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"jose altuve bryce" Discussed on FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

02:43 min | 11 months ago

"jose altuve bryce" Discussed on FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

"I don't think i would've taken that many pitchers if we re-did this today. Did you see our third round. It started with six straight so we each took two because i think we're still working off the idea that we need to get pitcher in our first three picks yeah all all navy though is lining up for year to be where you don't where'd you can were were you may not take pitcher in the first five rounds i mean i went with one of my teams turner trae turner jose altuve bryce harper yeah and then and then he would have that that team would have the fourth pick in the fourth round to get and hatrick orbin. What pick number was altuve et. Al two a was the do the nineteenth pick so you could have gone turner yard on alvarez correct yeah that's amazing start and taken the middle infield there with the harper pick instead and then like i said come back around and take corbin or lewis cass. Did we take louise castio. I don't think we did not know. I could've taken louis casio and i love g lido but you can't tell me that those two aren't right there. Jake flaherty go back on the powertrain next to we're going to talk about her in that blob. No you make a great point about you can go top three hitting then start getting your pitching. You might end up with sunny greater number. One guy enlists this sometimes it pans out brilliantly right the story writes itself in the fall of of getting traded aided getting out of a bad situation for him whether he inflated it or not you know with what happened with him in the yankees. It doesn't matter almost at some point right we talked about the fact of perception perception is reality. His reality was they were asking him to do stuff that he couldn't execute properly and particularly when it got when he was at home he was pitching scared and and he was pitching very poorly and it just wasn't working for gray so get him out of there. Get him back with the fanny guy derrick johnson and voila not only. Is he back to oakland. He's the best he's ever been an n._l. Best six point five hits per nine hundred seventy strikeouts in one hundred and forty four and two thirds innings to ninety two the average <hes> average era. Excuse me and a one one to whip ten wins six losses. Sunny graves been a beast. He's only going to be thirty next year. Not not ancient is that he's going to be in the blob. Where but whereabouts are you. Are you thinking you take him involves closure in in those who've listened to me me for a long time. No i've hated sonny gray for a long time so i mean some crow on this one this year and i'm okay with that..

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"jose altuve bryce" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

03:02 min | 2 years ago

"jose altuve bryce" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"David price where's the mouthguard when he pitches son real obvious to see but mouthguard that a lot of players will use helps to relieve relieve some tension other fall by regularly you know i never ever thought about i that always thought about it as a protection piece of mouthguard fees never some something that you're sharing with us that it can kind of take away some of that tension like riding go on to my understanding when it was introduced to players in baseball i mean obviously football player mouth guard and swinging a fly ball this is on the infield the second baseman scott it retires alex bregman long back gopher alex bregman is now one through three and there are to go on here in the bottom of the fifth that'll bring it to three hole hitter jose altuve eight here with nobody poured in the astros lady print on replace wigs that was a good one i want to tell these fans are walking up to the conference right now you can't leave your seats when jose altuve as hitting i mean that's just irreverent isn't it the fan favorite here should be easy mvp's your franchise face i them check this swing they'll appeal the first base umpire ben may says yes he did right one jose altuve bryce rented in underneath his hands and how to bake couldn't help himself cut so far in it was close to his back leg as he pivoted to swing here's the next from david price tool something off miss lord away one ball one strike three to one astros have done it with five hits and the two run home run by alex bregman lift three on base nobody aboard here red sox got their run back in the first on burland i'm going to tamper foul toward the third base dugout wanted to to jose altuve as one for two this one is singled in the first but was stranded rounded out to shortstop bogart's round number two in the third he has led the american league in hits each of the last four seasons and low and behold is back there again with eighty one at the top of the leaderboard tonight fastballs high two two.

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