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#290 Bill OBrien, Dwayne Haskins, Browns Embarrassed The Cowboys, Burrow, Justin Herbert & Ask Zac

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2:42:33 hr | 10 months ago

#290 Bill OBrien, Dwayne Haskins, Browns Embarrassed The Cowboys, Burrow, Justin Herbert & Ask Zac

"Oh my goodness. Good morning. Good afternoon. Whatever it is for you. I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is Zach shomler. This is strong opinion Sports episode 290. I know there's a lot going on in the world. It's difficult man. It's it's things are feel crazier than ever. I understand the gravity of Earth twenty twenty now hard it's been for a lot of people and I just I hope you're doing well. Hope your family is doing well. I I try to be as honest as I possibly can about everything going on because I understand that the reason why this show works because of you guys watching listening helping on patreon every little ever review every voice every person watching a listening matters to this show would make life possible. So I want to say thank you so much and I want to just be honest that the last couple of days I've had to You somewhat of a mental reset. I just I was tired. I had a lot of stuff going on in my head and I just had to kind of take a step back and found myself why I do this show. I mean, I I love football but making content a little Sports all the formula one. I love talking about stuff. I think I've let a lot of outside voices kind of get inside my heart of my head and I'm learning how to say you handle all that. And so I I don't know. I just I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and I think it was kind of a necessary impasse the last couple days to take some time off and it wasn't intentional never is a lot of the stuff feels like spring cleaning because I have so much content. I've been sitting on for a while like all week like the Cowboys. I am desperate to talk about what happened with the Browns in the Cowboys will talk about that in a second. I just want to say thank you. I hope you're doing well yesterday. I got on the phone with a guy named Marcus and what a fun time that was Marcus is also known as the franchise guy. Really Marcus Whitman at a phone conversation with him not to be later during the show. We talked for like forty-five minutes like absurdly long. It's funny. I'm trying to do my favorite radio host as a kid growing up had people on for 15 minutes and I keep saying like come on for 15 minutes and then guess come on and I feel bad because I I take 45 minutes of their time and I thought that we just talked and it's so fun. I love talking about sports with people that I think are fascinating and interesting Tom Grossi and I talked about the NFC North for 45 minutes that's going to play em in this episode. So I just I want to say like, I I'm excited for to have to share today. It's interesting like a lot of stuff has happened in the last week and half and probably not going to talk about college football. I will say that Kyle tracks Kyle Trask at the quarterback at Florida. The only thing I probably wasn't going to say about college football or was going to say that I'm not going to say this week like, Texas lost, Oklahoma Los they play this weekend. We interesting Alabama doesn't interest me personally. They just their quarterback Matt Jones feels like AJ McCarron ago. I don't really care. But Kyle Trask the quarterback at Florida. Keeps playing better and better and better and better and it's hard to ignore this point and his arm Talent concerns me, but also look at a guy like there's a really famous quarterback named Peyton Manning who had not a great arm and was very highly successful in the NFL. So my question is how much does arm Talent matter? I think it matters quite a bit, but it will also point out that if they you are tenacious enough and you pay attention to detail enough you can overcome that. So Kyle Trask is a guy that you gotta keep on your radar. I'm going to talk about the North Dakota State quarterback in the next episode. He has incurred for the NFL draft. What a wild time. I don't know. That's the right decision will talk about trade Lance tomorrow when we talked with the Buccaneers NBA finals, which I think you're going to conclude tonight. I want to start today by talking about the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys. It seems like old news. I don't care if I find it incredibly compelling incredibly interesting. On Sunday the Cleveland Browns beat the Dallas Cowboys and there's a lot to be said about this game. I personally learned a lot of information from watching. What happened went to talk a minute about the birth to talk in a minute about the Dallas Cowboys, but I want to start with Cleveland because I find them incredibly compelling incredibly interesting there three in one which is really cool. And first of all, I loved I loved Cleveland Cleveland been a city that has struggled for a long long time. So any time we watch Cleveland have success I go. Oh, yes, like holy crap. That's crazy It Feels Like The Little Engine That Could Walk and I don't know how anybody can really hate or root against Cleveland unless you're in their division and you play them every year or you hate their fan base, which I I don't go to I have no idea. I don't really I'm kind of an on bipartisan person needs to be and we're only four games in but it feels like the new coach the new general manager is going incredibly well in Cleveland things are off to a great start. And I think it seems like it feels like you're turning things around. I mean Cleveland is figuring out how to win what brand of football they need to play to make it possible and I just love what they're doing. They ran the ball for 307 yards on Sunday Myles Garrett their defensive end is now a gigantic problem for anybody playing on the offensive line in the NFL. You cannot leave Myles Garrett in a one-on-one situation. I am hoping that the Cowboys did not seem to understand how important it is to not leave Myles Garrett in a one-on-one situation. It's like they didn't take that matchup. Seriously. He dominated that and let me understand if you're going to play the Browns moving forward. You gotta understand Myles. Garrett is going to dominate you if you play him in a one-on-one matchup, it's just not he needs to have more respect the NFL. Now and by the way, he's a former number one overall pick. I mean it's kind of interesting a lot of number one overall picks feel like they're disappointing or they're like we talked about busts all the time. Nobody gives them credit when they are a number one overall pick and they're phenomenal and Myles. Garrett is absolutely phenomenal and it feels like nobody's really I don't I don't know if it's like you feel I've never gotten messages from people saying. Can you believe how great Myles Garrett is nobody talks about him and he's phenomenal. He got a gigantic contract. He looks really really good. He's one hundred percent panned out and I love watching him play off now. I have no doubt that when Kevin stefanski the new head coach of the Browns was in the running for the Cleveland Browns coaching job. I am certain that even before he was offered the job. he looked at Cleveland and said I want that opportunity because I believe I'm sure he looked at that roster and thought who you know what I can do a lot with that team with those players. I can make that work. I'm sure he had confidence going in and you'll leaving right now. They have Jarvis Landry Odell Beckham jr. Kareem hunt Nick Chubb Austin Hooper tightened. Like they are rolling and it is really fun to watch Cleveland. Finally got a coach. Who knows how to use their talent and then effective manner hallelujah, it's so awesome. I'm so glad to see it. There's really only one question left actually about the Cleveland Browns in my opinion cuz they're running the ball. Well, their defense is playing better miles. Gary is phenomenal. The question is Can Baker Mayfield their quarterback use his arm to win when it all depends on him? He's been really efficient this year. The Browns are running the ball really wrong. Well. and it does not feel like a coincidence that the Browns have been better when Baker throws the ball less and it's weird. But at some point Cleveland's going to run into a team where their Dynamic running game is taken away at some point. They're going to need to rely on Baker Mayfield to win a game with his arm throwing the football and off, you know, can Baker do that. We're not going to know until that moment happens. I think down the road. Although some people would argue not get a really good argument saying that well already seen Baker Mayfield in a situation where You had to win a game with his arm and it didn't happen week one against the Ravens the Browns lost that game 38 to 6 and Baker through about thirty nine times. You do the most of any game all year and he was his least efficient. It was one of his worst games passing were only four games in it's a small sample size people point to that and go I have no confidence Baker can win to them. I understand that now to be clear. I watched the entire Browns and Cowboys game when I talk about a football game ninety-nine percent of the time. I watched the entire game, I think some people are telling me you gotta start saying them more often cuz people understand I don't look at box scores. I don't look at highlights. I watch entire football games like it takes hours and hours and hours. I don't think realizing part of why my shows so late all the time is because how do you watch thirty two games in two days, you don't it takes forever. And so I watch every single snap of the game. There was a third and five for the Cleveland Browns. We're 6 minutes left by the way a key down. The Browns were up 11 points and Baker Mayfield had Odell Beckham jr. Wide open down the left sideline. And simply missed it was a bad miss it gave the Cowboys actually another opportunity to be on offense. The Cowboys went down the field. They made it a three-point game after that Miss on 3rd and five Baker could put the game away and he did it and that third and five. Paired with the Baltimore Ravens game just not put a lot of confidence in Baker Mayfield. There's going to be a time where the Browns are not able to run the ball and not able to lean on that. And the question is will Baker Mayfield deliver in that moment. I don't know we'll find out I'm really fascinated evidence. So far says no actually which I like Baker. I think a lot of people hate Baker. I'm not a baker Mayfield hater. I think he's interesting and I'd like to see him succeed. I think his mouth gets him in trouble a lot. But I also understand him and as a human being a look at Baker Mayfield and go home. He's emotional like he he wants to win he wants to succeed and he hates being slighted and I I totally get that. I hate getting hate I hate when people are unfair to me. I hate when people look at my don't look at my heart and judge me on one stupid thing rather than who I am as a human being. So I understand Baker Mayfield when they get a lot more than people other people might because I just get it. I know what it's like to be criticized and feel like it's unfair but Baker Mayfield, I don't have confidence that he can deliver when he needs to in a situation where he needs to throw to win, but we will find out I hope he does will find out when that moment comes down the road now, let's talk about the Dallas Cowboys because Oh my God, the browser up 41 to 14 going into the fourth quarter 41 to 14 going into the fourth quarter. That's absurd the Cowboys have so many problems now. I keep getting messages from Cowboys fans that are saying Zach you were so right about Dak Prescott. And I actually don't you know Sunday like couple of my phone going like what do you mean right about what and we'll talk about Dak Prescott in a minute, but only very very clear about one thing. The Cowboys have way way bigger problems right now than their quarterback Dak Prescott. Number one did anybody watch the game on Sunday? Because the Cowboys got manhandled on defense embarrassed. It was awful. They give up 49 points. They could not stop the Browns running the football to say if their lives were on the line, they wouldn't have made it the Browns literally did anything they wanted running the football game. Now the Cowboys defense in my opinion really needs two things. Number one. They need a quality interior alignment. He's going to a guy like that would help in the running game. It would also really help and benefit the Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence. They need an interior alignment. They also really need help in the secondary. I would love to see them out of safety. I think Earl Thomas sitting out there going. Hey, dude, Dallas sign me your team is terrible and safety. I'm an All-Pro safety. I might be a pain to work with but sign me cuz I will come in and play better than what you have right now. The guys playing safety right now. So badly need this help with discipline and their secondary it is it's bad to watch. I mean in the first four games the Browns have excuse me the cowboy club and the first four games a year the Cowboys have given up thirty-eight points. Or more by the way, 38 points or more three times. What else games they won, by the way, which is just an it was a a mess if the Falcons had not had a total meltdown the Atlanta Falcons hadn't had a crazy absurd long moment where they fell apart at the end of a game the Dallas Cowboys would be showing for their one and three could be even worse and it should be even worse he gave up over 400 yards passing to Seattle. They give up over 300 yards rushing to Cleveland. The Rams had 422 total yards of offense. The Falcons had 570. The Falcons had 570 yards of total offense. The Falcons lost that game says more about the Falcons and about the Cowboys. The Cowboys biggest problem is our defense. I'm not a stats got the reason I say all those numbers though is to show you that he was a running the ball in them. They're throwing the ball in them balanced offense. They're doing anything. It doesn't matter what you do everything lines up against the Dallas Cowboys is phenomenal it historically phenomenal. Now one problem I see in Dallas that nobody especially people that are Cowboys fans are willing to talk about I'll say it. I don't have a problem coming out and saying this one problem anything else. Is there running back Ezekiel Elliott and only very very clear. Let me be only drink some pineapple juice then I will tell you what I mean by that because I don't want people to be like you hate us he killed off and people still will but they're wrong. That's not what I'm saying here. So, let me be very very clear Ezekiel Elliott is a top-notch money back. He's really really good. It's obvious. It's clear. He runs the ball. Well, he's good in the passing game, but it's also clear to me that Dallas is overpaying Ezekiel Elliott. You may not like to hear that but we have learned especially watching football this year that in today's NFL. You don't need to pay a running back big time money to get big time production. It's just a fact of life in the NFL right now. You may not agree with my philosophy on running backs and that's fine. But hear me out at least number one running backs do not win football games. I remember a couple of years ago. When a rival of the Cowboys and New York Giants drafted saquon Barkley in the NFL draft. I went running back with one of the top picks the top three pick in the NFL and what happened have they been incredibly successful since that happened. They have not received was saquon Barkley the missing thing they needed to win football games know and it's not entirely fair enough framing it in a way, but my point is that ask, New York. And this is the beginning of a lot of stuff. I have to say Le'Veon Bell went to the Jets house. They want a lot since then no saquon Barkley went four and twelve last year with the New York Giants. You need a long way more than a running back to win. My point is running backs are not the key focal thing. You need to win you pay a quarterback you pay a defense then I would not pay a running back. I don't think they have a gigantic impact on whether or not you win both games, but they do help force their let me be clear. Now is Ezekiel Elliott is making around ten point nine million dollars against the salary cap this year in 2020. He will be a 13.7 million dollar cap at next year in a sixteen point five million dollar salary cap hit two years from now. Here's a list of guys who can give you similar production numerically like numbers and stats and not a big fat guy. But here are guys who can do a similar give you similar production to Ezekiel Elliott for way way less money number one James Robinson, I think a bit unfair but he's an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nobody took him coming. That's why I would not hold it against the Cowboys. But hey, he's getting paid $611,000. He's running. Well, he's catching the ball. He's doing everything for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's really really good job, and they're paying them nothing. Then there's a bunch of other guys on rookie contracts Josh Jacobs two point seven million dollars Nick Chubb in Cleveland $2000000. Buffalo's running back Devin Singletary one point. Not even that $933,000. Nothing Devin Singletary makes less than a million dollars to be starting running back in NFL is doing very very well. Ron Jones in Tampa, 1.9 million dollars Jonathan Taylor one point four million dollars Clyde edwards-helaire 1.9 million dollars. My point is Ezekiel Elliott is making ten point nine million dollars this year against the salary cap, and you could have all seven of those names. I just listed for 11 and 1/2. You could have seven people instead of one as ugali and I think that's very very good. He's not worth that bringing Josh Jacobs. Bam Problem song bring in. I mean geez Jonathan Taylor with any of the Indianapolis Colts was a second-round pick trade Ezekiel Elliott bringing Jonathan Taylor problem solved you got a guy can run the ball really well, and I know took the keys are receiving back to my point is you can find someone to do if not all of what a singularly does production-wise very very close for a fraction of the money. You can get quality production a running back for far cheaper than the Cowboys are paying Ezekiel Elliott instead of paying Zeke over ten million dollars pay a rookie running back two million thoughts on the high-end by the way and get your defense some help spend that money elsewhere go get an interior lineman go get a safety go get another Corner pay other people cuz paying the running back does nothing is helping you right now in the NFL running backs are replaceable. It's a thing that nobody's talking about the Dallas Cowboys is that the Ezekiel Elliott contract is bad. It's not an object is equal Elliott. It's just the way the market works right now. You shouldn't pay a running back. It's brutal. It's not fair running backs feel slighted. I get it. But the reality is five years into your career track a new one. They're replaceable. Is that great to say I don't like saying that right? I know a lot of these guys are your DMs from people in the NFL but like I play running back hate that you say that I get it, but it's also dead. A fact of life if you're a general manager if you're the person spending the money. You don't give a running back to contract. Jerry Jones the Cowboys owner Got sentimental and I get it. I mean he is a a staple their franchise. What are the cowboys that Ezekiel Elliott? I don't know right now. He's like the face him and DAC or the face of the franchise and yet I don't think Ezekiel Elliott is actually helping them that much is kind of a hindrance. He's they're paying him too much money and they could be spending that money. In other ways now Dallas Holm. Yes absolutely need help on defense seek is not the zinc is not the except playing negatively. He's just getting overpaid, but they could spend that money elsewhere. Now I want to talk about the Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. I've always said and I'll be very clear. I've always said Dak Prescott's a good quarterback. He has a good quarterback. He's good. He's not great. He's very very good. My criticism of Dak Prescott has always been I've been very consistent on this because it's been the same problem for a long time if if a new problem arises or if he fixes this problem, I will change my mind because I'm notorious for when I get new information. I would change what I have to say. But holds Dak Prescott back is a lack of awareness and attention to detail and key moments drives me nuts people love to talk about Scott's numbers and statistics. He puts up this many yards and this many touchdowns to blah blah blah. It's like I don't okay great. Let's talk about that for a minute. So on Sunday against Cleveland, he had 502 yards for touchdowns and one interception. By the way, the Cleveland Browns