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"joshua j. fallow" Discussed on Murder Minute

"Strivings. Thank you for listening to the star. Burns audio podcast network. We have so many great comedy shows to add as your playlist just last week on star Burns, On New player has joined. Keeping Jesse talked to Dr Christopher Hale about getting involved with the sister district project they also discussed fascism and gaming and ECCO the Dolphin. On the boogie, monster, Dave, stone and cocaine, talk about exploration and treasure, hunting, the protest and redefining policing. On office hours live Tim. HEIDEGGER DJ, DUB, pound and big. Burger joined by thunder cat and see from Black Socialists in America listened to this episode to find out you can help office hours raise funds for the Black Lives Matter Global Fund searched Auburn's audio on apple podcasts, spotify or any podcast platform for full list of our shows, featuring hosts like Monet Exchange Bob the drag, queen and Amanda, seals don't forget to follow us on Instagram and twitter at starbucks audio enjoyed the show and remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing. Welcome to murder minute today, the story, the Florida Lotto murder, case, but I. Your True Crime Headlines. In the picturesque wine country town of Poss- blazed California a shootout with a mentally ill man brought an end to siege. The police are calling a planned ambush on the police department. Twenty six year old Mesa James Lira of Monterey described by police as a transient opened fire on the posso replace police station and wounded one officer. Leroy was able to get away, and it's police searched for him. They received a report of a man shot to death at the train station. That man who police said appeared to be camping there for the evening is believed to have also been killed by Lira. Thirty six hours after the ambush attack on the police station Lira was killed when a standoff with police led to gunfire. Two officers were also wounded. Leila's father stated that his son was mentally ill and he did not take medication. Mason. Lira had been in and out of Rehab and treatment centers and according to his father, he often had delusions that he was a special agent or soldier. Police have confirmed that human remains found on the Idaho property of Chad debacle are the bodies of his stepchildren seven year old Joshua Jj, fallow and seventeen year old tighly, Ryan the children had not been seen since last September and reported missing by extended family members in November. Debacle and his wife, Lori Valid Day Bell married in Hawaii last November not long after the deaths of each of their former spouses, and despite the growing mystery surrounding valves to missing children. Laurie Valla was arrested in February. After ignoring repeated requests by authorities to produce her missing children, she has been jail since February and is facing multiple charges, including felony counts of desertion, non support of. Now chat debacle is behind bars charged with two felony counts of destruction and alteration. Of evidence are being held on one million dollars bail. Today you'll hear a rags to riches story that ended in murder, but first a quick break. Now more than ever, I realize how important it is to try to eat healthy. Daily harvest it easy. They keep my house fully stocked with clean food built on whole fruits and vegetables. Daily harvest delivers delicious, clean food, right to my door, taking the grocery store and the guesswork out of eating healthy. 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True Crime: By The Book

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"joshua j. fallow" Discussed on True Crime: By The Book

