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Who Needs the Europa League Title Most?


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Who Needs the Europa League Title Most?

"Welcome into espn. Fcc steve nicol sebastian salazar in studio stevie. I hate to do this to you again. This season but later in the show we will be talking about liverpool's ongoing injury crisis shock. We'll be by discuss that. Archie and top will join us as well huge weekend. Coming up in the bundesliga byron's lead top the table starting to dwindle. But let's start the show by welcoming in craig burley and mark ogden. Gentlemen good to be with you on this friday. Friday that gives us the europa league. Draw for the round of sixteen. Here's your match. Ups of note. Arsenal olympiakos spurs john against zagreb rangers. Get slavia prague to of course eliminated leicester city and beyond debate. Even on this show. I think the most enticing matchup manchester united against ac milan slot on return to old trafford covered a travel permitting. Here's your to win. The europa league manchester united installed his early favorites. Actually co-favorites with spurs english teams. One two three even arsenal getting a better odds to in the euro league van c milan. Let's focus in on those three english clubs specifically their managers. Craig i'll start with you. Which is three need to win the europa league. Most i suppose seventy one hundred in milan because the book is going through. That could be the only reason i passed. Thank josiah marines. When there's the most. Because i think he's the mine under most pressure. His league possession at moment stinks the team's performances have been pretty rotten in terms of on the eye on the country mile off the top four. At one point the talk was others team in the title race and so he needs to deliver something otherwise. He's under severe pressure. I mean you could say well attack. The does he's got cut behind them transition to ask no. I think he's pretty safe there and they talk for. There's no doubt about so. I actually think marinas the mon- needs it. The most stevie you agree they still got a shot at hardware in the league cup final. They got a shot at top six. Maybe an outside shot at top four spurs really. Need this most absolutely think so. Yeah arsenal. yeah we think point lead over you. He's he's got an f. e. cop behind them less than two months ago so he's fine creek said during transition marino. Another honda is is is not in my opinion going to be in the top four. That's why he was brought and it wasn't brought in to do anything else so it's important that he does produced. So we're because that will deflect away from what has jaw was and the premier league and unfortunately for him yes. He's a the problem is they'll position gsa city who nobody wants to face. So i'm one hundred percent we create. This is absolutely marino. And tom mark from the manchester united perspective. Just how important is this to jar. His record and cup. Tournaments is well documented over four in finals. Big without first trophy be. I think it needs to win one soon. Because it's now four years when united trophy on a long time and they always have the opportunity in the kaaba cup of one. One that need is more than tottenham because five years at the champions league. The asked really really the champions football. I it's sick of being semi-finalists are knocking on the door. They're not gonna win the primarily this season to trophies. This is man united. We're talking about. We're talking about the process itself alongside by munich real madrid barcelona as one of the biggest club in the world. The biggest clubs in the world win trophies and is now four years since one. United one one-stroke trophy with the minor the minor cops. Let's be honest. The league company europa league in two thousand seventeen. They haven't won a big trophy since whilst explosion retired. Let's be honest. The two thousand thirteen primarily because even fa co-ops and the von hall didn't really count towards the biggest trophy so united. Need over the start winning again. And i think social really needs it but if he doesn't win a trophy this season i don't think it'll be the end of their old firm. I think you'll still be there. But i do think the to kick on become this team is going to challenge for the majors. They have to win something. So craig no no i just think off the bucket marks point that yet yeah financially obstacle. But we're talking about modules marina for the reasons that steve and i say and and say well and it's a big f because it's not you know some good teams in there. They say it was a year in the league and we lost hurricane and we will see all these excuses. You'll save won the europa league a nuts champions league football because that's the carrot dangled for when the euro league note from a united perspective. As augie said you know when you're polite for them and their historical standpoint is neither here in the last good marino himself. He delivered second-place mandated. Emily he delivered the gop league undesirable cup. So they've done recently. They really need to be the primarily title at least go neck and neck all the way until publiz reasons you take a trophy as a manager and you would take if you united but really the dining a much. Bigger table than the europa league is for tottenham egypt needs desperately because they need to jump ease league on the ain't stevie