dropped not one not two but three interceptions on Sunday. Some of them were on scoring drives. So what if instead of four touchdowns one interception the Cowboys lost the way they did giving up 49 points. You know down 14241 going into the fourth quarter and what if Dak Prescott had had two touchdowns. And if the if Cleveland can catch the ball, it's two touchdowns and Jack would had four interceptions. That's a different story people would be and that's why I don't trust that's because you can look at the numbers and go always great. But what happened behind the numbers behind the scenes. Do you have a lot of turnover worthy plays a lot of bad decisions? Yes. Yes. Yes. So I again I say Dax good. But it drives me nuts that gets problems. I will say Dax mine. The defense is a big problem in Dallas. That's the main problem. But here is the Dak Prescott mistake that oh boy. It just drove me nuts on Sunday. I kept watching going. How how is this happening? So as a quarterback, one of the number one things you have to understand you always need to know where pressures coming from your job to know when you are going to be under pressure. And multiple times Dak Prescott was sacked once even fumbled in a situation where Myles Garrett the Browns defensive end of former number one over a pic like clearly really really good was in a one-on-one match put the right tackle. And actually lack of awareness. He he didn't seem to understand her takeout situation. Seriously that hey when Myles Garrett isn't in one-on-one situation. You cannot hold onto the ball one thousand one one thousand two balls gotta be off on the clock is ticking. You cannot hold onto the ball when you have Myles Garrett in a one-on-one situation, it drove me nuts that Prescott repeatedly did not seem to understand the gravity of that situation Myles Garrett and a one-on-one matchup is a nightmare for you. You can't hold onto the ball. It really costs Dallas and I I just it's little things like that that every time after that press gotta go. There's always one little thing that needs work. It's a lack of attention to detail. It's a lack of awareness. It's the small thing that is always missing. Like I said, that's very good. He's not he's not the biggest problem in Dallas. He's also It's a lack of attention to detail and awareness in big moments on key Downs that drives me nuts about Dak Prescott. That's what's holding you back and Were were a long way into his career? I don't know what's going to change and that's a problem with that Prescott. That's a problem of the Cowboys the big problem. They have is defense. I think it's somewhat of a symptom of overpaying long as you kill Elliot and I I wish they would have paid other people rather than Ezekiel Elliott gotten a rookie running back who could have done that job pretty well. I know that's controversial. I know that makes people mad. That's honestly what I see when it look at the Dallas Cowboy game now. I want to take a short break. When I return I want to talk about Bill O'Brien. I want to talk about Dwayne Haskins Dwayne Haskins got fired be a little Brian got fired. We'll talk about the Patriots and the Saints. I I there's one other thing I'm going to talk about let's talk about Joe burrow sobre. When his first game really really fun. Well, then we'll later talk to Marcus the guy from he is the the face behind that franchise guy. I we will talk to Tom Grossi will end the show with a exactly got a lot of good stuff had my name is Akshay Kumar. I will be right back. All right. We are back. I I want to hear a grievance real quick before we talked about Bill O'Brien and maybe honestly somebody listening from help me. I'm having a medical problem that I cannot for the life of me figure out. It's it's driving me nuts for the last I don't know even know like a year and half and it's it's absurd how long this has been a problem. I've gone a doctor's multiple times. No exaggeration. I can't agree that my nose. I can't smell anything. The only way I can smell is if I taste stuff which is weird like it's it's infuriating. It's crazy to me. I can't smell I can't taste my nose feels like it's perpetually blocked and I went to the doctor and like there's nothing wrong and I'm like, how is that possible because I hang out with people they can smell stuff. I can't I can't breathe my nose. I don't know what's going on. I don't I don't know why doctors want to help me quite frankly. I think it's one of those things where they're like, either they're lazy or they're incompetent or they don't want to help me. I don't know but God it's so frustrating to not have this problem and I've tried to solve multiple times and I'm just I'm furious about it. I been a long time and I cannot at all or why it's happening. I can't tell and I can't figure out why my nose is just blocked. I can't do anything my theory. Maybe it's a deviated septum. I don't know why doctors won't say that. I don't know why they won't say what it is. It's dead. Killing me. Is I want to talk about the Texans coach. I don't even I guess just say it straight up the Texans fired their the Houston Texans fired their head coach Bill O'Brien. He was both their head coach and their general manager. honestly if you've been paying attention It's not a big surprise to me. I even did a video last week saying these are the coaches on the hot seat Bill O'Brien was right there. He's one of the guys have been saying for a long time things are coming to a close in Houston fan. I got fired and a big part of why he got fired in my opinion is you know, his failure as a general manager. He was the guy making Personnel decisions trades signing free agents off everything in Houston and the DeAndre Hopkins trade was a massive fail to get rid of a receiver. They really really needed and they really crippled their offense the guys they brought in Randall Cobb receiver. Brandin Cooks the receiver, they're not working. It's not paying off the the move seems like a bust. I think there's fear in Houston of wasting DeAndre Hopkins their quarterbacks prime years of his career. Like the worst thing you could do is have DeAndre Hopkins a generational talent and then not give him the support support. He needs it feels like with head coach with Personnel moves. They're not doing that. You also gotta realize that Bill O'Brien was not light Bill O'Brien. The reason for that is Bill O'Brien took the same approach as the guy he learned from Bill Belichick Bill Belichick has a very cold demeanor with players wage where he treats you like you're his I mean, how do I put this in a nice way and I love the Bell check the Bill Belichick has an emotionless a colder approach to being a coach that frankly doesn't work, unless your Bill Belichick because you see a lot of guys from the Bill Belichick coaching three fail. The big reason for that is because they try to eat Bill Belichick and they don't have the Dead. And they're not Bill Belichick. Frankly. They don't have 6 Super Bowls. They don't have the success that bill can lean on you can't get away with being Bill Belichick, unless your Bill Belichick. You have to change your approach and guys like Matt Patricia guys, like Philip Brown and Dave just straight-up tried to copy the same approach as Bill Belichick and unless your bill. It doesn't work guys like Brian Flores in Miami for example is a Bill Belichick Protege who took some of the stuff you learn from Bill Belichick and then put his own spin on it. He's more authentic to himself. He's not trying to be somebody else and it's working way better in Miami. So the team was on four people don't like him. It's not been looking good this year. The general manager has been awful. He's not been good making Personnel decisions and God. I think a most important thing if you hear anything, this is the number one reason why Bill O'Brien was fired. The Texans came to a point where they realized. Hey, we're done. We we don't want to work with Bill O'Brien anymore. He's not the answer for us as head coach. And the minute you realize that it's better to cut bait. You see teams like the New York Jets dragging their feet extending things out making it worse and when you pull off early what it does is put you first in line to get whatever head coach you want. I think it's pretty clear Houston looked around and said we want that guy. I don't know who that guy is dead. But they said we want that coach and we want to be the first team in line to get that guy. That's why they fired Bill O'Brien when they they realized it's over. It's not working. We got to get first in line to get whatever coats we want. My hope my prayer. My desperation is that it's Eric be enemy the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs are a few enemies a really really great offensive mind. I am desperately want to see Eric be enemy work with DeShaun Watson the Houston Texans quarterback, that would be awesome. And that is my theory behind wage. A Houston fire pillow Brian after just four weeks throwing for this you're out. Its they didn't like him. He's a bad GM. He's a bad coach and they realized we want to get first in line for whoever our next head coach is going to be we saw Washington to the same thing last year. They fired J.Crew and very early cuz they wanted the Panthers coach. Just we want to get off Ron Rivera in here because we realize we want to be first in line to get run over. We don't let anybody else snatch them up. We want them now. They rid of their coats and said bam here is Ron Rivera. Come on in come there a new head coach when you see em on fire codes very early in the year. It's because they realized we're bringing in our next head coach getting first in line forever who that next person is. Now talk about Washington for a minute. The Washington football team bench. They're starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins and people will not like what about about to say but if you've been watching Washington, it's not a big shock and then they people from the outside look at they see statistics and they see a bad situation and they go it's not fair and life's not fair. You know the real here's here's the honest reality between a skits. What was fair but when Haskins is he got multiple opportunities to be a starting quarterback for that team, especially this year one to account for this year so far and this is very harsh because I understand there's a lot of people I keep getting message and people going. Can you believe Dwayne Haskins how unfair is that? How crazy is that? Can you believe this? Can you believe that? Even people I really respect are saying stuff like look at these stats versus that's has anybody watched the film. As anybody watched it. I was kind of furious when the news broke the Dwayne Haskins got benched because I'm halfway through a film analysis of Dwayne Haskins and one of my life in a long time long in-depth detailed like not I think once I've done recently been very years. I've been talking and trying to play a little bit of footage. That's not what this next. The next one's a short film and I'm really proud of it. Which Wayne Haskins trying to explain Dwayne Haskins problems, and then he got benched him like they beat me to the punch kind of frustrated me through a lot of that week off along well crap out of readjust everything and I think what people don't understand Dwayne Haskins, it's not like nobody's open. It's not like it's a lack of opportunity from people, you know giving them opportunities to do whatever the reality is Dwayne Haskins has fundamentally been a bad quarterback. He's at I like him. I think it's good leader and he's and interesting as a human being but Dwayne Haskins has had guys open not once not twice but many many times and either completely missed his mechanics of falling apart. He's not throwing the ball. Well his arm talents insanely bad. I every time I watch baskets I go that's a bad ball. That's super inaccurate. That's late. The timings terrible. Why can't Dwayne Haskins figure it out? And it's you look at Joe burrow in Cincinnati Cincinnati already has phenomenal timing with he T Higgins is not a former guy from LSU. So Joe burrow play the LSU a senior year wage. Tee Higgins was playing for Clemson with Trevor Lawrence and tee Higgins and Joe burrow have an incredible connection already in Cincinnati. Terry McLaurin and Dwayne Haskins played together in college and even they don't have as good a relationship as Joe burrow and tee Higgins seem to have so my point is to to say this is that Joe Burrows attention to detail a quarterback is making guys like Dwayne Haskins look bad. Cuz when Hospital said, it's a short offseason. It's this it's that well the reality is if you're broke can make it work. Why can't Dwayne Haskins? I'm yelling. It's not my heart's not my intention. My point though is to say that and I went housing seems like a good dude. I was I was shocked not that he got benched but shocked at how bad he's been this year because I saw Dwayne Haskins every single day of the year had a guy in Instagram. I am bar posting and taking pictures of him working out every single day and went wow. Okay, Dwayne Haskins is doing the work. It seemed like the guy off. Working incredibly hard and we have not seen that on the field. We have not seen him be more accurate. We have not seen them have better timing. In fact, he's somehow gotten worse. And so Dwayne Haskins played out of a job. And that's unfortunately. I also do have to wonder there's something else happening here because Dwayne Haskins was not just moved down from the starting quarterback to number two. He's now the number three quarterback the roster. So the starting quarterback in Washington is Kyle Allen. He has a history with Scott Turner the offensive coordinator who played with the Panthers last year who was Scott Turner was with the Panthers island is also with Carolina. They have a history together. Kyle. Allen is I would call Kyle Allen really good duct tape quarterback. He's a guy you want on your team. He makes your team batteries a great Locker wrong, dude, and he's quality. Like if somebody gets hurt you want Kyle Allen has your back order cuz he can come in and play pretty solid. He's not your Forever quarterback. I would hope not but man cuz I I like to do some good job. Duffy's underrated a lot. Kyle Allen is the starting quarterback in Washington. The number two quarterback is not playing Haskins. It's Alex Smith, the thirty-six-year-old quarterback. The guy who had his leg destroyed in the former franchise quarterback in Washington who has now, you know, he he's working his way back. So crazy of a comeback. Would that be if Alex Smith became the guy in Washington Dwayne Haskins is now number three. I wish so badly. Give me give me one girl actress. I just want to watch one Washington football team practice to see what's going on. What's happening there? It's kind of Island lighting it up is Alex Smith lighting up as when Haskins terrible. I have no idea, but I know my field the first four weeks for Dwayne Haskins was not very good. I'm not surprised. He got benched. I'm surprised he didn't play better and that's unfortunate reality. Everyone's saying I thought sharing statistics and comparisons and saying they don't have this and then of that watch the film Dwayne Haskins has had a lot of opportunities and made a lot of really bad throws the first four weeks. He played himself out of a job. It's unfortunate. I don't root against anybody. I like watching people do well, but when Haskins has not done well so far this year and that is why he got benched. Okay, I need some pineapple juice real quick first. Joe burrow got his first win as he Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is really really fun to watch the Bengals beat the Jaguars 33 2:25 on Sunday. I love Joe burrow. I could not feel better about him. He's attention to detail is phenomenal. He's already got incredible chemistry with tee Higgins the former receiver at Clemson game played against each other in the National Championship. Tee Higgins is awesome. I think Joe Barone the chemistry with Joe burrow, and he against is really fun to watch AJ Green is kind of what I miss AJ Green. I'll talk about June 2nd Jill Barrel is it's kind of a Freudian slip into my head, Joe burrow looks really really good. His timing's phenomenal his attention to detail. I could not be more impressed with a nice start to a season. I actually thought that my prediction was Joe Pearl is going to be very good eventually, but I thought for sure that Joe burrow was going to struggle early on and like there's a couple little tiny things but for the most part Joe burrow looks phenomenal. He's already like his interception on Sunday by we had an interception against the Jaguars not his fault. Threw a ball to his tight end miles Jack just stole the ball from the tight end that's not on Joe. Joe burrow looks really really good ball location timing everything. He's not struggling at all, but I think he hates losing but Joe Burrell. Great pic. Totally absolutely should have been number one overall pick. Perfect Cincinnati. Did everything right there and Jill Burrows phenomenal now wage here is the thing Bengals fans get very very touchy. That's an attack. I don't mean that but my the first couple of weeks I watched The Bangles and went something's wrong AJ Green and 000 people hated hearing that people said why jagraon he's coming off of this and coming off of that and well, we're four games in week 4 Dead against the Jacksonville. Jaguars are not exactly the most talented roster and football AJ Green had one catch for not one not two but three yards and bought a Jet Grand is not catching a tested passes. He's dropping passes. He normally catches he's got no separation AJ Green Is it's not going well for AJ Green? I don't see things getting better for him. I don't the word washed up is not fair. I wouldn't use that. I had some thoughts to me. Someone sent messages age of green washed up by Mike hates. I don't know. I'm emotionally attached. I like education. I think he's a good human being who has been a talented football player for a long time career, but it's been a longer career Than People realize has been hurt a lot and AJ Green does not look like himself and I in Cincinnati. I mean the fact that Joe burrow has better chemistry with tee Higgins then he does AJ Green is weird and concerning and you're wondering like why isn't AJ Green playing better? And why isn't Joe burrow connect better with age a Korean what's going on here? Something's going on their own and AJ Green looks checked out and looks out of checked out some wrong word. I don't I'm theorizing. I have no idea. What's going on with AJ Green. He's not performing well, and it's just dead. Point that out. I mean people keep saying like well, let's have patience. Let's have patience. Let's outpatients and maybe he'll get better as there was on but we're four games in and AJ Green's done next to nothing for four weeks. And so we can wait as long as we want but I'm getting ready to say it's AJ Green's careers at least in Cincinnati's time to be done. And so I don't I don't know may be a jet greatest intentionally trying to sabotage his career. He wants to get out of Cincinnati. I don't know I have no idea but AJ Green is not playing well and it's time for people to start acknowledging that and time for people to start saying that out loud AJ Green. It's not playing well. for the Cincinnati Bengals Oh my gosh, the Chiefs did anybody watch the Chiefs and Patriots game on Monday Night Football. I that kind of the funniest part. Was that the CBS broadcasters and we are so lucky. I love Jim Nantz. I love Tony Romo. I think they are the best broadcasting pair in football. I love any time I can watch Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. I get so happy because I genuinely think they are the best Broadway in football. They're so much fun to watch. It was funny to watch him keep saying like by the way, there's another game Monday Night Football on ESPN like the Packers the Falcons. I know I'm sure they were obligated to say that I don't know what happened behind the scenes their wage was just funny how many times they pointed out remember you can watch Monday Night Football with ESPN Packers Falcons. I think ESPN was really pissed and they demanded that I don't know just interesting behind-the-scenes stuff. So, The Chiefs beat the Patriots 26 to 10 on Monday night and it was really disappointing because I I don't know that Kansas City won the game so much as the fact that the Patriots lost and here's what I mean by that. First of all the Patriots did not have their starting quarterback Cam Newton. He had a positive covid-19 test month and I mean with Cam Newton the Patriots could have won this game. It's very clear to me that defense played really well. Do not forget Chiefs Patriots Monday Night Football. It was a three-point game in the fourth quarter was 10 to 13 the Patriots losing by three points in this game in the fourth quarter. And a number of miscues were made by the Patriots early on and then in the fourth quarter that caused them to lose by a