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"joseph president joseph" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"I mean, I think whoever gets into tonight and the next two. Pretty much. Regular. Yeah. Play every game. And they may start the season at Syracuse. But these are the guys who are either on the team or knocking on the door. I watch Joel network is we all do some time to get some news and stuff and Babcock said the other day says I'm putting my t- that I want starting last two, okay. Because taveras. Matthew hadn't played a game plan. And that's a specific situation for them. I personally I would expect that maybe the last game we're going to see very very close to the to the opening night lineup. But we'll see. We'll see. And and. The the big thing with the lightning far as I'm concerned is the first preseason game. I thought it was their worst. So far. It was. Yeah. I did. And I've listened to the radio and stuff and. You know, they played well in Nashville a lot of the Brookings played well and everything else. I'm looking forward to play the Panthers tonight. They play Thursday. Saturday. Shades in the past at sixteen when you played fourteen games again one year they played five in a row at the end of the preseason. I two was the last year we had the Nashville game in between the finish. Maybe it was two years ago. Very well. Let me at least tell you who's in tonight for both sides. Now, the Panthers have thirty two guys. Lots more players, and none are injured. So they do have some decisions to make. But I think they're roster looks very much like. Opening night roster sell for the lightning. He got Lawrence. Stamkos Miller is align. Polat point in kucherov Joseph Sara Lee conquer and then Danny Bartels begins lately debut with Mitchell Stevenson anniversary headman at Stroman are apparent defense. Mcdonagh and churn and then Kuku circuit with bass Leschi starting for the Panthers getting dot knob with Alexander bark. I've into UCS stat Jonathan Jonathan DOE is with Vincent tro. Check and my coffin who's now member of the Panthers. Henrik Bork Strub is playing a with Jared the candidate a smog in and Toronto is with their candidate. Sceviour defense you've got. Glad Matheson tessick. Julia milk yori with Alexander patrol the genes. Riber will start four Florida so fell the lightning side. Kuchar. Stamkos are not playing together. They did with bolcom first team. But volkov. He's still on the roster not playing tonight. But this may be a situation where coop wants to see. Stamkos kucherov with different guys. Play together they played with other players to over there. But in this preseason game. See how caloric biller? Stamkos looked together. Because I don't think that that was trio at any point after Miller arrived last year. I think so you're right. And Brayden point has played with kucherov before. Oh, yeah. So end of the year two years ago. No, senators, polite. Yeah. Yeah. So that line is. Remember the trio with Johnson, the triplets triplets that setup cannot forget the Trump. I didn't number never understood why they recalling triplets. Did you do you? I think the idea was that they were masked skilled, and so if I had three triplets a running around like lunatics identically. Okay. I got you. The other thing too. Is this vast LSU second game? He's got a he's got to play. And I'm sure he'll play you will probably won't play on Thursday, but might play Saturday in Florida. So those are the types of things I think guys get your timing better. You you like he wants all every. But you know, one note on the Panthers, which is interesting. So remember two years ago, the lightning missed the playoffs by a point. They had a furious finish. They went twenty six and four and lost thirty eight hundred last year the Panthers after the all star break what twenty five eight two. They missed the playoffs by one point. And they have made a few tweaks to their lineup. But for the most part, it's the same group coming back. I think they have a lot of both bantam. Yeah. Coming into the season kinda like the lightning felt last year. Now who knows how it's going to play out should lightly. Now the start that they had last year again this year. But I see some similarities there, you know, finishing strongly one year. Just missing it being so motivated to come back strong the next year, and they've got one of the better Centerman in the gaming Alexander Marco without a doubt. This guy can control the game when he wants to. And he always seems to play really well goods the lightning. So I think that's true against just about every probably does. Right. Yeah. He is that good. I I remember when they drafted him. I was third over and a lot of people questioned if but I remember talking to Dale Tallon about it and said, Phil skin is good. I said, well, I actually saw in a cage o- overseas when he was like seventeen years only, and he was good. Yeah. So he's a good player. But he got a good team. I think the Panthers are team that you're right. David Williams finished last year. They're going to be a playoff team in my mind. I don't know who's gonna miss, but I think the Panthers goaltending Knowle's up. We'll be a team to be reckoned. He stays healthy. I think if Longo stays healthy for sure. Thanks. It's thirty nine. While he's been trouble is but rhyme or play really well. Rymere's record last year was twenty two fourteen at six did a lot. He did a lot of the heavy lifting during that stretch run. Yes. Good. Get a chance to talk to China he's knocking on the door. Isn't it? He's very very close. Well, I haven't really seen him play. But Dave was telling me before. And I was talking to chief about it. This guy's pretty good player. Real good player. So those are decisions that. Are not fun to me. But they are because you've got play rice nonsense, the general manager the coaching boy. If we set the other night with Brian was here just because a player doesn't necessarily make the opening night roster. It's not like they're gone, and forgotten that it's competent confidence saying that Eric churn act is going to be in the NHL. I just don't know if it's going to be on October six, and he is really showed very well throughout this whole process. Even going back the training camp to the prospect that they had with the tournament. Probably not the best lightning player. One of the top ones that in a couple of games as a group they struggled. He stood. Joseph. Joseph president Joseph. Doc did not played very well. So what we need to break. We'll come back with your face off lighting Panthers. Rounding out the preseason with the first of three head.

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