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Menace2Midwest Ep #011  OSU is for real, Harbaugh is NOT.

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Menace2Midwest Ep #011 OSU is for real, Harbaugh is NOT.

"In the fall is F- picked up by Michigan stakes genuine watts Jackson no may fortman no more to how dominant of a of a win and how good of a win that was against the team that is not your tip atypical nine they I mean I I will tell you this As Cincinnati progresses and and continues to look how they look this week that's going to be a further testament took down the mighty National Champs National Champs yeah they I mean they looked really good and and UCF I mean that's two losses in a row live team out there I'd be hard pressed to I I would love to hear an argument of WHO's better than Cincinnati outside of the power five but to do so because he's one of the finest human beings I've met he's as fine of a football coach as he is human being and the proof is in the pudding well-coached they're tough they're well prepared Brady Collins the strength coach has them they look like a big time football team and they went and no power group of five yeah or power five team yeah that's what I said after watching that Game Ohio State beat the Best Group of yeah it is October sixth the evening of at least Patriots Subscriber Champs the reigning National Champs. I have I have I've done nothing but praise Luke fickle as a football coach since we started the show I will I will continue i. UCF might be looking for a new head coach hot seat hot seat in Orlando Cincinnati looking like that might be their only loss to Ohio state yeah well the Buckeyes with a huge win huge win I I would I guess you would say significant win I don't think so I for the rest of us it is October seventh thank you for joining us on menace to the Midwest and what a weekend of Midwest Football Oh yeah the game for for really Ohio state it was a great test for a bigger test and really set the tone for their season and he ate has he is he is that Cincinnati team looks so well coached which ultimate ultimate question right is not like for central Florida as well never mind that Central Florida held their national championship parade at Disney and a lot of people were talking about they are the best team in the country or now they're now they're relevant but here we are but bigger news in my opinion My favorite thing about the game probably was the troll job by Cincinnati because if you guys saw put out yes bigger Midwest News how about the Cincinnati bearcats the fighting Luke pickles yeah taking fix took down USA national you a great challenge for Ohio State on offense because Michigan State as as a solid defensive horrific offense but but at the end of the day you don't say at the end of the day but at the end of the evening it was it was so cincinnati after they beat them put out like immediately so it was very quick and they put it out and well I think we beat Cincinnati I think that's a pretty big win but that no one talks about yeah they won't they won't talk about that but you know it was it was a great win for Ohio State a great if you for those for those that didn't see it and the reference was it was the magic kingdom the Castle Orlando make the cut when they when they when they broke up the biggie Cincinnati didn't make the cut which is that was the end of Cincinnati like trying to push a great win for Luke and and I will say this now just be prepared for him to get a big time job and it might not be after this season and before we get into the Ohio state game another huge game I guess on paper as was the top twenty matchup Iowa the menace oh good are they they're they're really good I mean but at the end of the day when you look at Luke fickle and the job he's doing they are extremely at Michigan man that was neither team should be that high ranked I'm I don't know if either team should be ranked well I mean you can't say that was great about twenty eight percent of cheese and so we're clear shape patterson was not that much better yeah they played better than they played all year and Iowa couldn't pass bro gave up I eight sacks they allowed twenty three grass and then all of a sudden you're not what they thought you were but they definitely should have been ranked I mean they were four no but I will tell you this it was it was legitimately a battle to solidify their resume to prove themselves and get a better job I mean it's not ideal but if you look at Dantonio Brian Kelly these guys Butch Jones over there for one rushers on fifty four total plays almost half of their past plays the quarterback was under duress so Kudos to Don Brown what a what a game I'm with one rushing yard wow this is Iowa Iowa like this is like Wisconsin junior the next season which is it's sad for Cincinnati because you wanna see a coach be there for a long time well I mean we could go into the politics of it but the reality is when Cincinnati didn't this is not going to go well for the undefeated Hawkeye's because they they shut down Michigan on the first drive in Michigan was awful in offense the entire day and then the running back sergeant yeah I really wanted to talk about is this whole Iowa Wisconsin and they're different in some aspects but this archaic offense they run this I formation they have fullbacks and they have these offense that most people here here's here's how bad it is right Alabama to run this offense and they abandoned it Alabama has the best players in the country if they abandon it you should yeah that's what I always one rushing yard that's ridiculous and it was the whole the whole game the game started off and it was like Oh boy yeah exactly you have to be just laser focused on getting the coach because he missed one time and you're just done well it's what happened to him they is the worst of the two nate Stanley graded out the lowest player on Iowa's offense and he was he was I think hold on oh absolutely unless you can't get the skill players to run the other kind of offense that sounds good I'm with you but the Iowa's the Wisconsin's and even Alabama back when they were the pro style like under center offense and had poor quarterback play you you can't tell me right under center run the ball they do that and they try to make a living off of it and in Iowa obviously failed that running the ball for one yard it was bad the other problem that Iowa found themselves first of all what it really was was a Kudo Saddam Brown he got that defense playing I mean he I find I mean Russell Wilson went to Wisconsin. You can't tell me you can't find a quarterback or you can't aberdares went to Wisconsin he was a great college player you can find those kids you're two three years and then they move on Yeah what the good thing is if you want success you hire a coach that does that and then moves on and you got what you got you you got what you want plan what a ex- execution by their defense but it wasn't just the throw game it wasn't just the past ro IA ended the game missed out because they weren't as relevant as some of the like the Louisville's that made it in the ACC your how how did that happen but anyways just a big win for them fumbled unlike the first or second play on offense after that and gave it right back to Michigan and you're sitting there like Oh boy and as the game progressed you're like this is bad but bad quarterback play it was like as you watch the game you're watching and saying my God these two quarterbacks are horrible who is going to be worse and let me tell you all you can get is like six eight three hundred and twenty pound guys to come to your school he might as well run behind him that I mean that's all well and good they've never it should be but you know the politics of hiring coaches and turnover you never know how it's going to go but he won't be there longer than the next two to become a really good job yeah I mean you look at it and that I think if you're Cincinnati you have to know that that's kind of what you are you're a place that up and coming head coaches Goto was four no they should have been that they shouldn't be anymore well that's what happens when you play football is you lose a game and you you show you center thing so we're not doing it like if you practice and only go under center than trying to change to a spread option just because third and eight it doesn't mean you're not going to be proficient at it at the bottom it says and it said you hate to see it it was perfect it was phenomenal awesome by them what a what a great win for Cincinnati Shit every year watches the NFL draft look at look at receivers in the NFL it's not like all of them went to Ohio State Florida USA equal or lesser opponents and that's what Alabama faced they would dominate people and live in that world and then they would face someone that could match up with them and good and it was really bad Michigan's offense was not any better now they couldn't run the ball their whole office of game plan was Clemson no there's there's kids from everywhere you can find kids but it's a it's a philosophy and what blows my mind is teams line up like that on first and second down live eighty percent of your life on first and second down it under center twenty-one personnel hand the ball off play act hard play action how can has had jobs a bunch of big time school sounds good there's there's one thing that you don't normally do and that is pop off at the mouth like Oh what do we do now do now and I mean Iowa was six of seventeen on third down which is not like the worst day you've ever had on third down but it is not good four wide shotgun and it's like what how how how can you be any good that you are not you live in that world and then be good in those situations when you get in the red zone or thirty six and you have to throw the ball you have to spread 'em out you have to you have to spread yeah I mean embarrassing yeah I mean he only completed fourteen passes of his twenty six I mean that's you know just above fifty percent and he only had finally throw it up to tall wide receivers and it's like we were talking about it yesterday and it was like just do it every play that right that's whatever you whatever you say if you wanNA publicly say something or do anything anything like that you'd better back it up absolutely and boy is he if that's what's working do it more because they were the Utah about six to seventeen is bad michigan was three of thirteen on third down shape it's like under center twenty one personnel so t to to backs and tight end or maybe two backs in two tight ends or maybe one back in two sided whatever just big people but what blows my mind is it's like all right I down second down all of a sudden it's third and five and it's like what do you do now it's like oh here's let's get in the shotgun shotgun time we're GONNA go there's another thing that I have not followed the first rule when I when I was a football coach I certainly did not keep my mouth shut but what I always said was one hundred forty seven yards through a pick no touchdowns I mean he he just he's not what you expected that's for sure he's certainly not what they said he would be the best quarterback in the big ten patterson is being the biggest disappointment when it comes to hype and performance this year across the country as has by far as has jet Josh Gattis I'll tell you this as a professional which Josh Gad is a professional right here's paint a lot of money yeah he he defense out how can you be decent in those situations well it's the same thing people used to get mad urban Meyer for not going under center it's like we don't practice that we don't do the Dan did did you push this up to it did you do the loss today wow I don't know about you guys but for me a game is ten times more exciting when I'm putting my money on it sometimes I feel I have a gut feeling about a matchup and sometimes they're hitting their stride okay I'm sorry I can I can't I heard that after the game and I can't just not say something about it hitting Your Stride Ellen on that second point it's not pretty and it's it's not a lack of skill like it's not like he's at a program that doesn't have the skill to perform no not going well in Ann Arbor and and they will tell this is a big win somehow some way but the wildest thing and I'm GonNa play it right now for you was boss post-game quote about their offense and how it's going so I wanNA play that right now I really think we're hitting our stride I really do tackles for loss one hundred six in turnovers hitting your stride that type of delusion we'll get you fired so when I heard that I was like Whoa having your brain my goodness the delusions arbor are going to be going to end up tragic for Jim harbaugh tenure that's all I'm going to say the way our offense has been practicing where they've been preparing I think it's I think of great faith that they're 'cause they'd let you bet multiple games together for a much bigger payout so if you're gonNa bet this season do the smart thing and go to my bookie dot ag because no is like the Disney intro to if any of you have kids you've seen the Disney intro to castle and the little shooting stone you wish upon a star and Walt Disney amount timeout you can you cannot throw your coaches under the bus and not throw your offense under the bus and still have some semblance of reality some semblance of one gives you more ways to win between football season Emma we play offs and the start of the NBA NHL seasons it's time to get off the sidelines and get into action likes to try to bet a little to win a lot try a parlay for instance if you like a couple of the big favorites this week which you did this weekend parlays are perfect ag but outside of Outside of some gambling how about the Buckeyes in Michigan State that was it was a great game and it was the ninety third best offense in the country one hundred and second best rushing offense in the country hundred and fourth in explosive runs one hundred sixth in allowing all that other I I think I think the problem goes back to you know they aren't letting shake call the place it's a long time ago but four I'll be a hopeful big ten lineman yeah the one of the best line coaches in the country in Ed Warner right you just look sloppy and not deposit use Promo Code Menace Emmy Nace to activate the offer that's Promo code menace to double your cash visit mybookie Dot ag of these people listening do they need to face adversity survive adversity learn how to get through adversity because that's of that Ohio state needs more adversity they need more struggles more challenges if you're one of those people right now that says we WANNA win at all I'm telling you right now what if you really want to support your team this season don't just sit on the sidelines game with my bookie dot ag and if you join right now my bookie will double your first it exposed a lot of things it provided a little adversity for a house state which which I think is so necessary and to be honest it's even more necessary they need more dot Com and the worst thing you could ever do is not have experienced it and then have to face it against the best team in the country and it's a bad deal and the NFL Games yeah so so that's still in process but you did you double your money I did I'm just betting on my team because they're my team regardless of whether you've been betting for years or you're ready to play for the first time my book is