lot and it's it's kind of it's disappointing. It's frustrating A lot of it was on their quarterback situation. It's one of those things where covid-19 really thrown a wrench into a lot of stuff made the season very unpredictable. But the Patriots here is what happened. They had the ball twice in the red zone and got no points. They had their quarterback Brian Hoyer had a on a third-down. I believe this third-down had a fumble where Thursday West 3rd and 8th and held onto the ball too. Long took a sack. He fumbled the Patriots did not get a field goal attempt. They didn't get any it was really really bad and then later right before half-time Brian Hoyer took another sack where instead of throwing the ball out of the back of the endzone saving time off the clock. Brian Hoyer took a really bad and maybe it wasn't third down that the fumble happened. I honestly don't remember. I wish I was in my notes. It's not I'm going mostly off memory. There was a play where right before halftime Brian Hoyer ticks and took another sack. The beige is had no timeouts in the clock clock runs down. No field goal attempt the Patriots have three more points off the board and to have the ball twice and the Red Zone and not scores a huge huge problem with the Patriots defense dropped two interceptions. Like you can do a lot of good stuff against the Patriots against the the teams, excuse me, the Patriots defense look really really good. If you're going to beat Kansas City and not look good but instead of looking good but actually winning you gotta take advantage of those opportunities. The Patriots had the ball in their hands twice on plays. It should have been intercepted and they dropped it off. If you're going to be kids a city you have to make those plays there was a third and ten where the Patriots defense had. It's a key moment and they got a key stop but there was a defense of pass interference it gave the dog. The first down to Kansas City touchdown. That's a huge blunder. Julian Edelman had a drop on an out route where the ball went through his hands. It popped up in the air bam. You caught it ran for a touchdown a pick-six. That's a huge deal to give Kansas City more points at the end of the game Jarrett Stidham the backup quarterback for the Patriots through really bad interception where he had him an open an M instead of putting about often and over in the air. He tried to throw a ball on a line under through it. It was the wrong location a bad trajectory another interception. personally again, I think that losing to the Chiefs helps the Patriots because down the road. It's going to give them hope we're at some point if the Patriots played Kansas City again presumably in the playoffs presumably globally. I don't know. How do you say that word? I have no idea talk for a living. I can't believe I do it. It's crazy. I really shouldn't it's like insane but God, what was I going? Yeah. So if the Patriots play Kansas City again, they have hope knowing that they can do stuff a lot better next time not make mistakes. They made last time it became a city because they were in that game 3 point game in the fourth quarter mistake after mistake after mistake led to the Patriots losing they had chance of city. It's kind of crazy. I'm still waiting for Kansas City. To lose like excuse me. What am I saying to to not win? Because Kansas City multiple times has that teams hand them the game. Justin Herbert was a horrible interception week 1000 events play really really badly two weeks ago. The Patriots beat themselves and Monday Night Football and a tough situation. By the way where the Patriots had to travel on the same day. They played it's not an ideal situation. When I watch that game, I went in Kansas City didn't win the page where it's lost and if the Patriots ever get another opportunity to take a swing at the Kansas City this year, they're not going to make those same mistakes again and they need to make sure they're not traveling the same day as the game. They will do everything they can I think the Patriots really would like revenge against Kansas City and another opportunity to not make the mistakes they made because home in New England had Kansas City if they don't make all those long mistakes, they win that football game if kids if Cameron Newton Blair quarterback plays that game the whole time again, he didn't play at all cuz he covid-19 played they win the events like great. They should have one to dropped interceptions at third and ten were they gotta stop and they got defensive pass in France led to a touchdown the page where self points on the board and handed point to Kansas City. Now, you can credit Kansas City sure. I'm not trying to take away from them. That's not the point of this but my point is that if we see the Patriots match up with Kansas City again, Keep your eye on that match up because it's going to be closed is going to be intense and the Patriots have a very very good shot to win that football game. All right before I guess I don't need to break cuz we're going to do a cut in a second. I want to shift to a conversation. I had with a guy named Marcus. He's also known as that franchise guy. I love Marcus. He's a new friend of mine. I really enjoy talking to him. I you know, I made a comment to start our conversation. I pointed out that I'd never known who he was before I got messages about him. I said, I'd never heard of him and I listened backed up with my girlfriend was a get last night. My girlfriend goes Zach you really sound full of yourself and so I want to be clear. I hope I don't think Marcus was offended. But if it sounds really bad, it's not my heart. I don't mean to be rude. I I just legitimately was like wow, you know, there's a lot of voices on the internet and I didn't know I never heard of this and when I got to know him as a really fun, we talked a lot for 45 minutes in this segment. It's really cool. I really like Marcus a lot. I just wanted to clarify with that opening line might be kind of jarring for me. I apologize. It's not my heart was not trying to bash Marcus or say anything negative about him. He makes great content. I really liked him and bought a phone conversation. So please enjoy my conversation with Marcus AKA that franchise guy. Joining me now is Marcus AKA also known as that franchise got Marcus. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on the guy picked up. Listen to your show about eighteen months ago. And I don't think I missed a upload set. So I appreciate what you do. It's great to be on exciting. That's cool, man. I'm means a lot to hear that. I I admit I and I apologize. There's so many voices on the internet. I'd actually never heard of a you are until I got and by the way, you have amazing fans. I got literally a hundred two hundred messages from people saying Marcus. This dude wants to collaborate. I'm like who like and no offense again? I didn't know how long I look you up and I found the fully inflated football podcast and I'm like, well, I'll click on it and I was trying to I hope to find the video like the moment where you referenced me and an hour North Drive North to get to a funeral home. I saw your week 2 episode reacting to the games listen to all two hours. I loved it and then Louisville your second to last word was about me and like holy crap. This year's got a really dead. Boil audience they listen for two hours. I just really love that. Like that's awesome and well done then by the way quality content. I really enjoyed what you had to say. I appreciate it. I you know, I I like having people on for me football is my favorite sport in the world. I like talking about people you're interesting your well thought out you had something that surprised me if we can start here with just want to say not just Herbert Joe burrow the Bengals quarterback you ranked him as a top-10 quarterback. I haven't clicked on the video. I saw the title at that's interesting and weird. Why do you have Joe burrow in your top ten or do they you so this one this one was fun to explain obviously and it's I honestly it was it was not like a click bait thing. It really was I I'm not a stats guy. I don't really care about what Box Score says, I I'm almost exclusively at race-based analysis type of thing a man. I love that and when I look at Joe burrow, And and the big thing really comparing was was Josh Allen and a lot of people were like, how can you say that Joe burrow is a top ten quarterback after three weeks at the time and Josh Allen after three weeks. I was hesitant. Right? And the thing with Joe burrow is he has now played what did he play for about 15 games at LSU and now three games at in Cincinnati and he has been the same guy every single week and coming out of college. It was wage other than raw arm Talent. This guy has a top-10 really, you know trade at everywhere you look whether it's processor decision-making in and out of rhythm ability to sense pressure and extend place is accuracy. He has a whole package and it's not like his bad arm. I think his arm is comprable to like Tom Brady. So I mean what I said coming out of LSU and and I was actually slow to the Dead. Libero because of what he had shown before that, but once once I watched his every through throw him and I was like this guy doesn't make mistakes. He is Flawless unlike any rookie prospect that I've ever thought for sure. And then we see three games. He's surrounded by the worst offensive line. His Playmakers. Actually aren't that good? AJ Green hasn't been that good. Tyler Boyd is is been all right, but John Ross is dropping balls off a couple of weeks and he's showing all of the same stuff. He showed a college which is to me already Elite pocket presence Elite processing like ability to read defenses. He doesn't make mistakes his two interceptions are not really on him. And I just I'm ready and when you compare it to like Josh Allen the problem with him is he had problems come out of college. The last five years is our problems. So it's it's kind of an inverse sample size argument because yes, Josh Allen has been great for three weeks. But we also have a large sample size of him in his last 20 games of having birth. So that that was kind of where the big argument came in on that and then it put him over like Matt Ryan Tom Brady Drew Brees that kind of stuff. You know, that's fine. Those guys have established records. I'm just really like what borough is doing in and out of structure right now. He is just incredible. I think what's interesting about Joe burrow and everyone talks about his weapons. AJ Green has not been the same this year off and you talked about you said it sounds you can pick them up or Matt Ryan Drew Brees Tom Brady. I would actually agree with that breeze. Especially I love debris is one of my favorite people growing up. He's not the same this year. It just obvious watching me and Joe burrow. I love what you said nearly Flawless except for arm strength because well, yeah has a great arm everything else. I mean accuracy Paul location is phenomenal and I do you remember watching him two years ago to LSU how different of a quarterback he was like he was not even NFL quarterback in my opinion two years ago, right? Yeah. He was he was, you know, totally buried I had him like, you know, just as a note off. QB 15 QB 16. Yeah, and yeah slower than like an AJ McCarron would be by the way to like literally that low, right? Yeah. Yeah almost no difference between those types of places. Yeah. It was it was just insane what whatever clicks for him man. It's unlike anything. I've I remember at any level. Well, I think turnaround if I may watch even LSU last week the difference with Joe burrow and everybody else is attention to detail he works at every little thing. I mean, he manufactured a relationship with every receiver. He had to LSU watching the new guy they have I forget his name now miles something some boring tall quarterback. I don't care about anymore. Sure. There's no when he rolls to the right or the left. His receivers don't know where to go. They haven't had any chemistry working on when I roll out. I want you to come back to this area that's station little things like that where Gilberto drilled into the people around him were doing this or doing that we have to be on the ball of all these little details and it's really translated. Well the NFL because again every little Deeds He can control he's dominating and again every he had an interception last week against the gosh you do they play the Jaguars were miles Jack just stole the ball from his own tight end. It's like that's not really the fault at all. Yeah, it's like so yeah, it's not as possible. Who did you who would you rather have Jabra over like who are the guys ahead of him? I guess so the vibe ahead of them were Mahomes Russ & Rogers who have been in our tier above anyone else right now? Yep, and then Lamar and Watson. So he would have been ahead of all basically all the veterans there. Yep. And then ahead of say Josh Allen Dak Wentz who people are down on right now. Yeah. And then I guess Kyler but yeah, I mean I have them ahead of all the young guys other than Watson and Lamar and ahead of all of the veterans because you just moved so well and I think he is I mean honestly mentally as far as you know decision making and processing he's right there with with Matt Ryan and he's potentially ahead of time with Tom Brady is doing inside the new scheme who he's Brady has been far from perfect as far as his decision-making. So yeah, I just look like when I really sat there and asked You know in a vacuum in a vacuum. What quarterback do I want to help me win a game on Sunday? And he was the 16th at that came up on my list. I love that. I think actually totally makes sense. Especially when you consider that it's more mobile than other guys like Matt Ryan or Tom Brady and that's kind of one of those fun things where you go down. I do this with the Cardinals when I picked their their season, I looked at their schedule went through the list counted up on my gosh. There are twelve and four pack is like I'm going to be wrong on that but my point is it's fun when you go through a process and are surprised by the results, but you trust your process they get there that make sense actually. Yeah, that's awesome. How about Justin Herbert? What do you make of his first couple of weeks off? Yeah. So I and I know you weren't you weren't a Herbert guy. Either know I was very far on that end of the spectrum as well. I had a second-round grade on him and I want as far as comparing him to Paxton Lynch at the end of the draft process and I said his like his ceiling would be a Jared Goff where if he has a good structure around him. He can play and Rhythm he dead. Can be accurate I just don't trust him to become that kind of Next Level quarterback and he's out the gate really exceeding my expectations at a few things for for one off. His arm has been as good as advertised. And as low as I was on Herbert some people disagree with me when I said that the second he gets drafted he's going to be top four top 5 arm talents in the NFL cuz he just he really does happen that close to like Josh Allen Mahomes Rogers arm which which if used correctly can be lethal as we saw last week, especially but what what he's done is he's been dead more consistent with his accuracy, which has surprised me he at Oregon in my opinion had you know, eighty 90% of his throws were great and they looked awesome. But then that 10% of his throws would just totally get are mailed know. We're in the right vicinity and I don't I haven't seen that show up quite yet in his first three starts. So that's been that's been something that he's kind of proven me wrong, but that wasn't that was far from my home. Criticism of Herbert my my biggest problem was sort of the pocket feel and do trust the guy out of structure. And what was we're really seeing I think is Herbert is a crack a lot more comfortable navigating the pocket than I anticipated. It reminds me a lot of Gardner Minshew with Jacksonville where you know, I totally just did not think he was a mobile quarterback at all. And when you really look at his Washington State days, you know, the quick-hitting horizontal offense pretty good pass protection. I I think a lot of it was he didn't have a lot of opportunities to talk show some that play extension and it kind of reminds me a little bit of that but I think that's probably what I was the most wrong on Herbert was he actually looks to me really comfortable in the pocket and I think that's going to really help him develop unlike say another quarterback at a second round grade on the year before and Daniel Jones who I think is just completely lost in the Pocket app. Doesn't have any of that confidence and I think that's really going to help him develop in a very similar way to which we're seeing from Josh Allen right now where when you have that kind of crutch where like you can walk and not even necessarily do the Russell Wilson Watson thing where you're you're dancing around and making crazy place, but even just the subtle moves to like feel the blitz step up and you know step into a throw over the middle like wage when you have that confidence to do that. It just helps the game slowed down so much more and it you just play Confident and I think that's something that I didn't expect from Herbert that were really seeing at a pretty good level especially for a rookie of the last thing I'll say here before I turn it over to you is the that was a big criticism. The accuracy was was a bit of a problem for me and then Right there with the pocket presence stuff was his decision making out of structure kind of the what the hell are you doing throws and that's where some of the trubisky cops came into play for in the draft season. Now, I will say that that has still kind of been there all three of his games their their own three, right? Yep, all close games. So I'd lose track of how they end up but yeah, all three games. He's had a back-breaking second-half interception in a close game that ended up helping to win the game cuz he had the Chiefs pick where if he just scrambles for that first-down. He had ten years to run. Yep. Just Chuck's it up over the middle of the field like you're pulling your hair out like dude. What are you doing? Like why the game dude beat the Superbowl Champs in your rookie debut? And he just does that it's like, oh know why and then the hit a bad pick against the Panthers. I think that was throwing off. Corner route and he didn't see the buzz safety. I believe it's kind of what happened there. And then he just have I honestly I watched the game an interception against the Bucks last week. I watched it ten times. I have no idea what he saw and it's just like, all right, it's three weeks don't want to overreact but that is something that was a part of his college tape consistently two or three times a week. Now the question becomes can do we do we see kind of like the Josh Allen stuff where he gets more comfortable. He stops doing that stuff or does it go the other way where it actually goes closer to what is his track record is and he makes two or three of those mistakes a game. So I'm totally give them a chance. I give every quarterback a blank slate when they get into the league office and that's that's why I'm much more intrigued by what I've seen from Herbert compared to Daniel Jones who had a similar grade on but yeah, what do you think about Herbert so far? I'm trying to be really careful. I I want to wait till either either the year is going to end or ten games in before I really cuz my problem is it's too small of a sample size and I love everything. I've seen em all so there were times in Oregon where I lived when I saw you know what I mean? And I just I don't want to jump the gun. I will say he looks a lot better than I would have expected pretty obviously. I'm like, wow, he's putting a big numbers and numbers are great. But he's also not winning and that's concerning but I like what you said about giving him a fair chance cuz that's what I'm going to try to do. I have nothing against him. I do wonder if having being able to football full-time might help him. He had a tough major in college in college and I think a Touareg and a lot of other stuff going on his family was there he's removed from them. He's very focused on football that might help him a little bit. I will say I'm surprised he's doing as well as his own mistakes are still killing me. The weird back-breaking interceptions are like again, this is the same problem. He's always had the question has never been Is he physically capable? He's got an Incredible Gift of likes to last tool set of physical skills. The question is can he be consistent and so far it's like sometimes but that's actually not what concerns me is defined by so I don't we'll just see where we are in 10 weeks. I was curious on your tape, but I just kind of like well wait and see I hope he does well like the Pix they're not like we saw Joe burrow like boroughs pics worth a broken screen play where you tried to shovel pass it and Melvin Ingram made a great reactionary pick and Myles Jack making an incredible play where