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"josh oliver cadence smith" Discussed on Bolts from the Blue

"Three behind Taylor and John Williams. Perfect pick perfect fit. Who would you rather take Christian Wilkins or Cody for Jamie? I mean, he can't lose with either there as I choose I would take bookings because I haven't graded higher on my board. And I think you too, but. Actually, wait. Now. I don't know. I don't know Wilkins's my last now, I've got four grade one point higher. But I'd still take Wilkins. I think really I think so I think so I think it'd be close it'd be a tough call. But I just think that they've been without a quality defensive tackle for so long that I just think it has to happen in focus is on the board. There's just no other option. Okay. But I do like that pick. They're both days very happy with that pick. I would like Cody Ford over Christian Wilkens. That's just me though. So then around to not quite looking to white receivers to tackle. I already got. So I'm not looking there either interior defensive line Charles Amena who Andrew mon- Jones or their Ronel, Ren Kaelin Saunders. All there. Of course. I wanna go safety here. Say I talked about earlier safety is dang, man. Okay. So how it was going to go want Thornhill here. But he's gone. The guys that are available Taylor rap in money. Hooker and deonte Thompson. I think Hooker and wrap are more strong safeties and free safeties. And I don't want to run into that problem again. And as much as I hate to do it you and I are going to have the same second round pick. But this is my draft. This is what I would do here. I would pick the Thompson we talked about. What a great pairing us would be. Yeah, I've seen people wanting to take Taylor rap in the first round for the charters. And I I don't get it. I think he's a good football player. But I just think he's too. He's too redundant. In terms of his skill set. He's a kind of a poor man's Derwin. James more of a nickel linebacker strong safety type not really fast enough athletic enough to play that deep safety role. I know I've seen some people say you just take the best player and stick him out there. But I just I don't think he suited to that. Particularly on the charter system where he's the only guy back there. Yeah. No. I think he's got the lack of top end system that you just don't want on the back end. And he's not very good silent sideline. You want him as closely as possible and. And when they played him a free safety is when he did not look good. And I think that's part of the why part of the reason why he's not a first round player to me when they played him at a free safety. He just dropped down to my grade. So I'm not taking Taylor rap because you know, you've got a much better player near the line of scrimmage, and then you've got guys like Adrian Phillips were roaming around. And you've got another hybrid KYW's. Your winds playing linebacker used to be a safety plan that spur position at West Virginia. I don't I don't think you need to take Taylor raptor. And I don't think it's a very good fit. Good player. Not a guy. I'm taking the first round. But in the second round he'd make sense there for another team. Just not with the chargers. So moving onto the third round. It's talk about some guys that I'm looking at here wide receiver. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Okay. All right. We'll go back to receiver in just a second tight end. Josh Oliver cadence Smith, I'm gonna wait their interior defensive line, tristen hill, Kaelin Saunders, Gerald Willis. Let's go back to receiver for one minute. Okay. This is this is my draft. Right. I can do throw curve ball. I think I'm gonna throw curveball here. I'm gonna take don't hang it. All right. I'm not gonna hang you here. Here's what's going to happen. I didn't think you'd be here. But I'm gonna entertaining. JJ are Sehgal Whiteside in the third round. Oh, I like that big numbers at Stanford is I think he needs to improve his route running but such a good red zone weapon. Big tall body can get seperation downfield creates yards after the catch. I think as a wide receiver three with some wide receiver to if not best-case.

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