your best bet this season if you're the kind of guy he today you play you win you get paid and I know we talked about it and you did it this week I did it over last week I signed up put one hundred bucks in there no not coach wall time wide receivers they have their savior at quarterback I don't understand well it's it is it is l. of in defense they face and only the only good thing they had as their ace in the hole was offense Michigan State's offense is horrendous the Fremont start with that the worst case scenario you're even if you lose like they say playing with house money play without money so check it out when you chance mybookie Clemson is going through this season is not good for their chances at winning it all NFL state wants to win it all which they do which I'm sure get you hundred percent so you took advantage so I would I would advise everyone to if you if you like throwing some money on some games go to my book dot Ag Double Your money and then just bet with the a good thing is is the first and second quarters were jekyll and Hyde it was it was two different teams and it was for the offense as a whole and luckily it shouldn't be a huge test for the team like the outcome you said it was going to be like what the a real defense right like that that's a real good defense like really good absolutely based it's the first it's the first nationally a half test for one side of the ball and it was absolutely and the offense align struggled bad at first yeah but that's what happened what Matt great read Tom kept just reinforcing what he was doing well right and he was like so he ended up going twelve for twelve or twelve or thirteen but radio so Tom Brady was in patriots minicamp like just you know going through practice whatever and urban was there he was visiting and he shared the story with us and Tom Brady was throwing throw like he went like i WanNa say urban city went twelve for twelve whoa what's going on he was like hey man I don't need anyone telling me like good job great job great like I don't need none of that doesn't do anything for me that doesn't make me better I don't care about Kelly and then over comment Michigan State game they they looked like they were juiced they were definitely juiced yeah they got their first the offense got their first taste of it I didn't see or didn't do right I need that that's a nugget I need it and so when I analyze all these teams specifically Ohio state what are you at with that one hundred one to two hundred twenty bucks yeah I did a par lay I was it was definitely a growing experience for Ohio state it was great for Justin Fields for Ryan Day for the offense to feel that kind of struggle in the and so I've always believed this and I'm GonNa before we get into more of the analytics of it I heard a story from Urban Meyer about Tom Thank you get hit with that bullet in your face and it's like whoa time out this is not like the last four games this is different this isn't Miami of Ohio on a seven on seven period or whatever and was just nice and everyone up and there was an assistant quarterback coach that kept being like Oh man great throw Tom Eighty and I've always believed this and that's why this is going to be the mantra of and it has been for the last four games and it will continue to be is her story about Tom Three he was like eight for eight he turned around he was like a man shut up and it was like Whoa and the quarterback coach the whoever the quarterback coach was jumped in it was like Tom Brady said I promise you I know it was a great read I know it was a great throw I saw exactly if I'm the one that did it but if you can tell me something that sleep you barbecue and because I know people on the staff and players I don't care about what they did really well I mean we'll talk about it and I'll I'll let you know what I saw they did really well but that three for sure and so when I watch his game I don't watch it to say man that was a great read and throw to Ben Victor on the long touchdown of course it was we all know that I want them to win the whole the whole thing I'm not going to be shy about it I do I want I want the players that I know in the coaches that I know to to hoist the trophy so I don't I don't care about that so I want to tell you what they need to improve on like when I watch justice fields I think he's probably the best quarterback in the country he's in the top yeah it was one of those and we I said it I said a number of times in a preview show this is gonna be a great test for the line for the run game I'm here to work I'm here to get better like if you see something that I need to improve or do better Zack's Helmi Yup and if if you don't we're good like I you know and it always shows up here's the problem those teams are so good running the ball and they're so good in those offenses against you all know that what I want to talk about his where where where does he need to improve to get a heisman trophy because he's talented enough so let's talk about he could do better and here's where he could do better in the game against Michigan State he was I mean he was he played really well the menace to especially later in the game but overall as the offense goes and just feel specifically he is making off he has electricity that most six foot three and a half receivers don't have he eats grass. It's amazing when I watch Ben Ben is an he had a bad drop everyone knows that what was so impressive was strides he is playing extremely well and he still has areas he can improve on and I said it last week and I'm GonNa say it again if we focus in your game or maybe twenty he runs and it's effortless and it's so fluid it's like he hit that I haven't seen fully the skill on the perimeter that he has we've seen flashes from Ben Victor and we saw a major flash on Saturday right Oh he knows that I mean hopefully doesn't do it again but what a play and it was really the play that ignited the offense the bounceback the confidence didn't drop he he didn't he didn't let it ruin him he bounced back and made a couple great catches attacked him better because that's that's not a strong suit in it wasn't in this game but at the end of the day when he was kept clean he was seventeen of twenty on what he can improve that he I mean he's going to be ridiculous he's special he's a special talent special the other you for two hundred and six yards and a touchdown I mean that's absurd eighty five percent completion percentage that's absurd and he's got the skill around him and absolutely you watch him run man and it doesn't even look like he's running fast because he's just taking up so much ground you just floating me it reminds me of Yeah it remains I watched was the right tackle position because Brandon Bowen has been playing well obviously he was little dinged up got injured whatever and and so that was take time to him you eat grass when you run like two strides five-year game four strides tenure game six rights fifty you can always count on Austin had a good game the guys that didn't get involved in much like Chris Oh la Union vulgar as much and Garrett Wilson was there a little bit and here's what's amazing to me this is why I recruited him it's why wanted him I mean one of the reasons is when he catches the football and takes seventy but but probably to send a message to Brandon Bowen and a testament to how josh played initially Josh I'll be along the just take up so much grass yeah for sure and that's what Ben provides and then you I mean you watch Caja Hill had a had a really good game he's he's tried and true guys five with an interception when he was pressured so that's twofold right that's one justin fields needs to be a little bit better under pressure and the old line needs start so he's the starting right tackle for a huge game which is huge for his momentum and his his his own story the only problem was he offense had a big touchdown he played how he how I've been almost angrily bitching that he should be playing because he's more than you attack him and if he overruns you back if he doesn't you stick him frees him and keep going any did and now the the only thing I will say is you know you don't ever reach the throw off as a Lineman Ohio state has had and then he went in this game got to start it was like this could have been a changing of the guards like it could have been I mean you you hear it all the time post game press conference he said well both Emma Josh Albee they earned the right to play they deserve to play and that's why we rolled them which I agree explosive runs that have increased inflated his numbers and I've always said he needs to be a little bit more consistent needs to be a much better pass protector let me of Terrell Pryor Terrell Pryor would run everybody be like man he runs like a four two four three whatever I'm like he doesn't even look fest but he just there so long Headlinin in May you talk about well coach and Kudos to Brian Hotline I teach it all the time and I'm sure he's still is you hit that sidelined there's one defender what do you do you run right at him and and I need to see that Ezekiel Elliott that Jonathan Taylor because I've I've never seen it from him ever I saw on Saturday Ryan one hundred percent because Josh best past pro tackle they have and he's just not as good in the run game as as their or or Brenton Bowen finally and I've been critical not critical I've been fairly evaluative of Jacob Dobbins he has had some like a handful of capable and he finally did it and it's like that's that's what I'm looking for yeah I mean that's what you've been waiting for right I mean I've been complaining like increase and people are closing in and there was a breakaway speed that I'm I literally when it happens it holy shit like I the first quarter was a bad quarter for the office line and I think it was a good reality check because they bounce back and they really really played well the next three quarters so as critical as on any podcasts or radio I've watched practices I've watched everything and I've never seen what I saw on that six seven yard run I've never seen him his am on the offensive line and on the tight ends dolphins aligned really bounce back and the best thing I saw the the most isn't playing well at all and Greg stirred Roya made the switch back to bow and he wrote him at right tackle the rest of the game but Josh Josh Played Six snaps three college football this could have been that moment where one guy takes the job from another guy and he just did not do it and I got to tell you that I thought Billy Oh man it's time to go like you're the guy yeah and I think the other thing that it was impressive to me is they put up over three hundred yards rushing on one of the best rushing defense encouraging thing as as someone who wants the Buckeyes to be successful was the tight end play and most importantly Luke Pharrell Luke Pharrell was like third highest graded literally last week when we recorded the show I would have I mean adamantly fought anyone that said he was even in the conversation he's in the conversation prices out there for from the bengals because that's what he does every time he comes in yeah right boy but overall I will say this the first half was bad I'm GonNa Start the conversation about the defense off with one thing and one thing only what a pick six by Jordan fuller unreal I don't give a shit what anyone says I don't care what the stats say I don't care what the big ten refs in Jim Delany say I don't care what none of them say that was a pick six I'm not taking that away from him I mean what a bogus football right now the problem is they see an issue and they over correct it's like don't get me wrong I hold on I've coached it I've taught it and I don't care what it says about that one run showed me he's in the conversation but the real story here is the defense and the old line that I've been more than critical the line and last week they played really well and I was fired up to see it and the one thing I I mean I watched him in on highschool film I watched him as a freshman a sophomore wash. I've watched this kid more than anyone that is talking the problem the only problem was I said I agree with Ryan except they didn't rotate Josh Alabi played six naps in the game compared to brandon bow and Taylor but I will tell you this that the long run he had the sixty seven year run literally I watched it and I said Whoa Yeah I've known this kid yeah and that's what I was going to bring up is it's interesting because statistically him and Jonathan Taylor are not that different yeah but you watch the film I know he's not pull up cut up to show you dangerous crack blocks I I was the worst offender but because it was legal and I coached my guys to be tough ass receivers a position he also hasn't played excellent him and Josh Meyers are the two that I watch and I'm like why they need to play better and so in even Ryan Days in the country Oh that was a huge huge huge point and and and and Jake was jk dobbins finally on defense is Marcus Allen at Penn State and it wasn't it wasn't dirty it wasn't like not looking but terry maclaurin push cracked Marcus Allen had the best crack block of your guys in your time Oh man so my favorite by far because he was only because he was such a great player the pile-on because that was I mean that was close to being one of those fumble touchback talk year furious but it worst but I watched heartland correct him right afterwards so just about that one call because that is the NCAA and the referee association or whatever it is at its finest it brings me to a question who it was the one that was gonna be like that's that's why he's not elite because he got tripped up because he doesn't know he he showed it and it's a testament to Mickey Mirada Testament impasse pro and allow to pressures he graded zero percent pass Bro and like I said prior to this game that has been his strong suit he's been the highest graded pastor we'll how do we how do we classify it how how do we detail it how do we write that narrative and it's like no no no it's real simple did he just like blind no one can ever debate the best perimeter blocking receivers in the United States of America I coached him because we blocked a perimeter I'm talking like on and if anyone knows anything about my career you WanNa talk about perimeter run game then you can say what you want about me as a receiver coach and I'll fight you on it but there's one thing that locked him once the first time he did Landon Collins quipped plane and I'm telling you right now you WANNA find out watch watch the film hey that's outrageous Barron's the cost that is just I don't understand it I don't understand how that is even considered illegal crack block I will never understand what he had to do if he wanted to become an elite back which I think he's not you can't put them in up there with Jonathan Taylor right now people that are trying to do that not yet but I would say this crazy like we would not be able to run the ball between the tackles but in an behind the offensive line which all they do is run block and it'd be like we'll do but Tara maclaurin push crack Marcus Allen and laid him on his

football Ohio Michigan UCF Cincinnati Luke Ben Ben Brady Collins Wisconsin Patriots Orlando Cincinnati Josh Alabi Ryan Louisville one hundred forty seven yards twenty eight percent eighty five percent one hundred percent three hundred yards sixty seven year
M2MW Episode #009  Fields for Real?