you've literally rips a touchdown out of Burroughs hands off or it's it's like you can't defend like you can't explain but the thing behind it one last note that I thought was interesting was did you watch hard knocks this year? Yeah, I did up. So do you remember it was it was a small thing? But Anthony Lynn had to tell Herbert when they were going through walk-throughs to follow through your reads off. Robert was just doing the one read and stopping and the walk-through and he was like follow through on your weeds. And it at first I was like, why is he not doing that? And then I remembered or at least had the idea that maybe you just like Oregon's home. Maybe is just really not that good as far as translating to NFL success. So just just some some things to kind of compare and contrast the NFL coaching too long boring and that I thought was interesting potentially. That's surprising. Yeah, you normally even in high school, I would catch the ball throwing the outcry and then continue Aurelius work through all in a walk through like on air go through your last read. That's kind of a neat I've never yeah, and he started yeah almost four full years in Oregon. So like at some point they probably would have told him to start doing that and it would just become second nature. So I mean could be just small entries intricacies like Thursday. We're not noticing like, okay now that they have a coaching staff that's actually telling him every aspect of practice. You gotta pay attention to the details and go through all your reads like that could actually be a big step forward as far as his dog. One by the way is quarterback coach Pep. Hamilton is a great great quarterback coach. He's really any good. He was a former head coach of DC defenders in the XFL. He's like a really good quarterback coach. That'll help him a lot too. Yeah, so we'll see. I don't want to be too hard on him. I don't want to be too. I just want to wait and see I haven't really talked about it much. I've been intentional just people are like I get I feel like people are spamming me with messages saying admit you were wrong admit. I'm not I'm not going to bend the knee yet guys. Let's wait till I know I had more games same thing with Lamar Jackson where like like actually like Lamar coming out. Yeah God and he showed flaws in his first year and I pointed them out like he was the worst accuracy charted quarterback in the modern PFF era as far as mithros to open table. And he didn't look comfortable in the pocket and he threw for 6 yards in his first playoff game until it was garbage time. So I was like, I I I'm not ready to say large acts as a good quarterback. I think I ranked him like one of the worst quarterback in the league entering his MVP season, and I was happy to be wrong and I love watching Lamar now, but like I'm not, you know people like you and me like when you're confident in what you saw you say what you see back then you react to new information and there's always going to be people especially fans that are going to turn a blind eye to any problem at all and just be a fall in on these guys becoming superstars no matter what they're going to say. Mom was right you were wrong. It's just, you know, just be confident in in what you see and I think there's a balance that we all need as far as acknowledging what happened and what is happening with that makes sense. Well, it's also kind of frustrating people really struggle with new information. It's okay to change your mind. I mean, that's our job is to look at what we see and say Here's what's happening right now. Our job is not to be weird. Emotion from it for the most part. I don't I love gardening show might be a little bit blind on that one. But I really like I try to remember emotion as much as possible and the reality is watching them are Jackson throw in college. Then his first name of el you went that's got that needs work, but doesn't mean it can't get better and he's actually change the way I evaluate Jarrett King the quarterback of Miami. Where look at the king now when I go, I don't like the way he throws the ball wage its ugly. It comes out weird a lot of the time I'm not confident in that currently, but it doesn't mean he couldn't get better and what I'm trying to look out with a guy like Garry King is say like he struggles to throw the ball and in ways, I don't like right now but he's a great leader. He works already runs about well if he gets a good coach who believes in him and can felt his skill set and he can develop as a thrower of the football the way the Mark Jackson did then maybe and before I went into said, he's never going to work if I'm saying it's a maybe cuz a large accent it is that makes sense. Oh totally. I mean, the first thing I thought of was said that was like Jalen hurts needs to send Lamar Ferrari or something cuz I'd have to go and hurts gets drafted if it off. For what Lamar checks and did as far as overhauling is mechanics and all that because I was I was down at the Senior Bowl and hurts actually looked really good throwing the football and throwing motion look completely different from what it was in Oklahoma and I think that that willingness to and and Lamar totally changed his mechanics to so to totally like that that willingness to take a chance and a guy with better coaching wage. I think Lamar and Josh Allen right now is is a mechanic 7 necessarily changed but we're seeing more development at the quarterback position now than say five six years ago. How do you deal with getting hate it's an interesting thing. I've been I've been kind of battling with I've never I don't know if it's cuz those more people than ever watching my show. It's really hard for me this year. It's kind of weird. I've never dealt with or struggled with people constantly like berating me before but this is the first year. It's my second year fully covering football like, you know doing this full-time. It's my second season and I'm not like oh, this is not fun. How do you deal with all that? Well, I I get introduced to the hate very quickly because I actually a big reason my channel was able to grow is I have a popular Madden roster then I I do my my own personal rating. Cuz without getting too far into it the ones a year does our do do. Yep. Yep, totally agree. So I get I got started getting a lot of hate right away the first year I did it was long as the year Cam Newton won MVP an item is like an 84 cuz I was like, yeah, he's got all this. You know, he's he's not a lead Pastor. He's a really good quarterback, but from what he actually does in the football field. He's not like a dog 9 overall, so I've been getting hate from the get-go. I as far as how I handle it. I some days I handled it better than others. I I try not to do this. But sometimes it's hard where I just I'll blast a guy on Twitter. I'll grab a screenshot for me to comment and just replace them. Cuz sometimes I do just need a little victory. Yeah, cuz it is mostly just ate but yeah, I mean focusing on the positive reactions and sometimes muting people and hiding comments. It's sometimes you just gotta do it cuz there you are always going to make someone angry no matter what? Yeah, I've noticed for me. What what has kind of helped. I've been really doing some soul-searching this week cuz I'm like, okay, why do I do this? I do this cuz I like football. I love what I do. I like making content about it and I love sharing my opinion and if people hate that, that's fine, but kind of removing like who cares if x person doesn't like if it's remember I like doing it. That's kind of been really helpful for me. I know that sounds helpful to you, but it's remember like, oh, yeah, I do this cuz of me because I enjoy it now cuz I want approval from some random person Louisiana who's upset and angry about some random ROM. You know what? I mean? Yeah for sure. Is there something that surprises you the most when you look around the League this year? Well, there's an obvious one and I don't know if it was going to be your answer that that's Josh Allen and the bills. Yeah. So I mean they're just I would say Josh Allen's development as far as the accuracy I think is the biggest surprise and this is now twice in as many years. We've seen a quarterback go from wildly inaccurate to top five accuracy down the field Lamar last year and now Josh Allen so it I don't know if this is a fluke because you go back twenty years. This is not the case. Usually if you're in Acura coming in your gonna stay inaccurate. Yep, and they're they're jumping up. I think this was the ringer podcast they were talking about whoever Robert Mays new guests on there. I apologize cuz I don't remember who that guy's name is, but he was saying it's not just jumping up like a tear in accuracy. It's jumping up to tears to being like below average to that Elite package. And that's kinda what we're seeing from Josh Allen and that's that's been the biggest thing for him. I mean, he's never been a great like mental quarterback, but it's pairing potential mistakes with them. So overthrowing dudes left and right and now you just like comfortable throwing that deep bond that you see the offense is completely open up and I I've been a Josh Allen guy going back to the draft, but after seeing two years of relative accuracy, I was starting to doubt it and then all of a sudden he just comes out this year and it's just been incredible the the other surprise I was going to say, that's just how bad the Saints defense has been. Yeah. Yep, because they're loaded at every position but they can't they can't manufacture a good pass rush. They can't cover off. It's been it's been really surprising to see that. You know, I think as I look around there's a couple things that there's no big thing that stands out other than like Herbert's been surprised is better than I thought Haskins Dwayne Haskins really surprises me though. Just how bad he spent. I thought I was excited to watch em this year. Yeah. I just like what a sauce morning. Yeah. He wasn't great on film last year. I look at like he's not great. But he's a rookie. Maybe he'll get better and I thought based on what I saw from the off-season program like his own stuff. I'm like every day looks like it's working. He's doing a ton of stuff. I thought for sure he was in a come in and make an improvement and it seems like it's taking a step backward. He's less accurate. He's got worse timing. He doesn't know what he's doing. It's like this whole awful. I don't know if you've watched any Dwayne Haskins, but looking and go. Ooh, man. This is really really bad. It's been so painful to watch every week cuz I try to get through every game through the condensed game-used. Yep, and it's just like I have a hard time finishing those those Washington games. It's just it's like Ron Ron. Okay what Assassin's going to do on third down 36 almost like feel like they're perpetually in fact, Certain long and then it's like he'll just kind of you know, hit a guy that's sort of open and he overthrows them or it goes in the dirt. He just has been well how often how often are people open any throwing it in the dirt or are mailing it gives mechanics are all over the place. Like I don't know. It'd be one thing at their litter was nobody open or he had drops or something, but it's literally him just making decisions or throwing horrible balls, and I'm like, I don't know that's just on Dwayne Haskins. There's nothing here and it was actually really selling go ahead totally comes back to I think having that crutch of play extension so important for young quarterbacks. Yeah, especially nowadays cuz going to play Early. Yeah and offensive lines are worse than ever now. So I think I think having that crutch of being able to extend plays is so important. I think I was a big thing for Josh Rosen as well and it just it helps the game slow down when you're not panicking 24/7. Yeah, and I feel like that's that's how Haskins is playing right now wage. Has no confidence. He's panicking. He doesn't know what to do. It's not getting a ton of help. But yeah, I I'm kind of kind of out kind of out on Haskins. Like I don't even know if I am sales trading for him or anything, but I don't think it's going to go anywhere. I don't think there's any Market. Yeah, he's Josh Rosen. He's not I think he's worse than Joshua's throats of worse ball. I don't I don't see anything. I like positive about it other than he's a good guy and that's not really helpful. You know, I mean, it's like you want to have a good guy at quarterback, but that doesn't when you football games certainly either. Yeah as brutal as that sounds I know it sounds way worse than it is. Yeah, you know, you know, it's also telling about that as these not took the number two quarterback. Now, he's number three you notice that Alex Smith is number two. It's like, oh my God, he's not even number to wow. Yeah. Yeah, that's a huge surprise for sure. That way I thought it would at least hang onto the job until next year for sure would yeah, I'm curious about you man. Actually before we get into you. Is there another team that you watch games and you go I can't for me I can log. The Jets any more I watched for games. I don't know what the hell's wrong with me. I watched for New York Jets games. Like why am I not watching more Tom Brady or more Drew Brees? I'm watching freaking Sam darnold, but I've watched for jets games. Like I can't do the same thing there. Another team is sent out to you and you go. I can't watch this football team there so bad. Probably the Broncos actually, yeah was just shows how bad that there's a night game was but it's just I just get depressed. That was the one game I legitimately turned off was the Broncos Steelers game. Yeah, I just I get so sad watching it because it's just a completely lost season and that just could have been and it's just I don't I don't get a lot like I don't think I'm going to learn a lot watching the Broncos. It's like this is not the team that they wanted to be. There's nothing valuable to glean from it, right? So that's probably the one team that I am having a really hard time with right now. I hope I hope they get Drew lock back to at least obviously create some excitement. But also just to find out if he's the guy like get him reps and get him in the system a little bit. Yeah. I like that Shimmer. He's interesting it's hard cuz you know you and me we looking at the national perspective and go what's an interesting story this week. Yeah, and there's just nothing interesting about Denver at all your like I don't it's just we're really waiting for next Thursday. Already as sad as that is four weeks in I mean Jerry jeudy Jerry jeudy is incredible. Yeah, he's fair enough. Yeah, he's really fun to watch but that just makes me disappointed too cuz you go. Imagine if you play The Courtland Sutton like off if you didn't have Brett Rypien throw them. I know I know what's your background man? How did you start doing YouTube? I'm so curious about that. Yeah, so I kind of always knew I wanted to work in sports, but I was really going the sports business route throughout College. I went to University of Saint Thomas. I'll I'll read the took off Emoji here next to me us where that where the team. I don't know if you remember the article that the D3 team that got kicked out of their own conference for winning too much. That's right. Okay, that was fun. So I was down there. I was in charge of the the sports Business Club. I did internships for local baseball teams will still with the Timberwolves on the business side, and I was like honestly dead. Not digging this like if I'm going to sell sell something or do marketing. I'd rather make a bunch more money and have better hours and do it somewhere else. Yeah, but I didn't want to give up on doing sports at home. So I just went completely out of the sports business realm and I applied for PFF online got that job. And then I started my YouTube channel is like a little Pet Project cuz I had like I said the the Madden roster and that that roster was a great source for me to start YouTube because it was a a way to mark my channel cuz it has a little description on there. It's going to be like Yep. This is my ratings. If you want me to talk about them go to YouTube is that simple and then I just really enjoy doing that and thought it was almost exclusively mad and stuff and then the draft season rolled around cuz I started that in the fall and the draft season rolled around I started talking some mock drafts and stuff and those started doing job. And I was like, wow, this is actually kind of working. So I I really doubled down the next fall. I took a job doing valet. So I had money for rent and I was just like I'm going to really dead girl pedal-to-the-metal on YouTube and PFF and that was one of the most busy years. Well now pretty damn busy too. But that was just crazy how much time I put into office in film and making sure that I was as intelligent as I could be because if you don't really know what you're talking about, you're not going to stand out and that's just slowly grown and out of had a lot of help from whether it's subscribers or friends and family and just kind of stayed with it. And here we are kudos to you man. The way the initial growth. When you're first starting off is so hard because you're usually doing something else like I was in College full-time. I had a full-time second job. I also had a part-time job doing college football games and trying to make content on the site sucks. What it's like to do give all this other stuff going on what you're trying to do this thing. Like this is what I really want to do is make content and you can't yet and it was so frustrating. But when once you finally get over the hump, you're like, I'm afraid it's so amazing. Yeah, I always tell people the first the first hundred subscribers are easily the hardest. Yeah. Oh absolutely and then you gotta keep going after that. Right? It's just it's cool man. I'm happy for you. I really like you. I really legitimately do you ever do Madden franchise stuff is that I know you do like I do. Yeah. Okay. I have really slow down on that because I am not happy with the state of Madden right now. Yeah. I don't know how much Madden do you play? Are you so the last time I played Madden I so I bought Madden 17. I played it literally one time and said not for me I the Madden game still play to this day is on my PlayStation 3 and I have every console buy that piece by or five four of Xbox one. I've everything right. I still play Madden 11 on the PlayStation 3 because I think that's legitimately my favorite mad. I love it. It's last time I went this is really really fun. And I like it like franchise mode by the way till like they give you thirty years then you can't play anymore. You got to restart everything but I play until thirty years man faces one. That's that's why I'm so mad cuz Matt and eleven has a better franchise mode the Madden 20, like legitimately. They they ripped out all the features for some technical reason and they were like, oh we need to build it back up. We promise and then Madden Ultimate Team come out and they're like, well, actually let's just leave franchise really crappy. So they have to go buy all these cards and it's it's just ruining. It's ruining Madden really frustrated about it. I I will get back to doing a franchise series. I try to do realistic rebuilds and and people tend to like those that's but I'm probably going to do like an NCAA serious cuz I just I can't I can't get into that and I just I can't I have an online League. That's fun. And we do like 10,000 things to make it realistic with like compensatory picks all this stuff. That's crazy detailed man. Yeah, we got like we got nine people running the league and we're it's like a full-time job, but oh good for you I guess but yeah, I do do Madden content. I'll be back at it some point. But right now it's it's been all football during the season. Well, I think it's more fun. I mean even sounds like when you did mad and you a lot of what you do though, it's take real life and translate it to Madden's that make sense. Like yeah. I'm a storytelling device. Yeah, that's so cool. I love that man. Well, hey well done. Is there any else that sticks out you want to talk about? I'm happy here. I think you've done a great job. I really enjoyed having you on Thursday. I don't have anything in front of me. I I was thinking I'm curious where you stand on Dak Prescott because that's another quarterback that I've been really hard on lately and I'm curious like where you come in on on Deck. So I my biggest problem with DEC to this point, it's always been he lacks detail in key moments on 1/3 and 5 in the Red Zone. He'll miss A. Rhe Hoo seen it multiple times last year and this year where it's like you're you don't see a blitz a man comes free. You got a guy open 30 or hot route not trying to throw a wheel route to speak to SECU Elliot I camera but I think I was literally week one this year where I was a key moment third and five in the red zone at a hot route, you know, a Blitzer comes a middle linebacker Blitz has a hot rod wide open a Michael and instead throws a wheel route to