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"josie moran" Discussed on DLC

"Wonderful again. All the people alone like hardcore sieve players. That have tried it. That i've read online or like i figured it out in two seconds. It's easy this game is easy to win. It's like okay. But i had a blast. I mean i've played six hours of it. Seeing i've played six hours of it and i was one of those things where i was trying to find more time in my week to play this game because it was the game i was having fun with and i love when you just say you're playing. You're playing a game you think it's like maybe an hour went by but like you look at the clock and say five hours pass. Yeah that's that's only one was like it's it's it's if you like board games if rolling dice isn't doesn't feel weird in a video game to you. Give this one a shot. I think you'll really like it as much as i did. I i think this special it's pc. And i i'm trying to see if it's on other context think if it's on the switch somewhere else also prior to seeing and shirley it's an indie game so it might just be on switch anyway. I also started. Playing pathfinder wrath of the righteous which is a big role playing game also supports thirty two nine and beaded Broiled credits no i. I was constantly playing dice legacy instead. Show we'll talk more about pathfinder wrath of the righteous next week when i'm actually put some real hours into it. I've only putting two hours on that game. I was finished a escape. But all i kept doing is going. Bathrooms is legacy. I was just like audibly more of that game. Play more of that game so anyway they go. That's on my playlist. Very cool all right. Well that's going to do it for this episode of dlc. We do have parting gifts coming up so stick around for those. But josie moran thank you so much man has been so much fun. Having you ain't you man is a blast. Thank you for having me this. Is i stay past. Might time for this. This has been a whole lot of fun. What o'conner thank you. We appreciate that i am. I am particularly sensitive about that. So we'll we'll get you out of here as fast as we can't take time you tell. Tell folks where they can keep up with you and all the fun things that you do online. You could follow me over. At mr bob on twitter. You can follow my show the trophy room. A police station podcasts made by the players for the players where me and my best friend talked about the latest greatest in all things playstation each and every thursday And you can find loop death live this week. You should hear conversation through. I can't say anything on apple. Podcasts spotify wherever you find your podcast service a choice you can find this there and on youtube. The video version as well so Yeah and you can find the show over at ps trophy room on twitter and again guys. I had a blast. Thank you so much. i feel. I feel vindicated about by evolve thoughts of the playstation show. I can speak about. I'm like you know what. I'm thinking like this way more than i did. You also very good. I'm glad i mean it's interesting that somebody that devotes a whole podcast playstation. We wanted your opinion about about the show. So i'm glad Is interesting to me that you were a little less house. Yvonne it then you know what it is probably get like. I was negative. I feel like in zaid. Joe comes in and i think you you sounded negative joseph. But it's it's more of you know our our podcast. Is you know we appreciate playstation but they are at the end of the day a corporation who really do appreciate and admire in love are the developers that make these games. And so that's why you know it on our show. It's it's really just speaking from our heart. Not necessarily the platform were just covering it. Like a beat reported would And so looking at. That event is kind of got a happy that our reactions were more. I think maybe sensible or maybe leveled because oftentimes you get that like this is amazing. This is the best thing i've ever seen in my life. I don't believe that one one bit. So yeah you could check us. Check our reactions out this week. Because i think it was a a heck of a good show and we did that live in front of our audience as well we had a. We had a blast. I love when we get to just bring the community together and have fun and celebrate games together. Because that's what it's all about at the end of the day was speaking as someone who's never. Bob had sensible as his strong suit. I appreciate your taking. christie's spicer going on this week. Twitter's way to see random things at my pump up at spicer and then i will see to our listeners if you supported by comic consequences. Thank you. I think i. I think i'm i well. I have some writing that. I need to finish up. The you versus cares are coming. I wanna make sure that those are tight before. I send them out but i think like physical stuff is out. There are a few people who provide an address. And i followed up to them. And i still haven't heard back but if you think that you haven't seen something let me know. Let me know. Because i think i got it. I think i think i did it. Which is nice and fun. I love seeing people's reactions when they get their book and their pens stickers and stuff like that it's been awesome. It's been overwhelming to thank you for that. And then maybe while you're listening to this or maybe shortly after i am on trivia tower on macs with Mr ben hanson. Front of the show excited to. That is monday at six. Pm pacific time. I think is when we are alive on that in your i mean i'm awful at trivia which is why i can only hell host though shows the worst. I'm the worst christian has refused to play trivia with mass. Same you you'd be like trivia about things like in my life it's like what's your middle name Pressure handle five years ago. I'm not playing and let the answer is five years ago exactly but i'm excited it's a tribute tower min max. It is monday at six..

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