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"joseph whiffed" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Game. As we get ready for a lightning hockey. Lightning and stars tonight. This for the lightning is their second to last road game against the team from the Western Conference to Saint Louis is let them schedule may dental lot of heavy lifting Kaley in terms of travel in the first half. And this has been a really tough stretch. Obviously, we kind of joked about it on us but going from the western Canada's swing right into the holidays with family and then having to go back to the west coast in Los Angeles. And they started out in Anaheim playing really well there they played the defensive games. The low scoring games are winning the high scoring games. And and now they're in that top stretch. Like you said now or they just have two more games at home after another three game road swing but a lot of games away from home and just a lot of days as well. They'll return back to Emily. And go home tomorrow. But atop test here as both teams entering here with a chip on their shoulder. We'll see which one starts strong and able to set the tone Jason specimens the center ice face. Pawlak lost two Comoran though in the neutral zone. Adults in an old friend Eric contra playing with the stars. Well, turned out to center ice rant on Strommen. Regroups left wing Lorne, Diana zone and just punches at fort seraglio. Two on one across the blonde. Serenity left circle in front for Joseph whiffed on one timer. Ben is picked up by just came over in that trade yesterday crossed the blood for Polack a shot at the right point over the net in early two one one for the lightning. They couldn't set up the past Joseph would have had an open net Lindela point shots vasilevskiy done. Radic FOX left circle shoots the vassal husky. And now it's tipped up the near side by Joseph held in Jon Greenberg about point pass is blocked by Sara Lee. And he does flip it out of the zone is maybe an icing. Let's see it will be Sara Lee nita's NHL debut here last season. On march. I had a golden and assistance very first NHL game draft coming to the right of ice loss dairy. I shot in the NHL was a goal. So he was one for one there and then finished one for one golden golden says on the night, and he talked about it. A little bit this morning. Just kind of a dream and the memories kind of start to come back a little bit for him to be able to get called up as one thing. And then to finish with the night. Like what he had was was pretty special for the young rookie. Yes to stay out of the space. I've genie Ben is thrown out of the Gaza would Siegen. Really? And it's one for Jamie banish shot in the slot wide left. Long rebound has handled by Matthew Joseph will pump it out of his own regrouping. Alexander Radulovich barrels across the blonde for janey Ben left bounce per in. He was down low behind that. He tries to center at that's not the way back asking for Joseph very tough sequence there for the lightning. Finally, Brayden Coburn will floated down the ice into the stars in that top line for Dallas generating some chances Esselin del will spin it back to the lightning in where danger already hold onto a mass. Let's see some early key saves to keep the scoreless. Brayden point launches it for Victor had been in the left lane retreats zone. Zona regroup headman jobs it around the nearside dot out held in Tyler pill point muscles, the puck into the left corner for FOX FOX steps right circle. Pass is going to deflect the Polack right point. He could not clear the zone. Locked up to find the good play bass last hurries it up the far side for not to center ice Brayden point back for plot jams sedan, but here's mirrow. Hey skin in nineteen. Old rookie turning it. Four. Blake the lightning zone centering feed is blocked by stamkos sweep it out to on replied at center ice kind adopted in. He's gonna run down encounters after that early chance for the lightning. They really been back in their heels. Cuomo don't sit in Hobart in the near corner around the far side plot printed out stamkos center to onto to the robot. Come stamkos crossed the Dallas up circle. The slot shoots and made rebound loosen the left corner. It got Senator by surrogate down low at comes to pull out of the right circle. Tried to set up stand in front of went off his stick and Alexander Radulovich, rattles it out to center ice, darling. It up there. Siegen Siegen whistles in it. Score in the first DC Miller. Lightning behind for Surbiton pinch down low right there on almost set up a goal. The nearside cetera pocket flutes at high in the air back to the Dow was at years Taylor. Defensemen bind the stars net for Hauge the nearside Mark when TSE Mark back release haka find the Dallas net. Squirrelly up. Carries it to center ice lead. Feed is tipped by John Mark from the red line by lighting up. That's lost lost the market gets back in the net. Excetera fetus picked up by Anton strong coast to coast we go here stolman at high in the air back with the Dallas or three minutes in no score. Esa lindell. To summarize in Klingberg pass is going to deflect into the late news zone. Conrad left win Mundell shovels adviser that it's a lie for Senator pass blocked up by basil. Ascii Brandon points, leasing free will the lightning speeding up the middle center. Three on three crossed the blue line to the left circle point try to drop it for Tyler Johnson special reads it and interception clears it out to the neutral zone though, scoring the first the Android kit for point backer Girardi crossed the dolls line right point rolls. Clean. Berg is there. He's checked immediately by point great and point looks for support robbery right corner in front for Johnson. Couldn't get it shoots. Say made khudobin again. Shot. Save khudobin kucherov, right circle. The puck just a bit and caveat, spins it out to FOX at center boxer the lightning zone, right point. We had that early icing against the lightning. I don't think we got a whistle since he dumped it behind the net defaults Girardi is there to turn it away. Victor Hedman long toss kucherov on the right side at center front split the D nearly did. So Jesus the puck into the left corner who drop on a Saturday by himself right now. Get fresh guys Dini, Ben grabs it and ace's it Sagan's down there. I so that's lost the play no icing around the nearside for one hundred to center ice, the Nathan Torelli Torelli forces it end of the Dallas Roman the stars. And the scoreless game. He's skin chronic cleared held in circuits have right point bounced off his stick. And here's a two on radical dental possible circle Paul's good step both teams of fumbled away chances on a two on now. Come on the left wing cross the below enough circle cutting to the slot. Lawrence shoots, kicked out by khudobin. Here's for doing in the far corner. Getting checked by Matthew Joseph puck comes three though. The yen Mark Mark zigzags its way into the lighting zone. High slot shoots Sabz Celeski. You got bumped a bit after he made the say the puck ally for strong and the lightning near corner over five minutes later in scoreless. First the action fast and furious. Rotate hints trying to get it away from swamp in the near corner. Strommen dislodged. It for Joseph not Andre plot out towards center ice pulls back to his own zone. Blinding wanna get a change what thanks out Johnny Gordon center ice couldn't sneak his way across the blonde Klingberg block hints jabs it back in. Raewyn stamp goes off his stick at center ice has lyndale toss it in deep by the lighting net. Here's vassal asking the scoreless game rattling the puck on the far side for plot. He sticks at high in the air back to the Dallas zone. I promise we'll get a chance to talk at some point the air, really six minutes. Played no score, Missouri. Connor and the stars far corn up the far side stats that makes the move around had been escapes to center ice across the Ballade. Stop by one del say by Vasyl Ascii little tic TAC toe pass it went from a to lyndale and at one time or stop by Vasyl ski look behind him. But he had it underneath them. No score in the first one lightning radio hockey season is here and nothing goes better with hockey than an ice cold, the official shed on the Tampa Bay Lightning Meister and hockey are the perfect combination. Because the perfect ice cold shot served at precisely negative eighteen degrees celsius Cola's ice. There's nothing like a shot of ice cold. The official shuttle the Tampa Bay Lightning..

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