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"juan ajaria pacheco" Discussed on A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music

"This is a bowl of soul a mixed to of soul music. I had the play. You you heard those nixon cuts while the record is playing talking about. I'm sorry for you. Which is the flip side to a forty five core. Only time will tell. This song was done in nineteen sixty six done by yours truly james etta hawkins known professionally as etta. James wasn't american singer who performed in various genres including blues. R&b soul rock and roll jazz and gospel. She was born in los angeles. California on january twenty fifth nineteen. Thirty eight passed away january twentieth. Twenty twelve we celebrate. Miss etta james right here on a bowl of soul and you know what thing about etta james she can put you know. She's got that gospel growl and let me tell you anything that etta james touched it turned to gold and she was on the cadet record label which is a subsidiary of chess records and we celebrate her right here on a bowl of seoul. We recently just lost this gentleman. Missed johnny pacheco. Johnny pacheco was the co founder of fun. Ya records that. He died at the age of eighty five. And this man. He was a fluids and his name. Juan ajaria pacheco nipping also known as johnny pacheco who was dominican musician. Arranger composer bandleader and record producer. He was born march. Twenty fifth nine thousand nine hundred thirty five and santiago de los caballeros dominican republic and. He died on february fifteenth. Twenty twenty one we celebrate. Mister johnny pacheco one of my favorite records from nineteen sixty. Three call required a dose. They are gano right here on a bowl of so. This is jonathan winstead. And you're listening to a bowl of seoul amid extol of soho news. Excess your have kind buffalo new. Your own took do giving you some world famous chadderton gop music we celebrate. Mister johnny pacheco who became one of the leaning explodes lou. Dance in the late. Nineteen fifties called the pechanga a blend of cuban rhythms and marine gay which propelled him to worldwide notoriety and had an important role in the evolution of latin music. Some of the john ras of latin music that johnny pacheco played sewn guera cha cha cha pechanga and he also helped develop what we now listen to salsa and like i said his years active nineteen fifty five to twenty twenty one. He is the co founder of records. You know he had a yacht cruise. Oh my god the list can go on. And on and like. I said he was a leading figure in the new york. South scene in the nineteen sixties in one thousand nine hundred seventies and he used the term salsa and established the all stars to showcase deleting artists that were on. Also the fun your label. In fact you know. He had peak cone day. El conde rodriguez right. Oh my god. He had so many people that he put together. Larry hall alot. Bobby valentine ray but atto right. I mean you can name is crew. See collaborator papa. Luca ju- stove in court. Jose fajardo celio gonzalez. And like i said he leaves his legacy and he laid the groundwork. Did this song that the final allstars was played on. Wbz ls frankie crocker. Called desa feo beautiful song beautiful song but this this man. He kept the groove going. He taught young people how to play latin music teaching them the traditions of latin music and we celebrate johnny pacheco. Right here on a bowl of soul. Someone else has left us. The great jazz musician missed a chick korea. We lost chick corea on february knife. Which was my birthday berry nine. Twenty twenty one and we celebrate chick corea. He has played would many people he has played with the late. Great miles davis as well as herbie hancock right here. He is doing composition that was created by john. Coltrane called moment's notice right here on a bowl of soul. Missed a chick corea loveness. Hi my name. Is andy stokes. And you're listening to a of soul a mix of so music ooh This chick corea do it. John coltrane's.

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