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"josh alad" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"You probably be with starting the kid but since it's on the road i believe they're going to start jimmy g. I believe i believe jimmy g. makes it at least two weeks before i think he's going to start against the packers to me. I don't get the mindset of we'll we'll go with trae in game five. Why wouldn't you if you're going to go with him in game five. Just go with him in game one. Why would you do that your football team. Because what if what if jimmy g. does get your foreign gordon. Trae lay skill. That's what you really hope. I know cali saying the kids going to play. We want him to play. But all things being equal. We would like to have a patrick mahomes situation. We'd like to have an aaron rodgers situation. We would like to have one of these situations where the guy get a year to learn or get seven eight games like a lamar jackson. We get hoping he gives situation to learn josh. Alad would go to probably not in of early cd. But somehow they went to peterman and we know what happened here. He had the worst day in the history of quarterback. When you buy a couple of them got probably got return. Yup and so they went to josh allen. Lots and guess. What if jimmy d goes to detroit and go to this kid probably a lot. Sooner than they anticipated. I can see him going to feel it. They probably won't come home. they're providence. Stay on the east coast. Hip cuts both games on the east coast. Yeah they were probably just say their practice somewhere in detroit and then. Just go down the pill. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Play detroit all the way back across the west coast and then turn around and go way back cross country. The friday not happening. I could make a case that it'll be easier for him to start on the road at home. Just less pressure. Just you don't have to sort of live up to the the standing ovation. You're gonna get when you first start out on field that's just me. I think this kid is built to take it. I believe that the head coach is built to take it for him and the better question is what if trae lance could start for no mean. Well what if you did then. Would you not be off to the races for no Stuff i think. This team is good enough and remember. What are you is. Tell me where we always say. Quarterbacks best friend is running game who could they just run the football. It's not that they have stars at running back although they have some very good ones. But it's the the scheme is the star. Yes and in part. That's what happened to you under my hand. Yes this scheme worked with all your draft in first round draft. Td they gotta learn tricks round. Orlando area saying things of that nature. bobby turner. Who's running back coach. He's always going to be would've shock collar shanahan. He followed him..

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