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"jose ruano" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"jose ruano" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Rice in five years so Yeah they're Just disguise to shy. You just gotTa make myself every opportunity comes your way intend to do with. This is at the moment the plan that I'll rise up until around. May you know in the team. Does the Jiro and then. Of course you got the rest of the guys getting ready for the two I that's over the summer. I I do my usual Couple of names do Nathan and probably Roth and maybe do stuff definitely this BS and start to get ready to Kinda but who knows you know what I mean. The the reality is it's the best team in the world and the foggy views. And you know I've improved as an athlete settling mentality towards what I do is very different than the and and they said intrigued as to what's GonNa happen you know. I mean they're interested to see what I can do. I mean I wasn't that bad black Friday when I e broad just wasn't as good as I feel like we pay and I felt like I was going to wasting my time so who knows. Obviously I'd love to ride the Tour de France Sunday. I mean that's always is backing up a dream of Mine John. Connor obey the Olympic. W did the tool would really complete the set and But on this team it's not just kind of do the two of you. You're going to be a part of a winning team and even that is even more inspiring to and potentially maybe maybe put. My hand goes that I'd love to do that. But at the moment it's not a it's not a fight because it's not a target so I was coming worth the new team. Many are signing and Daniel to Columbia which is getting underway. As as we speak well nervous I think people get underway as we speak I think last year Those of us. who weren't lucky enough to be there? So the the images from the race and the crowds and get a real sense of the sort of explosion allusion in entrust that. There's been in Colombia. On the back of the rider success really have lost two years and the Columbia is happening this week. Six stages it is between Medellin and Bogota's most of the stages the final stage should be a humping starting Ting in Deepak era which is where amber now is from and finish three thousand two hundred seventy meters above sea level. Just outside on a mountain overlooking one of the Highest finishes ever for major race and friend hundred troop from education. The press officer education was actually asking me the other day whether that will be the highest ever summit it finish in a sort of elite race and it won't be because the tour of Qinghai Lake in China takes place premiums the whole race takes place at around the altitude. Three thousand two hundred meters and there is a Finnish that they do at Qinghai Lake which is three thousand seven hundred and nine hundred meters above sea level so it's not the highest but the whole race. The tour Columbia is taking place around about two thousand above two thousand meters altitude so yes one for the mountain goats. The root itself is is lumpy. Hilly as I say it will probably will be decided on the final day and as a cracking racking field all the all the big ball is you'd expect to be there Bernal Chavez Buubas Voice Carlinhos China Chavez's writing for Columbia isn't he rather than Mitcham. Scott Haram Banal of course will rich account password. House will be that you mentioned him. Sergio Henao and also Well Rigoberto around and say Sergio Guitar and Daniel Martinez as well the triumph for education I and also Jose Ruano the Venezuelan who recently recently expressed a wish to make it back to well to a level he'll be writing for Venezuela It's a long way back Roy. I would suggest the last time. He raced in Europe with Vacuum Soleil in two thousand thirteen race consistently in Europe with Beckham Soleil previously with quickstep of course briefly cast Japan thirty seven years old. Now the best result walls. What would it third in Jiro? Four hundred zero third in the year. Two Thousand and falling only. You're the one. Absentee notable absence absentees. Naira Tanner. Who's archaic team is not going to be there which is a bit tame also Meghan Lopez last year's winner not taking part but other than the Colombian bowlers describe them? Daniel took can aspen. DNA cycling recently Having talked about for awhile anywhere else for the same goes for the season. I'm well I'm thinking right London. Actually in in August because The main charity that she has pancreatic cancer and my mother passed away with pancreatic cancer some years ago or fifteen years ago this year. So I'm doing right London when I I would say it's a long shot. I mean that's unlikely and by I'm hoping to finish Unfortunately clashes with the opening weekend of the welte which is very unfortunate and because of wealth are starts. Well it's very late on. The wealth is very early this year. So it it does cost. But I'm putting together a team to London and I I've been training a am on my on my trainer using swift and a bit trainer roads and and quite joy that other hill weeks. I'm being the end of the tone. Just Seal Palatis Line while you've been running running. Yeah just fi case in total. Well time you fit ooh favorites Training nothing big coming up Still waiting for the waiting for the dates on the Speedco from the bridge pretty speak of openness here in a few of the tournaments and then and November big goes in November in trial rice Ultra trail rice milk. Fifty nine kilometers. They throw this subject is not the only reason you asked us if we were doing in order to is it is a whole long phillies sixties. He's fifty nine kilometer all trial run a long way away. Yeah I did. A am one hundred kilometer trail running race back in into hoes and and toon and needed a hip replacement after that so Good luck am shall we On that note because Amb one name caught my I was going through the some of our good friends the podcast we want to say. Thank you to kick it off so big..

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