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"jose martinez andy sima" Discussed on The Undercovers

"Coming Tuesday October eighth the undercovers a global original podcast starring Ed O'Neill he's occupants it's the seller's now is the time when the tension begins to build as the money delayed veteran heroin broker of tie extraction George Montoya Six Foot Sinewy Hispanic and Jose Martinez Andy Sima turn to Martinez he knew what to do this was it the moment when the money comes out cash no deal ever moves forward until the flash it was all their eighty thousand large we good satisfied the seller nodded it would make a small dent in the endless supply chain running to America from the infamous Golden Triangle of Burma Laos and Thailand both traffickers approached the Volvo one remained at the trunk while the other walked up to the passenger side the trafficker leaned in and asked last the park in the middle of the day the set is ready it starts when the buyers arrive in the white remained in the car while the two traffickers approach from the rear the plan is to affect the textbook by bust eighty thousand for two kilos of heroin arc is an ordinary at all a drug deal is about to go down two kilos of Southeast Asian number four heroin right here in the Middle Martinez then closed the trunk and return to the driver's seat with the flash complete now it was the sellers turn to show there's doper drawn together it's what some agents call the flash point and it is the most dangerous sequence of a drug deal because both sides are vulnerable the undercovers the youngest of the three and the bear of the by money all three are armed Montoya Encima have nine millimeters tucked in their belts Martinez has the driver's side pocket and sub knows thirty eight strapped to his ankle but the guns aren't street Roscoe's their government issue because and listened and watched have they been able to look close enough they may have seen with Seema Montoya and Martinez were seeing just and all eyes would be on it including over a dozen da surveillance units who were also fixated on Martinez says he moved to the trunk level park and wait see him yet not yet inside the Volvo three men Paul Sema men are undercover DEA agents and they're not here for a by their hair for a bust your they come a car approaches with two Chinese once the UC's sense the same thing something ain't right back just then all sides seem as passenger doors to the trafficker he looked nervous his eyes darted left and right and beads of sweat were forming on his brow. You'll never have the chance to do it again go Martinez pops the trunk he reaches in pulls out a gym bag in the drug trade this is what is called the flat this is how fast it can go bad one minute you're ready to give the bus signal the next year sellers turned into killers and if you don't react immediately and violently directed to the head George Montoya Lay Dead in the backseat Paul Seema was slumped in the frontal

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