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"josh colty" Discussed on Opinion Central

"Welcome to opinion central. I'm John D S two chronicles aditorial paycheck hitter here with my editorial board colleagues. What a week we've had it began with his waking up to the news Monday mornings EPA, the attorney general rod Rosenstein was about to either quitter be fired. We've had two new accusers come out against the prem- court nominee. Brad kavanagh. We had one of the most bizarre presidential press conferences in memory. We had that new two billion dollar transbay terminal shut down after cracks were discovered in structural steel, and then Christine Blasi Ford and Brett cavenaugh had their day before the Senate Judiciary committee, but start with the latest debt Ford and Cavanaugh testimony lows. Think was the telling moment of the day. This is Lois Kavakava deputy Dettori page editor the telling moment by far was when Christine blazing Blasi Ford described the. Uproarious laughter that she heard after the alleged assault that just stuck with everybody. I listen to this hearing from the very beginning all the way till the end of it. That is definitely the line that sticks in my mind. Kyw Miller you wrote a column last week where you talked about the Nita hill hearings which were so such a defining moment in early nineteen ninety s what did you think today? I mean was this another Anita hill type hearing or was it even even crazier. In some ways, it was worse partially because it was so long. But then also, but then also because the thing that was so interesting was that Christine blazey Ford was so credible as a witness and part of it is because she has dedicated her life since this incident to understanding and healing other people who were in the situation. And so she could explain it not only from the perspective of of being a victim. But also from the perspective of being a psychologist, and I think it was it's going to be very very difficult to say that she was lying or that. She didn't get anything. Right because she did such a good job by contrast. Brett cut Cavanaugh was was furious was angry was entitled seemed extremely just it was very easy to understand see him as a an angry belligerent drunk, and that's kind of we came across today. We'll we'll whoa to be the man to bring up any of this Marshall kill Toronto. But I thought Canada and and policy for just offered completely different world. Cbs was. Yes, when was no one was night. One was day. One was black one was white. I mean, there was there was just nothing at all that they agreed on. And in the end, the whoever bats last in a funny way is the one who leaves the strongest impression perhaps I don't know that that's true with the way people manipulate video. But. Kevin would seem to be the longest on the stand and was in a way the most vengeful and and angry. It's speaking back to senators, which is something you never do it. A here see had done much hearing crying just demanding answers, a ridiculing people who had accused him. It was very tough performance. Much much more muscle strong expected from that guy. One of the thing that struck me was how this hearing devolved in the process of the day began with the Senate bringing in Rachel Mitchell. Veterans sex crimes prosecutor to basically grill, Dr Ford, and then suddenly when Cavanaugh was on the stand. It took very little time in the center start that Republican senators start either throwing softballs at him or blasting Dem's. Would you think Josh you were fallen at all day for the toil board? The the spectacle is pretty bizarre of the. The Republicans on the committee outsourcing their questioning to a prosecutor who was primarily preoccupied with conducting sort of cross examination of the alleged victim of the crime. And as you said, they they quickly abandoned this whole strange construct as soon as it came to questioning Cavanaugh the alleged criminal. So it was a it was a I think most people who aren't extremely sympathetic to Cavanaugh and his supporters are found that to be a mistake. Let me throw out this idea for anyone who wants that's Josh colty. By the way, our editorial writer for everyone to jump in on..

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