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"joshua gar" Discussed on Niner Faithful Radio

"Jeff fisher but sometimes it was like okay. We'll find you wanna fire. Jeff fisher who are you going to get. And that's how. Sometimes i think that players especially see with a lot with quarterbacks like let's say kirk cousins for example who a pretty good quarterback you know he. He was definitely a top ten to fifteen quarterback. We had something like thirty out. Thirty five touchdown passes last year. But i think that when you look at the vikings could you upgrade for kirk cousins. Yes you definitely could upgrade from kirk cousins but they stick with her cousins. Because sometimes it's well who are you going to get better so i agree with you. Twenty fifteen after that draft and everything like that. You had reasons to think that the niners were balanced back to me. Well alternately i think sealed trip bulky fate and why honestly. I thought maybe after twenty fifteen was went. I thought the niners should fire indefinitely after twenty sixteen. Was this dry. I mean you drive to force buckman. Clearly that was a slam dunk right. I mean drafting deforest. Buckner slammed up. I joshua gar net. Where we'll we'll redman. Rashad robinson ronald blair johnson Very cooper jeff driscoll kevin taylor aaron burr bridge and prince. Charles award iming ronald blair in deforest buckner really really solid players. And let's not forget you've been legitimate. Believe that rashard robinson was going to be our starting quarter twenty seventeen as twenty sixteen draft. Yeah you got a couple of players yet too much of a wash and so i think ultimately the niners did make the right decision on moving on from trump while few and chip kelly ultimately chip kelly. It was a joke but brian..

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