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Myth Busters: Gym Edition  Ep. 44

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Myth Busters: Gym Edition Ep. 44

"This episode was recorded. Pre pandemic guys. Welcome back to the living healthy podcast presented by la fitness. I'm your host tangible. And i'm your code for today. Getting mythical this is got to be one of brittany's favorite episodes. She's been bugging me to do this forever. We're doing jim myths. And we're busting them. I love factor this up so all about so. I not sure you can all the miss that are on here. But we're going to touch on anything that's mithi or maybe is trendy or out there that you know people always have thought and we're gonna find out if it's true or not And so to do that. We're going to bring on our special guests. He is a master trainer with us. His name is jordan jones and we want to welcome him back to the show. How you jordan. Thanks for having me back. Guys back yes. So let's just jump into the midst here so the first one that definitely is cardio the best way to get rid of that thing with cardio is okay if you are going to be on the treadmill the bike the stairmaster elliptical swimming whatever the heck it is what is the main purpose of it getting your heart rate up and losing. What the calories housing come down right was calories in that means. You're going to be burning more. So obviously if you're a very big big surplus and you're just doing a little cardio and you're not hitting that deficits really not doing anything but being beneficial for your heart a deficit in your boosting up your rates. Then yes you can be in what they call a fat burning zone okay. So it's real so you can't. It can be a really good way to burn fat. If you're if it's causing you to be in a deficit of calories so yes and no yeah if your heart rate is up there. It's definitely going to help. You're going to be burning more calories gotten over like one twenty can't be berry frisk walden and my heart rate side. That's great venue rage. What's the fastest. you walk at. Britney shot curious looking at now. I know that. I need to my door. We have home or go on the treadmill fast as you can walk four. You have to start running on the treadmill. That's what i would never go. We'll see it at the same time. One two three four miles an hour but you can walk for miles an hour. Four point three okay. I'm gonna okay. I was gonna say i probably do four three. But it's like i'm looking at you and i'm like he'll to filter just for a purpose use. I know later and won't you a we will see. Yeah usually at four anything before my. I need to start jogging a little bit. Four two four three. yeah. I think. I could still. That's like maxed out but anyway that's a pretty brisk walk like if i did that i would give my heart rate up. Probably two one twenty but still you know at that point just running four or five. I'm on the cusp of like okay. I need to pick up my feet pain. I wanna see four five year old when you're running at four or five awkward that very into the next segment for you to having our s off their exactly ready. Okay okay. let's this next one is pretty interesting. I want you to just one brittany. This one is people are really. Yeah you were really into taking her vinegar and coconut oil shots. But they say it's just be up their metabolism first thing in the morning. What is your. I know you said that you incorporate that somehow into your breakfast what is for what purpose would you theory behind it. It depends on the upside or vinegar. You do you actually tape apple cider. Vinegar me to the gumy's name scully. Gumy's oh my gosh. Wow third by. It's chewable gummy. I like to take my vitamins. Incoming forum on still very childlike. Yeah i do. I do all of it. But they recently came out with apple cider. Got got me to its apple cider. Vinegar meat into a little gummy bear. And you heat two in the morning and to help boost your metabolism and just overall digestive. It's supposed to be really good for you. Is it good to pop your bubble and say the kind of sounds like a money. Grab oh lost with supplements in general. You have all these different forms. There's also something called an absorption rates. Everything's going to have a different. Absorption rate in one is going to be superior than the other going back to the topic. I like to do the one that has the you know when you go to the store now some have open in it okay. Because i've never done. This went into like shock mode and just other off. Mike and we don't need this. That's like you know when you have fresh squeezed orange juice okay. It's kind of look like okay. So for example. I use so that that poll brag okay. Bronx okay so you want like the most pure for my bed. 