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"jordan spieth scottie scheffler" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

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"jordan spieth scottie scheffler" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

"All it says is guys who were hitting it well from tee to green in the year lee earned the couple months leading up to the masters ended up winning the masters. There's only one guy who qualifies for that at at this moment that we chat. It's patrick can't lay. He's he's shot a couple of course records already this year at pebble beach at pg winner on tour recently in a deep field. I mean this this to me is a really long number on a guy who is potentially a top five or six player in the world whose numbers and who's odds you know last year and coming down the stretch i mean he was right there with the tens eleven twelve to ones. Most weeks wasn't he. Yeah for sure. And he's always in contention writing and he's not a sexy pick. Nobody loves to go out and run to the window to get patrick. Lay but time and time again he shows up on the first page of the leaderboard. And he's been doing a more winning recently getting a victory at the championship which is a short field. It's not it's it's actually kind of similar in size to the massive. I think we've got eighty nine in the master's field this year. That was probably seventy six or seventy eight golfers at its and its top tier guys To to be able to go out and win an event like that is very encouraging in a year. Where and i think and i believe that we're gonna get the more traditional april conditions a little more firm a little more fast. I think that plays into the hands of someone. Like patrick kelly all rick. Let's talk a little bit about the field this weekend. As you mentioned we have some potentially value. We do have though couple of big names at the top. What when we have a fee now a speed. It's kinda funny. You've got senile. Who you know has been hot. Hot hot but can't close and has been very polarizing figure in engulfed betting circles and then speaker you said is probably hotter than anyone on the planet. Tie you evaluate the very top. Which also includes scottie. scheffler Decky matsuyama as well as the five players who come in above ten thousand. Yeah that's right and got a little bit easier. There is news coming out on monday. Dustin johnson has removed himself from this field so the highest price player on draftkings is gone. A kind of Sent shockwaves through the betting market. A little bit everybody else tony. Female jordan spieth scottie. Scheffler had Amounts y'all got about two points shorter with the news. That dj was going to skip out on the valero and head which is always interesting when that happens after the draftkings programs been said. Yeah oh for sure because it's not going to change now right. He's still in the field. He is still going to be listed at at eleven thousand eight hundred and what it's going to allow you to do is two things you're gonna be able to get any guy in the ten thousand dollar range that you want. I think most people are going to opt for jordan. Spieth he's just been striking it beautifully. This he gets to go. He gets to stay in texas His his home state and play in front of a much weaker field. So i think most people are going to opt for jordan speech. But you can now. Even make a case chris to forego the entire ten k. Range and start your lineups in the nine k..

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