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"josh bearman" Discussed on Someone's Gotta

"I think I think you create on weird we could sacked stories when it was called, Dan man. Oh. Dan, man. I will when I was young. I started your door sales pitch. This free. Yeah defense how you prefer. Yeah. Yes. What is it paying it gets really interesting? When you see. You ready for college? How much college run two thousand dollars? That's a star. Hey, it's the someone's got a podcast. What's up? It's Amy Jay, and I'm here with Josh Bearman. What's a you almost didn't talk. So that didn't was I supposed to. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Guys quite a pop here. Yeah. Tell them about yourself. Shoutout. I'm Josh Bearman. Here to talk about side hustles and living in a van. That's why I bought my friend. Dan, the van man, Dan, man. Oh fan man tan. Dan, man. Van. Dan, gotta get writer. Man say Dan, the fan man. But at that's either way, you know, I'm open to being called whatever as long as there's van endanger the name. Oh, okay, great. Great. Okay. Now. He has an SUV, so that's the other part. This is all sham. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I, I grew up with my Toyota forerunner and they're like, hey, I thought you lived in a van. Yeah, I'm like, Well, I, I used. Two and you trade it in my traded it in. Okay. Shall we can talk about that? But yes, this is just interesting. Yeah. Interest rates Josh here. Dan is here. They're drinking. I'm not drinking cheers. We're going to talk today, about living a minimalist lifestyle and also side hustles, because, you know, some of us can't live minimalist lifestyle. So we need extra money to do extra things, if you're listening on Spotify tunes iheartradio, please give us a like subscribe, your aggressively, pushing the subscribe button over there. And goes a rating if you don't want to give us a five, I don't want to fucking rating. That's. That's all. So I guess we'll start with everyone giving us a little bio how you got here where you're from and we always like relationship status around here. Okay. John from Arizona. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, loving it here. Getting that beautiful summer weather. Sorry, ladies I am taken for a long time to you longtime in a very loving relationship. And. To a haughty Thadi with the body. And yeah. And a little bit about side, hustling and a little bit about living in a van, not as much as my, my man, Dan. Okay. Dan near turn. All right. So, yes, my name is Dan. I do live in van. Well again, I don't even industry. What sounds so much better? When you say Lavigne say all live in SUV people like what? But if your name was Charles, we wouldn't have. Yeah, so it's just like what I say. Oh, I'm I'm stating my van tonight. I'm not staying in my van of SUV but it's just easier rolls off the tongue. A little better than makes sense. It'd be like, oh, yeah. Oh, I love in life, but no one understands SUV life. Okay. It's still mad. But where yes, so I'm from Michigan originally bowl to live near fan there. It's a little cold here as well. Your van. I'll tell you what this winter was interesting but teaches you lot about yourself but yeah, from Michigan originally moved to Zona where I met this wonderful human being right here when I was about nine. The shocker symbol. Yeah. Don't you dare? Oh, it's other way. It depends. How it depends. How you prefer pink. It gets really interesting when you see. Anyways, it gets really interesting. When you see little kids, do it. Arizona state games and they're just throwing up the shock. And you're like, that's awesome. That's for college. Whoa. Yeah. Yeah. We went to college together. I mean we met through mutual friend that was in my dorm Cowan will shout out shot. We live in a dorm, I did live in a dorm. I had housing at one point, not it was born into ban. Belong. Wow. It'd be also people who have done. Know a raised in the minimalist lifestyle. But I unfortunately was not Chris far less dead. Turn it around. Were you raised by hoarders? No bomber beating babies. And she had like, hundreds of beanie babies your SUV is not lined with beanie babies. No. I think she's still has them, though. Yeah, they're going to it's going to be a fortune one day, one day, one day those being able to make money. But yeah, so we met in Arizona, when yes, we're nineteen twenty years old. And then after that it was just kind of like I was I was very nomadic, but I did not live in a vehicle. It was I moved back to Michigan, then moved to California San Diego for about eight years. And that's when I got a little taste of people who lived in cars, as a choice, and as a lifestyle because there was all these as a choice on. Right. That isn't very important. I'm glad you caught onto that, but yeah, there is a lot of these surf bums that would live in their in the vans and just surf all day. All they're like, wow. This is fascinating in so that's where I got my little taste of like alternative living before we get there far. Yeah. What's your relationship status? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Well, I so I say. Because I want to know how women feel when you take them back to the van slash SUV. Okay. Yeah. Everyone likes to talk about that. What happens date? What happens when you go on its? Right. He does. Well, yeah. I mean to meet people. Are you single? I am single and he's ready to mingle lean reading. Yes. But I do I do like the idea of being married to my car sounds super lame. But there is, but there's this relationship you do have with your vehicle. Right. And I married to the lifestyle audio sachse vehicle. I think I can get creative on, on weird weird sex stories. It was called the whole put the spare tire. Yeah. But now to be honest with you. So, so the daylights it's interesting because I I'm I feel like I'm married to this lifestyle. So it's not necessarily the car the lifestyle, right? So I, I have so many things on my plate that attained a life in the lifestyle that dating is kind of like on the back burner. You know, I will go on to meet people, but it's not like I'm looking for a relationship, right? It's very much like I again, I like to meet people. And if you're on board with this lifestyle, and I'll come out while I guess, if we can go there, if I do go under on the podcast yet. Well, yes, this big, I know you could find a girl to pull her van up next to your van, and then, you know, sleep or whatever. And then Hika fourteen in the morning. Yeah. You'd be in heaven, heaven. Okay. Yeah, I guess if anyone's out there that lives in a Van Dyke fourteen hours, every day use the plan now use the pump from. That's right. This is. Have you seen that Netflix? It was on Netflix, Hulu the guy free solo Alto van. So. Stays in the van. But then at the end. She didn't ruin his life about a house to house. She was a bitch, the whole time. Whoa. Okay. She dropped him off the things. John time. I love and support right before he did his first free solo. He was. He was about to do any didn't want to tell her, and then he told her and she goes, would you ever consider not doing it for me? Bitch. Yeah. What, what did she do? She got smart and she left. No. And then he started to do it and freaked out and didn't do it. And then she left. Yeah. She should have been. No, they're still together though. I know. But I don't like her, and I think they shouldn't be I think she's great. I don't know if you could have done it without her support. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, that was that was obviously, it was interesting. The other side of the table right now. I will definitely with the fact that he's, he's dedicated to what he was doing. And that's all I wanted to do. Yeah. And he met someone. And I think is great, if you don't whatever you see in the movies. Documentaries, which see, but you know that, honestly that when I saw that film, I was like, that's how I I'm dedicated to the lifestyle, and if someone wants to join and add to the experience, that's what I'm four but I just I guess I haven't met anyone yet. Yeah. Yeah. Together together. There's a difference also between the levels at which you do it like he has a kitchen. Ms van, you don't have a kitchen in your van. You know what I mean? Like my parents would spend two to three months every summer in Europe in a van Nevada also, but it had a kitchen. And like a bed, and like it was bigger than your average fan like it was not an RV. But so that part definitely intrigues me. But let's start with side hustles lately. I've been crushing the side hustle game. Nice. I place on Airbnb on the weekends. This is how we start when we started talking because I was sleeping in my garage. Okay. I had Airbnb guests in my house. Normally I camp on the weekends. Yeah. And let people stay in my house. And then I make like four to five hundred dollars a weekend. But the weekend, I had to work on Saturday. And I was like, where do I sleep with also three dogs because I also do Rover. So I had three dogs in my garage over dogs. Okay. It's OG sitting oh, the dachshund. Yeah. And I usually take the dog camping with me because what's better than that? And then I really got fucked over and I slept in my garage. Get fucked over. You got pay. Paid huger hustler the gig economy, they did it, and then I paid for a trip to believe so. Now the fuck us. Have been called the Queen of the side hustle. And I'm really excited to be making that money, but not excited to be paying taxes on that money later, not axes. No ret. You don't pay taxes. Don't tell the I think I'm gonna go on right now and say that I don't pay taxes crazy. I pay all of my attentions job, and I and I get to. Do do a little bit door Dallas, you know, and I'm planning on paying taxes on that. So they don't take taxes out don't. Yeah. You gotta keep track of that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But Josh what side hustles are you doing? You're still five settling. I've been a long time side-hustle tell us. So when, when I was young, I started door to door sales selling crack, I wasn't cracked, but it was commissioned based door to door sales. That's the ultimate muscle code knives. Wasn't cut co knives? But vaccines, don't judge? I don't judge those people. The vacuums a big ticket item to have got. One day, you're good, rich. Got in the vacuum Kirby. I did. I did windshield replacements sales. Door, which is great. You walk your windshield is, hey, man. You want this someone has to buy this into their driveway and you look at their vehicle as you walk up, and you can see that they need your services. How is it out of the ones? Trust needed a windshield in Arizona glass, damage, and wait a minute. You're, you're, you're urging trespassing to look for damage on via. You're going. Person season. Sarah, what are you doing? Oh, don't worry man. I'm just checking your car for cracks in your windshield. No worries..

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