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"jr edmund" Discussed on Patriots Dynasty Podcast

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"jr edmund" Discussed on Patriots Dynasty Podcast

"Finally got around the PODCAST. Four months. How often you call your mother Steve? Call all the time. Very ten days maybe. She calls me like every three days complains about you so. figured. Greg she was just I'm gonNA. Tell me how much of a good good boy him. That's interesting. Laura where were we Anton Smith just pound in the rock. But I feel like they kill momentum by taking that shock there I don't know I kind of like the data. Is Rationale. What's his name John Madden John? You know you're already up. They're expecting you to ground and you're in good field position. Touting was working. Yeah, the shot they. Jr Edmund Loses three hours now. It's third and thirteen in like. They're not even in field goal range, and they end up putting in a way. Yeah, but if he hits, that was open. There's the right play call. Didn't extra just missed it. Brady sneaky has been bad at the deep ball is. Way Better at that than. Even like only a couple of seasons later then. You guys Chris Five. Now Brady emergency episode by saying there's never a great deep offer. That's true comes a great people her. He's all he's never been strengthened is like he becomes decent pretty good because that was never his game. You fucking lists in Steve..

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