Menace 2 Society Podcast

45:36 min | 1 year ago

M2MW Episode #009 Fields for Real?

"In the fall is F- picked up by Michigan Stakes Jacqueline Jackson. I know may fortman no more repeat. Leap you barbecue and you've in five seasons. Did you push this out to do it. Did you didn't do it lost today. The menace to take it it is October first and it's a Tuesday welcome to mattis us to the Midwest. Just quick update. We're going to start operating at a one platform now menace to sports so all of our shows are going to be on one feed the the menace to society feed that we've have created and most people follow the one that the most popular one. We're just GONNA put all shows on there and create a network now the menace to sports warts network and I I would be remiss to start this off without apologizing for a week off. People have been hitting me up like crazy crazy on social media like bro next episode. I'm dying over here yeah. I've even gotten them. Well I even I went on a walk yesterday with my girlfriend around and we were walking by the golf course that I live on and someone was driving a golf cart. I'm just going to walk and they yelled out like a man. We're in the next episode. The news is so my apologies had obviously had well. I'd imagine most of you know I had some legal things going on that. I had to take care of and it was awful man. I'll tell you right now. It was awful what from months ago yeah I mean. It's from last spring. That's the way the legal system works though it just takes forever MHM but I've never been a part of anything like it. It was a jury trial they you go in a room in a courtroom and for. I don't know eighteen in our you sit. There and witnesses called and it's like it's like what you see on TV similar. I mean the the the reality of the case really lies in one fact and that's that there were three witnesses for the prosecution and then one witness for the defense and I was the one witness because I I said from the jump listen. I know what happened. I know the truth and reality of the no matter and I don't need or want anyone else to talk about it. I just put me up there. They can throw all the questions in the world at me the truth the truth will prevail and it almost did it did seven to one not guilty is is a statement for sure there was just one older woman who watch ESPN and couldn't get over what she thought she knew about me. How did she get on the jury then then she just that's. She had no idea idea about annoying. Yeah I mean they they do. The first half of the day was all jury selection. They ask questions. They do all this stuff not and yes she. I guess she lied. I mean they of course they were like they've started. It was forty five people in there and the first question was are you familiar with Zach Smith or you know who he is. In every hand went up. I was like Oh shit here. We go and it was it was wild but it was it was really it was it was a good day in the end. I doubt they'd try to retry it. Because technically he's a hung jury which means they couldn't come to a unanimous decision and so so it was I guess a mistrial but the cool thing is is like these jurors like you're not you can't talk to him. Don't talk to him the whole day and then the minute that it's over there like all right. You could talk to them now. Okay so I walked out. I walked out after it was all done and over and my attorney like grab you know we went out and was like excuse me a minute and like three of them came over and he was like tell me what happened and they were like. I was standing right next to him and two of the jurors were furious. The other one will do it and they were like thirty minutes into deliberation. We had seven to one not guilty. It was the I mean. It was obvious that's what happened and then for the next five hours the one stubborn woman just would not budge and so five and a half hours they had to sit in a room and deliberate with one person that was too stubborn to see reality yeah but I don't WanNa make this a show about my legal legal disputes but it was really good day. I'm glad to get through it. It definitely tested me mentally psychologically emotionally in so I apologize. We took a week off but there's a lot of stuff going on anyways. What a weekend for the Mid West so big news urban Meyer's Pint House opened. They had a great opening what raised a lot of money for cancer research if you see the pictures of it looks really cool actually huge TV's and connected and really goal and we did so we did it for those of you don't know we I bought two tickets to it and wanted to give them away to patriots subscribers so if you're not a subscriber subscriber and do fun stuff like that and PJ Buckeye Fan and her husband we're the lucky winners and so they got to go sent pictures to blast got to meet shelley. It was really really fun night. Look like a lot of that. Did then lift like there's a lot of players there. I saw she took pictures with Braxton different former players literally a great night raised a bunch of money like I said for cancer research. That's always good you really good and I even I even put my head in there on Saturday just to see it and I guess they were having a ninety seven point one. The Fan was going to do a yeah a radio show there before the Ohio state game so I walk in there some producer. I don't know I've seen the guy before I don't know who he is but he's standing there. Setting up I go I get in the breezeway opened the front door in that little breeze way and I look over and he makes contact with his look on his face like whole Shit Oh shit so I had my two year old with me and we just went in. I just looked at it and but I just wanted to see it and but I definitely really think we need to have a watch party there at some point absolutely yeah definitely if it looks like an awesome place and I love that whole Area Bridge Park if you're in Columbus Ohio state game and you have time on a Friday or Sunday afterwards or whatever the bridge areas awesome. It's a new area like downtown in Dublin. They have some awesome places and what's cool is blown up and they're just construction like crazy and they have some awesome plays like Fidel was such a cool Irish. It's like a sports bar. They have obviously they used to have the ram. Which is where urban places now and the Ram went out of business in like a year and the place across the street. Headquarter is another place that probably will be gone in a month or two or six months. it's the week will not survive very expensive headquarter under the services just awful. I mean the how the places run awful but anyways. It's a cool area and there's a lot of a a lot of cool places to go Voss. Oh the rooftop. Whatever if you're in town for Ohio state game I would recommend check it out one night yeah. They're going to have that one the bridge that it goes across the river east and West or north and south or whatever they WANNA call it but they're also building. This is a cool thing for high school kids and stuff stuff like that. They're building a five thousand seat arena. Oh Yeah I heard difficulty for a a you basketball. That's going to have some smaller concerts and things like adapt yeah. They're building an arena down there. That's got two or three hotels going in. I mean I it's GonNa blow that whole area up and say well. I'll give one more shameless plug not sponsor no money given but the place I did watch the Ohio state game was the place right over by the movie theater right by Bridge Park called Reverie. Every it's awesome food's really good really good and the atmosphere is awesome. I met owner rich. He's awesome like the staff awesome so it's really cool place. So those are my shameless. His name's richer just rich well. He might be rich and his name is rich but those are my shameless plugs. Checkout revelry is it's. It's really it's a great spot so anyways. How about some news in College Football Chris Ash the first the first to fall why the first one to go Chris Christie's a friend was a friend of mine. I mean I haven't spoken to him in a while but is unfortunate because rutgers is just. It's definitely just a bad situation to go into and you knew it was going to happen. I mean he hadn't been successful. There was no signs of success coming. You knew it was going to happen eventually feel bad for him and that was probably not the best move for him. you know is there any is there. I mean any success in the future for rutgers and heard well so so here's what it proved. It proved that that's odd timing. I mean week five. It's an odd time to fire a Co.. and I'm GonNa tell you why he got fired at. W- with this timing in a minute but what it really proved is that of all the letdowns announce the Ash era provided to rutgers losing to Michigan was the one they simply could not get over the final fireable offense was was losing to Jim Harbaugh and giving up fifty two points to Josh Gattis. That's why Paul Chris still employed right. They were like Oh man all those like all the lax all the lack doc success all the losses but this is unacceptable. You know what if we can't even get close enough to wear army was we don't even want you as a coach anymore but I will tell you the rumor floating around and I heard I heard this rumor awhile back. That's what I say She Yano was was targeted last spring and and if anyone follows the Gregg Giannotti saga after he left Ohio state he became the defense coordinator at New England and then abruptly just resigned and no one really knew why and family issues or something yeah you got to focus on his family. He gave the political coach coach speak but the rumor is what I heard. A couple of months ago is his that he was contacted by rutgers and basically told we're GONNA make you the next head coach. He returned to rutgers ring back chopping the would give you a lifetime contract right and so he he informed about it being a loyal employee we and belichick basically told them that's that's not. GonNa work out for us because you leaving you know late. November before the end of the season and the playoffs and all that it's not going to be good for for the Patriots so I think you should just sit this year out and take that job when it comes available and so that's why he resigned he now he's going to become the next head coach rutgers and and you look at it and I mean what a move by. Bill Belichick is now. He's calling the defensive plays in that defense looks incredible does look as as if it's surprising is the greatest football coach in the history of the game it is it's not even up for at least he can call some place in. It doesn't just need coordinators to succeed well. There's some angry browns fan but anyways so that that'll be interesting to see it. Play out and to be honest with you. I hope it happens Greg. Greg wants to be a head coach again. I know he loved his time at Rutgers. They certainly both know what they're getting with him. We'll ruckers offers is never had a better coach than Greg Szanto ever know and what were they ranked. They were ranked would top five separate believable so how long Zak's sex phone rings be great my phone rings every day but so ah a little update in the mid. West I firing rutgers big ten but how about the Buckeyes I mean in dominant dominant. I believe we actually didn't get into a preview show but I wrote one. You're going to have to take my word for it. I predicted like a fourteen point victory victory which obviously completely under whelming with hindsight not even close but you know it's crazy as I've said this forever of always said there's two types of coaches that are successful. There's the urban Meyer Nick Sabin or P Carol. You're either a players coach or you're a disciplinarian a and C O obviously slight differences between an urban Meyer Nick Sabin of course but they're very similar and what Ryan days doing right. Now is something that I didn't think was possible. Both I didn't think you could be Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer. I'm saying he is Urban Carol. No you watch you watch his team play though they are extremely disciplined extremely tough extremely physical and they are having fun like it looks like players coach but they're playing a disciplinarian coach. He's nuts out there. It's insane so I wanted to throw a couple of stats etc here so when the real conversation here the offense is look good. It hasn't looked bad obviously in my opinion. They're the best team in the country right now what they're putting outing on tape not what some bias tells you rank them. I don't know how you could watch all of college football and not say this is the best team in the country because it is and people are saying now even Mark Mesa Jason. It mark may an Paul Finebaum right Paul Finebaum the SEC homer homers the two biggest Douche bags sports media both admitted it. That's how that's how well they're how good they are but the shocking. I don't WANNA say shocking. The most surprising aspect of how state right now is their defense. It's Yeah I'M GONNA throw. Here's a couple of stats for you. This is pro football focus rankings well. What are they fourth or fifth. In the country overall nationally ranked the best defense in College football the second best rushing defense in college football the best tackling defence in college football the best pass rushing college football the best coverage rich pass coverage unit in college football. That's not number one number one number one number one and number two versus the run like that. What what are they going. I think so you think you can't pass against them obviously and he can't run. Well and everyone likes to throw out who who they play. They haven't played anybody. Blah Blah Blah a lot compared to oh but a lot of teams haven't played anyone housed is one of them but they are beating teams so soundly and to be raped ranked number one almost across the board in every defensive category. It's it's unheard of and I mean their offense is performing the fifth the fifth grade offense in college football and the number number three pass offense in college football. The past blocking is subpar. A thirty second in the country rushing offenses subpar twenty-sixth in the country so a little perspective. You're not act like everything is just cooking. It's not but it's this team is playing really well and the other grades don't don't match stats though because Jacob Dobbin stat line is impressive but that's you know obviously grades and film and stats don't always coincide yeah. It's it's you can have have stats like that and there could be