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What Does the Word 'Caucasian' Really Mean?


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What Does the Word 'Caucasian' Really Mean?

"Today's episode was brought to you by the new Capital One saver card with which you can earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. That means four percent on checking out that new restaurant everyone's talking about and four percent on watching your team win at home. You'll also earn two percent cashback at grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. Now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet? Welcome to brainstorm a production of iheartradio. Hey, brain stuff, Lauren Vogel bomb here. If you've ever watched a police procedural, you've probably heard a description of a suspect that goes, something like this. The suspect is a six foot one hundred and eighty pound Caucasian male wearing a white t shirt jeans, and so on, but what does Caucasian really mean, it's easy, of course, to acquaint Caucasian with white, but that one word Caucasian touches on issues much deeper than skin color it kindles questions of race and the very origin of humans it even exposes the topic of whether race exists outside of our own weird minds. Spoiler in humans. No genetic basis exists to separate our species into races. We spoke with Joseph graves, a professor of nano engineering and the intern dean at the joint school of NATO science and engineering in Greensboro, North Carolina. He said there's no scientific justification for use of the term Caucasian. It's actually a nineteenth century INTERPOL logical idea that was based around a false conception of the origin of the human species. I was in the caucus mountains the caucus mountains run from the Black Sea to the west to the Caspian Sea on the east in an area, that's considered by many as the crossroads between eastern, Europe and western Asia. These mountain ranges two of them, the greater and lesser are due east of Italy due north of Iraq and do west of India. The southern tip of Russia. Lies to the north of the Caucasus mountains to the immediate South Georgia, a former Soviet Republic. This is where Caucasians true Caucasians. Call home people from Georgia rusher Azerbaijan and Armenia hail from that area. But Caucasians as I identified by German Interpal, just union Frederick bloom Bach, and as some still think of the group today lay claim to a lot more real estate than that in seventeen ninety five in the third edition of his book, titled on the natural varieties of mankind. Blooming book building on work by sweeter, scientists careless Lineas and others used the word Caucasian to describe one of his five races of man, he determined each through scientific. Methods like the measuring of skulls and tied each distinct. Geographic regions Caucasians were as Bloomberg presented them the white race and included people not only from the caucus region. But also those from Europe northern India and parts of northern Africa. The other groups Bloomberg identified tied loosely skin color were Malaysian native American and Mongolian though, Bloomberg found that the quote, many varieties of men are as present known to be one and the same species his work. Nonetheless was seen as giving scientific credence to the concept of biological race. Over the years that notion has been abused in order to separate groups of people often by skin color and to declare through some bastardisation of science the superiority of one race over others. Also years after Bloomberg scientists found that the earliest humans didn't come from the caucus, but from Africa in modern day, the opium. Copa classifying humans into races. Whatever boombox intentions continues today. The term Caucasian is still rolled out occasionally and not only on TV police dramas grave said I was just at a conference here in Minnesota where researcher from South Africa kept referring to herself and others in her country as Caucasians, I think it is very very much a white supremacist racist ideology, I think it has to do with your Centric, racial ideology. People wish to hold onto the special designation exemplified by this term Caucasian beyond Caucasian. The US census bureau has its own definition of race, quote, a person self-identification with one or more social groups and asks respondents to choose from its own categories, white black or African American Asian American Indian and Alaska native native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander. The census allows those survey to choose some other race as well the census bureau's definition of race, but it self identified and based on social groups. Is different than blooming box in that. It's notably social not scientific and supports the now widely accepted finding that race is not something that supported by science genetically speaking someone can't be of the white race or the Caucasian race or the Mongolian race. We are of one species, according to the national human genome research institute, humans are ninety nine point nine percent identical in genetic makeup. Gordon hudson. A professor of psychology at Canada's Brock university explained in psychology today. Scientists generally do not recognize races biologically meaningful yet scientists including me discuss race and described the racial composition of our samples to be clear. I'm not advocating that we ignore race. In fact, there are many dangers ignoring raises a social topic race's real but race is socially real not biologically real. Yet, the term Caucasian despite its problems has proven stubbornly resilient, some people perceive it as being more scientific or dispassionate than saying white. Even though the exact opposite is true based on the words origins from a proven Lee incorrect hypothesis and later used to perpetuate prejudice in two thousand four graves wrote a book called the Ray Smith. Why would pretend race exists in America from the introduction? Quote. We must recognize that the underlying biological diversity of the human species cannot be artificially portioned into races because races are simply not biologically justified. If we can understand that all allegiance to racism is ideological not scientific then we may be able to silence. The biggest once and for all. 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