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"josh burton" Discussed on The FADER Uncovered Host Mark Ronson

The FADER Uncovered Host Mark Ronson

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"josh burton" Discussed on The FADER Uncovered Host Mark Ronson

"Then of course you heard the beat for hustling. Right. And of course, I had no idea that around the corner was literally possibly a month, two, three, four months away. You know yeah. You know, 'cause I had home my talents. I had skills I had talents, but you know, was the city ready for the music. I was making was the statement. And once I put, you know, what I did best and combined it with that production from the runners young dudes out of Central Florida Orlando every damn hustling dropping they changed it. Did everybody know in the studio that night? I mean, you had made some good records on it, you know, it's funny, like I even went back and listened to the Eric sermon joint that you did. And then, of course, like the suave house record that they put out after you blew up, but all great music. A lot of the seeds of what you were going to do so full instrumentals, beats, but everybody in the room when you made hustling, the repetitiveness, each line is an all timeline. Each line would be the best line from somebody else's song. You must have known in the room that you were sitting on something, right? Are we most definitely when I recorded the record? You know, I may have been in the studio with just myself in the engineer. Oh, the runners weren't even in there. They just gave you the I actually got the beat from my homie that was managing trainer at the time. Josh Burton. He knew how much I loved listening to beats. Yeah. When people give me a compliment about my era whatever, it's nigga. It's not even nothing that deep is just how much time I'm willing to spend listening to instrumentals and beats and he knew I was one of those dudes. So when he would go and get beats from certain individuals, it's almost like you could give them to me. And I make a list of who I think these pieces be best for. Trainer trick daddy. So forth. And that's what he did. And when I heard that beat, I remember it was a red CD that came from some top corporate Atlantic record shit. And when I got my hands on it, it was over. Is that what inspired I'm into distribution? Was that the Atlantic line, 'cause it was just sitting there and you knew it was like Atlantic City. Without a doubt, without a doubt, because Josh Burke was working with slip and slide slip and slide had a distribution deal with Atlantic. And they were fell to the beach down, but none of the artists would want to listen to the beats, but me. I told them bring me all the beats. I listened to 200 beats a day. It don't matter. That's crazy. Do you remember that explains a lot? I think the same thing with Jay-Z and especially in that blueprint era. Everyone was always like, he picks the best speech, but remember that scene and fade to black where he's just sitting, listening to beat after beat, and they're like, this is actually a funny story before I got on. I had to remake all the garbage beats that he was listening to in the studio because they couldn't go back to producers in that movie and say, hey, Jay's clowning your garbage beats is it cool if we clear this? Of course. So I was like, all right, well I'll make a bunch of garbage beats that sound like they were made by different people because I was just a DJ trying to get on and it was a check and whatever else. But that lets you know you have fly garbage beats. The thing is that you talk about in your book to the 10,000 hours thing from the Malcolm gladwell book is that behind every great huge overnight success there's all the work and all the time spent that you don't see. Without a doubt. But hustling in a way is like, is this perfect star is born moment when you think about it? Like I think A Star Is Born moment always happens when you have the perfect artist perfect movie or act or whatever it is in the perfect world, it's like Eddie Murphy and 48 hours or Jennifer Hudson and dream girls De Niro a mean street, so it's like it's so hard to imagine you before you were famous because that arrival on the map was just so fucking iconic. And it felt it felt huge. You know, I had a few glimpses of, you know, some sunlight, but it was never anything close to being this bright. And it just eclipsed the whole, you know, sound skate while I was at. In the theta article as well, like that theta cover from 2006 is great. It's a great article and you really get the sense of you're like, there isn't really a sense and I don't know if that's not in your nature to be like, wow, I can't believe I made it 'cause after all this struggling, it feels like you knew that you were always supposed to be there. Is that how it felt? Did you have a little bit of kicking yourself while this crazy groundswell is happening underneath you? You know, when the record the first record exploded, and I just got, you know, a taste of was success somewhat felt like I most definitely. It was a part of me telling me this what you've been working for a big homie. That was really time to go get it. It gets it gets greater later. It gets greater later. Let's keep going. And so while I did somewhat celebrate, you know, the success that huge success of every day I'm hustling. And I remember it was the first record to sell a million ringtones. Remember that crazy fucking time. It was crazy. But it was just, you know, it was just being recognized. It was recognition. I just knew it was a lot more for me to do a lot more. I had to show. And Trey talks about it in that first fader article too, which is interesting. He said, you had to dumb it down a little. Just to get there was nothing dumb about hustling, but maybe it was like, we as he talking about the word player were you trying to be too clever? What did he mean by that? A lot of times it depends, you know what I mean? I would probably have to reread the article, but it for me, I always heard that I could make my wordplay extremely complicated. I could speed it up. You know, and when I'm from Miami, it was all about twerking and you know the loop vibe in the club vibe. I was on a whole different side of the street with it. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so when you say dumb it down or I could just take it as me having fun with the word play the way I did room two 22 22 she was 22 I'm riding to it you know so I was just like me having fun and so if you go that way as well, but either way it all makes sense. It took us now even thinking about the slip and slide. I mean, of course there was shut up, trick daddy, which was a crazy record that was quite hard. And I remember even in New York, that tore everything up, but you're right. It was very party. It was icons. It was everything. Take it to the house. You know, the biggest record for the party in club records without a doubt. So when you at one point, I'm sure when you're starting off, are you thinking, how do I slot into this thing? Did it seem like a weird marriage or did you know you were always just gonna break the mold and just have to be the outsider on slip aside? Well, I knew one thing it would take me to be nothing less than great to figure this out. Because I got to figure this out. Being in Miami, this is the only outlet we really had. You know, this is the only bridge you can really walk across to go to that other side, you know? Yeah. And they were comfortable and had a huge success with all party records. And like I said, I was talking about getting money. I was talking about hustling. Everything finally worked out. I found the right beat. I put the right wraps on it. 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