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"josh approach joel" Discussed on How to Money

"The economy is struggling to diversification versus occasion of income can be super helpful when we talk about how we weather a storm like this and side hustles. They're really great expanding. Our network is another way that I think we need to think about this ahead ahead of time if you're living paycheck to paycheck and you're hoping that your employer weathers an economic storm. Well well then it doesn't mean that you are actually prepared for this. You need to take some mm steps now to make sure that you can handle your employers turbulence well on your own and even if you don't have the desire or the time to have another source of income to get a side side-hustle to have kind of this other way of making money even if let's say your main job was to go away. Well it's really important to at least be connecting with people all in your network now talking to people in your field. Maintaining those connections that can pay dividends in the case of an economic downturn. Because maybe your employer there is ends up in a rough spot but other employers are able to whether things well and they might still be hiring even though things aren't rosie the overall economy and because you've maintained those network connections since then it just makes it that much easier for you to reach out and ask for an introduction in order to find that next job when things go south that your current one yeah man and so not surprisingly pressingly. A lot of what we're talking about in this episode are things that we talk about all the time right but I think hopefully there are some key takeaways some key things that are especially relevant when when markets are dropping. When you do feel that you know potential panic to pull your money out of the market at the exact wrong time? These are all things that you WanNa make sure that you keep in mind so that oh you are able to weather the storm not only just whether the story but maybe even come out the other side in slightly better shape. Yeah and I think when things are at their best is a great time to walk through some of these scenarios for yourself to come up with that investment plan right you want to plan ahead plan for the future and you want to run through some of these scenarios before the hard stuff starts to hit and I think that is ultimately. What's going to lead to preparation and the ability to yeah hopefully succeed like you said at the end of the day even after some rough market conditions you know maybe hit us for ten months like an average bear market or potential even longer but we want to be prepared as individuals? We don't want to be the kind of people who just cross our fingers and hope that everything's GonNa be okay. Most death man all right. Let's go ahead and take it back to our beer this episode. We are drinking bread of ICE. And it's spelled with a w. you you know like w e I ac- but you pronounce it like a pro and you sit vice. I don't think I did that at the beginning of that. You know I I think I pronounced it like a w it bread a vice however either way but this is a berliner style wheat beer from firestone Walker donated to the show by our friend. Josh Approach Joel. What are your thoughts on the spear? Oh man this one was so good it was definitely higher on the Sour scale for me. Yes it was a very tart tart it was funky. It was Okie a little fruity mixed with a high level of tartness and acidity. It just kind of was this kitchen sink of a wild l.. In my opinion because because it had all these incredible elements and so much of that is due to kind of the work of the yeast in this beer that really contribute so much to the overall flavor profile l.. Man You can tell. They put a lot of a lot of care. This one was absolutely delicious. What was your take on this one because I know this is like when your all time favorite styles? Yeah this might actually be be the best example of the style ever had in my life like you said it's a sour beer for sure is really bright and acidic and it did have a touch of that funky nece maybe from the barrels when they do agent in barrels that gives it that additional level of complexity also man. I felt like there was a touch of pineapple flavor to it if it had some touches of that bright tropical fruits us but at the same time without being overly sweet Yak totally got that too. Yeah and it really added just as nice other element to all the other stuff going on in it. And so Weiss or vice you know that means weeds and so this is basically a we Sarah wheat beer and I decided that if I was going to rename this beer I'd call it. We tart instead of sweetheart that'd be dumb name for it all right. Well we right to the folks at firestone Walker and see if they're up for name suggestions but I don't know if they're going to take that one or not is is pretty solid. Yeah Awesome Beer. Glad to get to enjoy this one with you my friend. And thanks again to our buddy josh percent in this one aren't Matt. That's going to do it for this episode. Everyone run out there listening. If you want the show notes for this episode you can find those on our website at how to money dot com. And if you're a listener and you haven't yet done this we would be incredibly thankful if you're headed over to apple podcasts and reviews regardless of where you listen to our podcast. We would love for you to subscribe so that you don't miss an episode Joel. That's going to be.

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