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Joe Profaci


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Joe Profaci

"The underworld. Today's quote comes from Salvatori profanity. An influential captain in the most famous Colombo crime family based in New York City for fought. She's actions were ruthless but they were necessary to keep the families disputes away from authorities. Nowhere was this sentiment more apparent than in his famous quote. Goodfellas don't sue goodfellas goodfellas kill goodfellas cheese. Father Joe was the original head of the crime family before his death in nineteen sixty two in the years. Following the family was taken over by Joseph Colombo. The younger prophecy never expressed regret over. Not taking over for his father. He knew it was best if he worked outside of the limelight. Things were easier to accomplish in the shadows while Prophet. She never led the family. His role was important in keeping the peace profound. She was known to be a great mediator. Inter family disputes and was called in to squash any problems for example in nineteen ninety two a mob lawyer in Philadelphia named Salvatore threatened to sue a mobster named carmine Franco Avena accused Franko of skimming money off the top of their Waste Management. Racket without telling him as if the accusation itself wasn't enough to stir up trouble. Avena wanted to take the matter to court. Never the best idea for a criminal organization. The fifty-six-year-old flew in to settle the dispute at the behest of the Colombo family Ci Son was also married to a Venus daughter so in addition to helping the crime family he was protecting his own family profonde. She begged Wien not to file a civil suit. Exposing the entire business in front of a judge would lead to more charges against everyone but Avena was steadfast. That's when pro fauci uttered his famous quote to survive the mob. You had to avoid the courts. This wasn't how things were run instead. Violence was the law of the land. Profonde she didn't want Vena killed. He was family but if he didn't relent. That would be the only way forward. It took some more working over but Avena down. He and Franco settled their deal out of court weeks. Later the problem was federal officials. Had bugged. Evine is office. Every word of his conversation with Prof Archie was heard and some of prophecies comments were used to pin his men on a slew of charges. It was the biggest and most ironic slip up of his career. But he himself ultimately didn't face prosecution he was able to retreat back into the shadows just the way he liked it after a few more years of peacekeeping by the early two thousands prof

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