Ezekiel Elliott's totally covered and I'm like, dude, what are you doing? It's so simple one of the fundamental course of playing quarterback is you gotta understand where pressures coming from all the time and it's not just that he's just drugs all those little details all the time, but actually want to say to 2. Credits page Prescott's credit. I guess he's not the biggest problem right now with Dallas by a long shot. Their defense is a mess. They gave up 49 points and they lost like you can't do that. You can't do what they've done on dog. Wingate football games so I I really think the biggest problem with Dallas right now is actually the not the. Contract that's another problem for another day. The problem is they're paying Ezekiel Elliott weigh too much money for the production gives you which is considerable like he's receiving back. He does well, but you could play pay a guy like what a James Robinson or I mean, that's a bad example cuz he's kind of out of nowhere but let's another Josh Jacobs the guy in Buffalo Devin Singletary. There are so many there's others examples. I can't think of right now Nick Chubb but Diana rookie contract. Yes, where you pay him one point two, maybe two million a year instead of 10:00. That could have been to other starters on defense. Yeah. So I just I look at the Dallas Cowboys and say you're overpaying you're running back not cuz he's bad just know hate against him. It's just cause you don't need to pay ten million dollars to any running back anymore in the NFL to get good production. You know, it doesn't help that Terence Smith isn't playing like a 16 million dollar left tackle know or he's not even playing right now off. But yeah, I'm so happy to send that though about the key moments away with that because that true there's hate to hear that and if it was if it was a three or four game sample size like sure that's regardless. Yeah, it's now that's been a problem for a long time and I keep saying it he has really bad pocket presence and people don't realize that he he doesn't sense pressure. There is the place Seattle where people were saying it was the whole lives fall when they're trying to go down to win the game-winning drive as a three-man rush and it was a terrorist steal the left tackle gets bulrush backwards not up completely beat but was pushed back lost lost his match up but not, you know, not a Surefire sack and the contrast between what Tom Brady did against the Chargers against an identical Rush where he stood up and throws a touchdown and what that did. I wish I had the the film in front of you but but Tom Brady drifts right sent feels it, you know, it's like, okay, no big deal. We're calm. I left tackles getting pushed back I can feel Keep my eyes downfield step up and make a play Dak has his his glued down field doesn't feel it steps cuz his technique would tell you just step up in a clean pocket, but you got a fuel that perhaps like you said and he steps right into it literally right into the one place where the guy could sack him. And this is there's a key moment. This is I think it was third down maybe second down in you know game winning Drive opportunity and of course winners like, oh we got sacked the left tackle got beat like know watch the good quarterbacks played they will avoid that sack every single time. That's a really consistent deal with that. He's got a lot of those problems. He's got some problems like Derek Carr type of problems where he'll consistently throw the ball short of the sticks on third down kind of take take the easy a tract easy way out and it's just like he's a really good quarterback. There's with my made it killed me against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday where he consistently had miles care in one-on-one matchups across Right tackle and it's like you gotta understand right that if you have first of all, I think the league needs to give Myles Garrett more respect. He's becoming in that he's getting to that territory where you can't leave him in a one-on-one situation at all. He'll just destroy the reasons paid so much money, but also if you're Dak Prescott you can you got one 1,000 1,000 to get rid of the ball. You got to understand my right tackle is in a mismatch against Myles Garrett 1 on Thursday and we can take that match up. But if you're going to do that get rid of the ball immediately do not hold on to it and the amount of times where he held onto the ball for like four or five six seconds with a one-on-one situation, it's Myles Garrett. I'm like that's just stick you gotta understand the situation you're in the end seems like you repeatedly does not the excuses just keep stacking up to it's like it's always something different. Yeah, and and that that resulted in a strip-sack which is a short field for Cleveland who was dominating time of possession and I I don't think Doc is nearly close to his free of blame as people like to say like they look at the Statue. With three four five hundred yards for touchdowns. Well up until the five minutes left in the third quarter. They had scored fourteen points. Now that their defense was sucking that doesn't help but if you're going to have this super expensive offense and demand forty million dollars, like that's going to happen like watch Aaron Rodgers Drew Bree's career like hello. Welcome to life as Elite NFL quarterback, like you're not always going to have the the defense of help but there's 5 minutes left in the in the fourth quarter and I don't remember the exact play. I remember being disappointed with him on a third-down that led to a punt but he had an easy touchdown on a blown coverage by clicking on yet another touchdown. That was a good throw. But you know, it was kind of a 50/50 ball as far as if scenario made a break on that thing. So they I was just terrible. And it other than those two throws you really didn't do anything and it was a a critical reason why they were down so much in my opinion but combined with a lot of other reasons, but he was certainly not helping them in that game. There's a point. I'm trying to find my notes. I can't find it where I believe in the fourth quarter going and it was like it was either 3414 or 4114 some ridiculous score. Well, I think it was 4114 where it was flipped on its head like you can't go into the porter down that many points every single week that's on the defense sure, but also attack at some points got us keep up with the times and get better if the other offensive scoring that much that's a little bit on you keep staying up with it that way then I guess what I'm trying to say here is that he makes so many good plays in garbage time. He takes advantage of Defense has that are like we're trying to run out the clock or plan cover for we're way backed off take everything underneath. He does at home all the time and it's like yeah five hundred yards sounds great but context of how that happens also matters, right? Yeah, they said it best. He said in the post game presser. He said Obviously defense has to be better but we're we're getting rocked in time of possession cuz we're getting three-and-outs. We're turning the ball over and that's just it's just not a winning formula and it's really true. It's I mean, I'm I'm sure everyone would love of Dallas defense would step up but as you can't always do that, if you if you want to get paid you want to be in the the Watson tear range the Rogers all these guys like the way they deal with this kind of stuff and I don't think the cleaning would have scored forty nine points. If doc was better in the First full three-quarters of that game trying to find there's one thing I saw. Oh tradelands am I I don't think Trail ants I look at what he did. Did you watch his one game? He said he had time to get there but I have watched his entire 2019. So if I met before we talk about his one game against Central Arkansas was kind of wild where he had guys wide open. He missed a lot like he had multiple touchdowns. He missed his accuracy was awful. His timing was all over the place and I In my mind, he actually played himself out of a draft spot. I went I really liked him and I saw play against had to Arkansas and went what the heck was that I was like I was shocked. I like you. You're the best out in the field for sure you ran the ball really well, but you left two touchdowns on the board. Your timing is also place you're actually was all over the place. I'm curious free to watch that film someday based on one year last year. What was your thought about in before I said that what were you thinking about him going into this year? I was hesitant. It's it's one of those deals where the same problem with 200 and I have the same problem with Justin Fields. It's really hard to evaluate a quarterback when they're up 28, nothing heading into the second quarter every week. Yeah and guys are wide open and they're the best athletes by far. Yeah. So I you you just have to that's where the it's nice to have trades based analysis where you don't have to pay attention to the the context so much. It's just the what is he doing exactly and dead? I was not overly impressed by his arm talent. I thought that he certainly was not great throwing outside the numbers. It's hard to say anything bad about his processing or his decision-making but I don't know but yeah, there's no no doesn't happen. It's like an incomplete eval. Yeah. So and he's got guys wide open. There's not really much processing to go on. It's like he found out guy opened by forty yards. Like that's wow shocking he is going to be one of the most interesting draft conversations, especially if like you say, you play poor. Yeah, cuz man there's been some tough quarterbacks to evaluate but I can't think of a quarterback with more unknowns. That's that's a potential top ten pick. I personally I don't think I would take anyone in this class other than Lawrence in down the first right now and and Fields could easily prove that wrong, but I was really worried about Fields against Clemson game or yeah feels against Clemson in the championship. So at least he's going to get a full season hopefully to you know, clarify some of that stuff. But yeah with Lance dude, I I don't know. I have no idea what to do with him. It's crazy. He he actually said he's in the NFL draft. Why why like, I think you need to stay in college. I think I wonder if you bought a new his own hype maybe or if you wants a paycheck or hates College. I know what's going on there, but it's weird. I don't they don't the playoff doesn't add up with him entering the NFL draft already. That makes sense. Just like what the heck that's so bizarre. How about Justin Fields? How do you feel about him? Cuz people think I hate him I don't I want it. I want to see more from him and that six people furiously angry, like look at his numbers. Look at his highlights brome like highlights. The numbers are not the way analyze the player. Sorry. I mean J T Barrett in the same thing. It's like I'm not familiar to the same thing. I I don't know. I I want him to be good for sure. He's I will say he's from what I can tell he's pretty accurate down field, which always helped. Yep, but it also helps when you guys are wide open and I don't know you just I see I think a three-sixty right play that I was like I have there's many two or throws. All season was like, oh yeah, that was that was NFL stuff right there. And the rest of it was just like, yep. That's a song from pocket hitting a guy wide open on a Crossing route. Yep. That's okay. There are 35 nothing and 6 minutes into the first quarter. It's just like I don't get a whole lot from watching his tape. And then the one game where they did need anything against Clemson literally the one game the entire season. Yep. He was not good. He was actually pretty bad. So yeah, I worry that guys like him and Trail answer buying into their hype a little bit off cuz it's hard when you hear when everyone around you all the time. It's like you're the best you're amazing. You're the next number one overall pick your better than Trevor Lawrence. I imagine that's hard to not believe eventually when that people tell you that and a phone number. A guy like Trail and especially we'll see about Justin Fields. I think he's I want to watch more of him Trail. And so I go do don't go to the NFL like what are you doing? I'm very concerned when I heard that. Oh man, that's not good. He'll probably end up the next bus for the Chicago Bears or something. No whites. You'll be Tom Brady like he'll just be the best for you. See that's how my luck tends to work out as I I'd go I don't know about a player the next day of the month of like seven touchdowns. I'm like well, all right. I said I said what I saw sorry about it, you know Marcus ild for we were going to go for 15 minutes. It's been 47. I apologize that ruins your day. Hope it doesn't all that was great. I love talk with you man. I hope you come on again. Someday. I really like your mind like the way it works, too. So lets you please that'd be fun have me on thank you so much. Have a great day. I appreciate you man, and peace out. All right. I hope you enjoyed that. I really really loved talking to Marcus. He's awesome. It's time now for my conversation with Tom Cruise. See Tom Grossi one of my favorite people in sports take it away. Enjoy my conversation with Tom right now joining me now is my favorite Packer fan. Not just favorite Packer fan Tong you so much and you run the Packers podcast. How you doing, man? I'm all right. I'm pretty excited. By the way. It's called the pack cast don't want to get that wrong. Yeah. I mean, we don't we don't want to listen. I don't get trademark for nothing. I'm just saying I'm just saying, okay. So you guys look the score was a lot closer than the game felt on Monday. You guys beat the crap out of the Falcons. Aaron Rodgers has four touchdowns thought his top two receivers, by the way. How does that feel it feels phenomenal and we are also missing Mercedes Lewis who was great the previous week. So yeah. No, it feels pretty damn good job and Jones was out. What seemed like cramps for a bit too. Like he went out Jamaal Williams was able to fit in perfectly with in the passing game yet. It was it was shots all around and we don't have Kenny Clarke like and we didn't log Sean Gary like the injury list was so extensive and yet we were able to convincingly beat the Falcons. I think part of that says a lot about the Falcons but it also says a lot about you guys and not stoop down to their level. There's a name that I didn't know somehow I missed this name you're a pack of and I'm sure you know you cover them extensively Robert tonyan six catches nine yards three touchdowns. I got really sick when I watch it. So sorry to interrupt. I'm sorry. Yeah, it's Big Bob tonyan. That's that's what they need. It's Big Bob Tanya. Yeah, I'm sorry. I just wanted I just wanted you to be in the know. Okay, I'm okay considered fair. I'm learning tell me about him. Where did he come from? Who is he? I don't know anything about it. Yeah, Robert Downey has been on a team for a bit. Now. He's been on there for a couple of years and you know going into this season. I want to say like the main emphasis was on Jace sternberger, right? Because he's the former third-round Pig. You know, we we drafted in pretty highly yet Guerra, you know coming in as well who's going to take over in some areas and it seemed that Mercedes Lewis and Robert tonyan. Excuse me, Big Bob Johnny. We're getting kind of phased out. And then what you had was, you know, Jace has got a little bit slow in his development. Obviously, he got hurt last year which definitely impacted his development. But Robertson has been around for a while, There is a game. Was it back in 2018 where he caught a long touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers against the Seahawks. He's been on the team and like not making like a ton of impact, you know likes every now and then and just this year man. He is kind of just gone off and now nationally after Monday night's game people know his name and yeah, I mean like he literally did a somersault. He fell down did a somersault got back up and scored a touchdown. I mean, come on now, Do you good for him? I'm happy it was there. There was a moment in the fourth quarter. I think like four minutes left the Falcons almost threw a touchdown is there I know you live stream games. Those are a bit of nervousness and that moment. You know, I gotta say there wasn't a ton because the Packers really did a great job with you know, what they were working with is Julio Jones was in there for some of the game right jaire Alexander was down in Ridley who got zero nothing no catches. No yards love it. And I think it was just I had so much faith in this offense right now if the Falcon I'm like, yeah, we're going to score again. Like it's it's almost it's very 2011 ask, you know, now the defense defense is better, but with the offense and like I have so much, it's in there and you know, especially with the Falcons secondary, which is so beat up, you know, and they have so many injuries. I was just like no we're going to walk down the field and score again. That's awesome. It's got a it's got a feel good to be you're confident in your team. I look ahead for the Packers man. You got a bye week. Then. You have Tampa. I'm going to go through the whole schedule. Okay got Tampa. Then you have Houston. You have Minnesota the 49ers the Jaguars the Colts the Chicago Bears a big big like I say that with Nick Foles the Eagles the Lions the Panthers then the Tennessee Titans in Chicago. I see like four games that are tough and the rest of it. I think you guys walk through it. Do you feel really good moving forward? I think that you know, heading into this season if we were like, oh, well, I'll take a break even at like two and two I think we would have been happy with that the fact that you know were four and O and it's a strong foreign. Oh where you look at the Bears who started off with three and you're like, well, they won the Lions game becomes a swift like dropped that touchdown, right? They they the other game they won, you know because the Falcons literally collapsed and and blew a 16-point lead. So like you look at it from that standpoint in like wage. It's definitive where the highest scoring offense at 38 points per game right now. You know Rogers is on another planet Aaron Jones picking up right where he left off last season and I think it's just the amount of weapons. But on top of that it's how the ball is being spread around in, you know here to of Matt LaFleur scheme that makes them so good that turns anybody into that offense into a weapon. I think that's like the big thing in going ahead. Like when you're talking about teams like the bucks or the Titans or the 49ers. I think the 49ers will be relatively healthier, you know, when we wind up facing them, you know, it's choice of those things have just like who do you focus on you have Davante Adams, but like we as we've proven we can win games without Davante Adams that last year and now we like doing it, you know in a much more definitive this year and I think you know, we get Kenny Clarke back we get rashan Gary back like right now, I'm super confident in this team and like we just looked like a really good football team. There's things to clean up obviously off. The defensive side. Well, yeah, we looked like a really good confident football team. We also have another thing working in your favor. You have a week off before you play Tampa week to get healthy and a week to prepare and study what they're doing as I look ahead. There are four games. You want to know what four games I have scheduled on their schedule circled on the roster that I think are tough games moving forward. I'm going to I guess yeah, please I'll be fun. Okay Buccaneers. Yep Titans. Yep. Okay, and then we Niners yeah. Yep. Okay, and then which one would you come on down and look at your local? You know, I'm like trying to see if you wanted to go to him to a hint. Is it an early or late game? It's an away game. Okay. I would say maybe like the bears but that's that's because the defense but I know it's not going to be them make kind of middle middle game middle of a game. When we play the Texans that's like, you know a few weeks now, I don't know. It's the cool. Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Yes the Colts. