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"jose quintana jose huizar" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Your of the hundreds and thousands of dollars of cash do you keep them in the freezer jam paper bags in the closet Hey you know what I ripped out the patented my felt my pillow foam and I actually stopped my pillows with callers yeah since I don't know where I can rest my head the only Aussie because who is Jose Quintana Jose Huizar is a city councilman from the Los Angeles City Council and this scandal I wish I could tell you was brand new but it has been going for a long time the FBI has been doing a little investigating about a pay for play scandal in Los Angeles that resulted in one city councilman Mitch Englander already resigning because he spent his money on ladies but like many kills a red gnome like on eighties you meet ladies of negotiable faction professional career ladies and so he resigned at not so long ago Republican holds his C. Jommelli hold his seat now on the city council is the only Republican representative on the LA city councilman Jose Huizar however is it a councilman who oversaw all of the development deals throughout Los Angeles his district is prime real estate property in downtown LA and apparently as I would drive around downtown LA and some buildings would just pop up overnight and others would take about twenty years to build well the reason for that is that Jose Huizar would take them campaign donations where we're a little donors are up against a hard break five thousand Bucks in cash get a hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars in his closet you took all the money in paper bags and don't be surprised if the mayor mayor Garcetti is implicated in this weather it's shoe Polish on your face bags of cash you know freeze all racist frat parties the Democrats have a look Jennifer hold onto a single come back with the one and only balance of nature changing the world one life at a time so it could be ophthalmologist for my eye exam I usually go yearly is this what are you doing Michael about back to nature he's well whatever you're doing keep it up my primary doctor he couldn't get over how much better I was doing he said he'd never seen anything like it I hope this is really kicking off because since it's been a godsend some family I mean I'm a pharmacist and party years I haven't had a cold balance of nature has impacted my life in a positive way don't wait to see what getting over ten servings of whole fruits and vegetables every day can do for you right now balance of nature is offering free shipping and.

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