'cause has what they the pulp is basically. It's called mother okay. So that's like bill actual apple cider vinegar. Okay it's the unfiltered version. You don't want got this apple cider. Vinegar it's perfectly clear. There's nothing in. It has the same color thing. Let's not like the nitty gritty. You're just right. I mean taste tasteful ad sugar and he sound like my mom. When i when i had to drink like oh the pope is good for you. I don't want the truth but it makes sense. It makes sense doesn't really right now. Feeling my taste good connects. They don't taste good myself to take old defender jealous other. You could see pulp inside of the gum in. How is there a little bit of what we've learned. Is that sit apple cider. Vinegar needs to have some pulford to be legit. Sot is going to be the one that actually has the nutritional benefits okay and what is coconut oil. Okay so apple cider vinegar. it's really. it's really hard. 'cause you're gonna see a lot of sei's say yes and law that say no. There's really not that much scientific studies on actually if it works or not. We'll see things i'd say. Oh hundred percent absolutely we'll scattering mistry right above will a will do. Let's say dieback or anything like that. It will lower. Your blood glucose levels k. So if you have a problem with that. I had in the morning or anything what you can do the other little testers prick your finger alex. Cvs walgreens pharmacy. You can always see if it actually will lower yours by taking your table sooner. Twos or one or two servings before you go to bed now when you wake up kind of prick your finger and see if sexually changing So in return it does indirectly by doing other beneficial things. Not necessarily directly. Okay okay. what about him. Oh okay what about coconut oil. Same deal or coconut oils and off like drink it in the morning because she swore it's better per metabolism i'd never girlfriend butter gabon better. You give these girls have fad mean. We're gonna try to thank god for your friends because we have so many interesting topics on the show. People in kito cooking with oil notchers go astray coping healthy fats. It's you can do a numerous amount of things that you can think it's my wife. Does some crazy thing where she swishes her mouth for five minutes and okay. it's a female. It's like a mouthful. you can mouthwash okay. All right tries to get me to do it. But i can't do that for your mouth. It's a workout. you know. Of course swish coconut oil up. Five five minutes. It's very what if i do four and a half not nothing. Nope nothing so it's to be so it's similar. Apples are very has a plethora of benefits. Cooking oil is going to be obviously a much healthier factor you than like canola oil for example sunflower oil. Okay i don't. I won't see me okay. So what has many health properties to it. As far as the fat burning purpose. It's not gonna be like who decided nice you know tablespoon of a fat-burner sweaty melting right okay. It's not again in indirectly. Judging from your face you thought that was the be all which is all phases and you can eat all of those gumy's as much as you want wall having cooking that's why we're asking. We wanna wanna britney's bubbling during the sack next one. So do lots of. I've heard that lots of setups will make your thought. But i've also heard the opposite that a six pack is made in the kitchen and so which one if either our trail ladder absolutely. You can't just be like You know what this beer belly. I want to get rid of it. All i gotta do is one or two hundred situps every single day in a month or two gone six pack. Good to go know anything. Whether you're bulking cutting like las other segments is gonna come in the kitchen. I would say eighty eighty five percent of what your body's gonna look like your composition is gonna come from the nutrients game Kitchen the rest cherry on top is the working out. You can't just target an area. I have bingo arms being flops. Act tricep extensions. They're gonna be great can waive bingo card around and no no there is no. I never instantly makes sense. I'll give visual can see it. I know right here at all really. It's really a balance of polls and full-body like life in general belts moderation. Doug overboard feel really guilty about the way i live my life. I'm not gonna and you're concerts in your so the major a all right. Well we'll get onto the next one but before we continue here to find out if exercising in the morning burns more calories we just wanna remind everyone to subscribe. If you aren't already a subscriber by now you should know that. It's the best way to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they come out. Which is every other monday. And we'd like to bring on nutrition. Experts like debbie. James fitness experts like jordan hare and general health experts to talk about a variety of topics to keep you motivated. So hit subscribe and we will thank you for it all right. Let's get back to the show so this question does exercising in the morning. Help you burn more calories throughout the day. That's all going to be a yes or no so when you first wake up in the morning if you do facet cardio what is going to be. Lowered is pretty much everything blood sugar levels insulin. Everything right so when you're gonna be doing that and you are in a deficit right off the bat. Then yes technically. You can burn more fat. Yes if you're not careful. You can burn more muscle as well So as far as the facet cardio's is very hard. If you