said with the league possession manchester united then the favorites for the europa league but actually slight underdogs on sunday away against chelsea matchup against v chelsea six points back manchester united heading into this one been a strong start under. Thomas do has to be said zero losses in the eight games played. Six wins two draws and as you see six clean sheets In those eight you can't really pick it. The results you can maybe pick it the performances. Stephen may picking who they've played yet. Maybe haven't been fully tested. Certainly this manchester united match figures to be that first big test. Well he certainly won't be an think unfortunately for for chelsea and took all the way. The play is on the front for and manchester united. Love to get a good line and then just counter against you. And that's what was going to happen in this game and sure really for chelsea to to break his dominance we've from long island beaten away from home and that's why because the soul good on the counter but for them to to break this united say they're going to create and you haven't been creighton. Yes that'd be pretty solid at the back. Yes if it plenty of possession but haven't been able to break in the body down and so for me this. Please right into the hands of manchester united this this is all an rash filled on the break and phenomena on the break his retinol all over. I think this could be false. Loss really craig how this game going. I would see it as a as zero zero. You got chelsea. Who aren't giving up goals in manchester united like to sit back. We get an exciting affair. I think there's every possession game is stevie mentioned and i'll be mainly from chelsea. I mean that's the way they've been particularly since took command and it's been a little bit too much teams just possession for possession six teams of looked as if they could cover one or two other games have looked after could be there all day. I agree that's the biggest test. Athletico madrid should have been the biggest test and med but semi on his tactics more horrendous and chokes were able to dominate. And come away without really breaking much way that this is going to be a game where whilst they have the ball players who are thinking about the other side of the game and that's going to be interesting to see what teams elections is going to be because stay just laid their team under source car. The one thing they have been really really good as just setting by getting a good shape and then with a nice long ball over the top or brick and with pace and we'll see if he can handle because they haven't really played many teams the teams and an unsigned deep but have not played some. Who has the council. The second game of the united and i think that's gonna be the reason it's going to be jokes. He's begging test. I could see a draw next game. Because i think both sides defensively decent up. Yeah i'll be interesting to see the team selection mark despite being well in control manchester united real strong team in that second leg against socio. They've got some other big doubts. Cavani van debate mc tomei as well. How much a worry is that for. Societa this match. I think it a concern. Because although you're not being away from home in the league. Nazis general share cost of it and the mental and the role that he drew it less the joe austral to liverpool westbrook. And i do think the vulnerability. I never thought about the money park. But i think that what he's not playing all kupuna fernandez. There have only got one way to play. And i think teams have that they know now which way you're gonna go onto the marshalls performing this problems. With david hailing wanted to flaws problems to start to read the head united. And it's obvious you start. Russia you start bringing fernandez on it so it tells you can do. I think that i think is longer be permanent this week. And it's time for you know when when you think teuku right everything he's done as to try and get chelsea for what is called goal his he said he says the blinkers on. It's all a bit going forward now. He's got three defenders. The team all debates. There's no peace songs three of them so for me. That's another reason he's going the blinkers on. It's going to be about scoring goals. Creatine chances and it really if those a team the one you to try that munches yesterday. Nine hundred and your team mogi. Yeah duma quick release. By the reason i say that is because christianson has played. Mostly the games and also prevailed. Copa joe gino but under with finance plane whether county will commend deciding what he's going to do with for mondays. I that is going to be interesting. Let's say he's played zoom. In the last couple of games. I think as the stanford pre pitchy very tight as well so whether squeeze united in canada frustrate financiers bought this united at the living on the edge of it away from home. The moment that remove come to an end. Nissim potestant this weekend. I think chelsea got the firepower. Here's a look at your odds for top four. We head to the critical part of the season. There's the manchester united and chelsea despite the fact that chelsea right now outside the top. Four are your favorites to make it in and join manchester city champions league spots As far as the top four just how big matches this. Yeah i mean as back. I mean i do think i do think you naked. We'll talk for ended day. So scott thank set himself. A few days ago