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"joyce kilmer" Discussed on The Steve Deace Show

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"joyce kilmer" Discussed on The Steve Deace Show

"And nothing to gain except one thing. Hello americans. i'm paul harvey. You remember the cherry tree fiction a longtime after. You have forgotten the earth earthshaking history-making episodes in the life george washington. You have misplaced in your memory. The details ben. Franklin's statesmanship but you remember his flying a kite joyce kilmer was a great military hero but the only thing you personally recall about him is his poetic tribute to trees. Maybe of this current decade that which will be remembered best will not be wars and its moon rockets or it's crumbling frontiers or the giants who lived and died maybe all survive linger in the day by day vocabulary of generations yet unborn may be the the songs of memphis minstrel the reincarnation of electric automobiles for any eve of the fourth of july. I paul harvey do here with bequeath unto you something to remember you may not be able to quote one line from the declaration of independence at this moment henceforth you'll always be able to quote at least one line in the last paragraph where you will recall when i remind you it. Says we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor.

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