are not going to be in more of anabolic state by taking some kind of supplements you can get out of that of being basically in a fasted state. if even if you're taking like amino acids the brashness. I spoke about four so it is a very tricky subject. I can say don't have to unless you are so lean that that extra percent or two. If you're competing is not coming off and you're taking some kind of anabolic supplements insured. Have at it do some cardio. But if you're at twenty three percent fast you don't do fast cardio and be like oh. I'm not only burning fat muscle. Manila great this all after do all right so it sounds like it's pretty tricky if it's possible but it's very tricky to navigate and if you're the average gym goer it's probably it's not. It's not something you need to necessary right. Okay to put yourself in that position especially like most people have a hard time building the muscle and find out the diet and everything like that. If if you're an expert and you're competing out there. Obviously you know fast cardio does and can work but it depends on that individual specifically on how lean they're going to be if it's even beneficial to start doing that. Okay so myth or fact. You should always stretch before you exercise. So you're gonna see stretching before is better. you're gonna see stretching after his better me personally. Twenty eight twenty nine. Getting in my opinion so i learned. I need to stretch for a few minutes. A text book. You know ten fifteen minutes. But i do do some kind of stretching demand the body. Doing i'll stretch now. And i make sure i warm up very efficiently to kind of carry over into kind of stretching out the most little bit more get more blood flow in their warming up the joints and everything. Like that though. I am not going to tear anything. Okay i'm sure the older i get to do a little bit more stretching choice stretch before and after so both really. Okay because i am. I am a big believer in just stretching after i used to before but then after just like warming up before you exercises super-critical but stretching static stretching muscles before they're even warmed up didn't seem to make sense to me but afterwards it seemed to always help me with recovery. So you don't wanna stretch too much before okay. Stretch way too much then. Yeah you can't be inclined to actually hurt yourself. There's a lowest rushing kind of nice and loose. i'm not static stretching or dynamic kind of movements. I like a little bit more dynamic. Okay yeah from more of a sports spat rain a little bit more sporty thing but it also depends as far as stretching stretching goes on what i'm working out if i'm doing wasser. Del lifts me personally. I have very tight hips. If i don't get you know an adjustment or massage and you know month or two. So i need to really stretch up. Really warm my hips. That way they can actually open up. So i can get into the correct form for the squad so i don't hurt myself right so it depends on what i'm working out. How long but definitely don't overstretch before surgery. Plus you want after. That's fine okay. Okay so weird to me because it was always backward always was absolutely. I think it's only recently that it's been less like yes absolutely static. Stretch for fifteen minutes before you do. Studies are going to say that stretching after is the most beneficial. And that's pretty much what you should be doing me on the other side and since you know being in a kickboxing background background buddy hurts getting rather stretch or else gotta wake so i as rush for a few minutes. Warm of very thoroughly right. Then have at it right right. Because i guess you're kinda the whole point is you're trying to find that perfect zone where your muscles aren't two tenths in kind of springy which you do need your muscles to be some tents for the activities where you don't want them to be so wanna find that in between same thing going back to you know monthly or biweekly weekly wherever you can afford as far as massages out and then go get massage. They'll have a much easier time going in and actually breaking up that fashion Since it's already broken down So that's why i kind of contributes back to stretching after right is going to be the more beneficial thing. Okay interesting very interesting. So is it true that strength training will always make you woke up and destroying training mean using lots and lots of heavyweights. You're not always going to bulk up. Judging from her smile. I'm assuming any female viewers out there a lot of clients that i just wanna get big. I don't wanna look like you email you think if you're lifting some dumbbells fifty pounds today. I'm not gonna touch that. Big way. Your own ronald spray. Assuming it's that easy first of all right fact is if you are going to be lifting free weights. You burn more calories doing that than being on a treadmill Boom newsflash raleigh females out there. it is beneficial for both males females. Kids teenagers adults does not matter right. So if you wanna deal a little bit more but work less if you're lazy lift some free weights every once in a while. I'd