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"josh morad" Discussed on Breaking Character

"Some. Tell me a couple of times to put it in the LifeZette that maybe you can hear when you here in in town. Well, can you problems? Claim mostly party already. But we we haven't telling us line almost everywhere, which is not a party. It's called good thing. And it's wall, and I wrote it wrote it the week after I got home from spending kind of gay like fiddlers thing. Mention in south West Virginia southwestern Virginia to be more specific. And that little is always really roots me and. Musically. I mean, and I am seriously. And I wrote we saw I writing it. I was thinking, you know, there's void in my head. This is this is not going to be something for the band. And then we cleaner. I got Joe the same harmony all the way through the whole song and then to ban, but he is definitely more favorites. I think it's one that people come up to the show and say, hey, what record is a big thing on the old. It's not sorry. So that's good. That's really good to have people responding to like that. Yeah. And then you mentioned that Josh Morad. So. Have you found a permanent replacement or even has been subbing? What's happening there? We had a show. I can't call them permanent yet because. Logistics here. But we have we have had our Steve daily plan with us. And he has been such a good job. We've been having so much fun. It's hard, but you know after playing for five years but Josh for five years. It was hard to imagine what it would be like different player, but I have to say it's been a real pleasure. And and it's been creating like you energy. I think the whole band like the way that he plays inspired me to sing for you know, freezing differently. Try to front melodies on things. And that's what was exciting. And you know, the more newness that can be brought old songs. I think better. So Steve will be with us in the short him off because he'd really really. Wickson? Day in. Have you know, how is motherhood affected your songwriting if at all have been as cheating respective at all when you're when you're writing songs. Yeah. I haven't been writing out much totally. I think I'm just about to enter new writing. Phase. I always do this. Jeremy I deserve takes times thing time off from writing writing is. And I think we've talked about this before. But for the sake of talk cast, and anyone who does not follow every word between you and I. You know, I think. Writing an act of self reflection and in order for me to have I I need to spend checks of my life where I'm not really reflecting. And I'm just experiencing and that I can that I can sort of follow that with the phaser. I'm, you know, really looking at okay, who am I now how is how Mike Sirius' seeks me changed me? And what is that mean? And and so I think I'm about to enter as reflective face. But I really just been living for a while. That has been a joy, nor gene stuff is in the party line. Or the barbecue blues bluegrass stage on two pm next Jerry talk fest. Headliner JD, McPherson, whose music is largely rooted in the rock, rockabilly and rhythm and blues music of nineteen fifties JD spoke about what fans can expect to hear when he plays this holiday or kind of did. A mix of everything. We sometimes like when you go on long to live to go over. So that we kinda speak with because we have a lot of. Cues? Meaning that we not have any here than show. There's usually some needed happening pretty much all the time. So when songs over Unisphere. Swapping insurance out or something like that something else happening somewhere. So we do current tend to author the little did but Langley been expanded a little bit. I would say when we place inches. If it's going to be kind of nice nice healthy mix of all the records, minus the Christmas record, baby. Every now. Speaking of that when the talk about latest release, which I believe the FOX right on the left new member to me coming bit about that recording and went what was kinda goal going in. What were some of the things that were on your mind as you're reading? Thongs in in. What did you to convey with this project? I wouldn't know I would say probably since the first years live spin of being and people were suggest in some Chris material and they wanna. Thing wanna feel some Starbucks. They wanna feel from, you know, some trips to the mall, and I really to ones on and okay, actually fell Starbucks. But and I was like undone, and I wanna do it anymore. I live Christmas, but I don't I don't not interested in making full record. And then that's to last year in actually couple of years ago, and one of my those Niccolo made they record that was a holiday record. But it was completely flipped on a year. And it was kind of a really smart record. And like really hit been smart. And it's interesting Sanjoy food, and within any really, I think he did some covers million skier covers or covers are maybe people haven't heard in a very long time. So it seemed like I. Album. And so I really want that Wecker to walk in. So started kind of think about it a little bit. Well in the final good make a record 'cause there's tiny year wrote that would be in. That would be. Trope? It's more on what not to do. And so that kind of started the whole idea almost like a personal orange to. Gee, what could happen year in? Counters.

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