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"juan soto josh harrison" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"Am your host Colin Manley bringing you another episode we got those Sundays and Wednesday baseball episodes coming your way got a lot of things to talk about I'm looking forward to this. I. Actually had the day to watch a great deal of baseball if feels like I'm catching a lot of games but never really get to just sit down and watch as we head into Labor? Day, weekend. I had that privilege and it was a great thing to have which led to US having a lot of time to think about the stuff that we wanted to talk about today on the baseball podcast and you know it's a long list I mean we gotta do our news noise. We have to cover that stuff like we do every time because there's so much injury news especially in our crazy crazy sixty games season these injuries become so much more important. So we gotta start with talking with a little bit of that. We also want to take a look at the. Newest starting pitching. Power rankings that were released from. MLB. Dot Com this was fun to look at. We have quite a bit of movement. This week, which was exciting. Some guys that are coming on this list that weren't in in previous weeks. Definitely. Deserving something we have to look at, we also want to talk about. Things that we're looking forward to for the rest of the season I have some storylines. Some things on my mind that definitely need to be discussed what I'm GonNa be watching until we reach game sixty for all our teams, and then lastly, we have to talk about some players that just are not getting enough love. This season everything has been jam-packed in. So that means some guys are. Going to be missed with all the great baseball they're giving us or maybe just potentially we know who they are were hearing about them a little bit. But we gotta get the shout out and give them a little bit more love because it just hasn't been enough seems like a good list lot of stuff to talk about four. Sure. But we're going to be starting off with that employs. Around. The League around the MLB getting you up to date on all thirty teams in Major League Baseball, and we're going to start off with a contract extension for General Manager Mike Rizzo for the Washington nationals he gets a three year contract extension seems very earned considering the Pequot. He just won a world series. He's done a great job that team together now obviously, it's a down year for the nationals injuries playing a big part they have just not had their full healthy team together. And they're they're working on house money. When you win a world series title really in any industry obviously, you don't want to go into a rebuild right after. We were realistic. It's hard to repeat. It's hard to do these things over again very quickly. So once you get that one title, you have a little bit of leeway I feel like for the next couple of years and when you get that title and you did such a great job building a roster like Rizzo did you're definitely going to get some extended time and? Power to the nationals for giving him a three year contract extension that was announced on Saturday. When it comes to some injury news holy man, we have a lot of stuff going on Jose L. to for the Astros. He has been struggling this season to put it very lightly while he was placed on the ten day I L on Saturday. As the club dealt with the reality that his right knee sprain will need more than a day or two to heal. He's eligible to return September fourteenth. To injure the need during a slide into third base on Thursday also concern is that the same as limited limited him over the last two months of the two thousand eighteen season and required some off season surgery. So they're hoping that it's not some sort of lingering affect coming back with this. You can just tell something's up with L. Doobie I. It's it's not a great season. I know a lot of people like to make jokes about why doesn't have the trash can help this year there's stuff going on there But he's been so great for so long former MVP, you don't like to see these guys struggle as much. They are even if you're against the Astros and wanting to see them be a little down this year hoping to see Al to big things going again hopefully later in the season. Coming back to those Washington nationals while they scratch want Soto from the lineup of game one of double header against the braves on. Friday because of left elbow soreness, he also missed too. But an MR came back clean according to their manager Dave Martinez. He was quoted saying we're going to give him a couple days. He's pretty tender it's throwing elbow. So we're going to see how it feels tomorrow and then go from there. I'm assuming he's going to need a couple of days off. With the nationals being kind of behind in the National League. He's not looking like they're going to be a playoff team this year no reason to definitely have any. We don't need to push one Soto period this season, you don't need to rush anything, get him back. He is a future player. So, incredibly young don't do anything stupid when it comes to Juan Soto Josh Harrison was also added to the starting lineup in sodas place but had exit the first game of Friday's doubleheader after being hit by a pitch that caused a left forearm contusion Soto in Harrison both remain out of the lineup Saturday for the Atlanta Braves some pitch news finally that I'm sure they're looking forward to hearing about Cole. Hamels is GonNa Throw Live Brett batting practice on Sunday afternoon a great step forward as the veteran left-hander who missed all of spring training with a shoulder problem, and then some left triceps tendinitis a week into their summer camp. Has Been on the shelf for way too long. The brains as a team we talked about that didn't make really big push for pitching at the trade deadline. With free pitching. So well, calling up in Anderson, he's been doing well for them in the short stint. They're probably hoping that this is kind of like a midseason acquisition hamels coming back to help out the team as the Elba's will take batting practice for a third straight day on Sunday, and then possibly could begin playing simulated games at the braves alternate training site. He has been sidelined since August fifth were they rice right? Wrist bone contusion toughness either if all goes well over the next few days, the second basement could be activated from the I l. on Wednesday or Thursday. So even more news and I'm sure the braves eleven to hear beef up that lineup get things going in the right direction as we end the season or at least getting towards the end of the season. Those New York Yankees still dealing.

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