a chicken or somewhere and you just you don't realize it until you go to play Michigan State and then it's like Oh shit. Why can't we run the ball yeah well. We can't really run the ball that well. It hasn't been running at Great. That's why you can't run it today but they re the off. The line was player of the game in the unit of the game in my opinion after watching the film and Josh Albee was phenomenal. I mean he came in for Brennan Bowl and when he got dinged and he he was I think he was a player of the Game Brian announced. How's he was offensive player of the game he was dominant and it's what Josh Alabi should be all year long. He's been the best pass blocker when he would go in. I mean these Games are were fortunate enough to get to watch the second unit office line play and he's been the highest graded pass blocker of of all alignment he his run blocking was where he struggled and I read something and correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he switch sides. He was laughter now. He's right or vice versa. You know that's that's how it works. Though you're the sixth Lineman Lineman you're going to have to switch. You're going to have to play and he wanted me. I switched or whatever he was. All backwards in his run blocks up the wrong way a lot. Well what happened is as prince if people remember when he was he was the right tackle when Demarco Jones was there and then last year last year whatever two years ago he switched to left tackle. Which is is your most important position because he was the best tackle but he everything was screwed up his he? He just couldn't couldn't do it and so they ended up. Stud Greg stood Rahula moved him back over the right side and started Thera Mumford at left tackle because that's where is as comfortable as where he was best and it was the best unit so it's definitely different different especially. When you live you live with one foot back for eight years or however long. Play right tackle you you are used to pass sets too. You're right. You're used to run blocking the right everything to the right and then it's like all right. You're moving to the left and it's yeah I mean girls was when they switch up in the dance right but yeah he said it's taken wild but you could see. I think he's getting a lot more comfortable in that other side now yeah. Oh yeah he he definitely is so it was good to see him play. They need that office. Line needs spike and production a little competition. Somebody playing that well where now even the starters are sitting there like ooh I better I better be on my game but I think that that was the that was definitely the unit that I I was most impressed with an and Kudos to Gregson Ron because he's doing a phenomenal job of getting those guys developing those guys in season. I thought they were the under performers early and they're they're starting to come on and you love that because I've said it one hundred times I think on the show certainly in life that the job of an offensive line coach is harder than anything else in football. You have to get five five human beings to operate successfully in succession in sync with one another. It's like that is like even defense. Alignment your your defensive line. Coach doesn't have to do that now. It's more about disruption and defeating blocks. Offensive Line is is that is a hard job on top of that. It's like who in the world old if born find a four year old right now and say hey hey man you. WanNa do something for the rest of Your Life Like Okay Dad would put your face and smashed into this three hundred and thirty pound guy eighty times in a row and then take a shower and go home and then next week. We're GONNA do it again. Like who in the world is like. Oh Yeah I WANNA do that. Yeah no one but the ones that are really good at it love doing it they do through. It's a mentality but it was. It was really cool to see on offense. I mean ah you're watching the best quarterback in the country right now. Seriously the Justin Field Show is in full effect. He's the second highest graded still I said this last week and he still is after this last weekend. The second highest graded quarterback in college football still behind Joe Borough Ninety two point one percent insane what I saw on Saturday though and I had to look up the stats because every time it happened I was like oh he just gashing them every time they blitzed him. This son son of a bitch was gassing them. Just gashing M. C. was six for six one hundred percent completion percentage over one hundred yards passing when they blitzed unbelievable now now he was nine of sixteen when they played coverage and here's what that tells me that shows me that Justin fields is playing extremely well and the scary part Hortas not even close to his ceiling because what he's doing is he's just playing ball. He's just out there. The or the protection breaks down. He gets out there. He makes it throw but when he's sitting back there and reading it he's going to get better at that. Yeah he's GonNa. He's GONNA improve at it for sure and I've been critical of some of the scheme because it's hard to attack seven with four but at the end of the day that that what I said right there should be terrifying to fusions as this kid gets better gains experience experience starts attacking four man rushed seven man coverage defenses. He will be even more unstoppable. Yes I mean this is not a veteran fourth your guy that is just showing the country's the best the best quarterback in the in the in college football. This is a guy that he's just getting started when he starts gaining experience out there just picking apart the defenses in zone or man just picking it apart. That's going to be unbelievable unbelievable and it was it was just it was impressive. All the way around the only other off now the only other player on Ohio State's offense that grades out in the top twenty five nationally. Jk Dobbins is a number twenty four so to to have blinders on and say that this is the most dominant bla-bla-bla like there's there's still some work to be done in Columbus. Let's not not get ahead of ourselves here but J. K. Dobbins continues to gain steam he he he actually so this is a lot of yards. He has a lot of yards but so listen this. He's he's he's avoided twenty two tackles this year already in what four games twenty two tackles and that's fifteenth in the entire country for most avoided tackles but forty seven percent of six hundred and fifty four yards have been on eleven carries who so there's there's. There's a couple different ways to look at that right. There is a well he's not quite as efficient as his numbers may say or he's really explosive explosive because he gets chunk yardage so if if if he gets on over fifteen yard gain forty seven percent of his carries or his yardage is that that's the highest percentage in the big ten. No one in the big ten is getting more explosive runs than him not even John Taylor wow and it's it's it's it's really fun to watch and if that offense. Lichen can keep it going and keep developing and they you can start having more consistency. Jay could have a huge year. He's playing phenomenal but the like I said earlier the real story we line here. Is that defense think about this now. There's just think about if you're a defensive coordinator or if you're a fan it doesn't matter right now well. How state has the the highest graded corner in the Country Jeff Okuda. Obviously he played lights out this again. You had a game. We talked about it last week and he forgot there was a game last week actually but he he remembered remember Saturday. You know you're live right when the ball just kind of falls man laying on the ground there it is you definitely went to church eh but he has the highest grade of any corner in college football right now at eighty nine percent three interceptions three us just plain ridiculous. Oh and what else would you like. Oh how about the fourth highest grade safety in college football in Jordan fuller not bad eighty seven percent. That's not bad all right so now you've got the secondary. They're gonNA be able to cover some people. What else would you like. I don't know how about the highest grade defensive end in college rushing. Yeah I'll take shares. Young has caused twenty one total pressures this year so everyone wants to talk about eight. It's acts which are okay insanely insanely impressive he has. What is it thirteen other times where he was almost got a sack where he disrupted the pass. Ask It twenty one total pressures. It's insanity yeah. I mean it's insane when you look at chase young what he's doing and I said it you know I. I think everybody said it preseason. He's a top five pick. He's not a top five pick. He's a top one pick yeah. He's a he's number one overall off the board. I don't care if you're the Bengals or whatever the hell you are. You're taking can chase young well. BAGELS are dolphins exactly Miami but this defense is. I'm really excited to watch especially this weekend. I mean won't be won't be huge test. A great offense certainly not certainly not and the the one thing that I guess to keep in mind for Ohio state fans and really the country as you watch. What is one of the best probably the best team in the country. They're playing as they're playing right. Now is if Justin fields continues to dominate like this. I just listened to who he what's coming down the stretch at him. Penn state the third highest graded Defensive College Football Michigan state the sixth highest graded Defense Defense College Football Michigan despite their struggled on offense the eighth highest graded defence in college football and then Wisconsin the twelfth highest graded Defense College football. He's going going to have to go against four top twelve defenses. No other quarterbacks can have to do that. No zero and it's it's going to be a test and you know what moral story is is is that those are going to be tough match offensively and if he is still this successful send that New York. She's going to go to New York that I mean I think think this week will be a great barometer going forward for how he can do against good defenses right because Michigan has a pretty solid defense and I don't want to get into what the heisman been trophy means. I I think I went on a rant a couple episodes ago about it already but the moral story is there hasn't been a heisman trophy winner in Columbus since Troy Smith breath and that's absurd with the talent urban. Meyer's teams had the fact that he's Zeke Elliott didn't win a heisman trophy and I get it. This is unpopular unpopular but Joey Bosa doesn't these are some of the best players playing on Sundays. They were the best players in the United States of America will hold on a second. I think if chase he's young keeps doing what he's doing. He should be New York too but he should. We all know that's not how it works. I mean if he has thirty sacks they'll have to but it's not an award for for the ends he's on pace for like twenty four in the regular season right now so he gets a twenty four he might not know word for an old lyman either but Orlando Orlando Pace was in New York yeah back in nineteen ninety whatever and they and they do stuff like that sometimes for the storyline listen here's all we can hope and all the Buckeye fans here's what but you can hope hopefully if someone goes in New York City that wear scarlet and gray at least maybe. ESPN will include them in the interviews because I don't know but they we had a guy go yeah last year hard to find him because he was not the interviews and the discussion even though he was the best of all the players there but yeah it'll it'll be interesting to see but like I said four top twelve defense is coming down the stretch is going to go to test them and it's going to give him the opportunity to ah show people how dominant he'd have a breakout performance against a great defense like that and it just catapulted him up to the leader of the heisman possible early and it's it's a moral stories teams playing better than most of the country. I've watched more film the last six weeks than I have in my entire career just never been able able to watch the national landscape like this and as I'm doing it. It's insane to me what you what people are talking about but it's also good to see that that even people that don't WanNa say it or don't like Ohio state they have to respect is through the roof right now. Yeah you see a bunch of people that normally family don't give Ohio state the respect giving to them which is interesting but I also have seen some people that don't normally do it and they have Ohio state at number six or seven on their top ten and it's like you guys are just it clicks having the troll people at the Alex in recognition here here is the menace to sports play off top four oral how state one Penn State to Wisconsin Notre Dame Notre Dame for you want some clicks. They're go click click on that. There's not an SEC team in the country that can play with anyone in the big ten years. I mean that's essentially what they're doing on the other side right exactly I don't understand what's the big deal like. Why is it so frowned upon to move in Ohio state up to number one in week four five. We're GONNA talk about understand that we're GONNA talk about it on our national show. Oh kind of talk about the Clemson North Carolina game but how you can thank God they did they. They flipped them. I thought they might drop them one but yeah but the mall the story is not that there is any credibility in the rankings but if they didn't at least drop them to turn there would have been over yeah. I'm sorry I don't see Ohio state going and barely escaping by one against North Carolina. Their whole argument is well. They were there in the beginning of the year. They're number one. They didn't lose yeah. I don't care they've just beat North North Carolina field. They were ranked higher than you. Okay I exactly well. The problem is they had that great win over Texas. Am who had to score on the the last play of the game or whatever yeah here's here's here's the reality of how these these things go. It's all storylines and people that are familiar. That's what it yeah because you go into this year. Just look at it. Michigan's GonNa win the big tent why because they have shaped attache patterns and they have this guy and this guy like we are familiar with their names EP Jan.. They blade decent last year so they are now better because you don't know Justin fields you don't know Ryan. There's some validity to that