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"joshua sprigg" Discussed on Business School

"Hey, this is Sharon and let me ask a question. Have you ever thought about writing a book? It may be one of those fatty wants like Warren piece or some of those skinny ones just like a booklet hamlet or a cookbook. But how do you actually go about? Taking all that information and knowledge and resources that you have in your head and putting it into a book. Today talk with Joshua Sprague who wrote his book after months of turmoil in just twenty one days because his mentor challenged him to. So and based on that process he is created the thirty book writing challenge off which several hundred. Bestsellers have been born in today Josh talks about the process of how he came up with it, and how you can use thirty day challenges to really get great transformations. All that starts right now with Joshua SPRIGG. One thing is for certain. Just because it's tried and true doesn't mean it's working right now. So the big question is this. Where can you learn what is working right now, the strategies, the tactics psychology, and the exact how to how to grow your business. How to blow up your personal brand and supercharge your personal growth that is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Sharon tree butter, and welcome to business. You.

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