known this year's you're going to be lifting heavy. Yes you're going to break down the muscle more than if you're doing fifteen twenty thirty reps or not. Yeah you're gonna break down the petition more so return if your diets is going to be out a heavy surplus than yes. You can gain some kind of size. If you're at a deficit near lifting heavy weights definitely do not think. I'm going to be so big next month. It's not gonna have twenty in. It's kind of took over an xbox doing a lot of cardio the best way to lose weight but you kind of just answer. There are multiple ways for us to lose weight. Certainly has its place on there. Though he does like. I said this segment last segment segment for any segment. I think you should be very well. Rounded free weights machines are beneficial cardio as beneficial circuit trainings. Beneficial croff. It does not matter. Get your body moving. There is a reason why gyms have all the equipment you think. Million dollar companies are gonna put unnecessary equipment in there that they are paying thousands and thousands of dollars in roughly reason just because it looks nice. And that's about no right. I think that's true. There's a reason every piece of equipment or every amenity isn't the right equipment. Looks so calm to get so many memberships. Yes you know the last time. They probably did that. That was in the sixties when they had those like belts that like five rated videos. I always that the before at the nineteen sixties just like dan you and it just vibrant. Is this when you put on your stomach and gives you a six back. Just stand there and machine. Shakes car washes footage. Look it up on youtube because they had the infomercials ally possibly four. But i'm gonna assume it's like a core workout. Yeah yeah. I don't andrew and don't have those in our and i also know that that was just when you see the video. It's hilarious some of the things. They've thought sixty more educated not doing housewives. You're like wow. this is so easy. Yeah i can still smoke my cigarette kind of areas so it's funny All right next one is this one i like. Is it true that if you don't feel sore you didn't get a good workout. That is a huge misconception. There are different types of gained sore matter. While when you're going in there i mean realistically like you if you're not sore you should be somewhat somewhat tight. I do all the time like sometimes like yesterday did legs finland fine today. I know one of my male clients. That's a little bit younger teenager twenties. They're going to want to do some kind of lakes today. All the time doesn't matter. What mostly group direction jessica could be back you. Biceps does not matter. They make me. Oh okay we're going to do like let's say Rooney swats go. I feel great already right. Get down to like. Oh my goodness i am so sore so sometimes you don't even notice until you perform some activity that you just tore down shifting if you're not sure you should be somewhat tight maybe not like sometimes it's hard to notice like maybe reach down for something like oh i'm not sore belykh few kind of something right. Okay right okay. Now if you're going years without being were tired again you prob really should start mixing it up to find any exercise. Ten more pounds per cent not say. This sort of thing is so interesting to me. Because i for you know early on before i got more educated on it like going into workout. You'd you'd you felt like you needed to be sore but then you get to such a degree of soreness that he was so uncomfortable to even walk. That you're like that you wouldn't end up going back because it was so uncomfortable to find that middle ground where you can feel it but live with. It's still move and it's like yeah new viewers out there. If you're just getting into working out you aren't obvious much more sore than someone like myself as well years. Don't let that discourage you have class all week. I'm still sore. Since last time i saw you couldn't do consistency right right right. This soreness becomes part of like the workout overtime. Get used to my like. Even you said. I'll won't even realize. I'm sorry i'll go down to his squad darn much more than i thought. But you get used to it. It's a love shop for over a decade. And you think i want to be sort of the rest of my life. No right right. I am still happy and my cool. Okay skirt one exercise ramle through and they're really did it right right to kind of piggyback on. That soreness thing is there. Is there a way to through. Does what you're eating matter in reducing sorts. Absolutely i've been sore at the point where i felt like i've torn something. My gosh touching. It's on fire. Possibly do die her myself a lot of times even my clients out really is we were. We didn't do that much. I'm like okay. Why did you stay on track with your diet Kind of skipped out on this. I like replacing with this. Okay so your proteins wailer. Yeah okay so you're not giving your body. The fuel needs to actually recover. How is your sleep. Last night. I was up all night guy like three hours of sleep. Okay so yours sleeping one down by half and what happens