but I mean they'd take it to the extreme. I understand that but you notice. What does that switch really quick but here but here's the problem. Here's my point my point. Is they want to talk about. Who's who still here talk about. WHO's not still here like Jim. Tire Defending Arbor is not there anymore like did we forget about that and they talk about Clemson. Clemson lost a ton on that. Didn't they lose their entire. D. Line nine or something like that. I mean every I mean you're talking about. Impact players Cleveland Ferrall Dexter Lawrence Trayvon Mullen. They lost a ton on defense and people are like all they care about is Trevor Lawrence. We're we're familiar with trevor. Lawrence were familiar with t higgins. Were familiar with him at the end. It's familiarity all right. This is the mid west show. Let's get back while we're fits in it but I don't know about you guys but for me. A game is ten times more exciting citing when I'm putting my money on it. Sometimes I have a gut feeling about our matchup. Sometimes I'm just betting on my team because they're my team regardless whether you've been betting for years or you're ready to play for the first time my book is your best bet this season if you're the guy who likes to bed a little win a lot try a par lay for instance if you'd like a couple of the big favorites this week parlays are perfect because you they let you bet multiple games together for a much bigger payout so if you're going to bet the season do the smart thing and go to mybookie dot. AG E because no one gives you more ways to win between football season the MLB playoffs and the start of the NBA NHL seasons. It's time to get off the sideline and get into the action. If you really want support your team this season don't just sit on the sidelines game with mybookie dot. Ag and if you're joined right now my book will double your first deposit deposit use. Promo Code Menace Emmy an AC to activate the offer double your money. That's Promo code menace to double your cash visit mybookie dot. Ag Today you play you win. You get paid. I will tell you this though here's the stat that I saw this week that kind of debunks everything that people want to say about Ohio State and the most common argument that I can't stand soap what they ever played anyone anyone. It's like all right. There's literally four teams in the country right now that have played someone exact stop with the argument here. They haven't played a top ten team. We all know that thank you for telling me that though but I'm not many teams have literally there's four or five teams that have played a game like that and one so far and here's the reality they have. They have not played played that upper echelon team that topped your team but they played three of their four opponents are in the top forty nationally so they played solid committal tier teams the number twenty nine team in the country right now. Indiana the number thirty eighteen countries Cincinnati the number thirty nine team in the country in Nebraska and by the way when they played those those three teams they beat them all one hundred forty one to seventeen so it wasn't close as what you're saying. ooh. This is just the arguments so ridiculous because you're like who's Florida absolutely no one no by no struggled with a bad Miami any get out of here but then we could talk about it forever but it just I can't stand the argument like who they played. Who've they played well. It's crazy Alabama. Please look at any other team in the top ten in North Carolina or the first four weeks North Carolina and Texas. A&M They're both powerhouse insane well and tomorrow when our our national show comes episode comes out. We're going to discuss that Clemson North Carolina game because what I mean I I don't know if people watch. I honestly don't know People Watch football. I don't know it's like when you're you watch. This team like people could have predicted that close game and predict the lost. That's coming for Clemson. There's a loss coming. I hate to break everyone to it. It doesn't apparently it could be anybody story but I'll tell you I've tell you right now. If no one else is going to be Virginia in the Dick Virginia's that good but Clemson's not as good as people are making them out to be and so so we're GONNA detail that game in the national show tomorrow and we're also going to detail the huge win by Notre Dame Notre Dame really big and people don't realize how big of a win it was I know it's just. UVA Virginia sounds whatever they definitely if we needed it it's the second best team in SEC. It's a second best as far as far as we know it might be the best but the second best even don't get ridiculous the second best team. ACC and and moral story is never mind that game the outcome just the score on paper you look at it like. Notre Dame beat Virginia by fifteen or whatever it was what more importantly what it is is you watched notre dame bounce back from a devastating loss that a a game that they could have won and they bounce back and I didn't I said it preseason I said it after the Georgia loss watch out because they're on fragile foundation right now yeah well and and and if you would've told me they were going to be trailing at half and still come back and win by fifteen. I would be shocked because I mean you're talking about. Just a demoralizing loss the week before and now you're trailing by three at home at half to an inferior opponent. If you're the Notre Dame that you're supposed to be and and then to come back and to put up the point they did into win by fifteen while the moral story is is it. It was a good win we can we can debate how good of a win it was. Whatever the most exciting thing because I I really liked Notre Dame and I and I said last week and I'll say it again. I Hate Notre Dame but I really liked this team. Yeah you guys have to understand. I've been a fan. I'm not for probably ten fifteen years and this is the first time I've ever heard him say he actually likes yes so so that got me even more excited because I I watched the I watched the game live and watch the film of IT and Virginia teams not bad and I'm back as I'm just a little excited that they might might be able to take down the Davos them. I might have might be able to happen but also that also something that really pissed me off in and I I want to bring this up because here's the cool thing about podcasts right and why I met with a radio exact probably two three months ago big time Columbus radio exact and he was telling me the future of audio media is podcasts and here's why because people can select what they wanNA listen to. They don't have to listen to common man and t-bone just WanNa Gouge their eyeballs out with a rusty fork they can they can pick whoever they want and and that stuck with me and it it really. I I saw two things over the weekend that made me say what is wrong with people because I think that as our audience is evidence of that what you listen to what you provide energy to what you put money into what you buy. I you control what content is out there right. We are having a successful platform now because people decided and on their own what they believed about me and listened and like the show that's what happened actually and and no radio show in Columbus will ever put me on because it's he's too controversial even though they're they're struggling and they would love the production and money that would come from putting on even though probably a good portion of our listeners listen into you anyways but yeah regardless but moral story is as I saw two things one bleacher report tweeted out your heisman hopefuls and they had to here here. Let me pull it up. They had to Jalen Hurts Joe Borough and Sam Etlinger. Those were the four pills they go. Go with jalen hurts now. jalen hurts Jay Joe Borough an injury so justin fields yeah exactly never mind. Ra Alright and obviously that's what people were most outraged about. Well never mind that no justin fields no Jonathan Taylor no Chaba Hubbard no like I'm talking about people that are actually like are doing something actually relevant in the eisman contests. I tweeted about it. I was just so everyone knows you are supporting this platform by clicking this or doing this. Why do you do that and the other one you send it to me. I was was my guy. Oh God the the degenerate bowling bowl and the t-ball generate redhead good week on the picks hate on redheads ginger nothing now man besides the fact that they don't have souls but yeah so you said to me before the best part is you said it to me before the game so yeah before the weekend and so let's just now. I heard wait a minute. Wait a central Central Ohio. Hi Oh just remember by listening to this man on the radio you are in powering him and fueling his career in I I hesitate even college sports media. Yeah it's mostly food media and they talk about food every now and then they toss buoyancy mostly talked pop culture yet and wherever's hurts and kill. Yeah anyways pretty anyway. Let's go through it ready. He put out a five picks this weekend. I'M GONNA give them to you ready cal over Asu shoe to cover ASU one Kansas state over Oklahoma State Oklahoma state one Virginia over Notre Dame Notre Dame one USC over Washington Ashington Washington one and then Wisconsin would blow out northwestern. They won by nine. You are fueling. This man like you are you are. You are fueling. I don't know how this guy made. His picks does he. Just look around like Oh. This is who the favorites as this is a sexy he pick. I would tell you that I will tell you that as as good as I've been this year with my predictions. I think I'm like seventy five percent right now which is extremely high. I found a better way to do it and pederson system. Just listen to this dumb ass and take the absolute opposite of everything. It's one hundred percent like whatever he says. You like this guy so dumb that I'm doing doing the opposite of that. But what if he tells you what some good barbecue is. He probably knows Oh. He definitely knows that but anyways I'll tell you the team that no wants talking about and I want to talk about because they had a huge impressive win was penn state. Okay fifty nine. Nothing against Maryland in Maryland is not a bad team. That is a huge win and I know Buckeye fans are there on cloud nine right now just just on an unrealistic high which they should be but there are a couple of games that are no not this is far from over for the the good thing is that. Ohio state has Penn State at home. I'm with all that good. We've talked talked about Penn State stadium regardless. I mean you look at it. This is not uncommon for Ohio State all right. We're we're going into the big ten season the meat of the schedule advil foreign oh. That's probably happened six at the last seven years seven every other tekken okay so this is an uncommon. We're we're about to get into what really matters okay for sure but my point is people aren't talking about because of the SEC bias in the rankings yeah. They aren't talking about the fact that Penn State is four no just beat Maryland fifty fifty nine to zip. It's run it. I mean they're rolling right now under the radar. I it's under the radar in Ohio State has some games common man Penn State Wisconsin and then I mean Iowa Iowa Four No. I didn't play Iowa. I was four and they could play them. In a big ten championship. I mean they just they played Middle Tennessee but they won forty eight to three and the reality is Michigan's defense playing well. They're paying well enough and you WANNA parlay that with maybe their offense improves over the next eight weeks have until November thirtieth often to get better so my point is they have a top ten defense right now if their offense improves and then you add in the fact that it's the game that's GonNa. It'd be a dogfight. Oh and how about this week Michigan State what what I say the number four defense in the country at other often. There's there's some test coming in Michigan state just I mean and I don't see squeak by but they beat Indiana by nine and the team that no one's talking about I'm with you know why because they're terrible and their head coach is a clown but Minnesota Sodas for me. I couldn't believe they beat purdue. No I know and that's so bad for the big ten who is just not holding up there into the more one in three after the embarrassment in Nebraska Minnesota. I mean it's it's it's bad for that. who got what's his name Brahm Brahm Yeah Jeff Brown. He's supposed to be kind of like the Scott Frost purdue supposed to be but I mean you know it is it's still don't still don't but so it was a good weekend more story when a lot of Great Games obviously Ohio state blowing out Nebraska and then Penn state blowing out Maryland and Michigan again blowing out rutgers like made it even less eventful. Did you see their locker room celebration after blown out rugs signature win uh-huh win. I was dying when I saw that I was like okay. Come on man yeah. It's bad deal but that's going to wrap it up for us. We appreciate your patients apologize again for the delay with the personal stuff I had going on but we're backing and now we are. We are cooking so we're GONNA put out. Our plan is to put out a show every day Monday. Through Friday one show a day and in like like we have always done won't happen for this show but patriots subscribers will get them. I and we will be putting out a show Monday through Friday to medicine society which is the national platform then minister the Midwest which is the Mid West football platform that former Ohio show which will be pro football right now at least in the fall. We're definitely not talking baseball baseball baseball's over now but thank tune in thank you for listening we appreciate it and make sure you subscribe on. Itunes or however you listen to your podcasts and reach out to us if you're interested in sponsorship or advertising sponsorship at Minnesota Society PODCAST DOT COM check out our website our storefront West S. for Jinya fans. If you're out there you got a big gain this week. Tommy harmon coming to town might need a t shirt frequent flyers. Come get a frequent flyer t shirt from shop. Yeah thanks for tuning in. We will catch you next week. You'll Elliott's he's got an opening to the researchers. News can catch him yards so easy to be. It's actually a little awesome great player Braxton Miller's long zone. We'll want to chat that works. What's going on. I I run the twelve but don't forget we're GONNA get. Oh don't forget the day we're GONNA win.

