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"joe consolo" Discussed on The 2 Robbies

"Yeah it's it's the nature of of doing what we used to doing what he does now. Rob I mean he's in a different country on another. We worry about our own parents back in England With this thing and is just a real life flippin example of flight. You never know where it's going to pop an how extreme is when you can't be close when you can't be nearby so yeah absolutely failed out condolences to Guatemala's family But you know life goes on and The club goes on and we want to. Now Take a look among sixty rob and again a little bit like Paul. Stacks with brilliant players. But let's go through department. Come see what they've got what they might need in the future again Mr. With the goalkeeper's it's pretty good. Rob Is an. It's pretty good. We city any. Yeah Addison's he's talks. Goalkeepers in the League is is ideal Dang when he's made a mistake goalkeepers well Caving kicking ability based Position Pheasants. Without Defense Call You. Bravo is number two steady enough. Don't feel need to make a huge change on that one is thirty six and I'm with you is a is a real pro. Six for goalkeepers is getting there. But it's a you know a situation right now if he seems happy enough to be number two that that club. Yup I have no problem. I have no need as a director of global for this team to want to do too many changes to Kim situations. The moment it seems that that's a very easy department not easy department Rubio. We're we're GONNA spend some time is in the defense of the city. Yes Sir you stop because there's too much to go free still box Kabul Mandy sallow the Chanko treating the full redoubts from happy with us. You like Casello General. Why I expect him to play more than house between Car Walker. Joe Consolo right back. That's blaming good. I mean you've got pace if you WANNA game where you want to get you out of trouble or you want to sprint. You get behind defenders. Co-oping do it. If it's more of a technical build up your football is out there. Which does a lovely time jumping. Selo is a really Nice full-bore Ruskin talk about concerns unhappy Muddy moving the football club again. We we don't know we're not GONNA looking for. We don't know how happy I need individuals up between Cub Walker and Casella right back. That's good left Boxes Problem Lena. Rubio you didn't feel good about him alone your loan. And he's playing really well really well. I would want him to come back and play. I WANNA I wanna see what he's really like. We had a few games rob long running. The side is doing and what he's learning and the experience gaining shore. He's going to be in the picture from left busy. When you leave the club thing going right for you go away and play will sign then you have to come back and and again. This is me talking from past experiences. Plays applied within things could also be not with him. Does he come back and not be feel like he's quite the guy It's not big EGOS. Seeing some plays rob it looked to in training brilliance put Mon- MONSTER APIECE BS. Oh you shouldn't people in training can be inhibited by. Just there's an easy Wimbledon we play have jumped rushing us to shout someplace it. May they send you WanNa go read anything about unhealthy? He's an I take your point and for for more experienced players that weren't really wanted and then pushed out on loan. Yeah I'm not sure there is a why. But he's twenty two. He's yeah so thank you. Gross yeah so he he. He's young enough to come back and say you know what I loved. I think I've improved as a player. I WanNa go forget Benjamin Mendis. Doing nothing is not an injury shoes. I understand that it's not been easy for implants. I'm sure work and is very best to get to stay fit. But he hasn't been great another spent a lot of money on him. A made a big Fan with what he could deliver. It sums of his injury. I injury first name went before he was looking to use flannel. Now nutty crazy sprawl any if take Mandy Janko Alad Aluminium together the play but it's been a few years now bizet left bucks not been right. It's just whether pets go to focus on this or whether he's you know what I think anaemia Benjamin Mendy a comeback. And between them they begin. I'm kind of okay with a bit worried about. It is just perhaps focus is of IT SYSTEM. Full Watch committee in full millionnaire double stoppings. Things often have to make good decisions on apple just all those decisions pool. They don't Kiko possession which Karaoke at times can can be things. Don't flow as well as the train you butthead. I'm looking at left. Welcome Saint Joe a lot Ben. Sheila I know he's cost me. Presented Is a is a piece that we need? I think going to spend the money. I know they've got a couple of other players who got nothing on spending unlock it. It with Walker spent was fifty on a mold. Don't spend simile bring your wallet. Yeah I'M GONNA I'M GONNA stick. Yeah so risk is a risk and I just I just think you know another premier league is is a different cat official Bundesliga. I just twenty two. I think he can grow commute. Pledge Young players coming into team we're GonNa talk about midfielder Phil Foton yet. Just I just GonNa Stick Rock