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"joyce trail" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I say when a Mike cottage, twenty six I'm director of FW sweaty complement, which is a charity, which looks after the Trump, it's a preserved Victorian pharmacy. But what makes it on the Joyce trail is in chapter five of James Joyce's? Ulysses classic book about dubbing onto sixteen to Joe nineteen hundred and four the Opole bloom around pen thirty in the morning goes into Sweeney's pharmacy, whitey's inswing as farmers. He's looking around. He's describing the bottles and jars onto shelves probably still there today. It's just it's just an incredibly preserved building on why these there, the oppo bloom Biza bottom lemon soap, so every visit our who visit us on Bloom's. They particularly they buy a bar soap, it's not just on Bloom's. They Sweeney's pharmacy is open every day. It's a little jam and open it only holds about twenty people. If they're all seated in there, we sit people in there and we read James Joyce L allowed on everyday between one o'clock two o'clock. There's a story read or a part of. Book. But if you go in there with a group of people outside those hours, they read a story for you, anyway. So now for those of us who are not that literate to have read Ulysses. What is boom? Stay bloom. They is the sixteenth of June James Joyce's, most famous novel is Ulysses which is about one day in Dublin and the day he'd show was the sixteen to June nineteen hundred and four, which is the day, that he went out with a girl named nor barnicle for the first time that was their first date, they eventually eloped a few months later. So the city celebrates James Joyce in his literary heritage every June sixteenth, every June. Sixteenth is now known as blooms day, and we dress up in the clothes of the period, and we follow the roots of both Leopold bloom. And a guy named Stephen Daedalus as they're walking backwards and forwards across Dublin on the sixteenth of July. Stephen, would you recommend being in Dublin on, on Bloom's day? I would my wife and I are going to be there again this year for bloom, stay, and we hope we can meet show and what you look forward to doing other than meeting Joe on Bloom's day. There's all kinds of. Titties, there's concerts, there's walks, there's just hanging out in the pub. A couple of other favorite hidden treats in Dublin me, we might want to be aware. The Marsh library is Arlyn's oldest public library, which three hundred year old I right beside Saint patches potato. So if you're a tourist in the likelihood is you're going to go along to Saint Patrick's cathedral at some stage and just a little bit further on. I'm talking fifty. Sixty ours is a Marsh library and the library has been preserved as it was built three hundred years ago. A three hundred year old library. Those are wonderful all of your plenty of find them in, in what's one more. Just a little bit outside Dublin city center is a place called the casino in Marino. It is an incredibly unique work of Georgian architecture from the late eighteenth century. It is a magnificent building on the outside. It looks like a Grecian temple would huge windows, a massive from door, and it looks for all the world like it's going to be one room. One big hall inside. And this would have been back from the days when Ireland was not chafing at British rule. But at least. Blin was embracing it and, and benefiting moment, it was embracing those Amman named James Caulfield, who was who had inherited a large fortune. And he went off in a grand tour of Europe when he was twenty years of age, and he came back with wonderful ideas of bringing classic architecture and classic art ninety built the casino Marino. Steven, thanks for your call. You.

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