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"judge william shaw" Discussed on True Crime Garage

"Again. He can still say he's still saying in prison. I'm not the cause of her death. She wanted to try something. It was an accident while we know that you told people. Hey I'm a genius. I came up with this excuse but everything else points to murder right this this happens. She blacks out. She stops breathing. You don't call nine one one. You then claim that you transport her body back to camp campus. Not Telling Anybody Die. Equals murder you then changed license plates. Multiple Times on that car that equals murder. You then lie to the cops about what happened. That equals murder. You then lie to everybody and tell her family almost braggadocious way while we hooked up that night. No you did it. You probably raped her. That equals murder you then constantly lie about everything and all these twists and turns and take not only the please but the family members of your victim on this wild ride. All that stuff equals murder and then you put her out in the middle of nowhere and her in. This is what her mom says for her body to be eaten by animals and bugs and insects. 'cause you don't have respect for human life you have respect for this young lady. This was not your friend because all that stuff equals murder while and unfortunately it seems like four Ben Fawley well for those around him anyway that he was ramping up to something like this probably for quite some time. Now I don't have those all those letters that he wrote to his friend while he's in jail but when hold on. First Ladies get better friends you who whose who. Who's the person communicating with this fuck? You know well. We do have a portion of one of those letters and this is going to be. What really is going to seal the deal here. And they read this allowed in the The plea proceedings. I believe that all of them all of these letters were read but the one that made its way to the media is this and this is directly from follies written letter to his friend. He says quote people don't like me they never do as a child. I had no friends. I was a bother in the way a problem so I spent most of my life alone. I never liked the thoughts in my head. People are right. Something's wrong with me. All the thoughts of killing and death in my head and now it's true. I've killed someone. These are his own words at the conclusion of the Alford Plea Hearing Judge William Shaw. The third found that there was substantial evidence that folly was guilty of murdering Taylor. Beal he sends folly to forty years with ten years suspended. Folly would serve thirty years. Taylor Beales case is famous because it is one of the first to be solved using the victims social media. Police were able to narrow down the suspect list very quickly because of her postings online Taylor funeral was held the day after her eighteenth birthday. Benjamin Fawley is scheduled to be released on November fourteenth. Two Thousand and thirty one..

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