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"juba mario" Discussed on Table Reads

"The two hundred Christians stand in the woods standing there all of them they burn torches and there are campfires dotted about Maria aureus stands before them behind Marias and separate from the proceedings stand maximus and Juba Mario steps forward. Let us pray the Christians kneel down on Mass Marias to uh-huh kneels down maximus and Juba do not neil but stand and watch the proceedings Juba. Yes my friend you do not have to do this. Juba smiles it would appear that you are under some kind of allusion maximus that you can do this without me. Maxima Smiles Juba stares out at the Christians after a time maximus turns his head and looks behind him through the trees. There is a faint rustling maximus Steve's Steve sees the shape of a stag moving eerily through the growth he watches the shape of the stag as Maurice Praise Juba continues to watch the Christians his smile gone exterior rise and plane near woods can late morning. Let me interject do it so maximus couple months back. They will be here in the morning next scene morning here. They come then. We're in the evening and says late morning. They know no read eighty seven right after morning okay yeah and now we're in late morning so it's been three days. It's Li evening when he's talking to Maria's Mario about how he's his dad but not saying it and then it's morning when Lucius is leading his army out and now we're back to evening as the Christians are standing in the woods and now it's late morning all standing there standing in the evening for today's just days of travel. Leaking between two different days right that makes sense I mean linear storytelling is is for the plebes not for some more than for wherever we all night here Paul. I mean look at us. We're Australia. We have Christmas in the summer. We can do what we focused like policies. He shifts between time and space. They're not here. Are we've in here like he's there instantly those Mexico in preemptively. I'm going to snitch real curious about their hiding over there all know they know where where we get a boys. It's.

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