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"joseph di rupo" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"The buildings on the school campus bs so trains its officers that in the event of outdoor gunfire one is to seek cover and assess the situation in order to communicate what one observes with other law enforcement allegations that mr peterson was a coward and his performance under the circumstances failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently on true this is according to his fort lauderdale attorney joseph di rupo so this is a new elements of this now there's another new element to this yes laura ingram on her fox news show last night had this reporting placental lara and what she's sharing now i wanna share another exclusive report within your tonight now our sources near the broward county sheriff's department are telling us that the deputies who arrived at the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on and then we found out that the deputies did not have buddy cameras so they did not enter or enter the building or engage the shooter so curiously police also lost radio communications during the park when shooting and our source claims that radio communication also went dead during the fort lauderdale airport shooting in 2017 that he also got a lot of criticism for not to enter because the body cameras weren't on and they weren't wearing them how does that work exactly i don't understand why that would ever be is scenario that would take place and when we first found out about these four deputies waiting outside of the school my first thought was who ordered that because when i spoke to law enforcement sources they told me that generally speaking your first action is to stop the threat which would meanwhile entering the school and attacking the shooter this is actually precisely what scott israel the broward county sheriff said when he first announced that scott peterson had been the resigned and retired or whatever it is that they did they get rid of him um he said that he was disappointed that he felt the horrible in the pit of his stomach about this and that that what that deputy should have done is quote address the shooter right go in and actually engage with him and now the defence from pearson is that he thought the gunshots were coming from outside how does that not.

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