where I'm not sticking is centreback WanNa know who you went out. Well how about all of them to mandate no not not good enough now to be back to line. That doesn't get much protection a nose aggressive and I know the PEPs admired the white brave to get on the ball. He's not good on the ball he's he. He he would leave the former cub for me. Emmett LaPorte courses top-class talking uneasy only defender there the unbothered about keeping Johnstone's assuming opportunities may rob I I. I don't see a strong metality. I still see a plan that makes mistakes. I still see applied. Hasn't learned from his mistakes and he's comfort enough to take his gainful. What even though. He's got some brilliant tools and assets. I don't say bringing altogether. I manage a pep Roy my city so I'm looking to change as many cinemax as I can get out go see the young one is new and it looks good by the way he's nineteen so future. Yeah he's to trump's out of the box I think I can say ultimately can be buckle. I think he can be a backup set of sending back to me. John Studies the new Phil. Jones is taking away from the football club. And I've said it some time all the tools don't mean all all the player all the tools of that he's got he's in terms of his football in the standing in terms of his football pleasance and change of these growth. He should be starting to hit sweet spot. He should be the new Vincent T- should be the captured. A Lot. Kogel is nowhere near Trying to be shot at a time. The fellow the week bubble note on his name in box to go. I mean for his psyche needs to go so Fosamax Leeann tax he to take him which will be by place. You can go and play and get invest all maybe sabotage himself tens of city We can reach out I would say no now difficult In this cow Torres. I believe it's twenty years of age said Villoria zone lying to Ma season so went online. Is You do love internal Scouting Sirri. Left-foot can intercept while reads again. It looks like the building pneumonia match each will bit more electric in the in flight from the bar. I'm hearing the tax like I'm a big room as a friend set of friends tha-tha-th English lessons. We'll to how a U. T. O. Some in TD. Barcelona not really been playing on the previous manager. There has been rumors that he might be up for a city. Move and is good enough on the deck. Handle the play and we're in a big strong defender away is A. We agreed that you're saying I'm saying Klein Central Class if he comes in and make individual dot came any changes to one chocolate. Actually you go back over to Santa Bucks Sa. I saw different. O'keefe go into Midfield Rubio now we know that David Silva it was a primarily legend by the way Best Midfield Plaza. Leagues ever seen is GONNA retire or leave one city at the end. The season is it as simple as fail photo. Nineteen years of age. Just play a few minutes on the pepper city. I think I WANNA see him. Rob I wanNA seem midfield Scott. Lots of other options and different experiences and Kevin Roy no Nada Silver and gold. They want the broader. I think there's enough. Farell the Arkansas. Save some money in midfield. I think that made feel still great on put my trust and fill photo and took clegg. They don't need to spend some money from an English direction football. I think I wanNA choke so I don't know but I wanted to admit I y y English what you mean. Well one let me finish my point so because I feel I take a bit more fantasy I fade. There'll be a feel like he's doing. His time has come through academy commodore at ten football. And I'm Joe CH and I've been village in Football Clo- Moonville voters still not show. Nineteen I know in Holland about twenty one year old. I actual- somebody who I know can see. All I'm saying is is still in doubt about funded and we've got to find out now was play play. It's on to to basically laid now but still the gone we meet find out took into play in central. Midfield will not after rotten side one play behind. Not why Dr Welby shall we wake you did in his best physician nineteen years old? We handle this thing here. As one of the best plays you'd have would now shallow because if you don't find out narrow is he the play. Is He planning that? We you gotta give him this season to do that and I would do that. And I think pat wants to do because there's other players But several drop in net is now gonna one's a very good reliable player that season within China Robin. An ex doesn't quite offer as much as others might. They might have to spend the big money and bring somebody ousted. They're voice allowed to play. The Queen was making. It wasn't anything to do with the phone because if it was me I'll plan all I'm saying is member. Let me start. When Jack Wilshere fizz out and played I think that's also the fat land. I'm guessing that may be. The name is as simple as in England knows about it. We WANNA seeing deep. Go on with the people not coming out. You know special now tax. GonNa lead Dr Pepper. I worked with him everyday in. We believe he's grooming him for this role as you say might be a season. Six seven Games in out for Rascal Waco all of the Games. What he's GonNa get twenty twenty five gangland. Spotless.

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