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"judiciary committee cold out justice department" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

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"judiciary committee cold out justice department" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

"And rubella pope francis called wednesday and catholics worldwide to get vaccinated against kovic nineteen in an apparent rebuke to us cardinal. Who is hospitalized with the disease after anti vaccination comments cardinal raymond. Leo burke who's in his early seventies was hospitalized with severe cove in one thousand nine in august and placed on a ventilator he survived but now faces an intensive rehabilitation cardinal burke previously called vaccines totalitarian repeated. A conspiracy theory that covert vaccines carry hidden microchips. Speaking to journalists aboard a return flight to rome wednesday pope francis rejected anti vaccine sentiment and said getting a shot is an act of love turnover gave. It is a bit strange because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines like children were vaccinated. Holy we all. The children were vaccinated and no one protested a warning to our audiences. Next stories contain descriptions of sexual violence. Some of gymnastics biggest stars for ski account of the fbi's failure to stop serial sexual abuser usa. Gymnastics doctor larry nassar during testimony before the senate judiciary committee wednesday. This is olympic gold medalist. Michaela maroney this was very clear cookie cutter pedophilia and abuse. And this is important. Because i told the fbi all of this. And they chose to falsify airport and to not only minimize my abuse but silence me yet again. I thought given the severity of the situation that they would quickly for the sake of protecting other girls but instead it took them fourteen months to report anything. When larry nassar in. My opinion should have been in jail that day. The fbi usoc in usa. G sat idly by as dozens of girls and women continued to be molested by larry. Nassar simone biles the four time. Olympic gold medalist widely considered to be the greatest gymnast of all time also spoke before the senate. I don't want another young gymnasts olympic athlete or any individual to experienced the horror that i and hundreds of others have endured before during and continuing to this day in the week of the larry nassar abuse to be clear. Sorry take your time to be clear. I blame larry. Nassar and i also blame an entire system that enabled perpetrated his abuse. Lawyer say that. In the time between the fbi being told of dr nassar's crimes and has two thousand sixteen arrest. Nassar abused another one hundred twenty people. Fbi director christopher wray apologized to the gymnasts during the hearing last week the fbi fired an agent involved in the investigation into nassar. Both the gymnasts and senators on the judiciary committee cold out justice department leadership for failing to appear at wednesday's hearing attorney general. America is expected to testify in october here. In new york as the federal trial for cues sexual predator and trafficker r kelly continues a survivor and former backup. Dancer told the court earlier this week. She saw kellyanne engaged in sexual situation with rising r&b superstar leo. When she was just thirteen or fourteen years old kellyanne eleo were married in nineteen ninety-four using falsified documents leah which only fifteen and kelly twenty-seven r kelly faces multiple federal criminal charges including sexual exploitation of children kidnapping and force labor in china. A leading figure in the country's metoo movement says she'll appeal her case after a judge dismissed her sexual assault and harassment claims. Jochen a former television in turn accused a well-known host of forcibly kissing and groping her in his dressing room but says the court refused to consider key evidence in her case. She addressed the court's decision. I don't know if. I still have the courage to stick with it for another three years. So i don't know if this time will be fair well but if it is a farewell then it's really disappointing to have to say that are. We have failed like this. The international criminal court said wednesday. It'll open full investigation into possible. Crimes against humanity committed as part of philippines president rodrigo deter tastes brutal war on drugs after weighing evidence and more than two hundred victims. The icc's judges found evidence that a quote widespread and systematic attack against the civilian population took place unquote and that philippine authorities quote failed to take meaningful steps to investigate or prosecute the killings last year united nations report found at least eighty. Six hundred. People have been killed in the drug war unleashed by detaille with some estimates suggesting. The true toll could be three times. Higher brazil's supreme court has delayed a decision on a case that could determine if thousands of indigenous people can reclaim stolen ancestral lands. The move by brazil's high court to indefinitely suspended ruling came after thousands of indigenous people representing one hundred seventy six groups camped out in the capital brasilia to condemn the destruction of the amazon rainforest and the genocide of indigenous peoples. The white house said wednesday. The us will share nuclear submarine technology with australia in a new trilateral military. Partnership the coalition is known as august short for australia united kingdom and united states. It's formation comes as president biden continues to pressure. Us allies to take more aggressive military posture toward china. British prime minister. Boris johnson joined the australian prime minister scott morrison president biden at a virtual summit wednesday. The talk of this partnership will be to help australia. Acquire fleet of nuclear powered submarines emphasizing. Of course the submarines will be powered by nuclear reactors not armed with nuclear weapons and will be fully in line with on proliferation obligations. The us uk in china are among the nine nations known to possess nuclear weapons. None of them have signed ratified the treaty. On the prohibition of nuclear weapons neither as austrailia which says it supports the retention and potential use of. Us nuclear weapons on its behalf. The white house said president biden has complete confidence in us. General mark milley wednesday following reports. He's circumvented the official chain of command in order to prevent possible actions from former president trump. A new book by washington post journalist bob woodward and robert costa and it says milly called his chinese counterpart twice as well as us military officials as he feared trump. We believed in mental decline. Could start a war with china. According to the book milly also told senior officers. He should be involved in any attempt to launch a nuclear weapon that all decisions had to go through him. Millie was reportedly motivated in large part by a phone call with house speaker. Nancy pelosi who called trump crazy and asked what measures are available to stop him from launching a war on or nuclear weapons. The justice department says it'll ban federal law enforcement officers from using choke colds during a rasping bar. No knock entries while executing warrants except in rare cases..

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