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"josh alanthea" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"A top schedule in national football league i just don't know about the institutional control of top also i'm going to go and as much as the hurts me to say this under i don't want to be disrespectful to top balls because i really like him i don't put this year on todd bowles i mean this team is not necessarily set up for success they don't have a great deal of experience but i'm gonna go with under and i think that a lot of jets fans out there will be glad to see their team will less than three and a half i'll tell you what i'm not as a player not a sheldon richardson or muhammad wilkerson but i think as a fan of a team you'd rather two and fourteen the five and eleven up as a man of a team i mean tour fourteen pretty much guarantees you an opportunity to grab one little franchise quarterbacks at the top of next year's quarterback draft class the 2018 class i mean sam sam donald josh rosen uh i mean those guys the kit from wyoming josh alanthea's you want better than any other i like to allocate for wyoming these gummy harm he's got a big army looks to party six five two hundred thirty five pound keto remind me rothlisberger casting a role for franchise quarterback a movie that's what it looks like so i trust my eyes neck concerned you can make some pros gets a little bit of trouble but you know i like him on upside speaking of uh what will one more question for you visit worry you at all that he didn't go to a big school that he's gonna come at a wyoming crushed winston go to a big schooler and i think that people would point to the potential and feel pretty good about the quarterback situation of philadelphia's article peppered and go to bigs nav and a lot of guys did go to school at our successful nfl quarterback derek hard in goteborg school not leg i guess what you're in the middle of the stephen a smith show podcast that is the steve eighth michelle steve added back tomorrow dave robber chris canny in his stead.

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