will not given up but not supposed to but not given up in the tail race. But i think if that's the case Not not not that. Always going to hope that there's going to be somewhere from city. It looks unlikely going if that is the case. They're going to have to go to london. And when it's as simple as we know. Say play on saturday and it's against west but it's unlikely so even if they drop points mindset which is a big stretch the united are going to have to go to london and when this game have any aspirations of just putting some pressure on on the team top. Sounds like craig might be picking a draw. Their mark one word who'd he got in this one chelsea right mark ogden going with chelsea stevie one word prediction from you really look at us right down the middle one for wanting to win this game if they don't win the address nego to them. If these cds they won't have any chance of the title goes. I mean that's a fair chance even opponents. No any good for them. Good for them. They once again. As i said we once again is come the closer again as i say united fun even up. Then we'll leave it there for now. Boys thank you very much was make sure to check out our espn. Nfc youtube channel. Almost nine hundred thousand subscribers plenty of bonus material from the show there. Do you own or read your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. that's geico dot com. Vertebra bremen on-track frankfort. The only bonus match day on friday turned out to be pretty good one vertebra and coming from behind to win two to one the game winner. Young american josh sergeant real missed opportunity for frankfurt. In the table that could have jumped up to third instead they are stuck in fourth. Still seven points. Back of your league leaders byron munich for more. We welcome in archie. Rin archie. What happened to frankfurt in this match. They seem to be so well in control was. Brian came out in the second half and showed us what we'd not seen from the material in the first offer indeed last week when they were batted. Four nil often high. Which is they turned up. Their game plan was executed. They were able to get in behind the frankfurt wing back. Phillip cost it to was putting in such a shift as he always does on that left hand side when he had to turn back towards his own goal. I don't think he has enough energy to catch it. Get selassie and then. You're sergeant for that winning goal. Let's talk about josh sergeant. His twentieth started the season for vertebra mini. Gets the game winner. Water the press and really people around vertebrae and saying about sergeant and really his recent development. Well he seems to like. Play against tracks frankfort because two of his three bundesliga goes if come against them so far this season but he's not doing the job of say doffs buying his job to just get on the end of countless opportunities. Levin nasty does a lot more than just that but the point is just sergeants. Job is not just being a fox in the box. He has to do a lot of work on the floor and co felt and you saw that tonight with the fact that he did more sprints than anyone else up until the point when he came off and he has to be so patient also getting his own goal apart from two one on one against two foot in the. Dsp cup over here. It's really difficult to remember too many great scoring opportunities that he's had in the past few weeks and actually if you counted up until his first shot of the game tonight he'd gone two hundred and fourteen minutes without having a shop in a row on the pitch so the him to hold his nov in that moment i think he's getting respect and there's i would say an understanding of the fact that the team he's playing in right now. You mentioned robert. Lavender ski buying munich cologne on the weekend. Brian had so many issues. Archie upon returning from the club world cup but then they look so good against lot sio in the champions league. Which do we get this weekend. Could question because it depends on what cologne side ton up. 'cause cologne sekine points against every champions league team so far this season pau from by it so they played they played well against them in the reverse. Fixture i was there for that. Dossier was playing in that game though he was arrested. And i can't see handy flick during that. But any of the other. Twelve games this season because levin dossier has the chance to make history if he breaks the forty goal mark. he'll do something the gap moolah. I did back way back when so big opportunity for buying as well to put some pressure on abu light secret for their game against Mentioned and the fact that thomas miller is back in the squad he could even as well and sabri is also back from injury. Those a big boost by archie. Also on saturday dortmund get bielefeld. This feels like two things both a win for dorman and the exact type of game where they dropped points. Yeah you put it. Well this is. This is the game. We always sit. It seem to see dortmund struggling. And that's actually what at intel's it. The coach has been saying as well about the fact that they need to find that consistency. And it's it's it's dull how much we have to talk about this. But if dolphins young says it's almost like you know they. They had fun last week but now they have to go and eat their vegetables. This is this is the important stuff if they want to get back in the champions league again next season and with anthrax right so at dropping points on on friday