when you sleep. That's when you're actually growing always growing is basically when you are arresting So it's a ton of different factors that are gonna come into being sort were tight. You're getting nine ten hours of sleep. Eating perfect owns no such thing as a perfect i. But let's say very good diet for yourself then. Yes it can help Reduce the soreness or tightness significantly. Right maybe a little sore. Yeah so that is a huge factor. Right that's yeah. And that's what i i asked because that's what i found personally like. I finally discovered in the last year. Like if i eat and get the right amount of protein into me it is not at the same level of soreness. Even if i know. I got a good workout. Any can dramatically reduce it to make it to where you still get the. Because it's kind of like if you don't give your muscles to rebuild. They're basically sending signals to give me some of do something. I don't know if any viewers are you guys are into cars. I'm gonna cars so it's the same thing between putting regular oil in my car or synthetic oil synthetic oil is going to be better. It is going to burn slower. It's gonna last longer obviously and return saying thing with gusts things that you're gonna be doing to your car. Don't be because it's not gonna last as long as i can be beneficial. I see her laughing. So maybe this is another pun accidentally into you retail is. This committee has destroyed vehicles gas. Wrong why. I now have an electrical vehicle which still has caused issues two different times. No property and it's like whatever going back to cars really whatever the heck you put in it even though you shouldn't be putting like i have. Va komo. i'm not gonna be cheap out on it. 'cause law me suck right just like with food with cars you can put whatever the heck you want in there and yeah work you know temporarily. I can put a super charter or like you know. Turbo capris outside eight hundred. Who likes thank. You probably worse. But how long is it gonna work right. Combust electrical cars blow the same thing that food. Yeah i can reduce and minimize the downside to right between your body right. Yeah getting the protein you need in their reducing electrical sweating that you had next which is like if you is sweating a I guess a factor in understanding if you've got a good workout so if you're if you aren't really sweating. Did you really get a good workout. My opinions will be more harsh l. It's definitely if you're sweating. Like what are you doing right. I don't sweat. Some people do brady body when your to it that they usually say that session than afterward. I don't understand. I used to not split very often. Was a kid a little bit. More out of shape on muesli. I just didn't really not so in kind of a little beads about my point. Sweat worth ethic is going to be everything. i am. busting my butt in the gym. I do go obviously lot harder than your typical person. Yeah every sat act is like it's my last set. I go you know real deep in there. Right so yeah. I'm sweating like a pig. If you're not sweating Whatsoever you need to get your heart rate up if your heart rate is up for a long amount of time right. You should be sweating if not then you have some weird. There's a genetic because the doctor already diagnosed with or will be diagnosing right because yeah because that's like your body's natural mechanisms cooling yourself down you regulate your temperature so therefore yeah if your rates up your temperatures around fifty one sixteen like a heartbeat for like an hour and a half and i'm not sweating like i like. Go talk to your doctor older. Yeah just from aging do or if it had more to do with like you know you're late or what you waiting when your metabolism comes into play. Yeah like if you are a little bit older the same thing with like sleeping when you get older. You really don't need as much sleep. The reason being is because what happens your metabolism slows down. Still sweat in jim even after metabolisms. And maybe also i mean as you get older like your heart rate is like a little bit lower base edge and those down. Everything goes down as jordan approaches. Thirty nervously gotta wile. That's going to be saying the like actual thirty now. Here's got to kind of another one. That i think people people think when there may be i starting out to is like. Do you need to workout to get results. No russia is very important. Just like i've been saying this segment any other segment. You are growing when you arresting. There's even professional bodybuilders out there that only workout five times a week and have to rest as they can do it and look like that. I'm pretty sure a normal wrist. J. to have one a week i how one are also lose my mind very antsy person But i make sure. I take at least one even if a little bit more founders a little bit more muscle again really don't want to take a day off like i'm to really good state you know i'm all gung ho about it. Just take a day off. You will reap the benefits much better. Also to mention that arrestee doesn't mean necessarily do nothing. It might just be like you rest that muscle group for a