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"joseph duster" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"joseph duster" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Markets with Bonnie Quinn and Paul Sweetie on Bloomberg Radio. Continuing to keep an eye on the markets were gonna be speaking with new singer I P o reporter in just a few minutes and banker to the world Build roads will join on everything that's happening in Washington, D. C on day. Increasing coals for bill to invest outside of the United States is emerging markets begin to look attractive. Also the economy with Kristina Hooper of Invesco First a Bloomberg business flush with John Tucker, and the major indexes have been fluctuating between gains and losses in the S A. P. 500 Yep, seven of the 11 the industry groups that are high right now, a bit of a cyber relief on the part of investors after two Federal Reserve officials Pushed back on the possibility of tapering their bond purchases anytime soon, and that seems to have put a cap on bond yields. The idea of an equity bubble won't go away, but Tony Dwyer over a can accord, Genuity says. I am not to worry. There's this great fear in the marketplace that were similar to where we were in 2000 valuations or high equity offerings are historically high. On Dafoe Tech and mega cap stocks are leading the charge and people said she isn't it just like the bubble and it couldn't be further from the truth Right now. Oil fluctuating after almost reaching $54 a barrel combination have been in this to your poor, pointing to another decrease in stockpiles. Saudi Arabians output cuts And a weaker dollar all driving up a run up in energy prices. Right now we have West Texas intermediate crude some 14 cents of 53 35 barrel. As for the major indices down, Joseph Duster Leverage is 21 points higher. That is at 31,093 S and P 510 points higher. That's a quarter of a percent at 38 11. And as that composite index 18 points higher, That's up 6/10 of a percent at 13,150 to the 10 year yield. Right now, the benchmark it 1.1% We check the markets for you every 15 minutes during the trading our right here on Bloomberg Radio. I'm John Tucker. Dani is your Bloomberg business, Flash money and Paul John Tucker. Thank you so much..

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