night. It's it's huge for them to beat bielfeld this big week. They'd go coming up bruce. You mentioned club in the top thing about the narrative. As well with the folks from next marco rosa coming up against them that and then they have a trip to the answering to space buying. So that's a place where they've really not done very well in the past few seasons. So it's important that dortmund i would say allay the fears of all their hands and do what no one expects them to win this game convincingly one more match to focus on then leipzig and god leipzig's second and god back eighth and yet both of them were coming off very disappointing performances. I think it's safe to say in the champions league. The germans have a word for that. For what you said. It's fine which means yes no so so online six point of view. I'd say yet very much so because of the two mistakes that were made in in that game but you saw that myself sabbath sir. Who made the mistake to the first goal against little came back and scored a rocket last week against hats. Naughty michaela who made a mistake for the second goal against liverpool also came back and scored a goal last week win against head so they showed a reaction from that as fa- club. I thought that to be honest. The gap in quality. The is there not a huge amount that you can do much this a playing that well and they produce the moments of quality that they did throughout council hours crosses and markelle rosas said that there were accounted ten moments where they had opportunities in transition but they only had one shot on goal from those moments so the biggest question going into this game is how well can clapback. Play out under pressure from leipzig. Because that will happen. And i and you hear the the very complimentary tones inaugural marco rosa talk about each other in the build up to this game. I think that it's it's gonna be a very intriguing battle particular because there's a lot right on a lot riding on it but both teams throughout more pressure to build on them before that game against borussia dortmund life seat again just probably need to win if they are to keep in touch with by munich atop thanks. rt espn plus exclusive home for the bundesliga. This season archie will be by the way at the leipzig cloud. Back getting us pitch site interviews and helping with our coverage there. The weekend starts by and cologne that nine thirty a. m. eastern time again on espn plus angelino. Oh becoming a star at leipzig. But he's on the books at manchester city from two thousand fourteen pretty much entirely through earlier this year when he was sold permanently till leipzig apparently wasn't a good time for the spanish defender. Quote pep is killed. Me and my self confidence. After my move from einhoven back to city he had already judged me on two preseason games and then didn't give me a real chance again so i was happy that i moved to leipzig and that i am now integral part of the club archie marks. Tv also with us Archie start with you. Is this just a case of one. Man's trash is another man's treasure. He's certainly become a huge part of this leipzig squad. I think the the quote was not meant as much as i pep guardiola that he was left out killed him in that situation and with union. Now's man he has been given the freedom of the left flank in leipzig and he just needed a coach. Who who really trust in him but now guzman has shot in his ability as a coach to take players who maybe haven't had the best opportunities tactically with previous coaches and really brought the best out of them and then after that we've seen those plays if time without nagas men for example timo van. For example nico. Schulz at borussia dortmund. So i think that angelinos in the best place development right now was talking about him today in his press conferences. Well and he still feels that there's a lot more to come from an markets interesting. You think if there was any manager who could get the best out of a player it would be patois yellow. What do you think happened here. I think i'm gina painful. The club for quite for years before pepperoni at a few loan spells. And i think when you're in the club in new power the fabric coach you spending lots of money on big plays obviously spent fifty million pounds of benjamin mendy. Who's been debatable. whether he's a success but certainly pat was a big fan of mandy. Originally obviously alexander's enchant also. Came through zintchenko. The play that maybe angelina could be the guy that came through the ranks and was given the chance to prove himself the recoup occasion season when he had a couple of bad games at liverpool unites the time undulating now. Didn't have that. Maybe the company develops at leipzig. I do wonder whether defensively is good enough for months. We don't know if he certainly tested going. Forward and to me is a perfect quote. He'll play in that respect. Betsy does all not let flying. But i think at the time we just a victim of circumstance been too long and he. He wasn't the glamorous pigment that mendy was i think on is bill tastic name for himself at lives against the city. You would regret the got onto well because he won't be for them right now. The the left-back now obviously joel can sell. I don't think you have a debate. They're much but for while that left-back was like a big issue for pet. He had a player there who could clearly play it. Is this a black mark in any way against pep no fill. You