couple days so it really depends on the person so a of times with my clients. I obviously don't have people that. I work out five six seven times a week every single week. So what i encourage them do is. Let's say you know you're three or four times. A week of working out on one of those resumes take an active rusty. Does matter if your family wanna play ball with kids. Want to go to the park. Wanna go swimming. you want to go to hike. Whatever the heck guys enjoy go and do that. that's an activist at you're still. You're still recovering. one day. A week me personally. I do basically just sit around like a sloth. It's not like netflix. And chill like more take. Maybe the one nine. I'm getting a little. Like renting for medical heck amalgam workouts monday through saturday sunday off typically also improperly now than do like. Let's let's talk about like the average person comes to see you. What are you set them up with. Initially what's a realistic way to start two times a week three times a week honestly trion benefit of the doubt and no not. I don't expect all my clients to be like means some psychopath right. I asked them. What can you commit to most. My clients seem me two or three times a week so if there is two to three times a week i typically try and expect them to go once by themselves because again. It's an educational thing right. So that way when they once by themselves i have them come back the next session. I see them k. Was hard what was confusing. What was easy like. Would you like do not like whatever the heck. It is now even kind of go over that to make sure that they're learning that but i asked. What can you commit to commit to three cool. We'll start with three after that. Know a little bit after. Thank you for sure right. Cool now the really motivated with water. Whatever goal and may be and then they go and they do for so it really depends on the person. Okay in the realm of airpods. Same thing diet dieting. I just give them options. Have chicken you have turkey. Beverly meet you got floppy obvious. Third period yeah fish fish. Lean depend on what they want to do. Because i know give them options. We just swam into her Okay and let's let's kind of nearly finish up with the one. That is probably the biggest misconception. I think out there. Which is can you reduce fat from a specific part of the body by working out that part of the body. So you wanna lose your belly fat. Just do crunches no just like second or third. Just you know sit ups flat on my tummy. Can you have. Everyone has a sex back. Just have fat covering it. Oh my gosh. So that all the time grabs that's true. I mean you just have to build the muscle there but there is no such thing as spot reduction. I'm not gonna reduce the being alarms. Machen reduce the beer belly like you know little turkey cobbler own to do now. That we just crushed. Everyone's dreams how do you. How do you get rid of that stuff though the armpit how how do you how do you get up. So one diet being armed in between the different right right right across diet. Obviously with certain body parts like you may be lacking Like muscle there who you can do certain extras that are going to target a ceremonial. So when you're in the gym especially changing up through any of the segments is basically think of like A sculpture you can tell the difference between an amateur and professional amateur is at least i still think it's gonna look good. I'm summing hack. It's gonna be a lot better than whatever clay look like a five year old. So it's gonna look really nice and then you put it right next to professional one whereas all that detail. It looks like it's it's like to life right. That's kind of how i view when. I'm doing my exercises k. What am i. I'll even come up with ram stuff. I have so many things. I have no names for four hundred mental. Where my k- like. I really want to target this area and built this muscle. Nowruz the fight. And i just want build more muscle in this area borough field around. This doesn't feel like it all gone. This is a really weird angle. Let's see what i can do with this machine. Oh i really feel has re the spa. And i've never had that sensation before you do. Not everything's in experiments. You have to expand with your food workouts everything that we have a full package once you build up muscle in your diets. Good then you're to actually see the the muscle actually pop out so so it's gotta reducing overall body fat in general until the muscle. No people that rubbed like. Actually i think an apple serving one the whole actin. I think i've seen people even like a little fat kind to rub vinegar. Did i give you an idea. Okay tell us back of alert. People do same thing with the same. Think i wear this. And i rub this on. I am going to get robbie yourself in see reader pasta again like sitting in on. That's an exfoliating thing. Do that fat. But i know like cucumbers on the benefits. But you're not going to reduce like the fat around my eyes or get right now. I can tell you where the bra-strap my best friends most listening at home that i cannot take my campbell's tomato soup arms out like