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"joseph junior joseph senior julie" Discussed on The First Degree

"This day. The Otero Homa searched for evidence and processed, and here's what they found. All four members of the Otero family had died by fixation as a result of strangulation. The phone lines had been cut to eliminate the risk of one of the victims calling for help. None of the victims have been raped, but there was semen on the floor of the basement near where Josephine was found. Nothing evaluates missing and the police believed trophies were likely to be taken from the scene, but it was really hard to be sure at the time. And bindings and gags were used during the. The police worked to flesh out the killers mo in this case. But hindsight is twenty twenty. Looking from today, we can see the patterns. But at the Otero case, there wasn't an established mo yet because this was a serial killers, first taste of murder. But with each kill this killers mo would become more and more defined. Bindings were used to restrain the victims. Torture? Victims were killed over long periods of time. And tormented throughout the experience. Both psychologically and with physical pain. And then finally kill. Their lives choked out of them by officiation. The perpetrator in this case was an is killer. Made evident by the fact, that clear planning went into the ambush of this family. The cutting of the phone lines. Bring binoculars with him to the scene. Tactical approach which allowed him to get them under his control. This color would eventually name himself be T, K A killer motivated by sexual sadism. And while none of his victims were sexually penetrated, we know that killing aroused him proven by the fact that there was semen found in the basement of the Otero home near Josephine's body. PT K had an obsession with bondage. All of his victims were killed by strangulation except for one, and that was only because he was interrupted during the Commission of the Act. Joseph Junior Joseph Senior Julie and Josephine would be the first known victims of one of the most, if not the most terrifying serial killers in modern history. Dennis Rader the K. I man who didn't care who the victim was didn't care. What sex victim was. A manual blamed his depraved crimes on an indescribable force. He called factor X. A man who killed ten people over the course of decades while maintaining the image of a loving father, a church Deacon, a Dogcatcher a boy, Scout, leader, and a doting husband, so how I mean really, how can someone capable of crime so unspeakable actually maintain a perceived sense of normalcy. How can a dichotomy like this exist? I mean really exist within one person. To answer that who better to help us deconstruct the mind of Dennis Rader then one of his own children. Meet our first degree Dennis Raiders Daughter Carrie. I mean my dad was pretty much. My best friend so I did everything with him I garden with Him we took walks with the dogs. We were very very close I was much closer to him than my mom and a lot of ways I pretty much that I couldn't be a boy scout. That was like the one thing I couldn't do temper like. New My parents are new. My family before my dad's arrest knew that he treated us really well that he was like an upstanding guy in the community. And you know they were all in shock. This ashes, just anybody that's not us after that are like. Don't necessarily believe us, but we were really close like we he. My Dad really likes to be outdoors. He would take fishing and camping and my mom. My mom hates the outdoors. She's only outside to go to our car literally like she hates outdoors so I don't even know how they ended up married. They're like it in, but he from when I was tiny like there's photos of fishing like he anything he was doing. He took me and my older brother Long. Raise me basically like a tomboy. Why one of the reasons I'm really strong? He taught me to be strong think he knew maybe things would catch up with him eventually, but he raised me to be very strong and a lot of ways. Carey was born in Park, city Kansas in nineteen, seventy eight, which was four years after her father started. And from Carey's perspective, she was raised by two loving parents, and how to generally healthy childhood. And Ascari, said she and her dad had one of those really special bonds, and they ended up sharing these interests that even carries. Mom didn't approve of that. They kind of kept between that I had grown up reading Stephen King, loving him sharing him with my dad like we would watch all the movies together. We would pass the books back before and I'm not talking about like. My teenage years or my doll years I'm saying like by the time I was like. Ten or eleven I was reading Stephen King like my mom didn't like it and my dad deny it was. There was something we shared. And like other like. Like kiss the girls and you know. We went and saw seven together just to explain some of our relationship. So like I think my dad in hindsight was trying to tell me a little bit about himself, but he also like appreciated that I like that stuff with him, but I think he was also trying to educate me. Prepare me. In two thousand five carry learn that the man she knew as dad. Was One of the world's most notorious sexual thrill killers and modern history. And to remain silent on the subject for nearly fifteen years. She avoided the media and worked tirelessly to process the absolutely consuming trauma. That this information brought onto her. While the pain that followed was varied and vast over the years. There's one particular aspect of carries experience that remains ever frustrating. I get pushed back a lot from the detective that I'm still close to he. He Win I'm having a hard time. I'll reach out. We don't talk very often. But he he likes to remind me he'll say flat out. Your Dad was never your dad every day of your life. That's a lie and thanks buddy like not what I need right now. Dude, so if you talk to criminologists, you talked to detectives. You know FBI and stuff. They're all very hardened. and. The thing is flight. They get it wrong and people even like the really highly educated hardened ones. They don't believe me. I don't think people want except that. Somebody could be so good at times and also be so bad they can't. They can't and even like the criminologist. They refused to believe it. And so somebody like the detective argues he was showing you what he thought that looked like, but that he didn't actually have empathy, and he didn't have loved. And there's and because he's a sexual sadistic psychopath. They're saying he can't love and I'm saying he can do both. In the world of criminal profiling for many decades, there were certain aspects of serial offenders that were thought to be universally shared amongst them characteristics that were rarely, if ever deviated from, we've seen this in the concept of serial killers ability to stop killing victims, and for a long time. It was thought that they couldn't stop once they started. This was considered fact when it came to the world of psychology and profiling serial killers, but in the last two decades we've seen one example after the next, or these assumptions are shattered leaving profiler, scratching their heads, and rewriting the books, another assumption and one we're. We're looking at very closely today. Is this all or nothing concept of empathy or in the case of serial? Killers lack thereof, they say a man can't be a sociopath, and also at the same time feel genuine love compassion for members of his family. The question here is, is it arrogant to believe that with all of the incredible nuance that exists within.

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