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"josh hay" Discussed on The Woody Show

"Hundred bucks. Am i being an a-hole for saying no that is from hell. No more knows. Yeah absolutely not give. Any of these tools went anywhere a cell phone store for example and they try to get a phone on their own. They couldn't which is why they're on yours. Why is that because they can't be relied upon. They can't be trusted. They're not responsible with their money. Cut them out and make them do prepaid and by the way. This is not your brother. This is not your mother. This is not your spouse. This is a nephew yup and adult nephew at that by sia. No sucker uncle. You'd be the say. cut them out. Did put it on your credit card. Yeah i wouldn't even go to the way you know and it's like why. Am i going to sit here and be supported like just taking advantage. You're gonna get burned. I have no respect for people who take advantage of other people like that just alone. You'll never see it again. No pay down that debt and get that emergency fund. Larry you are not the whole this nephew and whoever else is on your jock zehr the a whole suck it. Hopefully they'll get divorced. Join annulment right and lots of cheating people. Today can't to pay attention for more than a few what you show. I welcome back into as dumb ass contest. Eight seven seven. Forty four twenty if you would like to play. And today's context is the graceless. Rice is right. the game works this way. I get a contest off the phone. Eight seven seven forty four. Woody i start flipping through a stack of ads that i have here. Things that are for sale on craigslist. I printed out the ones that i think are interesting. Whatever reason you'll tell me when the stop flipping through those ads whichever one it lands on. I will tell everybody about that item. Then ask somebody here in the studio to give me a bit. How much they think. It's being sold for on craigslist. And then you on the phone as the contest just have to guess is the actual craigslist price higher or lower than the bid was given eight seven seven forty four what he. Let's play craigslist prices. Right and go to our first contestant. Let's say hello to about Lisa hey good morning girl. Ready to play all right here. I am flipping to the ads. You say stop whenever you are ready. All right greg. Gory so lucky week. I for sale on craigslist slightly. Used personal lubricant. Oh my lease and you probably go for the slightly used as opposed to paying. Yep dead derail. Don't be silly semi liber for couples gay or straight. I only use a couple of times. I didn't care for it. made me it. This is a great salesperson. it's also funny. It says throwing in some pearls also one-two-three pearl sitting here next to bob. It's literally has three girls jewelry. Okay weird incentivize you to buy the crappy lube. It's like it's like gift with purchase maybe plug or gay or straight i mean is there gay only lube in right. I would bet. Galeb is more heavy duty berlin australia or making their own to some extent. Yeah exclusive let me check it out lube gala. Look it up. Dude lib wilbur. The pearls that throws it off. Let's say fifty dollars. I don't know a pearls go for fifty. Lisa defeat the actual craigslist prices higher lower than fifty dollars lower actual craigslist price. Is fourteen dollars. Jets real pearls. Congratulations lisa. hang on one second. We'll get all your information. Thank you for listening to the show. I did find a list of thirty different lives. That gay mentioned now call me black back door pure backdoor switched navy sounds nice yeah j. lube jalen elbow grease. That's all we heard about this. One boy butter. Yeah there is on this lou bad. It's some of that stuff where it's like this is mine. This is yours the his and hers. Lubes which i guess if they work together creates warming use that i have got some of the dollar store. And it's i it's weird 'cause like did it make you know ditching. But it's actually i. I won't go back to regular loop now that i've got the warming lube. That's right nice little pleasant sensation. Here's another one slam dunk. Josh hay. hay playing the craigslist prices. Right i am flipping through the ads. You say stop whenever you are ready up. I let's go with the menace. All right sweet thank. You are menace for sale on craigslist huge pink. Louis vitton bong for parts for parts probably not authorize. Say if it was just for the the bong i would go with rayvey. Yeah but because it's a louis vuitton bong pink louis vuitton ceramic bong selling for parts. The stem part is broken. It's eighteen inches tall. Or why don't you just want to get a new stem and you have a nice ball. Why would you on that. Wow screen real discreet. Probably impressed audibly bomb. Yeah how dumb. I would think i'm gonna say eighty dollars. You're so fancy. Got a louis vuitton louis. Vitton bong as you can see. They have their television hung up on the wall with the cords. Nobody on has all right. Eight bucks. eighty bucks. Josh is the actual craigslist price higher lower than eighty dollars. I'm gonna say higher higher actual craigslist prices fifty dollars. Yeah all right. Sorry about that josh. But thanks for the call man. We appreciate it Let's go to jeremy. Hey good morning jeremy. Good morning we are planning to craigslist prices right. I am flipping the ads. you say. Stop whenever you are ready. All right and stop Let's go to greg greg for sale. Because he likes. Who's gas the.

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