a t and go little circles get rid of my bill upright rose which video ten forward ten bags over. You still remove muscles that sago so. I'm not saying that you know doing those weird basically arm circles if no campbell's for the weight one point seven three pounds probably eat the soup right back. Bill the muscle. So yeah you have to do those. You're not gonna just. I'm just going to diet. Workout occasionally not really targeted that area too much. And i'm gonna lose all the fatima great. You still have to have some kind of muscle if you really wanna be like overall well rounded look a little bit more athletic looking bikini or if you have a special occasion anniversary birthday whatever it is right we got some are command yeah. It's all about festival season diet. Workout consistency is it. Is girl scout cookie season. it's torment a little long extended. They made it or. I don't think i ever sold dominy cookies. Well let's let's wrap this one up here with actual advice. Basically you tell us whatever. Your favorite myth is or something that maybe you want. our listeners. To know is not true and they should steer clear of. I would say the most annoying one is the duck shen. Yeah that's the one you come up you client or before their my client or just a random person just asking me a really wanna lose. This grabbed her stomach in. Shake it in my face okay. Okay whoa need to lose this do lawsuit. I'm like how did they react to tell the truth. Do they even believe you or they like now. He just didn't know what's their reaction because it's gotta be pretty devastating to live your whole life. Okay when i finally do work out this. I know i just need to work this area and i'm going to be our our like to think of a jury of actually listens to me but i would also be more inclined that they listen to me for a split second. Go right back to the habit right. How braided you. I've seen a few times where they just go right. I i've helped like you mentioned it this way or like up technique or anything like that. Go right back to ohio. Mlb to me like i don't care it's it's not my body and i mean sorry blonde but i mean if you wanna do that go for it right trying to be nice name right. Yeah because eventually people have to learn for themselves to they have to realize sometimes it takes a couple times hearing it from different people personal experiences before you finally kind of can bust your own. Some people took the wrong way. They just want someone to basically sympathize. Greek glad to have to do one thousand nine hundred nine one thousand sit-ups secret. Yeah so hopefully. We're here to guide you in the right direction and an effective direction. That will actually help you Great well thank you jordan for coming on the show. We appreciate it again. Thanks guys all right now. Remember it if you want even more fitness advice attritional by that sort of stuff. Go ahead and stop by our blog at blog dot l. e. fitness dot com and. Don't forget guys to subscribe to our episodes that you can get a new one delivered straight to your phone when they release every other day. Thank you for listening. And we'll see you the chip.

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This Is Where You Should Invest Your Marketing Dollars #1730

"Welcome to marketing school. The only podcast that provides daily top level marketing tips and strategies from entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live what they teach. Let's start leveling up your marketing knowledge with your instructors. Neil patel and eric. Su alright marketing school listeners. Have a special message from our sponsor dream hosts if you want to rank higher on google. You wanna make sure website load super bass. Checkout greenhouse. natalie's their solution super affordable. Ill make your website look faster. And they have amazing tools and support for business to ensure that you grow and succeed. They were going to talk about. This is where you should invest your marketing dollars. So the big place that you should invest your marketing dollars that you're not checking out right now. is podcast advertising. It used to be way. Cheaper had a much better. Roi but we're seeing a lot of people. Being park has happened right. Now and businesses are getting amazing brand Upping their brand craze. Which indirectly helps your seo and they're generating direct sales in its profitable right than they're in the same month. Were spending those. It's just something that a lot of people aren't really looking into because it's not sexy. It's not easy. You can't just go to a platform like google or facebook in quicksand embiid buttons. But it's definitely worth it. Because salesforce did a report wants and they release him. Stats the average person. Listening to podcasts. On their income rate is much higher. I don't know if you remember those stats eric. I don't remember off the top my head but i think it was a much. Higher percentage of podcast listeners. Make over six figures than some of whose distribution of seventy five percent yell something ridiculous like at least in the united states so for that reason. You