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I think I think Tampa the Colts Titans are probably our toughest matchups. I think this is your opportunity to get revenge on the 49ers. So it'll be interesting Jimmy's you'll be back but he doesn't scare me at all. Their defense of line is nerfed. I feel pretty sure you guys going into the 49ers place maybe beating them a short week too cuz it's on a Thursday night game which actually goes into your favorite in my opinion. I think so I think so. Yeah, I feel about you guys move forward. I'm terrified for other people around the league. They have to play you guys especially going to roll through like like the Bears you you're much more competent football team than Chicago you roll through the Panthers you roll through the Jaguars the Vikings are kind of a surprise team of the year so far because if it's surprisingly bad, I don't know what to make of them. What are you? What's your thought on the Vikings right now? I couldn't be happier. I think you know when you like here's the thing like I walked into A season I looked at their draft and I was like wow, they had a really impressive draft, right but they're on top of that. They lost Everson Griffen, right Daniel Hunter. They have been sorely sorely missing Danielle Hunter rod on top. I know they got in gone away from the the Jaguars but that's secondary. The safeties are good, but the corners are so young and inexperienced. And so that's problematic. And then I think a know the offense is the offense, you know, you're missing Stephon Diggs who is limited up in Buffalo right now, but you have Adam thielen who's a very established Great Wide Receiver one and then you have just in Jefferson who's Jose these flashes of being really really good, but it's it's in his rookie season, you know, it's really difficult to break out as a rookie wide receiver. So I think that you know, right now it's fascinating Dalvin cook is still a very good place here Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins, I think like right now they're in this weird transitional kind of phase where they have some new blood in there and at the same time like they're just trying to figure out and they the big game Thing is they don't have a defense to rely upon like they have in previous years cuz sometimes they can score 16 points and win the football game. I feel like now that they don't have a defense it basically forces almost every game to be into a shootout which is a disadvantage for that offense cuz that's not how they operate. They operate really well with given Dalvin cook the ball and you know and Kirk Cousins doing things when he has to do things. But as even last year we showed you know against the Packers on Sunday Night Football if you make the game go into Kirk Cousins hands, that's not you don't have a great chance of winning the game newest. I think I have two thoughts of a Minnesota. Number one. They really wish they had Xavier Rhodes. He went to the cold. I watched them play against Nick Foles on on Sunday played really? Well. I mean, I really he knocked a bunch of passes away. Go ahead. He's fascinated with because like Packers fans used to say all the time like roads are open because like literally would destroy them. We would destroy Xavier Rhodes like very so much tape of Aaron Rodgers destroying Xavier Rudd. And I just think it's hysterical that like he goes to the Colts as having like this Resurgence and it's kind of like Eric Ebron from a few years ago, like leaving the Lions not doing anything and then making the Pro Bowl the first time he's with the Colts the Colts just take like banished NFC North players and rejuvenate their careers for like a year or two. You're not wrong. I mean, they they're happy to have them there. He's playing really well. I I also it's disappointing with Minnesota because you would believe that going into this point in Kirk Cousins contract. They'd be a Super Bowl Contender and they're not that feels like a mass of L to me. Zach you just repeat that. I'm almost there. I'm like, I'm right behind how much how much was 84 million dollars and then they gave him how much was the extension like sixty? Yeah. No, it's it's literally list Los just talking about Vikings tears, dude. I'm drowning it every single day I go and I label my shower head Vikings tears and I just bathe in it and it's it's truly a glorious thing to witness. Yeah, and I mean, we I said this years ago and this isn't like an i-told-you-so but I said Kirk Cousins, you know endless and the market at the time for QBs was insane. It still is insane is like the quote unquote best one out there, but they went to an NFC Championship game with Case Keenum. If they kept Case Keenum and continued to build an amazing defense around him amazing running game around him. I mean instead they went and gave her cousins insane amounts of money for what have they gotten how many times have they made the playoffs home? They'd gotten past the you know, the divisional round. It's I think for the amount of money and like you said the amount of years that have gone by with Kirk Cousins. What do you have to show for it yet, expect it would have been better off paying Case Keenum. Nothing spending all their money on a good roster and doing it that way. I think what's sad? What's interesting about Kirk Cousins looking at him now is that he is not really Dead showing the ball at any at any like there's nothing he does that you're like that's an elite, you know, any any point in his ability to throw the football but there's also he can't run he can't move around very well. He like he's more athletic people give him credit score but he's also not I kind of keep waiting and waiting for me to get better at extending plays and he's been really trying hard to do that this year and you can tell it's something he's trying hard to do, but it's not there and it's like man, I don't know what you're paying for this point. You're paying for an average Quarterback. Just. And and like that's the thing to like. I also want to point out like he had a good season last year, right? And I don't think that Kirk Cousins is a bad quarterback. I think he's like a Midtown QB that sometimes can be above-average and you know the thing is to like this also falls on the Vikings like Kirk Cousins as I said before it's usually not going to win you a football game, right? You need to change build a team around him and you'll find success. If you can bring Case Keenum to the NFC championship game, you can bring her cousins there, but they have spent so much money. They are a cap. Hell they've extended the major players, but they had to let a bunch walk. Right? Obviously, you know, they're big wide receiver one would Stefon Diggs Everson Griffen had to go what have you and I think you know you're in this spot where you're kind of screwed because the next few years for the cap is not going to be pretty and I don't know it's it's one of those things that with the Vikings. I feel like they had this history of having a good running back a good defense. They had this with a p right you brought in Brett Favre. They were really really good for that one season because they finally had a good quarterback made the NFC championship game and then he lost it for you. And like then we went back to mediocrity and they still haven't found like the guy to be behind there just yet and you know, they try and there's like a revolving door. But yeah, it's a fascinating how quickly that defense has deteriorated because like now it's a joke. Well, it's sad too. It's not coaching. That's what's interesting. If you watch the schemes they're calling Blitz against who do they play? I forget who the Vikings played recently. I I was watching some game for some I don't remember it. I think is the Cowboys and dance or somebody else watching and it was like the best game I've ever seen like they just you couldn't stop it. You couldn't predict it. I was like that's just an impressive play design. I really was I liked it and I see that a lot from the Vikings where I go. Wow, they're versatile. They do a lot of stuff and and it's not working and I don't know why it's like it's like it's like dang it man. I'm constantly impressed and I'm constantly disappointed. I feel bad for Vikings fans, man. They they've had it like they're so close every job. And you know, they they had Sam Bradford. They had Teddy Bridgewater that Case Keenum. They had Kirk Cousins like Teddy. Well, I'm so trapped Christian Ponder the draft expression you I remember do I love Christian Ponder back. He's a personal hero of mine. That was my dad was like pondered this suck for luck. Vikings twenty whatever year that was 2012 Vikings fans are literally talking about tanking for Trevor and I'm like, oh baby join the club like you got so much competition there the fact that they were so high in my I do not feel bad for Vikings fans in the freaking slightest. There's not even a single bit of pity there because they were sick. So high-and-mighty. Oh the north is going to be ours. We're going to be amazing. How how you drafted Jordan love? Our draft picks? Haven't even seen the field and we're still kicking your ass. Don't need him. We don't even need him join lucky sit for years of Aaron Rodgers going to continue playing like this. I'm I'm still about it. I am so about it and you know, what if the NFC North just collapses in on itself like a dialogue Star I'm all here for it. What if the Vikings traded for Sam? Darnold? I feel like you get murdered behind that offensive line still like dudes. Zimmer's a head and shoulders above Adam gase Head and Shoulders above I think that he would do better cuz right off the bat you have two great targets a throwback to and you have an established running game. I think that would be a great move for them. I just don't know when they do it and with what cap space like they pay him the problem, right? They they have Kirk Cousins still they gotta get rid of him. Somehow wage Watson. And they got em for a few years. I believe I had the I think it's at least another couple of years that they have Kirk Cousins on the books and he's going to he's about to get paid like ridiculous amounts of money. And I think it's like okay if you're acting sand and you know, you get in the top fifteen in the draft, which is a possibility, right? Yeah getting the top 50. It's still early, you know, they could turn around but you know, you get in the top fifteen wage. What do you do with that? Do you go for a quarterback to sit behind Kirk Cousins? I don't think that's a terrible idea. You know you do that you have them sit behind there for a couple of years and then when Kirk is gone you go or do you try like replacing some of those broken pieces again? I feel like this would be a better team with Daniel Hunter and you know with experience with those corners, but I mean again, like that's that's not going to be an easy fix. You know you hope you get Hunter back, you know some time either this season or you get them back, you know next season, but you're basically kind of like throwing the towel in already for this season. And you know, if that was coming we're four weeks ago. We were like, oh, yeah, we're going Super Bowl The disappointing thing. I don't know how I don't know what move the Vikings can make at this point. Like they're handcuffed with their salary cap. Yeah. I don't know what they can add to their team to solve their problems. Unfortunately, he becomes amazing. Maybe Josh Jeffers the best receiver in the league that that's the only hope right? I mean even that I mean, but that's the thing like even if that because here's the problem just in Jefferson, like you said shows those flashes Adam thielen is really really good. The problem is is that they don't have a defense that they can trust right and that team is just not built to get into shootouts. They're not, you know, they can put up points. Don't get me wrong. But like if you are going to like look at the Packers, right like the Packers were an example where they were able if week one. I know it's weak one. They were able to score really really quickly at the very end of the game over and over and over again, right and at the same time then that defense could not stop a cold Aaron Rodgers literally long sustain drives and they could not stop them dead. You start putting them against like a league teams. They are not going to do. Well if they you know, that other team can score a lot of points. Also, the Vikings have this deep desire to run the football consistently and I understand why that's their philosophy but I think at times like I I look at Kevin stefanski left to the Browns. Anyway. Oh, yeah, I can work with all these weapons and they're running the ball incredibly well, but they don't have the same weapons. They do in Minnesota. Minnesota is not as not as talented with the Personnel they have during the football and they keep trying keep trying keep trying and I wonder if at some point they're going to air it out and go like four or five wide with Kirk Cousins and say this is what we need to do. I want to see some kind of systemic change because they can try the same thing over and over again. It's just not working. Yeah. And again Zimmer's a good coach. He's a defensive-minded coach, obviously, you know, and they pound the football I remember what was it last year opening day. I want to say they played the Falcons and like I think her cousins threw the ball like five or eight times and I was it like they literally just ran would Dalvin cook all day and like in a perfect world. That's what they would do every single month. Yeah, I mean they tried that against the 49ers in the divisional round last year and then they're like, oh, nope. Kirk is has to be you it wasn't him like so, you know, it's it's challenging spot that they're in right now and like you said, I don't know what an easy fixes for them. Do you watch the Bears Colts game? I streamed it and I regretted everything really so it's working to me bear stands are panicking. It's the worst thing ever. I actually watch Nick Foles and went you know, what I thought he was going to be worse. I think the timing was really bad. I think he needs more reps, but I wouldn't panic yet. I'm a Bears fan. What's your opinion and thought on the Bears and their quarterback situation specifically, I mean you and I talked about this right like week one. And and by the way, I mean, you know put trubisky in for a while. He does. Well, we gave him a shot. Now. We're going to be closing. I'm just saying I'm just saying prophecy, but when it comes to the Bears there another team that like like I'm yep. I watch that game. I am not convinced if it's either that Colts defense is really really good because they haven't really played good teams yet, or is it the Bears offense is just that bad. I haven't really thought of going on if I'm a yeah, please so I think first of all Nick Foles came in I still don't think he's gotten enough reps. There's the timings of their Guys open and he's either the balls too far outside or else he throws up and when the guy goes out like those little moments where like they're just they're not quite in sync yet. He needs more reps in that offense number to the Colts defense is really good. And I think part of the plan for Matt Nagy was he hoped he comes off City Chiefs. He was their offensive coordinator for a while there and he reads the best team in the league with Kansas City at running screenplays. And I really believe that going into that game Nagy said, okay, we're kind of a quarterback who's in sync. We got to run the ball well, and we need to have screen place. We are crutch to help our quarterback who's still figuring things out and the Colts. First of all, their defense is really get a flying to the ball. You can't run end-around you can't run scream. A really disciplined it doesn't work. And so his Hope was we can lean on screen passes and they couldn't there for that problem after problem after problem. But Nick Foles didn't throw any really egregious horrible plays it wasn't home. Like if you watch the Falcons game, there are some bad throws that should have been intercepted there weren't very many of those against the Colts. I think Nick Foles going to be okay. He just needs more reps. And yeah, the Colts defense is really really good off. The way the screen idea was a total flop and a total bust and you can blame that on Nagy in my opinion. But if you look at what happened I go it's all explainable if you look at it from my perspective. Yeah, no, I get that and I think that makes a lot of sense and you know expecting him to be amazing on your first started and if you are going against a good defense know it does make a lot of sense. I think it's just you know, if and by the way the player Nick Foles, you're not going to set the world on fire at I don't think at any point in here now, but he's definitely better than trubisky. Yeah. I think it's a matter of like it goes back to that question similar to what we're talking about the Viking age. Can he win you football games? Like I think that's what it comes down to. I don't think Nick Foles alone is going to win you a football game. I think he might not lose you the game. But I think like again they have to be you know, they utilized in Montgomery, but they couldn't really get the Russian game going against that called see fence. I know a couple of weeks ago, you know fans were just like, oh Tom you just said that they were in running the ball. I got it Dave Montgomery did pretty well, but I think it's wrong. You know, you have Allen Robinson who is a very underrated wide receiver. He's a he's a good Rider see. Yeah, but you know, I don't know. I don't know if they're going to be able to carry Nick Foles to Victory wage. Nipples are Kirk Cousins. Who would you choose? I think yeah Kirk. You did Kirk. Yeah, I take her. Yeah, I definitely I think I think Kirk wouldn't be terrible in Chicago. I think that it would be too bad falls again. You know, he's a journeyman. He's been just about everywhere. But yeah, I like I I am not on the Nick Foles train. I get it listened. The guy wants to bowl had a great amazing postseason. I get it the things that concern me are things we've already talked about. He's never played a full season the NFL like he he is injury-prone Gardner Minshew beat him out. And that was after the Jags gave him a crap ton of money. I I personally wouldn't have a ton of confidence and it that's like, okay. Well now this is where it's going because if Nick Foles doesn't work out you throw your hands up and go what's next guy's name like that becomes a serious about there is a lot riding on Nick Foles success in Chicago right now. Can I make fun of myself, please? I have never had more trouble saying anybody's name in my entire life. Life than Kirk Cousins like whatever reason right I guess but like it's I can't figure out if it's the K and then the see I don't know why I can't do them back-to-back. But Kirk Cousins for me is the hardest game in the world. I don't know why I've never never say well you have any trouble with that? I sometimes say Kurt I do do wind up sleeping with Curt Zach. I actually have a question for you speaking about the Cults in the Bears. Sure. Yeah so long as someone who likes to break down quarterback tape. Yep. Can you please explain to me for the love of God because I watch that entire game who the hell taught Philip Rivers to throw the football because that throwing motion is like the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's like halfway between side armed and like a decent throwing motion and it's not like Patrick Mahomes side arming it. It's just like it's awesome. It's like it's like he's pushing a medicine ball forward. Yes, it's bad. Here's the thing about Philip Rivers. And if I may though, I did a whole film analysis about Philip Rivers. It's really interesting because The the second half is released is terrible here. Like what the heck is it's like a medicine ball push, but from the ground up the the first half is really good. He actually uses the space really. Well, he uses hips in his car to drive the ball off. The Finish is horrible. It's like he's just like throwing a medicine ball forward again, but the beginning parts are so good with this Corps and his hips that he generates a lot of force. So it is a need as much in the back end. It's kind of weird and I would never ever encourage anybody ever to throw the football like Philip Rivers. Like if you're a young quarterback do not watch him do not copy him. He's an old dog. You're not going to teach an old dog new tricks. I think at some point if he were at had been a quarterback in San Diego years ago, I would have said hey, but we're going to throw the ball a little bit differently, but he does what he does. It works pretty well for him and it's kind of like one of the you ever seen a guy he's got a really ugly jumpshot who just page thirty-seven in like it's just not going to change. It's exactly what the purpose is. It's just exactly what it is and he's mastered it so it works for him, but it's so ugly. It's so bad. I really hope he doesn't teach any of his sixteen children wage. Go to football like that and you have time for one more thing, of course, and if you want to cut this out we can I don't know. I'm curious though. I saw the news of covid-19 testimony today and what oh crap Stephon Gilmore has it. The Raiders have it the Titans have more cases, I believe. And I wonder at this point there's a couple options here. I go either you can have week 17 end and then we'll have two more weeks where we can say, let's play any makeup games. We need that we're canceled or pushed back. Then took the playoffs Oregon say guys. We gotta go to a hotel right now. Everybody's quarantined in a hotel and people fight against that but I say as players. Do you want to get paid or you'd