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"josh icy" Discussed on Nerd On! The Podcast

"Hard when you're trying to grind because whoever kills gets the experience and everybody else gets less experience and so if you're trying to level up everybody in cloud takes out everybody you're like, no, that's not the character I'm trying to level up. dammit. Just treat him so he doesn't count. Carrier Josh who who are we in your eyes reminds but whole eyeball well. See this hard I don't have that kind of. Pick. Be. An asshole. To, think of you can have one material. You get to the list. Okay 'cause there's a lot everyone feelings will be hurt so. Yeah totally. Totally. Already there I feel like. Yeah feel Tom would want to be a master magic materia basically has all of the all of the magic He would want all of the power all the millennium items. See here's the thing. Now, I'm GonNa make the simpler because there are five version. There are five different kinds of materia magic support, command, independent, and summit. So child agreeing that Thomas Magic. The. Green. Materia. Support I think. Would be. ME. I would be the backup material. command materia I think would be. That would be corey. 'cause it's put. It adds like I said stuff like deathblow double cut slash aw enemies skill where you learn other people's magic and their their skills into it independence. I could see this as something that I think all Lee. Would have like giving us like HP plus upping our HP or experience plus where we get more experience Clowns guilt plus and then summons give to Kaitlin. Basically you. Basically, there's a summoned for everything. You've got a fire summoned. You've got lightning summon you've got. All, sorts of different summons. Fire to make this like bubble of. The magic boy year the little can create yuck suggestion that makes the fire. With which summoned would you be Har- I mean 'cause. I know Ali wants to be Bahama. He's he's already said that and so I'm GonNa give that to you. You can be that. I think Caitlin you could be Sheva. You're just gold mine icy. Bitch. The. Josh Icy. Bitch. I'm GonNa give Alexander to Corey. It's a holy based damage Andrew a giant night..

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