"All this death just happening to happen around them. They get married in Hawaii so now. Laurie is Laurie Debacle Bill. Okay on November. Twenty six th. That's when the the welfare check was requested at home in Rexburg now when they get to the home officers say that Lori and Chad Say That the children are with a family friend in Arizona. That was November. Twenty six November twenty seventh. Those children were not located in Arizona. So police returned to the townhouse with search warrant to find. Jj Val unfortunately when they got there the houses empty they learn after further investigation Lori and Chad heads split possibly without the children so police also searched other homes in. Rexburg looking for the key. It's and then this is when they checked the storage unit that Lori had rented Okay Fast Forward December first laureate Chad only way back to Hawaii. They fly from Los Angeles to Qui- neither of the children are with them. On December sixth. A family friend called the police the family friend from Arizona Calls Police Says Laurie and Chad asked me to lie. And tell you guys that. Jj was with me but he is not with me. I don't know where this child is on December eleventh. Auditions ain't adding up so they exhume. Tammy debacles body to determine if her cause of death was natural causes okay shit steel. Getting crazy is still more to this story because on December Twelfth Alex. Cox who you remember is Laurie Day. Bill's brother brother who killed her. Ex husband Charles. Valo he dies. Just mysteriously dies. It has not the death has not been. The cause of death has not been released to the public. At this point he had married someone else who was in this old counterculture of mormonism. He married someone in days later. He's dead December December twentieth. The police start saying hey I need the public's help we need the public's help in finding Jj Valo entirely Ryan December twenty first police name Chad and Lori. They're saying that those two are wanted for questioning in connection to the children's disappearance these fuckers ain't saying Shit Shit they not they're not talking period. Police updated to public on December thirtieth and They did the whole facebook thing. Put stuff put details on the case because they think that Lori knows the location of the children or what happened to him and she still refusing to speak so now that she let the On my birthday this year January second she let the storage facility go. The business tried to build her her. Her credit card was declined which means all of the memorabilia of her children which means the the bikes. The photo was the photo albums and all of that is now lost. Because she didn't pay the bill in its really seeming like Lori. Fallow has given zero fucks okay. So police execute a search warrant at Chad Day Bales home in Fremont County Idaho on the third of January on the seventh of January the grandparents of Jj. Valo offer a reward for any information leading to the children. Now the state of Idaho on the sixteenth of January decided that they were going to file a protection order in Madison County on behalf of the children and that ordered Lori Valo to produce her kids shortly after on the twenty fifth of January Lori and Chad were found in Hawaii. They gave them the last demand. Final demand in Hawaii to produce the children to the Idaho Department of Health and welfare within five days now search warrants were being executed as well in Hawaii and they were checking a lorry Chad and their suv and they found numerous things belonging to the children including your birth certificates they also were said to have found. Tyley cell phone in JJ's IPAD. Police police also searched their condo so temporary guardianship request was granted for Larry K woodcock the grandparents of Joshua. Jj Fallow. That IS IF HE TURNS UP. They will get guardianship of him. On January thirtieth and I noticed dates a lot of crazy shit going on but just stick with me on January thirtieth the deadline to produce the children to Idaho. Authorities was missed by Laurie. So on January thirtieth. Laurie should have had our ass in jail but she did. Not they let her just walk out. Walk free even though she had basically gave the courts the mill fucking middle finger now on February fourteenth. That's when Dateline episode aired so Keith Morrison. That's my boy. I'm bridget as all of our boy with asthma boy. He calls the story. One of the most bizarre stories he's ever encountered in his business and remember he was covering that story What about PAM? If you don't know about what about Pam there is a wonderful cast on dateline that you have to listen to. You can find dateline on any of your favorite podcast. Apps. What about PAM is a crazy story. And if he's saying. This story is crazier God down in an e is it is now on February Twentieth Lori was arrested on. Koa why I left by the police on multiple charges including desertion and non support of dependent children February twenty first. Laurie appeared in court. And let me tell you this bitch comes to court asks and and has her attorney ask for her bond to be lowered from five million dollars to ten thousand dollars the judge refuses. And this is a smug bitch. I'm telling you she was smiling and in. Just Oh Jesse. This makes me sick okay. It's also announced. The AVELLO has agreed to be returned to Idaho to face. The charges filed against her so march fifth. She arrives in Idaho and she's booked into jail now once he's booked into jail again. She wants her bond reduced. They do end up reducing her bond from five million to one million dollars just recently. She said well. You know what this judge. I had seen a case They concerned Jj Velo before so he should recuse himself on those grounds and there was a lot of him in on about whether that would be done eventually. That judge did recuse himself and now there is a female judge and I don't know if she really wanted that in her life. Because you know we don't play we all are. Mama Bear's even if we don't have children so she might suggest made a tactical error in in saying that she wanted a new judge so the bond was lower to one million dollars but not a bondsman in Idaho. Touch that bond with a ten foot pole because the bitch is a flight risk. She's already shown that she does not have any respect for the rule of law. And now we're going into Speculation territory everything. I said so far. Besides my little asides everything else. I said so far has been pretty much fact now. I'm GONNA start speculating. She believes according to their doomsday. Little Colt that they are an offshoot of mormonism. They believe that the world is going to in Believers July twentieth of twenty twenty. So that means as far as they're concerned this only has a few more months left. So is it possible. That she's holding off on cooperating because she's just waiting for the fucking world then that is a possibility but my understanding of this group is that they will they are also trying to set up like a a settlement What they call a white camp which sounds really really really really racist but people who who are brought together under this common belief that the world is going in in July of twenty twenty. They are attempting to make settlement and they are some of the missions that are on the seven mission list. That Chad Bill has spoken about is setting up government setting up a person putting a person in charge of distributing food and so they believe that for some reason. They're going to be alive and I'm going to do a lot more studying on this at faction of people but they believe that they are going to survive this a coming apocalypse and that Lori in Chad are somehow the leaders and that's why they kinda got married. A lot of people think Chad is the brains behind this whole thing but I honestly believe is Laurie. I believe that Lori is the person who's pulling the strings. Because she just don't give no fuck see this. She shows up first of all who the floodgates Bidu Lipstick. She showed up in court with lipstick on our here all juicy and shit so I'm wondering to myself how serious she's taking this shit and the fact that nobody has publicly seen her children now since September for months.