know the problem angelina pro. I was the pet. Didn't see the things that has game that he wanted from a guy in his position. If you look at the like playing the on jelena's plays there. He's whooping in probably a dozen game. My city don't do them. Once city gets the defend looking for one twos that said way a plan pension going to get rid of a player who have. He thinks he has the tools to make the team better. I mean that's the bottom line is got nothing to do with with with an individual or anthem. personal pet. Didn't see the things in his gabe. That was gordon should man city and these look mindset. You know you've got a right on the left wing. You've got a left-footer on the right wing. So he's not particularly looking for balls and the balls so just didn't what about big picture. Is this a problem. You think maybe moving forward for manchester city. They have so many good players. You only have so minutes so many minutes to go around. I mean you're going to see talented players. Come in and out of this club without really getting a shot just of hover. not sort of problem and wouldn't we all love to have that problem. I guess pragman hurt recruiting. The problem is not the only problem is for players. It's no problem for pet because he knows how we deal with people so it's not a problem you know he's playing you. Tell them what you're looking for. And he coverages a then. You won't play all. The problems are on the players. How long do i stick this out. And clearly on delino didn't want to stick and there's nothing wrong with our. He's going to a place. Where his talents as i said all maybe not the ones that pet wanted in this site is able to floaty show. It's just a situational thing. Our talents flourished daily on the podcast. If you've ever missed the video version of the show you can check out the audio version available seven days a week on the website. The weekend's premier league schedule four games on saturday actions starting with manchester city against west ham. Five on sunday including liverpool's visit to last place sheffield united won't be an easy trip for your clock and company if for no other reason the growing injury. List jordan henderson. The latest big-name added to the list. He's out at least a month after surgery on his groin. Klopp saying he's hopeful Dixie henderson back with the team before the season is out. Let's start in the studio stevie right now liverpool six five points out of the top four. How worried are you in light of henderson injury about their top four chances he worried i would. I would say of pretty much accepted that little going to get help. Four really listen with with with henderson sent bike that was going to be a struggle anyway. But but no offense to phillips and cobb bike and as individuals. Nine of these two would probably got gaming any other penalty site. Anna's appear the settlers game and another premier league safe and so when you have how are you supposed to start of teams school and create cianci's the middle of the park. Yes little pool is still good with the ball but right now with head. The soon without being your. They can't stop anybody get late. And so you've got a bike lane this creek and all over the place you've got a goalkeeper as well going through a tough time so i find it very difficult to see any lay. It ended timeless filed as a top four places concerned. So you've got finishing outside top four. Wow shock i want to bring you in here top four. Is this the straw that breaks the camel's back for liverpool's hopes of making the champions league next year not not not destroy but when you take into consideration for venus should be back very soon should be back right after him and i'm not gives liverpool a much needed boost particularly at the center back position. Where as good as hamilton has been. I ju just feel though for beat. New nacho centre-back himself as a better option there so maybe that brings that. Maybe that fills the void that this had this. An injury causes and andrade is a spa that maybe liverpool need the only consolation for for liverpool here is that of the three teams vying for that four spot including chelsea and west ham liverpool have the easiest of the runs between on the end of the season that being said liverpool have made very hard work of games out they really should have won up to so four probably just about beyond reach but that's because of poor the they've been mark what do you think top four still a realistic expectation for this liverpool squad. The next two games to to have any chance for it. I think they have to be sheffield united on sunday. Because they lost four straight premier league game. They have to stop that they have to shift. The united bottom of the table can't not win. The shells chelsea home on thursday downfield now obviously chelsea i. Liverpool is again. That could define that racial fourth-place liverpool to chelsea far behind now incomes of the next two six points. Then i think they've got the confidence to believed in go. Forward has says the place can embark and solid still its upscale premier league so they do have positive bought. I agree with steve at the bar there. So by the moment the bucket the full box. Robert senator alexander arnold been exposed time and time again defensively which hasn't been the case in the past because a safety net van dyke. Now you can get a little bit pulled on the flanks the really through the buck mark. I'll stay with