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How the Biden administration will affect the EU

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03:34 min | 2 years ago

How the Biden administration will affect the EU

"With the biden administration taking office in just under a month. You leaders a counting the days until they feel like they can have a new start with an american team. that's more committed to transatlantic relations this week. The us foreign policy chief. Joseph barrell reveal the agenda he hopes to pursue well joining me on the line from brussels. Is our correspondent. Teri schultz terry. It's not an exaggeration to say most e you leaders a hugely relief with the biden win and believe things are going to be different now. Where does the e u. side wants to start well and they've actually released this document now laying out where they believe. The most progress can be made in the fastest and most efficient way. And that's what you high rep josette burrell released yesterday. And they've got four areas where they want to start the europeans. They want to start with corona virus. Response making that again. A global effort with president trump having pulled out of the world health organization saying constantly america first america first when it comes to a vaccine. That's something that does not sit well with the europeans who are committed to making vaccines affordable and available to the entire world on climate. They are very much looking forward to president-elect biden making good on his campaign promise to rejoin the paris climate accord. That's something that suffers without. Us leadership and i think president-elect biden is is committed to doing that the third one is a little a little tougher trade and technology that you use third priority and that's one where you're not going to automatically see any. Us president stop protecting or trying to protect american tech giant's against for example e regulators who want to recoup taxes from from the multinationals. That's going to be somewhere where we we may not see as quick progress but on trade looking at the world trade organization where president trump is just continually attacked and and made it impossible for the wto to get reforms that the europeans also support. I expect that that will be one of the areas that there will be some quick progress and unwed burrell calls global action and he says this is working toward a safer more prosperous and more democratic world and they're hoping that president-elect biden will put more emphasis on human rights on rule of and on basic democratic values that the eu and the us due to a large extent share but is it realistic for the e. You just think that the biden administration shares these views simply going to sign onto this plan. Or i think europeans may be disappointed by the fact that foreign policy is probably not going to be the first thing on on president-elect biden's list he's got to deal with the corona virus that's just raging in the in the us and and the divisiveness that this campaign and actually the trump presidency has brought about in america and he's got to work on that before he can justify to anyone that he's going to be working on with with european leaders but he very much wants to do that. All of his statements during the campaign to to europeans. Were basically i understand. This is not the way the. Us you relationships should work and he will. He does share a lot of these views. He certainly will not be giving comfort to leaders. Like hungary's viktor orban or the polish government. That is rolling back the rights of women. He will have. He will have a few things to say about that. Which president trump left unsaid or probably didn't even believe

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