want to have the cancel games and games suspended? Because if you want a game check off consistently, you're going to have to quarantine or make a change cuz right now it's what are your thoughts on this? Cuz I get nervous anytime. I see Covetous Ting composite of I oh that's not good for anybody and I saw on Twitter to like Stephon Gilmore like after the game was like right in the face of like Patrick Mahomes and like, you know, it's here's here's how I feel about it. I when we were talking like you look at the NBA off the NHL like they did it really well, right bubbling it up. Have a nice day. I think the problem with trying a bubble with the NFL is one. It's incredibly expensive. And the reason I say that is because the owner Is and the NFL do not want to pay money. They don't like they don't want to pay like an exorbitant amount of money. That's one to the the size of the teams are so big they're so expensive that it's almost impossible for them to do. Would it be like, you know possible? Yeah be a lot of work and stuff like that, but I think it's going to be so difficult because there's so many players on a team. So I think that could potentially be a problem but then the other thing is if you're talking about extending the season that's where I think it's going to wind up going. The problem becomes is like your the title means you missed last week. You're probably in Jeopardy for missing this next week because they held a practice when they shouldn't have and then what happens if you missed three weeks, so like if there's two weeks a lot at the end of the season right in which all the other teams have bye weeks. Like what does that look like if you have a team that's missed three games and there's only two weeks because there's going to be some teams that are going to get a hit harder than others. So I think yep. Going to be so incredibly difficult to try and plan out, you know any kind of make-up games and I'm wondering where it's going to go and I thought I really wouldn't be terribly shocked if they're found in like violation of protocol if they're just like listen, if you violated protocol you forfeit the next game like I would not doubt if it goes that way because like this has the potential to get ridiculous and I think as you're starting to see more positive cases, you know, the the NFL scrambled to get the Patriots and Chiefs play on Monday night, and I know Rodger Goodell is getting a lot of crap for that especially after Stephon Gilmore has tested positive, but you look at what had to happen with the Steelers and the Titans and now they're moving games around they're moving by weeks around, you know, etcetera that that's only that's only for two teams that they have to do that for and that already was a logistical nightmare what happens when it's four or six or eight teams like yep. I am very concerned about what's going to happen to this season. And I wonder if it's going to be delayed. I don't know if it's going to be you know extended because again, there's going to be a team that is going to be impacted more than others. And then so how do you quote unquote make up those games? You know, there's no wiggle room. Yeah. It's it's it's so finite, you know this the the love thing about the NFL is like, you know, there's so few games every single game matters. It's not like basketball. It's not like hockey or baseball where like you lose a couple of games, it's fine. Right like this is like 16 weeks regular season wage, that's it. And and I love that about football cuz it's really like do or die but at the same time, you know, if you're trying to reschedule things, it's near impossible. Yeah, it's awful. I know it's a scary to me. I'm like, I don't cuz I don't know what to do like if At the year gets put on hold or something. Like how do we cover? I don't know. It's kind of weird cuz you're in a weird. I hate I guess I hate the unknown where do I do a film analysis of the first three weeks is not even fair do we project what's coming up? I don't like as a Storyteller I go. What is the story? I don't even understand where it's so much. It's like in limbo. It's a weird to me. I don't know. Yeah, that's super self, isn't me? But of course, I am worried about myself. No, I mean like you listen. I mean, I'm in the same boat, right? Like it's it's one of those things that I thought about it and like one of the major reasons why you know, I went and got out of that teaching job again was because like there's a good chance that this season gets canceled and you know again the NFL will do what they have to do. Even if it's like this Super Bowls in March like either do what they have to do. Yeah, but at the same time, you know, there's no guarantee that it's even going to get better within the next few months. Right? Like there's so many outside factors involved. Variables I need to be accounted for a vaccine distribution of all the players take that like there's only so much stuff. And you know, I just don't know if that is happening within the next like five months. So I guess yeah, go ahead no say so it's like it's so difficult to try and even predict this because we're living in a time that's completely and totally unpredictable. Well, it's funny. That's why some people didn't do NFL predictions because it's how do you predict what's going to happen this year? I mean the Patriots if they had Cam Newton in that game might have one. I mean the papers had so many opportunities out if you watched it, but it was like, yeah that defense off the ball twice in the Red Zone plus another interception. It's like, oh my gosh, they could have one they really were there. Yep. Yeah, you know and it's crazy cuz like again you start talking about like those those Superstars getting out and it's not cuz they're injured right? It's like cuz they get sick and it's it puts already them at like such an unfair advantage and you know, you look at Brown County, Wisconsin, you know, we're Green Bay is you know, they are literally the epicenter of the country right now. The Green Bay Packers announced that they need not having fans for the foreseeable future because like everybody in their mother like, you know is getting sick. So I I think it's just it's so crazy, but it's also a reminder like not to get complacent cuz like at this point you can or like we're going to lose football like but it's super selfishly like well lose football. I guess maybe if anything does happen. Worst case like if worst case scenario happens right season gets canceled. It's over or whatever. At least we can look back and say we we got a couple weeks of entertainment that made it our life like twenty-twenty has been an awful year and you got a long season coming up. It's pretty miserable. I hate that kind of stuff. It's just terrible after terrible terrible thing. It's been really nice to have football. If anything does happen in football. Guess I can say it's been nice while it lasted. I mean really grateful for this year. It's been a a nice break from everything else going on. Yeah. Yeah. No, I get the whole don't cry because it's over smile because it happened doctor Seussical. Yeah. No, I got you. Yeah, I mean there definitely is that I mean, I will say as a Packers fan, I'm going to be pissed considering how well we're playing just like listen, there's not like if the jet if they cancelled the season tomorrow just enjoy life. Thank God like we don't have to watch this anymore. Yeah, but yeah, I I think you know, I don't think you'll have an all-out cancellation. I think you'll have a postponement if anything but yeah, you know the logistics of even trying to make that At work are going to be very very difficult you like you said I'm enjoying it while we have it. I hope it continues on. I hope that you know, they lock down on the protocols and kind of like at that point. That's always a good 4th. You put out a theory. I haven't heard from anybody if you violate a protocol that's an automatic forfeit the game, that'd be an interesting solution to say the schedule isn't compromised and we don't play the game. Yep. I mean cuz again, I don't cuz you're thing. I don't want to blame the people who are getting sick who got sick and it wasn't like in their control right? But if you're going out and like you're partying and your whatever and you're off the master stuff like that, then I would not be terribly surprised. The NFL turnaround was like here we have proof of you violating protocol. That's it. Like you know, we're we're not doing it. I guess one final thing, Let's end on a positive note when you look around the NFC and you guys are dominating the Packers are really really good. Aaron Rodgers looks phenomenal, you're even winning without all your players. Like the guy's missing it a part of the the comfort of having guys. I think there are guys that could have played on Monday that were like, we're not going to play cuz it's the Falcons we're comfortable. We thought about our team. I wonder if that happened at all, but my point is Are there any teams in the NFC you're nervous about what teams are you afraid of matching up against Seahawks ones first right off the bat Russell time you guys play Man O every time the Packers play the Seahawks this incredible. The only thing that I think we have an edge on is our defense, you know, I think that that we definitely have an edge there. I'm not saying we're a million times better. But are you confident against Russell Wilson know I mean, well, that's nice. It was in Lambeau. We always make his life miserable there like we we do scheme for Russell Wilson really well, but yeah, the Sea Hawks are I think the the big standout I don't think the 49ers game, you know, because they do have depth once they get healthy. They'll always be a threat even if they're Nerf a little bit and then you know, you look at the rest of the league the Cardinals which I thought it was like, holy crap Zack is right. They looked you know puzzled for the past couple of weeks. And then of course you have the Buccaneers who I think are going to be really really strong down the line cuz they are going to Better here goes on they are which scares me. So I would say like those like three teams are the ones that I'm like looking out for right now. The NFC East is just a dumpster fire wage. That's just yeah, it's just it's just real real bad. It's hilariously bad dude. Did you watch the Browns Cowboys game at all? I saw highlights of it. I did not watch the game and I embarrassing do. So bad and then and then Dwayne Haskins got benched. You're like, oh, how was it? What is his name? It's my God. Is it Kyle? Kyle Allen? That's the one I was going to say, but now yeah, he's he was named the starter but there's a part of that story. You might you might have missed Dwayne Haskins isn't number two. He said Alex minutes were doing like what you know what I have to say and like this is nothing against Dwayne Haskins or Kyle Allen. I really want to see Alex Smith take like even if it's one play I really want him to throw a football because like My utmost respect for that man, like what he went through that grueling injury for him to be able to step like under Center again and throw the football. I'm like, yeah all about it all about it off. What if he becomes the franchise quarterback once again in Washington, what if Ron Rivera the new coach says ultimately Alex Smith is my guy pound the table, that'd be how crazy. Would that be E. I love it. I would absolutely love I would be so all for that and again, I don't know if you want to give up on Dwayne Haskins just yet. But you know, cuz he's also had a bad go of things right like you watch baps, dude. He's not good. Oh, he's not good, you know but like, you know, you look at it this and like a Sam you and I are on pretty much the same page when it comes to Sam. Darnold Sam. Darnold is being wasted as a New York Jet, right, you know, and I'm not saying that the same exact thing is happening because you know, there's a better coaching staff over in Washington, but at the same time like there is a pretty significant lack of weapons. They have McLaren who's been playing real well, but like I think it's just a matter of I have always been about this if you can sit your first-round quarterbacks for a year, they will be better football players. Like I know it's cheaper old school. I know it's super traditional but like it has been a proven method. I'm not saying they're gonna be Superstars but they're gonna have a better time of things and I think like Dwayne Haskins might be one of those guys who needs to sit down and not be thrown in the fire. And I think that's the move of moving to number three. I'm sitting down man. I've been watching a I'm working on a film analysis Dwayne Haskins. And so sorry, it's it's not like people are dead. Open he's got people open. First of all, he's making a lot of bad decisions. But he's also got Guys open. He's missing like horribly in the dirt way over their heads like to the right to every direction other than where's receiver is it's like you don't know your mechanics are falling apart. And he's also got an average arm. I mean the velocity the ability to drive the ball downfield not to mention. He also isn't very mobile. So we can't extend a plane. I don't know what really he off the table then he seems like a great human being which is sad. Yeah. I like him as a person but it's like I don't know. Yeah. Well, I think you know what under Ron Rivera and like the tutelage of a guy like Alex Smith. I think that will give him the best opportunity to succeed whether he will or not, you know, only time will tell but I think sitting him is is is a good move final thing as a guess as we always do this, right the Dolphins announced that to a tongue of a lower is not going to be starting they're going to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick. I saw that and went thank goodness because they're dead. No hurry, I would assume you agree a million percent and Fitzpatrick's not playing terribly either. I think right now like let's talk about dolphins fans. Are you going to the playoffs this year know like if you're not like it's not going to happen unless some miracle you shouldn't have even won all the games that you won last year. That's Ryan Fitzpatrick literally like come like bringing the team together willing you to some victories. So no like this is not this is not your coming in and going. Oh man. Like this is our year. It's not it you're rebuilding still right on top of that. You are blessed with two first-round picks up. Both of them might be really low because you have the Texans first and second-round picks. So I think you look at this and you go nope to a you sit your ass down. You learn behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and that's what your job this season and that's it. You maybe throw a minute like, you know, the very end or something just to get his feet wet or get him some reps. But no Ryan Fitzpatrick is my starter until like he gets injured or he's so cataclysmic Louis Add like that you have no other choice because again, I'm old school like that but like have them sit because the knowledge that he'll get from that is is going to be much better than him getting hit by a defensive lineman and potentially getting injured. I keep seeing some weird stories some people in Miami, I don't know if it's writers that are kind of baiting at the emotion of a Miami fan but I have to wonder like what's the what is the expected life in Miami? What were they thinking this year was going to because I keep seeing people write things like the year is a bust it's over it's time to go to to like yeah year is ruined. It's a failure. It's like, well, what do you expect the year to be aggressive? You're you're you're paying the highest Corners like in the league right now, right like you so you're building that defense back up. You got rid of Fitzpatrick, which you know, that was that's a whole nother thing off, but I think you know, if you look at the Dolphins right now, there's going to be rebuilding years and this is like you said, this is one of them and so if you want to not have more of these rebuilding years Your best chances to have to a sit and learn I think in the end that minkah Fitzpatrick trade was a good move because they got a starter in the draft to replace him. They traded me for first round pick and make if it's Patrick didn't want to be there and I thought hard yeah football so much about how hard you work your emotion. Do you want to show up and if you're emotionally checked out make of its Patrick didn't want to be there and while he's a great player and it's a dilute like you never want to see a guy like make of his Patrick leave your luggage room. But if that player doesn't want to play for you and they're just done. I think the best thing to do is trade him away for a first-round pick which they did which is like well, I mean, hey you gotta starter to replace the starter you sad to see the guy leave, but he was willing to work with you anyway. Yeah, I mean like, you know, it's it's funny because if you if you take any Solace Dolphins fans, it's that you're not the worst team in Florida like that. That's like that's the thing. I mean like I love Gardner Minshew to death, you know, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are literally like devoid of talents like they they're not a good football team with your bold. Not only the not you're you're the one of the bulbs in Florida. You're not the worst human for that. You're also now that we're senior division cuz the jets are in your division. Oh my God. Yeah. So, you know, you're not the Jets. There you go. You're not the Jets. So hold those those sunburned heads High because you're not then and sitting in your back pocket is a rookie quarterback. I think it's going to be pretty good at some point. Yes. Yeah, and it doesn't have to be right now. Do you live around Jets fans? Oh, yes. What are they like I'll put this way the last time so I went to the Jets game a couple of years ago, which was actually an okay experience. The first time I went to a Jets Packers game at the time right before that that was like I want to say it was like 2012 or something. It was last time. I played him and the score was 9 nothing like that. We'd the Packers 192 nothing. It was not a great game unless you really suck like defense has and Mason Crosby and we I was with my younger brother at the time and I I walk we walk up to our seats and a Jets fan literally turns around and like my brother were young at that point and he just goes hey go fuc yourself, like right at I was just like, okay, welcome to the Meadowlands like that that that's what we're doing now. So, you know what Jets fans at this point though. Like I have no legs to stand on cuz they've been bad for so long they keep on touting that you know, they had two back-to-back AFC Championship appearances and I just bring up the butt fumble and usually that's it. You know, they they really dead. In pink for a long time. So but you know, it's it's New York. So they're going to be loud and obnoxious and them for the record. If you know in case you like you're missing something Tom lives north of New York City Tom here is my life. I think my last eight it looks like a it looks like a what do you what's the thing you put under like an armpit? What's the thing called? It looks like it looks like a deodorant container off. Yeah, let's say exactly look like a stick of deodorant that Stadium from the outside Am I Wrong is it just ugly as hell? It's it's fine like again if I'm comparing it to other stadiums, it's not the nicest one. I've been in but yeah, I think it's the thing that pisses me off about it cuz I was at you know, the Meadowlands and then I've been at MetLife. Yeah, and the worst thing about it. Honestly is not even it's a. It's seeds or like that. It's just it's such a pain in the ass again to like it is legitimately. Yeah out of the way and I you know what, I want to say one random thing. I was reading. I think it was dead. Maybe like the NFL rankings on nfl.com or something. I was looking at that and they said about the Giants that saying that like, you know, they're the best team in New York like I turned around and I'm like, you know, the bills are in New York, right like they're the only New York team because you're out in Jersey that pisses me off to no end and I think it pisses off a lot of bills fans to like they're the ones who were like, oh no, they're Buffalo. That's actually in New York. The MetLife Stadium is in New Jersey like you you cross the threshold. It smells really bad. You know that you're in New Jersey and you know, it's worth it drives me insane, but I could not be happier that both Jets and Giants fans alike are literally like the two worst teams in football. I'm all about it. So when I came to visit you in New York, I was staying in downtown Manhattan. So kind of why I don't I have no idea someone around my friend has an apartment in Manhattan like a high-rise was pretty cool and I was literally five miles away from the stadium and yet it took me forty-five minutes to get there anyway. This is a brass. This is off. Yes, and two trains transfer like not fun at all. Yep. Yep. Welcome to it. That's terrible. I had a New York. I I I couldn't do it man. I don't think I could live in New York City. I don't not for me. I want to live in the woods somewhere quiet at the loan. That's it. Never talked to anyone just make my football videos. Yeah. Absolutely. I like a chicken, cat and a girlfriend and maybe a wife someday and we'll just talk about football and do my thing. So, I love you so much. Thank you so much for your time there anything you want to talk about left anything you want to add? No, let's just get the season goes. Okay, please God. I hope so Tom. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Appreciate you and talk to you. All right. I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Tom Grossi. He's one of my favorite people. I want to end today's episode with ask Zack. It's my favorite part of the show. That's where I answer questions from the audience in case you don't know how it works you go to patreon.com forward slash. Are you give a dollar a month? You can give more if you want to please do it literally helps pay my rent. But a dollar a month gives you access to submit questions on page right now. I do not guarantee. If you took it a question. I do not guarantee to read your question on the show. My only guarantee is that I guarantee to look at every single question with my eyeballs. I promise I do I pick the top couple of read them either at the end of every show off or sometimes. I do an entire episode of ask Zack dedicated to just answering questions from the audience. It legitimately is my favorite thing to do on the show. So I want to start today with a question from Caleb Caleb Robertson. Hey Zach, the MLB playoffs are coming around but this question is more about baseball than about the MLB as a kid. What was your batting stance? How did it evolve and which batting stage where your favorite? Thank you and I hope you are getting some rest this week. I had a coach who really loved Albert Pujols and that's really kind of how everybody we wage. We didn't hold our hands kind of back the way did like over his face a little bit. But we all really are lower bodies. Especially where modeled after Albert Pujols the way he pops his hips and uses his hips Drive the bat or drive the baseball. I don't really have a story about my batting stance. I really didn't model after anybody. I I loved it man. I used to hit baseballs constantly. I still you know, I honestly should go to a batting cage the feeling of having a baseball is kind of like nothing else now. It's kind of ironic. I'm talking I think baseball because I I couldn't hit a baseball to save my life as a kid. Now. There's a reason for that. You know, my one of my earliest experiences playing baseball was like I didn't play baseball, I think like t-ball and stuff. I play baseball later in life. And I remember we playing Gresham, Oregon. There was this kid with this crazy fastball through life. I I don't remember the numbers. I felt like eighty miles an hour and when you were a kid, like twelve years old, that's incredibly fast and He threw the ball with heat, but he also had a curve ball. And I remember trying to learn how to hit a curve ball and my coach goes saying when it's curvy you gotta sit on it and wait, it'll curvin you gotta just wage and hit the ball. And so that this kid throws a fastball and it will I thought it was curve ball with those the ball. It's coming right in my face and my coach has been telling me all week on the curve or just hang in there wait, it'll curve any got to hit it. So I'm sitting there waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm waiting for that ball the curve and Bam it never curves. It hits me right in the face and my face swelled up. It was purple entire week literally the halfway so I couldn't see out of my left eye. It was insanity and ever since then, you know that moment really shook me a lot as a like a young twelve-year-old. I couldn't hit a baseball for a long time. I really struggle with hanging in there cuz I just was so I guess it kind of makes sense. Like look I had gigantic dudes and football running at me no fear. Like I really was never afraid of getting hit in football, but you throw a projectile at me in baseball. I couldn't handle it and have no shame saying that it's kind of a crazy thought like I want to throw a projectile. You it's hard as I possibly can. It's a little weird now in the end. I did end up being able to hit again at some point Pub and the drill that really helped me hit a baseball when it became time was there was this drill we did and it really if you're ever if you're playing baseball I encourage you to do this drill. It's a massive help you get a wiffle ball. And you're the guy to need just flipping wiffle balls to you and your fitting into a net. Here's the key to the drill you get a dowel or like a like a curtain rod basic. I got a a wooden like it's a long cylinder. It was made out of wood really thin looks like curtain rod. I think it's called a dowels the word you cut that with wood about the length of a bat you put grippy tape on the end. You hold it in your whatever your fiber hand is holding a baseball my friends my left hand. I was right-handed. You put your hand under your armpit head your chin on your front hand and it just worked on pulling your front body through kept you're forced you to have your chin on your shoulder pinned down and how do you pop your hips and pull your core through a help me throw that that drill not only did it teach me how to hack my hips and my coworker help me throw a baseball put me through I assume you help me throw a football really well. Part of why through football so well is because I gather those tiny had no muscle was like a little tiny kid, but I had I did a great job using a hit some according to generate force and that's because you know learning how to hit a baseball encourage you man hidden do like get, you know, three feet from a fence how someone on a knee popping you with football's put that over them under your armpit grab the dowel attached to your jaw to your you know, front shoulder and then pull through and hit that thing and then throw your what is this called your I guess your pinky throw your ping pong or your the knob of your poem at the baseball you pull the knob at the baseball and the rest follows through and you pull you just I guess the best way to put you throw your hands at the baseball when you throw your hands at the baseball, you inevitably follow through and hit the ball really? Well that drill that's stupid drill Rick reifenrath my coach back in the day great, dude. I loved him. He really helped me hit a base wage. Tommy a lot of life lessons he's just a really great coach used to practice in the rain. I loved it that drill single-handedly helped me learn how to hit a baseball after getting hit in the face and having a really really hard time off. The next question of the day is from Jean-Luc. He says hey Zach heard for your call for more fun questions. So here goes the commissioners of all major North American Leagues have convened you to a meeting. Once you arrive to tell you why they called you there. You have been given the ability to force one of the major leagues to play all of their games with players being at least a little bit drunk. Which League do you think would be the most fun to add an alcohol minimum to and why thanks for looking at this question with your eyeballs my initial reactions baseball for sure because baseball Is more relaxed I don't want drunk dudes running at each other and football. I think basketball. Would your hand eye coordination? That'd be a problem. I think that hockey might be interesting cuz of the fighting here's the reality. You don't want anybody playing sports drunk in any level now. I can see other substances helping I'm not going to say which ones I'm talking about, but I could see certain substances make it easier to focus on certain things or helping you get in the moment when you're playing football maybe but I don't know what you know, you make a gesture with her hand. I don't know idea. I think baseball Maybe here's a problem with having you know, drunk guys play baseball is your again throwing projectiles at each other you're hurling a tiny weapon other people basically and then your home weapon a baseball bat. So I don't know that anybody playing sports trunk is a good idea. I know I'm the kind of drunk that I when I'm drunk, I don't feel like I'm in control and that is not funny that I don't think you want anybody playing sports being incredibly physical with other human beings and they're not in control. And so that's why I don't drink very much by the way. I don't really like the taste very much. My dad makes fun of me. Ironically. I'm like a faith. My dad jokes. It's not really true. I'm like a failure as a son because my dad's a beer writer. My dad is a beer podcast. He's a heavily in the Portland area where I grew up he's a really well-known food a personality and he loves beer loves alcohol loves drinking goes to wine tasting events breweries and wine, you know wine wineries out the word. They invite my dad all over the country all over the globe. He's Bend It Like Beckham. A Grace to go wine tasting because they invited him there to write about it. Like literally my dad's that kind of guy or he's well known for his food writing and his ability to drink and taste beer and I don't have any faith in it. It's kind of funny, but we're just different and that's okay. I love my dad. My dad's been on the show before. I hope you there's a podcast. I do called flawed humans with my girlfriend with my dad and it's really really fun. If you want to hear that go listen to it. It's really really great. Tom Watson. He says hey Zach, I'm glad Josh Allen's working out. I remember everyone telling me he was going to be a bust. Anyway, we live in a world where one misstep whether be online or off could cause tremendous backlash at someone's career. I believe this is true for sports as well. What do you believe it's been your biggest mistake so far on the internet, are there any mistakes you think that your peers people on ESPN or Fox Sports have made you made you believe that are there any mistakes? Do you think your peers have made that you believe should be apologize for or addressed PS have heard of quibby. I hope you do a fan questions for those who watch flawed humans wage if like humans podcast some point as well you and Elizabeth are funny as my girlfriend. First of all due dates for watching and listening to flawed humans. That's really cool now. I'm not going to talk about other people's mistakes. And I think that I think the biggest mistake made in sports content right now. Honestly is I'm saying stuff without thought I'm guilty of it too. But we all I think everyone says stuff a little too quickly sometimes without taking their time and without thinking about the implications and the consequences. I think Not Just Sports that's literally every single form of media in the world. Especially with opinion shows. It's quick. It's reactionary. It's a problem often now. my biggest mistake as a sports broadcaster I want to start actually with things have gotten right cuz I feel like I never ever get credit for things that gotten right. I mean, I remember will Grier I said not going to be great NFL quarterback. Oh my gosh anger bought a ton of people were super mad at me Anthony Gordon at Washington State. I said fool's gold and people. Oh Zach, you're wrong watch the film la like I did watch film. I watched him live. I watch him there. I met him been around a lot. I didn't believe him a didn't believe in him as an NFL quarterback and he went undrafted Luke Falk another quarterback at Washington State. I've been really close to his Washington State quarterback starter Manchu Luke Anthony Gordon what I believed in regards to the other two, I went Hold your horses relax, not that great. And I was right now my biggest mistake as a broadcaster. I don't know. I did a bear segment last week. I think it's pretty bad like a conspiracy theory. I didn't I didn't I look back on that until I probably shouldn't have talked about that. I hope I didn't lose people actually had I don't know. DK Metcalf kind of the one that got away is DK Metcalf, actually DK Metcalf. I didn't topic about DK Metcalf in the end around the time of the NFL draft where I said look everybody. I know that's power and DK Metcalf. If you watch them in college ran three routes a go route a slant route and hitch route and I said man wage is good at those three things, but he's only got three tools in the toolbox and you can't be in the NFL if you can do more than three things and Seattle drafted him. And very quickly showed that you can do only three things in the NFL. They had to run go routes to how to run Slants and they hadn't run hitches most of the time now as the year went on and as time has gone on he's evolved his route treat em, DK Metcalf has worked incredibly hard as a way better player. I don't know that I was wrong about d k Metcalf actually. It's kind of funny. Like I said that he's I think I was over the top maybe about 5 to talk about his problems. But I said, look I said he had problems. I thought he did he did now he went to a perfect fit Seattle that instead of trying to you know, Federal round peg into a square hole. They said we're gonna let Deacon Metcalf Metcalf and do what he does best and that was, you know, run those three routes and do well and then over time they've added to his game and he's gotten better and worked really hard and so it's kind of frustrating when people look at my Original DK Metcalf video. It's the only time I'm sure there's a significant portion of people that only ever watched me talk about things one time. You saw my opinion about DK Metcalf said he's an idiot he's wrong and walk away and it's disappointing because I think honestly that the minute we saw signs of DK Metcalf getting better and me being wrong I talked about I said, here's what happened. I got new information off. Here's what's going on and it's frustrating when people don't listen to the whole story, like people see like one thing I say all year rather than everything I've said about a topic there's a whole laundry narrative and maybe I need to do a better job restating and repeating things. I've said, I don't know but I feel like I unjustly get hate for things. I'm wrong about when it's like I already talked about the evolution a story and it's you know, this is a two year old story. Like I've been like so many follow-ups about DK Metcalf at this point that it's like I don't know that it's I mean, I I was wrong initially and the minute I was proven wrong. I talked about Thursday. Got new information and I explained why I did a whole film analysis of DK Metcalf. Like I don't I still get messages from people on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook from saying like you all caps angry. You're an idiot you're wrong, but he came back. It's like what how are you watch any other video of ever made about DK Metcalf like after one video? I was like, yeah pretty clear like wage looks like it's working out in Seattle. So, I don't know. I just hate the personal tax. It's like It's part of the job. I have to remember that I I do this job because I like talking about sports. Like talking about sports. That's I enjoy it. It's fun. I have a lot to say at Chevrolet inside if you don't like it, don't watch don't listen. I guess people that do hate me that watch and listen they do still home. So I shouldn't complain about that either. I don't know. I I think maybe my biggest fear is losing the audience Someday. My biggest fear is that someday everyone's going to turn on me and hate me. That's what I don't want. I love my job. I love my life. I don't have a college degree. Now. That's that's my problem. Not your problem. But I know that I watched this for the rest of my life and I don't ever want to lose it and I am always kind of a little bit afraid of that honestly, and it maybe that's unhealthy. I probably have a deep probably need counseling about that. But I I love what I do love my job. I want to make content forever have a movie podcast. I really want to start as soon as the NFL season is over and we can do it and if covid-19. And then I think that's when I get criticism for being wrong or a lot of hate. It's hard not to let it get to me because I I don't say things slip gently. I work really hard. I put a lot of care into this. This is my baby. This is my everything and I'm trying to do a better job just letting other voices that don't like me disappear into the background because they don't matter of why I think what matters is am I proud of what I'm doing and do I like what I'm doing do I think what I'm making is quality and as long as I can say yes to those questions we're doing okay, so Share my heart. I don't know. I want to end the show with the final question of the day from Connery says hey Zach. I've been watching some film of college quarterbacks lately now, it's wondering if you plan on doing analysis of Tanner Morgan or sharing your thoughts on him. You're one of my favorite people in the world. Keep up the great work bro Conor. Thank you so much means a lot Hannah Morgan is a quarterback at Minnesota. I liked Anna Morgan like it's one of those guys. Like I like him. I don't hate him. He's gotten okay arm. He does some good stuff. He's very accurate Tana Morgan. Maybe it's like a long island Guy where Kyle Island was just named the quarterback of Washington and where he'd do some good stuff, right? He's not I don't think a franchise quarterback nothing like that. But I'd be curious to watch more from Dana Morgan to see if he gets better to see if it's timing his timings. Great. His accuracy is great. I don't love his arm strength. Now, if you can get good enough at everything else to outweigh his problems with arm strength, then he's in a quarterback, but I don't his arm strength is very very limiting. Now. I know that people get mad at that and I don't know. I just really I guess my big Grand statement about Tana Morgan is I want to see more I just want to see more from him. And once I see more film then I'll have more information and can make a more accurate assessment. Now. I say this College film analysis videos are really hard because I can't get advertisers on them. I don't make any money on them. And so I'm working on getting third-party advertisers link when I want to be able to say this video is sponsored by blank, you know, Hawaiian shirt company or drink company, you know, let's say pineapple juice company, whatever right? It'd be a mug company or toothbrush company or something and if I can get those sponsorships to make these college football film analysis videos possible what they're going to get hundreds of thousands of years. I have confidence and that then we're going to get college football film analysis videos with footage of film last year did college football film analysis videos. And it didn't have any film on them because I couldn't make it happen. I had to do them without film because the NCAA steals my money would never ever I do them and it's really frustrating. It's a pain in the butt and so I am on a film analysis videos already. Frustration so I love them. They're hard to really hard. They take a ton of time and they make no money. So but I do them cuz I like them and I'm interested in them. So most if you're watching a film on a video, I probably not making money on it. So it's it's a big weird thing idea but I still include film as often as I can cuz I I make enough money. I'm okay, and I I wanted make good content and I really I'm kind of stupid artists like I I try to make a really high-quality product. Even if it's I try to sacrifice everything as long as it benefits the quality that makes sense. So maybe do a fault. I don't know but I'm happy I have enough buddy. I have a place to live. I've got food on the table. I'm happy. So I appreciate you guys. My name is Akshay. I'm going to take a short break down not in the show. So I have actually It's Thursday, October 8th. It's 11:18 p.m. Our a.m. Excuse me in the morning. I wanted to get this out a long time ago, and I apologize for how late this episode is and how long it's taken and tonight. I'm watching Tom Brady tonight. I am watching the Lakers probably win the NBA Finals. We're going to talk tomorrow about trade Lance the quarterback in North Dakota State. I cut that out of this episode because it's long enough as it is didn't need more content and we'll also talk about college football. It's going to be a huge weekend in college football will do a preview of the NFL's wage five a lot of good stuff. I had gotten my name is Zach shomler. I'm going to take a short break. I will be right. No my gosh. I keep saying that it's my it's my like go to my name is action omlor. This show is over. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Have a great day, but I'm bum bam we are done.

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