you. Let's turn our attention to another match. Saturday manchester city and west ham. Any chance that westhampton stop this. What now nineteen match. Winning streak across all competitions wealth. I really don't think so. I think david moses fantastic job at west is made them a- competitive for first european full bubble. You know his record over the years away to the top teams six is terrible. I don't think he's ever wanna game away the top six you know so. I expect them to go. That will try and keep it tight. The plays that michael. Antonio jesse lean gardner. Got that ability to to catch on the counter-attack it in school. The one breakaway. What city. I we played in each school three goals to be in the game and adult thing. I'm going to do that so i think he should. Of the twin twenty wins in the bunch. That is looking stoppable shock. What's the plan in this match for west ham. How did they get something. I'm not sure how you got anything. This my justice city team given what we've seen from them over over recent months in all honestly harding. Mayfield up back to the first time. These two met this season london stadium manchester city dominated. Possession some seventy six percent. Possession dominated everything about the game but michael antonio goal and and City not kind of finishing the chances as they have been of lead Short game finish finish. One now grew into the esi had deformed that sincere in i just i just do happening for for west almond on unfortunately gentlemen stick around. We still have extra time to come on the show. Stevie will you repeat that face for us. Probably be repeating. That one guy's always get into me. We take your questions off twitter. Have some fun tonight. it's mark stephen. Gets all the interviews mark ogden. Most recently speaking with manchester united legend. Dwight yorke touched on a lot of topics among them. This so obviously you legendary football. You're one of the great plains. The played in the world cup into those and six. Can you give us your top five trained your all time. Five aside tobago say is that include goalkeepers. Yeah we need to go. Yeah we need to go on line. Okay i'll leave the goalkeeping section last to the goalkeeping. I think a lot of people would think people like boris alabi. Numerous other be. i'm not sure. Greece is one of the all. Time goalkeepers I recommend but shots Maybe think broader up. Conan hislop was a far a play my opinion so the played in england for gates gates in united up at newcastle. They're so he might. Just get ahead of shocker. Shantha is a very good friend. He might be thinking that it's been a little bit hard done by five assigned team so those will be my five picks will take a corner his love. Just ahead of shocker. Shocker the second best. His law what are your thoughts in the team or not. I have no. I have no no re- problem with brother. Breathe ahead of me. But he wasn't a goalkeeper unless unless writers. Thinking of me. As as as i keep telling you all i developed quite a reputation as well. Yeah i bet audited. He includes shock in his in his five aside in terms of field players. Or was he just left totally now. He told me that cohen was the goalkeeper. Do i also left himself. Out of the joe surprise voelpel depict himself with us a little more palatable than doesn't a shock it does does dwight cow team. I don't think i have too many complaints. I'm not. I'm not calling on this and friends like that. You know what they say. Stevie these enemy thanks to somebody says that's thanks Dwight for the sound bite. Thanks to mark chaka stevie craig. Rt everybody else. Who's on the show today. see you next on. Espn afc welcome into this. Friday edition of espn nfc's extra. Time steve. and here in the studios burleson joined from abroad by mark a shock his lob who was just left out of the all time trinidad five aside team breaking news by his good. Dwight yorke emotionally shock. How you holding up bucase dude. Alright goodson as you look like a real torn up about it All right yes. We need to help. Heal the joint. Y'all number pick t sale for nine the best true. That's true. well. I know i know you knew me. Okay thanks host. You sit in the chair. Is that what you're why would educate educated viewers felt. I was left those of his five aside from my brother. Who's never pleaded goal. Like that says more about dwight selection process or. Your goalkeeping still shocking. Maybe it has to do with the time that mark the did the interview that there then for the next question first question have shocking steep learning some context here have schalken st ever heard of a player. Finding himself much did for being late. What were the consequences to them. Being late to meetings trainings. The story stevie. Find yourself so maybe this isn't the way it's done in every dressing room. But apparently at manchester united matches the guy who's in charge of handing out the fines a player this in charge of it so he was like to find himself himself. You know he's in charge of it well. He's following the rules. he didn't just go. Oh god i miss l. the through right now find yourself. Isn't it weird though charlton collecting the fires. Because tell you if you the java and you find me from us right you miss me and guess what. I'm going to totally so it's always a player. That's in charge of like a coach or something coaches would only what happens. What used to let me go back to the as well as the money. Who used to do