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Menace 2 Midwest  Check Out Our New Show:  Breaking Down the Buckeyes and the Midwest  Episode 002!

Menace 2 Society Podcast

42:27 min | 2 years ago

Menace 2 Midwest Check Out Our New Show: Breaking Down the Buckeyes and the Midwest Episode 002!

"Gil elliott's he's got to the races can catch him eighty yards. It's so easy to be a little something special player sloane talents what we're going inside but don't the oh god. Don't forget today today. We're gonna win menace to what a weekend of college football in the mid west that was. I'll tell you it was <hes> it was. It was an eventful weekend wasn't it finally i mean and not only that i'm going to hear it was <hes> there was in some drama. Obviously there was some letdowns. I know the s._e._c. Top tier played really well. They had a good weekend the rest of the s._e._c. absolutely shit the bed the top tier like tennessee certainly not tennessee but we're gonna talk about the top performers in the mid west and want to kind of update you on where we're waiting on. I tunes in spotify and all them to approve the feed for this podcast. This show the minutes of the midwest show so in in the meantime. We're gonna put it on our menace to society feeds so you can listen to it and then <hes> hopefully tomorrow <hes> really by the time this drops publicly that feed should be available so search for menace to the mid west is the podcast show and so go on their subscribe so you can listen to this show as well as the menace to society show that we've i've been doing now for twenty five episodes <hes> but but let's take a look at the the mid west top performers obviously we're going to jump into ohio state here in a minute and analyze that game and the top performers members of that game but outside of ohio state there was some there's people that went off this weekend for sure for sure <hes> <hes> the the the big debate right now right or at least leading into the season and was shape patterson and justin fields and obviously justin feels played extremely well and we'll talk about that in a minute but shape patterson played excellent as well both of them <hes> graded out in the top four quarterback performances of the weekend in the country. <hes> shape patterson was four th justin feels was i and i mean he went seventeen to twenty nine to over two hundred yards. Three touchdowns touchdowns had like a one fifty one q._b._r. Really really played well and i know his receivers played well too so that was a big big game for for shea and in michigan. I don't think it really separated anything. I think they're still shape patterson justin fields. You don't know who's really the better quarterback certainly not. I mean f. a. u. Middle tennessee see. I know this <hes> michigan didn't it was similar performances. I mean michigan beat middle tennessee forty two twenty one ohio state beat f._a._u. Forty five twenty one. I mean very very similar. You know it's a game one q._b. One week one nothing to get to shot in the ass about playing against the same team pretty much. They had the same opponent some of them penn state played idaho not on the same level seventy nine to seven that was ridiculous michigan. Ohio state maryland played howard. I mean i'll tell you this. You know who else had had a game and he's already been called. A heisman candidate preseason heisman hope jonathan taylor jonathan taylor wisconsin was ridiculous. I mean he graded <music> out eighty four percent on the game he had eighteen touches for one hundred eighty three yards and four touchdowns. He looked like saquon out there he was he was ridiculous. I mean he had over ten in yards. Every time he touched the ball on average he has six runs of more than ten yards which is lead the big ten right now <hes> he definitely he had a game for him and and in south florida's a good defense. I was forty nine nothing but it was forty nine nothing because of jonah the taylor he <hes> he had a game and you know who else was impressive. I dunno i didn't i had had to go back and watch the highlights and break those down because i could not watch the whole game and seventy nine to seven trouncing of idaho by penn state but <hes> the freshman freshman they have devon ford mayonnaise he explosive he only had six carries and went for over one hundred hundred seven yards one touchdown he averaged seventeen point eight yards per carry and i get it. I know it's idaho people say it's alright home though yeah well we house they played f._a._u. <hes> michigan played middle tennessee state so that is a big big you performance from him so i'm excited to watch him play this year. The other guy who everyone expects to go off and did go off his rondell more know purdue lost. I know they look bad against nevada but he had eleven catches hundred twenty four yards and a touchdown. He played extremely well and obviously very disappointing. Their produce quarterback. We're back did not play. Well and i guess credited nevada thirty one thirty four. They pull off the win i was i was talking to somebody earlier this week again. After that nevada's not a terrible program i mean they're they're an eight win program most years. They're not bad but produce should beat them. My favorite thing i don't know if it was during the game or on a highlights sites and one of the common i could. I should do an entire segment on how commentators pissed me off because there's so many but i mean one of the guy said he was talking about something about nevada the players they have and how they were this relative unknown and he was like i i mean i i probably. I bet you couldn't name one quarterback to play it. In nevada data one quarterback and i was like excuse me bitch a quarterback there was one that was in the heisman race a few years back and not only that but like he's he's in the he's in the news all the time. I mean colin kaepernick heard of him ever i you couldn't name one quarterback that plate nevada. Maybe pick a different position. He was a beast in nevada too but i mean we'll pick a different school a different position something like what he's one of the most notable quarterbacks especially i was. I i was speechless. I was like he didn't just say that. I i can name i. I thought it was a joke but then he didn't throw the punch line in there. I was like wow we're paying these. Someone's paying. These people. Just remember for that but yeah so obviously bad game for purdue good game for rondell. I'd say the other kid that i watched a i watched a half was the kid jacob yaakob my guy defensive ever michigan state he. He added three tackles for loss to q._b. Hurries two forced fumbles. It's not an explosive win over tulsa twenty eight to seven they. They won pretty handily and he went. He had a game so i'm so i'll be so excited if mark dantonio can have a mark dantonio tonio s. defense this year because he has been lacking at the big ten is missed it. It's time to to have that back so those are our top performers of the week in the midwest. Obviously notre dame louisville tonight so we look for some notre dame man to make that list moving forward but overall the big ten didn't have a horrible day. I'll tell you what the bottom tier. The big ten really played well. Rutgers beat umass forty eight twenty one you had penn state will these at the bottom of the big ten but tell about blowouts maryland beat eight hundred seventy nine zero illinois beat akron forty two to three so some of those lower tiers if we can get that lower tier the big ten to raise their game. You want to talk about the best conference in college football while you gotta chance now because you look at lower tier the s._e._c. which we're going to talk about in the medicine society show a little bit later but they did not fare so well now. Obviously we had some some. I guess lack of performances when you look at like nebraska only one in thirty five to twenty one against south alabama and you obviously then you had the upsets right or the upset purdue. Losing nevada was rough but i think wisconsin win is huge for the conference u._s._s. Not a bad team. Yeah i think the conferences whole as a whole really performed well the top tier ohio state penn state eight michigan. They took care of business. They did what they should have done. They weren't perfect but they did what they needed to do. The middle of the the big ten really there was some <hes> minnesota was one that was embarrassing. Really i mean they are almost losing lost the game and they were the kickoff big ten game. They were there the intro to the conference and it was like they almost lost to a f._c. Team come on come on p._j. Which nobody in a big five or a power five conference should ever lose to f._c._s. team of course not the one game aimed i think was the most disappointing was the game of the week in the mid west northwestern stanford that was not only disappointing because northwestern was so bad and their quarterback play was so bad bad but it was it was disappointing. Stanford was so bad yeah. Both teams were bad. It was a really boring game to watch and and a guy that i i really liked on film last talked about him. In the off seasons cage acosta he just played average at best he no he didn't he play below average but we're going to get into that game at the end of the show definitely want to go from here to kind of as a wrap up of the big ten the players and and really want to talk about the buckeyes in week one so how about the buckeyes took on the mighty lane kiffin florida the atlantic als and overall. I think it was a decent first game. You know solid <hes> we'll kind of go through what my opinions are. What i saw that i thought was was excellent. What i saw that needs to be improved by week two because after watching cincinnati game that's a real one. He is not going to be a cakewalk a better be ready for sure but i mean overall four hundred sixty nine yards seven fourteen on third downs. That's fifty percent not terrible. I think justin feels played really well. <hes> i actually graded out the highest quarterback in the group of five the power five in the country. I think it's great was ninety point four which is extremely high so he had the highest grade in the country and then he also had two big drops caja had a drop in the first quarter and chris alavi had one in the second quarter so he probably lost. I obviously two completions but another eighty yards passing those were downfield really good throws he was he also was ninety four percent completion percentage when he was kept clean so we'll talk about the line a little bit here in a minute but this line and pass broken cleanup and become a solid aspect for this team watch out. He was number one in all of college football football completing the ball when he was kept clean so that's going to be the key moving forward. Keep this kid clean not only because clearly they have no other option at quarterback but also because because he's ridiculous when you give him the space to be ridiculous yeah. I think every buckeye fan probably cringed a little bit on that first blitz by f._a._u. When it feels really took a big hit and went down throwing arm and you know luckily he was fine you know that's why they have re protectors and all that geared during his okay and i and that's going to be a part of the new video putting out for patriotic and i'm gonna put one out for patriot one for just general public called film forensics because that's one of the place that breaking down because j._k. Dobbins flat had an and protection and i told you in the preview show j._k. Needs to be better and paseo that has to happen and it didn't happen. I mean he had a complete bust in pass bro. He bypassed the linebacker that he was supposed to block and that linebacker hit justin fields that can't happen not if we're going to if estates and go out and win the big ten that can't happen. They need a running back. That is excellent impasse bro and that's what that's what zeke was has carlos hyde was. That's what j._k. Needs to be for sure. The only the only real negative i could say about justice fields is and it's not a negative. It's first first game game of the year most quarterbacks i mean almost every school in the country would kill for a performance like justice fields heads so we're really nitpicking here but he does need to clean up his timing a little bit he was laid on a couple of quick game throws and a movement throw the and being especially a movement throw like a rollout that can be disastrous. If you're late i mean the whole defense is pursuing and versus better defense. Both of those can be problematic if he doesn't get it fixed but fortunately it was f._a._u. Is going through the grades. After i've watched the film i thought justin fields obviously played extremely well. I thought you know what kudos to brandon bow and grading out at eighty two percent at first game back. That's that's big time they need to. They need that jeremy rucker. How about him unbelievable. I mean he he he really burst on the scene and we're gonna talk about some things that need improved moved on especially the tight end position before catches thirty eight yards two touchdowns greater doubt it at seventy five percent i mean that was really excellent game for area the other one joan jackson so the two the two new guys on the offense line essentially graded out the highest on the offensive line and then ben victor and austin matt graded out decently high to <hes> <hes> some some disappointing i guess points of need to improve for the buckeyes the first and foremost offense align <hes> it was it. I wouldn't seen a bomb a nation. It wasn't terrible but why davis played very average. Josh alabi when he went in the game was very average in the run game but josh josh albee is a very athletic tackle. He graded out really well impasse bro but when it came to the run game and moving people and being tough he wasn't there. He didn't show up but the really really the old enters a whole did that. You didn't see a ton of just displacement f._a._u. You shoulda saw major displacement and the other thing. I saw that it was very concerning is there was twice in the first half that we seven-man pass protection. We kept the tight end and back in and they've had a three man. Rush and fields got pressured twice. I i mean just you do the math. That's more than a double team on each guy so we had to ohio state players on one player across the board and they still got pressure now schematically. I'm not a huge fan of that because anytime you have seven man pro versus three men rush there have a lot of guys in coverage covering covering your four people right really three people because the quarterbacks throwing the ball so you have now. You have eight people covering three hard to get open so schematically. I really