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"Ninety four point seven k jail. Dallas Fort Worth z one hundred New York City over there with Elvis Duran. And then our dear friend, Ryan Seacrest at kiss FM out there in Los Angeles. We can't think everybody coast to coast enough for listening, and then also the Great Plains in the great state of Oklahoma from Fairview Enid, Anadarko Dunkin, Ardmore, Toca, everywhere, we blanket, the great state of Oklahoma. And thank you for listening. We really really really do. Appreciate it. So this is the cliff Davis show, and the Oklahoma City zoo is on with us. We've got Josh Candace Christie, and we left off with zoo. We're going to move forward. We're gonna move forward and Christie is tainted me this really cool book. It says images of of the Oklahoma City zoo, nineteen sixty two to two thousand thirteen I think this is interesting and cool because maybe dad's in there somewhere dad used to work with a guy you might not remember him. But back in the sixties his name was Bob Ginny. And okay, Bob. Ginny was the guy out there light the reptile guy. Okay. So dad would have Bob Ginny on the form and Scotty show, and they did a tie in with zoo much like we're doing, and I believe if I'm correct dad helped create this Zouqi. Okay. I know where I think that might have come from the former Scotty, and w k y TV as we know it to care for TV today. But so there's the time. But yeah, interesting Kristie dad might be in the book somewhere, but they can obviously get the book out of the zoo. Right. And that is the second we have to. So it's the first, you know, fifty years, and then the second half is they're very cool. Nice. Nice piece of you wanted to mention a couple of things real quick before we got out of the show. We got about three minutes left on this segment to at the top. So what were they? Yes. So one of the big things I wanted to share is the month of may is a great month and one of our favorites because we have a partnership with Mathis brothers growing on right now. Yes. So we love our partners at Mathis brothers. And during the whole month of may, you can go out and purchase a zoo friends membership or renew if you have one for a great deal sixty nine dollars for failing membership, and that is just a fantastic discount, and it's such a fantastic value. And with that membership you visit the zoo as many times as you like in one year, that's a great deal forever. And it's for a family so to adults and five kids just doesn't get any better than that. And of course, you're supporting Oklahoma City zoo because all the dollars from the membership sales come back to support the Oklahoma City zoo. What's great is that we have this in our own backyard. If you will the Oklahoma City zoo is so wonderful, and it's one of the best in the world, not just the nation hands down. Yes. And so I mean, it's right there. And and I mean, it's a good thing. And it's a cool thing that you're doing a youth driven stuff with events, and then also the family oriented packages as well. And with Mathis brothers. That's just great. That's everybody helping in and pitching in together. And and making it work. I love to hear that. I call the clip Davis show, the sunshine network. Like everybody just talking about good stuff. Want to be part of that family now? You're your. Circle. Josh. You guys, and I'll be texting you. And I need stuff is. Okay. And you guys do do the same right? Right. Okay. So other events that you wanted to mention as well that are coming up. Yes. So I know you've been talking about the killer. But there are some great shows come to zoo AM weird Al is coming in July, and June young giants and fits and tantrums in July and Alice Cooper. Got all to be really. Yes. So the interesting I mean, I think everybody knows zoo am I mean seventy five years of history, or it is just one of those I con ick historical places for Oklahoma City. And it is located by the cities, we don't actually manage it. But it is a big part of our history. And of course, you know, is right there Jason to the zoo. And so we're always excited to share what's happening and to promote the great concerts that are going on under the starry skies. Amphitheater live killer.

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