everything. And if somebody who's lay or sent off stupidly ingles the monitor would find them. What the manages the good managers would do as they would collect money and at the end of the year it would give it to the captaincy right. The voters nice. We used to happen but the money he was two seconds late. Apparently the meeting method city. Find himself for learn. And would you let let me let me. Just out here savvy so when i was in west have we had the same system Players collected defines if you will for trading late for me whatever players collectively five and what we did most seasons. You usually finds. We'd all go out for naito to the us know whatever but what we decided. We decided to agree. Hold at have agree. Ed said theres's. I'd still we make a night of it. During the next season all agree how never wanted a cigarette. Loosely would agree hold. I've convinced i've got busy with a pit bull of your because it was all so we ended up having to sell all of supposed green. Hold all out. Fight money down the drain and bad investments. Um all right next question for you mark from a purely financial standpoint. Is it a good idea for manchester city to signed messi. What would the worst case scenario be in terms of the long term financial impact on the club if they were to make this happen from a financial perspective. I'd say it says the wages and the outlay over the years you've probably talking to one hundred million pounds a year with all the the adults that mexican was with the flips over is the the minor where the champions leave a message might win the faa copa. Probably if you suddenly a message that sponsors worldwide will want to give you more money to have the shirt so i can for financial perspective matzec. Don't lose by sonnen later messy. I think he makes the money. I think the question is football side of the canadian. The score goals right now and they don't into the champions league for six years so i think from a financial perspective makes plenty of sense to get marple kind of summer transfer window you think will get in the coming months. Is anybody any money other than city. And i think the gender window. I think he's going to be one of these clubs. Are the half the expectations. In a big big way. Maybe evaluations by half with st won't do all plays sit tight and wait for twenty two thousand eighteen. Paul parkway context two thousand twenty two most in a movie now. Nobody can afford to pay capful. Today's wages so i think a lot of players who are in two thousand twenty two so just sit tight because there's no one to go around this summer stephen shock. Did you ever play with someone. Who is equally good with both feet similar to at real madrid okay How much did it benefit. The player comes first to mind for you who stopped talking. I was thinking about hundred brim. Didn't play with them right. But i always remember him in the the world cup final. He's length bach. showcase for the world. Cup plane is nil nil and he takes a penalty with these rate for it rewind. I was astounded. You talk about back in yourself with both feet. Younger and brima was a similar story with the nineteen ninety nine Women's national team remember. They got in that Famous penalty shootout in the final against china. A brand new chest with her opposite foot on political pressure spot any to forty players shock Probably the most two-footed or one who kind switched more seamlessly is a guy called mccallum french flair who played with us at west palm complete. Either this not a lot of good players who could use booths beat similarly without any kind of hesitation but ma was most not with it. You spend a couple of years with us. West before going back to france Not a swap as mark which positions should manchester united prioritize. A center forward or a right wing. Wow arts i sent it forward. I think right wings over the create chances but i think you need guys put the ball in the back of the net and if you can get a hurricane erling haaland somewhere dot quality and to me. That's what you need twenty season strike because ultimately the the wing provides for the strike if you have a good no strike Windows are making it so you gotta get sent a followed appropriate vote. You agree on a percent. Yeah pretty obvious. Final question shocker. Where's the best trinidadian restaurant you've been to in the united states best trinidadian restaurant a couple of good ones. There's there's alleys here in up in up boston and dorchester which i frequent But there's also please call joys don't in in miami that is as authentic as of tasted outside of trinidad when we were in miami or less. Joyce got it okay. Next time i lose the place in dc retail. That i also frequent okay. And i have no idea what you're talking about my disappearing in my young. I don't know what you're talking about. I know you don't know what i'm talking about. Right there shopping. nbc. Where's rita's retest higher georgia avenue just Dot it's all right. I'm checking it out this weekend. On your recommendation. Shock as if i got a picture up you know as a national if it will think of you kick a few clicks will probably stick to all the change out of that maserati all right. That's it for us We've sally chaka's good name enough in this edition of extra time. Thanks mark ogden for joining us. Thanks to you as well we will be back for tomorrow's edition of espn f c. Do not miss it.

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