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"joyce bates beatty" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"It's not his name reminding neither i'll share with you what i figured out okay meantime democratic congress went caught plane candy crushed drinks s is this o to of the union so i i love this because she's a bear she has no comment now i know she's the democrats of she was like trump representative brenda lawrence democrat from michigan playing candy crushed during the state of the union i mean she's a fool because it whether you like it or not or like trump or not aid you constituents want you doing that well i don't know what do you think it if it was a republican during obama would we have you know doing it where we have a problem with that we might actually applaud him right true path's airway there there's not woods book let it into comes out of his mouth is alive so i guess i can understand but as so she's probably going to get through those plaudits from her folks and then represented bonnie watson coleman from new jersey another other was reading responses to our tweets and representive joyce bates beatty from ohio democrat was viewing dress press release reacting to the speech so i just want to know what is there something you do we can of sneak something in maybe during church or at your job when people are looking to they can't tell like this lady thought that nobody could see her playing candy crush isn't something you do this calls the mine the knapsack has no it's called executive producer chris the knapsack i'll tell you what that is i'll tweet out a picture of it when we come back as well on my twitter feed at chris crock show and then after that will get under the beyond say photo capturing his grandmother starstruck we're going to talk about celebrities that you've met and that i have met and how it went down all the next how would you like to change your peers automotive expert a nationally syndicated talk show host jerry reynolds for decades people have waited purport per month and the.

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