bananas oatmeal. When we were we were in girl scouts. We would do peanut butter on a log with little raisins. Remember John salary. That's right. And then peanut butter and banana see now everyone, by the way, we are making everybody. I feel badly 'cause peanut butter is one of those things as soon as you start thinking about it. Don't you start getting like, okay, I have to have by the way, I hope that everyone is somewhere where they can grab some peanut butter. But that's we're doing this for folks who are struggling the weather is cold. And actually right now, I know the food depositories helping out a federal workers who are not able to make ends meet while they're not getting their paychecks. So this is really important you're helping out a lot of people, and how many how many jars have you been able to raise so far. I think we're up to a thousand okay. We need more than thirty thousand because and also think about homeless and a lot of homeless people. They don't have kitchens. They don't have utensils. Right. And it doesn't go bad. So it does not it really will make a difference. And the best part about it is if you go to the website, you can go in and buy a case of peanut butter from them. So you don't even have to go take it to the Chicago depository. Just go into the website for thirteen dollars. You get a whole case a peanut butter. Okay. I'm gonna do that right now. So you're the website, which is so this is actually airlink link my food drive dot org slash right? Is that folks can find out how do they search for it? Well, actually, the easiest way to get there as you can go to Mona comedy dot com slash go slash PB. And Jan as only thirteen dollars for a case of peanut thirteen dollars per kilolam on. All right. So peanut butter in. So tell us again, what's the how to.

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