hate that package but i know kevin wilson had success with it at indiana. It's more of a temple thing usually but it was not not that impressive and and and then i really people i know buckeye fans or just on cloud nine right now think we could beat the patriots. I thought it was an average average. First game above average will say above average. I game jay dobbins was was okay. I mean twenty one carries ninety one yards four point three yards a carry in like i mentioned in the past bro he still liability ability and we also can't be we can't afford fumbles. Come on i first game of the year and we have a fumble already from j._k. And here's the problem with that. I know we have the mario mccall right mario but that's what killed mike webber's career not killed it but that's why he didn't have a better career. He fumbled all the time and so he saw himself on the bench. The question is going to be if jay has a fumble issue if he's not gonna hold the ball high and tight like he's supposed to will we will ohio state bench inch j._k. Dobbins and make tomorrow the guy well. I think if you look at it tomorrow really only touch the ball three times in the game so he didn't really get as many touches. I thought what if you go by total number touch mark master teague looks like the second beck yeah no but that's i mean that's because it's a blow out in in the running the clock out in the four-minute offense camario was the second back he was back in. I mean massar. Teague is a good clean cleanup guy. He's a good he's a good mop up duty running back. I mean he runs. It's hard hits the whole hard. I don't think he's going to be too certainly not not a to that we did ohio state needs and we'll see if the mario does that also i mean that's that's up up for up to be seen right. I did think i also thought the perimeter blocking was little sloppy. Which again you you sometimes have that ah i game <hes> but i think people might take for granted. How well edge was blocked. When urban was there and that i think that needs to be improved majorly <hes> <hes> and and it will it'll it'll get it'll get an improve focus and improved but but we're running these perimeter run plays and we need to block the edge or the perimeter rump plays where the edge is not blocked well those are negative yardage plays and demoralizing because you have to be able to stretch the defense horizontally in order for the interior run game to work right simple as that. I did think they had some good some really. I really like some of the scheme stuff they did. The cross released by the tight ends that a burst jeremy <unk> wide open for a touchdown and then they did a little schemed up play for what is read cover to the bench victor touchdown. I mean they were they were messing. Some were caja in the slot kind of trying to figure out who's covering cagey the safety or corner there and they're trying to read it and then ends up the doesn't have enough depth and ben's just wide open. I love that and i think one of the biggest concerning thing not concerning things but one thing that ohio state fans need to watch out for moving forward is what happened to ohio state after after they kind of exploded in the first half after the first twenty eight after the first quarter is f._a._u. Obviously made some adjustments. Ohio state obviously was kind of getting production that was higher than their performance. They had a couple of big plays couple pop plays. He just feels papa fifty one yard run you had been victor wide open jeremy record wide open so after they got those adjustments down the one thing they started doing that really gave us problems as they started adding their boundary corner into the run fits both in post snap squeeze and also a few corner blitz in ohio state did not handle it well. This will continue to resurface now. After what i watched on film every defense you watch cincinnati the same thing because every everyone's a copycat in college football they see something that we did it all the time on offense you see some that works and you're like oh we need to do that and then all of a sudden you put it in for that week so you're going to see these teams adding the boundary corner in the run fit quite a bit now until we can either block it with the receiver or office allies starts starts seeing an accounting for for it and <hes> that's that's going to be a major thing that defense is going to do to allow state until they show they can manage it and it should be a major point of emphasis moving forward kevin wilson and really <hes> greg said roya. I'll tell you another thing. I saw darren. Lee actually mentioned it on twitter. How about the buckeyes going under centers yeah under center using like many that was a a a no that made a lot of fans happy well. I love it. I think it's it's something that i know. Ryan wanted to do for the last two years and never got around to doing it really committing to it at least especially dwayne he wanted to do it <hes> but that's something it does oh so much for the offense and and it does take an element of the quarterback back read run game stuff out of it but at the end of the day it is kind of nice to have back set at seven yards at the top of what would be and just roll downhill and take take take a hand off right the other thing it. Did i mean you you watch chris alavi touchdown where he just absolutely made the corner look ridiculous flip them around in circles he kind of gave a a go router or fade route stem and then snapped off a post spongy corner around but that happened that whole thing was wide open. I mean no chris. Alavi did a great job handling handling the corner but you watch just feels take a snap under center turn his back to the defense present the ball the running back rolls over at the whole defense is like three hearts from the line of scrimmage scrimmage and now just field pops up and it's just chris alavi thirty five yards downfield by himself and it's just beautiful the hard play action you can have under center is awesome and <hes> we already talked about it. <hes> i think that j._k. Bust and pass pro where our christopher. We're just took a shot and then alavi dropped the ball one. I was really impressed with justin fields on that play. I mean he has a guy unblocked at the running back made didn't block and all of a sudden now he's letting the ball loose and really puts it on the money to chris alavi with a guy barreling going down in his face. That was really impressive to me. <hes> another thing that i saw was too many sloppy blocking schemes upfront <hes> several clips poor landmarks poor any any points footwork that needs cleaned up even watch if you go back and watch justin fields fifty one yard run. You'll see thera mumford. He is on the left. He's playing left tackle right. This is quarterback zone to left. His only job is to not get beat to the right. That's like the office line calls it inside v he's gotta take the block off on the guys is inside v of his neck and as long as he keeps that guy on his left he did his job like he could literally fall down and as long as that defender doesn't cross his face. He did his job and he's still got cross faced and you watch it. Thank god fields can run because that guy. I mean it was almost a trip up tackle and you're like come on fair. That's an easy block man. You have hard blocks and blocks. That's an easy. That's an effort block so that was as a whole the whole game that was a little concerning and then it shows how fickle oh college football is. I mean twenty eight. Nothing just absolutely role in second and three on the twenty two yard line in the red zone and chris alavi gets gets called for a clear push. Oh shaw p._i. That was so unnecessary and now momentum was shot right and i think that was that was the turning point where you saw f._a._u. Kind of change what they were doing doing they adjusted and then you also saw the momentum kind of die down. It never really shifted obviously but it died down a little bit but as a hold offense that's played well but i think the story of the game really was the the different identity on defense. I haven't seen that in the horseshoe in probably ten years. The defense definitely looked a lot better than oh. I thought and i hope that they were being very vanilla because it was f._a. F._a._a. you well. We'll find out this week because i mean the one thing i will say is. I'm not a fan of. Let's put it this way. I love the bail corner stuff. They were doing with a corner lines or plays off and i love cover three. We also because of the way they're coaching cover three nowadays. It's hard coverage to beat and that's obviously going to be a mainstay like a staple of his defense but but i will say this is how we're gonna play actually we if that's how ohio states couldn't play the rest of the year be prepared for little easy completions for minimal the yard is small check downs open. There was a there was a handful like just throwing hitches out to the flats because avoided area right in my opinion bail off coverage is it should be a change up if you're ohio state if you have jeff okuda playing corner to have him play off bail. Every snap nap is just absolutely idiotic so much talent out there that you just are under utilizing and i'm sure they're not going to. I'm sure this is just just playing their defenses against f._a._u. Yeah and they're going to get out of it and now they get to go play cincinnati and throw some wrinkles adam. Throw some curve balls and i'd like to see a little a little more press but overall. I really liked the defensive performance. I'll tell you what i love is me in the middle at middle linebacker. Maliki harrison middle linebacker was awesome and then you look at the breakdown of snaps. Here's what i saw. Here's what here's what the defensive staff told me from how they played pete warner. They love him played fifty seven snaps apps most the most of all linebackers so there's a lot of conversation about should be in their their answer is yes. He should and then a tough borland. There's a lot of conversation about him and i know we talked about our washington kind of blowing up for his guy. Tough borland played thirty four snaps in bear browning played thirty four snaps so they're splitting time we can say tufts. The guy tufts the guy. They're splitting time right now. At other linebacker spot the one that it's not splitting much time as i said pete warner and then too raja played twenty three snaps so so they're getting guys in there. I know it was f._a._u. But the clear battle right here to me is barren and tough borland because although people are calling for barron browning he had four targeted throws in the game four receptions for fifty five yards so every wants to talk about tough can't run put in barron. He's a better athlete. He did not cover oh well against f._a._u. At all and he graded out at fifty eight percent so let's call them down on the bench tough. Put bear in because right now. Tough is the best option from what i saw on that film. Now i'm not saying tough is a great option. I'm saying he's the best option and we need to get more out of barron. Browning and toronto mitchell because roger didn't great out that well l. either but the highest rated linebacker was tough borland. I mean he graded out at seventy one percent. He's he graded higher than pete to raja barron barron. I'd stay back maliki. Maliki rated alex seventy seven but i mean of linebackers in contention right but the defense is a whole i mean here's what you here's what you saw jeff. Okuda is special and you'd better enjoy him for four more months. Definitely a top drag because that's all you got the top ten. It's like the owners of the indian set about french door. Disa listen in gonna be here much longer. Just enjoy him while he's here yeah because he is special man. He is special. Yeah i think we talked about it on the preview show or several times through the off season about jeff okuda i mean he he is when i watch him he reminds me of denzel war rooms like that type of corner and he he has a chance to be the next big thing out of ohio states back defensive the defense about u._b. You and you know what i haven't watched the entire country yet but i've been able to evaluate probably what fifteen games so far week one and i'll probably watch a couple more here in the next couple l. days but what i've seen the two corners i've seen her c. J. anderson at florida and then jeff okuda ohio state the biggest differences both similar and coverage both are long both are fluid both can run both are blanket cover corners. The differences okuda will come and make contact. You'll tackle. You and that's so huge. That's what i saw just this bleak. I thought thought he was like a lot like greedy but then now looking at him. He's more denzil ward. Well come up and hit you just end zone. Greedy does not do that and you know what i'll tell you what the most impressive thing that i watch four is when he does it. He gets up with attitude like he wants to do it. He's not doing it because he has to do it. He wants to make that tackle. He wants to take out your kneecaps and flip you over. He wants to come up and make those plays and that was so he played you better. You better enjoy him. <hes> for for the next twelve games or whatever it is because that's that's about the end i think gi probably sit out the bowl game to visit the defense as a bizarre random thing to bring up. We'll just saying he's not going to sit aalto ballgame unless they lose three games and go to a shitty bowl then i would sit out to. I'll tell you the other guy that only played seventeen snaps on defense. <hes> was brennan white which was really surprising me played seventeen snaps on defense and graded seventy nine percent fourth highest grade on defense and so a lot of i don't know if it was a <hes> there was a reason for that but i'd like to see more brennan white but the other story line here that that is i mean it was predicted. It was said had to be this way but the defense line was ridiculous. I mean out of the top seven players one two three four of them are defensive lineman top seven grades. It's four d. Lineman will you would just you knew chase young would be looking good out there. I knew he was a monster have his day and chase young graded out at like six six v best on defense. The guy that was so impressive to me was jay sean cornell. He graded out eighty nine percent. He was a monster. Those zone reads those those reversed versus zone reads or whatever you wanna call them with the jet sweep breeds he was taken away both all game and just just tracking people down so he played. He played outstanding him and bb. Landers were the two the highest grades and they played outstanding yeah. I was gonna say. I saw a lot of b._b._c. I know he had to grade out pretty high. Yeah i mean he