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"josie wa jordan woods" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"josie wa jordan woods" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"I would prefer a gouda man. I like covari snatch into But did you notice. Did you notice that when i was in north carolina. I believe somebody said to me that duke university. Which is i don't know down the road and ten minutes is i have a room called the dolly parton room. And that's where she got it. I said implants. So i was thinking you immediately get miami thank you. Did you notice those sleeves on her. She put on these gloves and the gloves one almost up to her shoulder now. I don't wanna tell tales but the rumor is that she's no that she has a lot of tattoos really never shows them that is a rumor cannot be confirmed unknowable. I learned to it but that he's our. She never shows her arms. I don't know that's the rumor all right one more. Yeah all right. Well we talk about mtv a lot and what they used to be and what they're bringing back and they're bringing back cribs. The network announced the revival more than twenty years since its debut ten years since it last aired on mtv the show gives fans the full tour of celebrity homes. It's going to be back august eleventh. And the twentieth season will feature ashley simpson evan. Ross big sean christian syria know who johnny wear josie wa jordan woods who kathy griffin martha stewart nicole snooky polisi ryan laki and scott disick. One collection can martha stewart is knocking on the door eighty easily. Yeah i've she's seventy nine or something seventy nine. Do we need super hip. And with it martha stewart hanging with my new. Bff snoop dogg. We're making jello mold with weed. It's like a spiel then rich. Would you please gave her a lot of street cred. It's she's always feel like she's going after that demo or something and it's like you had a good life you got of money you you got your crowd you got your this thing out there a little bit happy with what you have done. Turns eighty in less than two weeks. That'll get you knocking on the door of aiding all right so that yeah there and this is. It's funny that they're even doing it. And maybe this is why they're getting the people getting because we're not really in a place where we wanna see rich people and what they do and what. We don't have do you guys remember cribs like and wild. There'd be like sad cribs survivor skateboarder. You never heard. I welcome to my me and my partners place in receipt on. It's like you got we took the garage and we made it into a studio and this foam hanging from the ceiling and then This is my like literally eighteen hundred feet in received a there was a funny one. Which i it had to be a joke. The sean williams scott one was that it was the shittiest apartment and then also gate new rules for for cribs. If you're like many bow in your thirteen. I don't wanna see your lamborghini garage. I don't see cars. You cannot drive for three years. There was a lot of that. And there's nothing that leads me to believe. That is your lamborghini in that garage. Somebody who has a driver's license over that day. Yes and you know what else i doubt. We'll ever come back at least not not in this climate. My super sweet sixteen People aren't trying to see that right now. Also no messing with your refrigerator. I would open up and see all the pellegrino with labels facing out and everything's alphabetized. They wanna see courage. Looks the faulk lighter and we all have a fridge it is. It is a window into our soul exactly where you are. I don't wanna see everything. Alphabetize the labels face bread. That's right yeah all right. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. I love to show. The abdomen actually was the news with gina grad. Right there is Well j. b. weld world's strongest bond pros trusted it for over fifty years but Diy wires have as well but Why not why not act like a pro even if you're diy use your j. b. Well we're proud to have. Jv welder proxies. He's as a sponsor. I personally know the owner skies good people. I hung out with them. And seema in vegas for years ago and i use their products so And they have a variety of different stuff. So you can use it on wood or metal or glass or plastic or whatever ceramics. What every need. I fix sunny shoe. Jbl they fixing italia's weird cold roller thing. Gina probably knows what those things are. Stone jade roller with a stone. Handle and you like put it in the freezer. Yeah i have one well. Her handle bro. Oh no what a busted out the j. b. weld yellow and i didn't have to buy a new one j..

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