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"joshua wayne montague" Discussed on WBSM 1420

"Much. We've got so much Joe Biden stuff we had takes takes longer to call it out. Together. We can work toward racial justice, Economic and Justin. Sorry climate change. Economic injustice. Okay. Racial justice, economic injustice. And climate change. Mr Vice President a follow up question This climate change mean global warming or global cooling. The fact is that I don't remember. Okay. I read a couple of board here. This is from the land cast there. List of list of Reparable hates bad actors. Taylor interline. 20 year old female. Her bond was reduced from one million to 50,000. Inter lines attorney said. She comes from a military family and has no prior convictions. She spent the summer working at the Mannheim Auto auction. Okay, That's great. Joshua Wayne Montague Male 23. From one million to $100,000 cash. Montague did receive a bail reduction. He will still have the post at least 10,000 bucks to be released. He has a York address your papa and had a concealed firearm on him when he was arrested. Montague shook his head. No as rainmaker announced the new bail I guess that means No, I don't have $10,000 cash. Can you come into 10 box Judge a Saab block. I can come up with that. Dylan Davis Male 28 will be on house arrest in a freighter where he'll live with his parents. Loser. Davis was living in the city during the time of the protest with his fiance..

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