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"Is actually expected to testify in this criminal trial here in New York to try to help prosecutors establish that wine stain had a pattern of behavior ABC's linsey Davis the brother of two missing Idaho kids making an emotional plea I want to talk to you hi I'm sitting across the room from him that's cool be Ryan sending a message to his mother Laurie shallow who thirty say has continued to be uncooperative after his sibling seventeen year old Kylie Ryan and seven year old Joshua JJ fallow went missing late last year I just need this and for calling JJ scientist and for your need to stand for all of us is not okay family members say Lori and her current husband Chad day bell said that JJ who was adopted and has special needs was staying with a friend in Arizona police say they later learned that was a lie authorities say Lori also told some witnesses her daughter had died a year ago new details are calling into question Laurie valor state of mind in a newly obtained twenty nineteen court document Laurie Vallas fourth husband asked the court for custody of their child pointing to her new found religious beliefs and the court documents Charles aloe claims Laurie told him she could not trust fellow and that she would not only kill him but would destroy him financially five months later Val was killed shot by Lori's brother in a dispute that is still being investigated not brother who shot valor's ex husband also died last month this is police are also investigating the death of Laurie's new husband's previous wife ABC's Diane Macedo we're learning today the Minnesota police officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head was Seiko officer Eric Manson responded to a call of us suspicious person with a flashlight in someone's backyard police say when he arrived a thirty seven year old name Tyler John knob ski fired a shot officers fired multiple shots at him in return he's being treated for non life threatening wounds companies time to twenty L. insurance business update here's Jim Tresco stocks held to a fairly narrow range today the losses among blue chips were deeper than those of the broader market the Dow Jones industrials dropped one hundred nineteen points the S. and P. five hundred fell nine and the nasdaq composite dipped two points shares a pier one imports dropped another eight and a half percent today adding to Monday seventeen percent slide in the wake of the retailers announcement that it will close nearly half of its nine hundred forty stores Activision blizzard is candy crush saga generated record revenue again last year crossing the one billion dollar mark the free to play smart phone game called in one point zero five billion dollars from in app purchases in twenty nineteen that's your money now money news a twenty and fifty past the hour here on come all and on the way after traffic on fire in Milwaukee two kids shot over a snowball I'm ABC's ride for awhile explain coming up como news site.

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"In the darkness flight really fluttering at the airport the power went out at the airport at least one hospital forced to evacuate patients to the streets in their gurneys after a powerful six point four earthquake rocked the island this morning taking twenty one year old Nicole Peralta lives in San Juan and woke up to apartment swaying back and forth here at my house everything started falling over this comes on the heels of Monday's five point eight quake hold up for shock picture because his white up their foundations snapped power poles it was one of the strongest quakes ever hit the US territory causing small landslides drivers forced to avoid boulders during the morning commute official C. tremors have been hitting the area since late December the quake striking less than ten miles off the southwest coast near the major city of Ponce a place we visited a few months ago still so vulnerable more than two years since hurricane Maria rain coming out that it was a lot of water aftershocks followed Monday's quake station on the air during one of the the threat of a quick looms large here because Porter Rico sits along the border of two tectonic plates officials the people in the southwest part of the island need to remain on high alert ABC's Victor Oquendo the brother of two missing Idaho kids making an emotional plea I want to talk to you I am sitting across the room from you that's cool be Ryan sending a message to his mother Laurie shallow who thirty say has continued to be uncooperative after his sibling seventeen year old Kylie Ryan and seven year old Joshua JJ fallow went missing late last year I just need this ten for.

earthquake Nicole Peralta San Juan tremors Ponce Porter Rico ABC Victor Oquendo Kylie Ryan US official hurricane Maria Idaho Laurie Joshua JJ