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"joseph recorder joseph" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"joseph recorder joseph" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Jonathan Huber across the blunt tro, check will spin it from the left point in front mcdonagh's there. But a pass blocked by tro check following up his JT Miller and a roll it out to center ice, Keith Yandell quick reversal nice lead. Feed. Hoover to across the left circle shot fought off by the Leschi, the REBA. Is played by tro check from behind the net in front blocking it as Corey cocker leininger scrambling a bit in the sequence player went down hard. That was Matthew Joseph but conquer on the counter into the Panthers left, circle shoots. Top angle dot rhymer puck lie behind the Panthers net. There the near side. Jared McCann scoops out to center ice. It's bouncing around for Dennis mall, Gant. He'll lose conquer conquer leaves it for Slater Kuku back in front of the lightning net. Breitling at circuit. You know, scoring the first elite feet Sara to center ice. Couldn't get it past. Mccain blocks deals it end aboard into the lightning self the right corner. Henrik Bork's Trump former first round pick of Florida. The twenty sixteen draft is going to be checked by Martel. Dan martell? Vicki is lightning debut. He'll bust out to center to onto down the right wing, the offense Martell one arm. Adam Ernie Ernie into the right corner. The scoreless game he gets dispossessed by Pesic arc Pethick on the counter to center ice steps. Leads. Frank for Toronto to the lightning Zola circle deals at by the Tampa Bay net. Headman is there how did by Toronto grabbing at his Derrick McKenzie behind the lightning that sweeps back to Matheson? Lapointe right point, it's equity shooting. Save made by vasilevskiy and the rebound is punched out to center ice by Martel counter sceviour sceviour well, sweep it. Right back in. And behind his own net. In the scoreless game a little pass. Find scoot chopstick lead point out to Saturn. Nicely done speeding into the offense is upgraded point left circle. Trying to cut in front lost the handle it's going to deflect a plot left circle. Pass skipped over the stick of mcdonagh. He makes a good recovery though center is to get it away from buke Staffordshire Nakal counter for plot across the blunt yearly got around bark off just hit Barkovsky the Panthers counter data off to the red line. Scoops it in point immediately. Turns back the other way right wing Audrey plot process for point blocked by Hubert. Oh, but it's regained by Ryan McDonald, here's pilot in the past to center ice he'll back candidate early four minutes. Played no score gamble by. The Panthers had is going to be stripped by stamp goes a pass deflects to Miller by the net. JT Miller trying to set Blad steals. Sweets to Hoover dough in the near corner. Does pinched off by Sergeyeva was stamped. Stamkos keeps moving Miller right circle. JT Miller in a traffic jam loses Yondo to act vital bobble it out to center. Handle follows up in Cranston into the lightning offensive zone. Kuku on the counter for Alex scorn right winger. JT miller. No score in the first pillar across the Florida line stays strong, the pot pivots into the right corner. Shops a circuit circle that pass financed. It back to the center point Kuku. Couldn't hold it in who quick reversal Colona the right way. Now, it's stamp goes across the Florida line locked shoulders with PASOK who takes the puck away over four and a half minutes. Played no score. Here's patrick. By the Panthers net. He's played eighty two games. Each of the last two seasons has not missed a game for Florida tossed it to center ice quick counter. Matthew Joseph into the Panthers, right circle right corner. Khandaker where he Conaco looks to make a play. For Joseph recorder Joseph is checked by McCain who steals here's passing looking.

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