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"jose aldo knockout jeremy stevens" Discussed on The Corner

"Cal Dan's been here with the old man Andrea's hell talking boxing today. Had one hell of a UFC show earlier in the week, make sure you guys check that out. Still pro wrestling to come later on in the week. The old man is so hype for Brock Lesnar versus the giant omas. At WrestleMania it's his favorite match of WrestleMania card. They'll let them tell you any different. We're going to talk about all that on Friday you guys will get that episode that's going to be really fun to go through then. Shout out to everyone and last week's wrestling podcast, which was amazing, amazing Impact Wrestling came through the building. That was great. Had fun at the impact card. We'll talk about all of that going on, but Dre. Someone say there was something big in boxing this weekend. Man, I'll just say it. I don't think I've ever been more wrong about a fight in my life. Listen, I grossly underestimated Tommy Fury and I grossly overestimated Jake Paul. Well, talk about whose fault was what? I guess when we get into that. But I'm going to save that because I want to take a tour de boxing because a lot of other crazy shit happen this weekend. I want to make sure we get all that out of the way that we dive into Tyson Fury, big John fury, rematch, how you scored it, 'cause you scored it very differently. Yeah, at a four point swing on close rounds. Yeah, I went the other way. I watched it again. I was like, yeah, I could have given the other way up. It's one of those things where I live. You're like, I don't know. But we'll talk about that fight the entire fight between Jake and Tommy. Start off, though, going around the world, starting in London. On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather had his exhibition. There's more people in this blue wire studio. Right now. Then we're in the crowd at this London Floyd Mayweather exhibition. Is it over? For money bag fluid? No. No, you just got to go back to Japan. Go back to Dubai. I saw people telling me, why is Floyd doing this? I was like, you know how many millions got paid to do this? Stupid amount. He doesn't care who was in the building. He did it. It was pay per view. People watched it. He got paid. It wasn't like, if you don't sell, you don't get paid. He already got paid. He just knows what market he's not going to again. That's all he just looked at. It was like, you guys suck at promoting fights. I mean, he knew, it's almost like, come on. It was never going to be a big fight. He knows where to go. It's not over. And if it is over, rob plenty of banks. Eventually, those girls got caught and said it off after Robin all those banks. Floyd Mayweather has been setting this shit off, robbing people 'cause I keep saying I was like, y'all keep paying for this shit. Of course it's gonna keep doing it. I don't know if people pay for it, but I guess the other country's paid. Somebody's paying Floyd. Like Floyd ain't doing this for free. Floyd ain't doing this on a contingency, I'll say he doing it on GP. He ain't doing that. He's not doing consignment. He's getting paid to fight fights that are no hopers against him. So yeah, it doesn't stop. It seems like there were reports they may have broken his hand, you know, Floyd got the glass hands. His hands have been healthy though for like the past like his hands were brittle before on that big deal with showtime. But they've been fine because he didn't unleash on people. Exhibitions, he's been throwing hands. Yeah, he's actually putting punches on people. So, you know, you get back to that style just because physically you can do it. Your hands are still hitting a surface, which someone's skull. So, yeah, something might be a little wrong with his hands. He was talking about fighting Jose Aldo prior to that. Still think that's going to happen. That in Dubai probably does very well. Yes, I think Aldo's fighting on that game bread card. Fine, Jeremy Stevens, which is like the weirdest fight because I saw Jose Aldo knockout Jeremy Stevens was a body punch in MMA. What's going to be different here? Not a damn thing. But I think there's a lot of money. Floyd could beat up anybody. He could take the Jake Paul tour and just start beating up MMA fighters? Yeah. I don't see what's wrong with that. Nothing. So he'll rap his client. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. He'll wrap that broke. If it's broken, he'll rap his hand in his millions of dollars, make a nice padding on it. He doesn't drink. So he'll swim in his money like Scrooge mcduck until the next fight. Virgin daiquiri. Yeah, I feel like that'd be his drinking show. And Zachary is. What the hell is a nightclub? The strip club? Oh, girl collection. Girl collection. It cost like $60 to get it to a strip club. Yeah, I mean, he'll enjoy the fruits of all that. And I'm a connoisseur. Of the strip club, but I would not go there. I was like, what? He had told me. I barely throw $60. Him and Leonard had told me I could get you for years. I always want to do the Floyd interview, do it at the club, and I was like, oh, Ariel, that was my hero went. Oh, I mean, I'd go there for an interview. Wait, I get in free? Yeah, era went. If I remember correctly, Ariel helwani had to wait like two hours. They're like, Florence coming, so he just has to sit at the club. There's worse places to work. Two hours. I don't know weighted long as times are interviewing a press room. I've been born in strip club before. Have you been born in the strip club before? Yes, but it was a bad strip club. Story time. I went to a strip club. I was importantly visiting a

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