he greeted out really high and the overall kind of analysis. I think this going back to the off. Coverage in the in the soft coverage are starting the ohio state starting corners. There's were targeted and coverage twelve times right. Semi's a ball was thrown to their guy twelve times and there was nine receptions that just shows you the minimal amounts of contested throws right because they only got forty six yards on those nine receptions five yards a catch and that's okay. That's that's that's what if that's what will how states are going to do then then. You have to be prepared for that. There's gonna be some easy throws. There's gonna be some little things that happen some easy completions but i i would imagine that they will start changing it up a little bit <hes> moving moving forward as we start getting into the meat of the big ten schedule. The two two things that i saw on special teams that i think are critical is one is three point stances on punt return. I don't know if people even ever noticed that paid attention to that but we used to. When when i was at ohio state we were we were dominant in punt returner pump block and we were a three point stance operation that meant that there was a threat of rushing the punt every snap and then carry combs and graciano decided to change it must have been three years ago and then it was a complete fall off in production. I mean the the punt team knew that they were that no one when was rushing because they were in two point stances there was this mirror cornerback technique bullshit and all of a sudden guys are running down free and we couldn't. We couldn't return a punt. What you saw in this game was three point. Stance is across the board the threat of rush. I mean i loved it and you saw great hold up. The punt. Return team could be something special. If we get a special guy catching the pun. I mean the mario. Obviously you could tell he was dinged up. He wasn't running well but i i think that'll he'll develop and get healthy. Maybe that guy but we need a dynamic returner the other other thing you saw on special teams as we cannot kickoff worth shit. I said i was worried about it all the last month and i'll say it again. We are one hundred and second in america on our kickoff times in in length. We cannot kick the ball off and we don't know if we can kick field goals because it was just a blowout blow out. We just kick an extra point. You need to yeah. I am concerned about the kicker situation but i love the punt return again though overall. I think it was a quality first game. There's obviously always going to be things in the first game that you need to clean up but i think the biggest thing that i saw in heard on social social media and even when i watched some of the post game reports it's it's it's one over inflation of how well they played in the first quarter and to a <hes> an over deflation of how bad it dropped off because college football so momentum oriented that is that is the name of the game and you you start getting getting a couple explosive plays all of a sudden. You're rolling downhill on somebody. All you need is one thing or two things in succession to happen and the whole momentum changes and like i said f. a. u. Made some good adjustments on defense but you're up twenty eight nothing second three in the red zone going in now. You're backed up fifteen yards. The very next play justin fields throws a poorly thrown bubble to gear it wilson luke feral completely whiffs is block and now it's a fumble f. a. u. ball now the whole game. He's turned and it's it's not that oh we got conservative. Play calling another call in the same place. They were calling the same place until until the second half. I thought right one was twenty juanita zero. I thought it was just going to be eighty eight zero game over a everyone did that's why there was like this. Oh what happened what happened right then and of course it always always turns to the coaches started being conserved coaches. This is like playing trestle ball out there. I mean it it literally similar play calls and f._a._u. Change their game plan. They're hitting. They're hitting these three. You know max pro isolation shots like chris alive as touchdown and then you had the double tight end and switch touchdown. I mean some of these things they're calling. They call them later in the game but now if i use dropping eight people in coverage and they're rushing three in getting pressure like the play calls those weren't that different. Let's not actually we took our foot off the gas. I heard that fifty times from all these analysts oh well you know i think how it really took their foot off the gas no they didn't they just didn't execute execute as well and if you changed over what they were doing. They're still on the gas. What do they were pushing the brakes. You put it in reverse. I got you foot off the gas. Put it in reverse. I stop it but <hes> that's what happens in college football and i mentioned before luke ferro needs to play better he does he had like five blocks in the first quarter and a half and and if he doesn't i hate to break it to you jeremy records or starting tight end boys as i don't even know if it's looks like yeah i don't even know if it's close i mean farrell graded out at fifty two percent and forty forty two percent in the past game and and he missed five blocks so i mean and jeremy record graded out seventy five percent you're talking about opposite ends of the office of greats so so i'm excited about jeremy rucker. I think he's going to be a really great player. Obviously urban made those comments on air. I think it was yesterday or maybe saturday that jeremy rucker was the best tight end prospect. He's ever recruited and i agree with that statement. I'd actually disagree with that statement. Entirely aaron hernandez was but this this caring but but as far as a pure tight end probably like a guy that might actually put his face on a six techniques events the big wide receiver which is what hernandez was but yeah so i'm that's an exciting thing. I think buckeye fan should be fired up about record and we need better out of luke feral for sure so overall. I think good week for the buckeyes good week one for the buckeyes. I'll tell you the disappointing joining game for the midwest and the big ten had to be the north western stanford game. I mean that was that was an abomination of what should have been a great game. Northwestern just looked awful yeah. Well you know who look awful. Really is hunter johnson and we talked about him was highly touted highest ranked quarterback to ever play for pat fitzgerald transfers in from clemson and he played hor horrific. I'll tell you what clemson does not miss him. No no they don't and there's no secret as to why trevor lawrence beat them out but <hes> just when i watch that's the game i broke down the film i mean he was throwing the ball late. He was missed making misreads inaccurate as all get out. I mean he had a q._b._r. Listless four for i don't know if that like not like four attempts like his q._b. Rating was a four four like we talked about earlier in the show shape. Patterson's persson's was a one v one two or something like that. He was a four yeah. I think the scale goes from zero to one sixty or something right right around that so shape patterson pretty close to perfect act one hundred johnson pretty close to as bad as positive as bad as you could be as bad as it could be so his overall great for the game was thirty nine percent and to be honest. I think the most disappointing part was his his counterpart cagey costello forty seven percent greed and i mean he he didn't play well either and he's he's supposed to be a top ten quarterback order back in the country katya customer. He got injured in the second quarter. I believe right. I wonder how bad that injury is. We'll see i guess but <hes> <hes> it was just a very lackluster game northwestern played terrible. I mean they've five five of fourteen on third down. That's a little over thirty three percent you you're not you're not gonna win a game. If you don't convert on money downs and you don't protectable they had four turnovers and thirty three off around thirty three percent on third down. You can't win the game that way. You and i think think if you really look at the game what i'm curious to find out as the season goes on is are these both teams are both teams defenses good enough to make the offense this this batter these offenses this bad. I mean you look at who's one of the better backs in the big ten. Only ten carries fifty four yards just over five yards a carry and then <hes> cameron scarlet for stanford only four yards a carry so the run defense was decent <hes> but i don't know how good they either these teams yeah i worried worried about north western trying to run the ball on stanford's front anyways but <hes> so that wasn't that surprising to me <hes> the one thing i'll say who played really exceptional for stanford and northwestern northwestern didn't have a skill player that could play at this level was the corner. They have paulson a depot. He shutdown everyone covered. I mean whoever he was on a granite. He was covering a above average players but he had thirty seven snaps in coverage only five targets so that most of the time they were so covered they didn't throw it to him and then when they did throw it to him five times there was one catch for seven yards any also had to use in an interception free interception if you saw it but it goes back to one hundred johnson throwing the ball late but i ah he actually shut them all down and north western just didn't have the skill they didn't scare you talk about a bad defense northwestern if you look at their entire defense player by player in the how they graded out their entire secondary graded out outside of their top fifteen defensive performers worse so they had fifteen players that great it out higher on that defense than anyone in their secondary and that's terrible because you look at the stats stanford. We didn't even throw the ball that well. That's a bad bad deal. And what a bad game. I mean it was it was miserable. I zero zero it ends. I'm like wow this is this. This is bad ball and then stanford puts up ten points to go intend nothing at half and i'm sitting here like this might be ten in the final score and then it was ten nothing after the third quarter so i yeah i think i think it really might be yeah. I talked to people a little bit about this game because obviously he he had north western getting three and a half he was not very happy with the end that game where the the sack fumble that the miss the ball in the end zone they gotta touchdown to go up ten really screwed him well. That's what happens. That's that's in that crazy. That's how it works. It's in the bag. We got it down by three games about the end. I got three and a half and then boom touchdown fluke play. It's over that happened a number of a number of things <hes> with over under it'll have state. I know there was a late field goal that changed that one but but but overall i think this was the most disappointing aspect of the mid west football. This week was just the fact that northwestern couldn't even play halfway halfway decent like we were that is you're looking at a lower to middle tier big ten team against the middle to slightly upper taylor pac twelve team. Just make it a game like play competitive. Make it entertaining and give bid big ten a good reputation right. You look at that that game should have been similar to the auburn oregon game now. Those two teams are not near the level of auburn oregon but similar matchups right similar comparative match watch up and it just wasn't and it was just a shame but i will tell you that was <hes> that was a good week. One glad glad we got that under our belt really excited about week to. I know there's some some in big games. <hes> i want to say big games. It's similar week to week one. I know how state has a much bigger test. Cincinnati coming to town really excited breakdown cincinnati's film from their big win over u._c._l._a. l._a. And really jump into that on later in the week when we do our preview show and see about this match is the first we we said in the off season and a lot of people have been talking about it. This is when we're gonna find out how how quick we can progress offensive line at ohio state how quickly that happens and there's another couple handful for decent games. Maryland syracuse should be a decent game. Vanderbilt purdue might be a decent game purdue can get it together but really really excited about about moving forward and getting into two more conference matchups bigger matchups definitely want to encourage you to check out our patriotic. We're going to have some video content coming out early this week kind of breaking down the ohio state game on video talking about what happened. What really happened kind of like i said. All along with these shows is going to be under the hood behind the scenes. I'm gonna tell tell you what a coach sees not what some analysts sees that. They're intern handed on note paper. I'm gonna i'm gonna tell you what happened in these games and and some key key plays and so that stuff's we're gonna do a national one. That's going to be put out to the public but i'm going to really dive deep into some of these midwest games for patriots subscribers every week so make sure you check that out and check out our patriot adriaan dot com backslash menace society podcast and we've got a number of advertisers sponsors reach out in the last month and we're working through that so if you're interested make sure you contact act us sponsorship at menace society podcast dot com and ultimately we appreciate your support the feedbacks unbelievable. We're going to do a beyond on the show episode this week. We've been a couple of weeks off getting ready for the three show platform but now that we're pompton prepared for that we're going to drop a beyond the show episode later this week and also checkout merge store like i mentioned on social media tom. I'm sorry the devil horns down shirt came in and <hes> they came in on friday. I think it was a saturday so those are packaged up. They will be shipped out tomorrow so if you're going to the l._s._u. Game and want to wear this ambiguous shirt. Make sure so you get your order in today or tomorrow or else it might not get there on time for the game day set but thanks for supporting us check out our store on our website and the and we'll see you later in the week. You'll elliott's he's gone to the races uh-huh eighty yards. It's so easy to be out of it takes a little special the player who zone we'll want to terrorists around what albert's i dunno one. Don't forget we're gonna win menace.

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