gotta check out podcasts. Advertising you gotta reach manually. It's worth i think. I ranked number one for that away. So that you do. I created a youtube video on. That comes out next week but a recorded it literally yesterday and i show you as example. Bogus are present. i love it. I have a friend named jordan harbinger. And he has a show called the jordan. Harvey your show. Formerly had show called the art of charm. Podcast and you can listen to leveling up a podcasts. On on what happened with that. But the arctic char podcasts. I believe it was getting maybe two to two point five million downloads a month which is phenomenal as an interview. Podcast and then he had to start from scratch again. Imagine yet two point. Five million dollars a month you have to start from scratch. And now is new. Podcast jordan harbinger show were knees interviewed. The late kobe bryant. He's interviewed bray dolly o. Seven cynic mark cuban. Tony hawk all these amazing people. I believe so. I talked him yesterday. It looks like he's getting three to four x more so let's just call it to be conservative. He's getting six million dollars on his new podcast. I'm looking on charitable right now for his show. He is number one in the united states for self improvement which is a very big category. He is number ninety. Five for all podcast. Which it all podcasts. America's huge and then in spotify. He's number thirty six for science number. Forty seven business. we don't register. We're not in the top fifty. I'll tell you on this podcast on spotify. We're getting there but jordan. When i was talking to him yesterday he was just saying look. I'm spending forty to fifty grand a month on podcast advertising and what we mean by that is for example. We could go to jordan jones. Say we'd like you to mention the markings google podcasts. You read the to say. Hey i don't really agree with these guys that much. But i really respect their opinion right and that's why he listens marketing school podcast because they've got a different perspective because when you hear someone's voice to decide very quickly if you can trust them. This was the beauty of house. Even though i don't spend much time in there anymore. Neil doesn't spend much time on there. I know that. I built a lot of friendships from that right and few again. They decide very quickly. Like we've had some people come through our our consulting school down which is how to grow their agency of typing right from just being clubhouse and talking and so if you could get someone to talk on your behalf and you spend forty to fifty grand a month and you can start five grandma ten grand a month whatever right but what jordan says you really start to move in union once. You're spending twenty to thirty grand in march right. So that's that's recommendation. You probably like he. He went direct. I think we might try this experiment for the markets. Go podcast as well. But i'm gonna go find the ones that underwrites it first. And then neil. And i will kinda how on it. But we'll see what happens now make sure rate and review this podcast. We really appreciate it. That will we get more people's new. We appreciate you joining us for this session of marketing. School be sure to rape review and subscribe to the show and visit marketing school dot. Io for more resources based on today's topic as well as access to more episodes that will help you find tree marketing success. That's marketing school dot. Io until next time class dismissed.

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Frozen Salisbury Steak is GREAT!  Smithfield Announces The 2021 Grant Winners!

The BBQ Central Show

1:07:37 hr | 4 months ago

Frozen Salisbury Steak is GREAT! Smithfield Announces The 2021 Grant Winners!

"His donald and you're watching the barbecue ventral joke board here for the really big barbecue show boeing. We cook because we have to and we grill because we want to get me great. Show boeing troll problem here in the crackle bono sean bono. To what like dog shit now. We are into the second hour the barbecue central show where we talk about barbecue central. Show things your live fire fun. And for volatility show is found. Live ing it on tuesdays. We are so we are so for an english. We are also recording. And it will go for podcasts on wednesday and thursday our number one and two respectively still to come on the show. The me sam. The cooking guy will be in in about twelve to thirteen minutes from now and then closing the show. More paul from smithfield and we'll be announcing smithfield grant recepients will also be talking about these smithfield committed cooks programs. You wanna take part in that. Malkin was smithfield. Dot com is the website. So check that out. And i'm happy to have you join there and get the cast of goodies for like twenty bucks or twenty five bucks or whatever it is. Don't forget you can follow socially. It'd bbq central show on instagram and twitter and talk and snapchat slash bbq central on facebook and twitch for video feeds and your last video feed option slash. Our dear empey on youtube coming up on the best moments of the barbecue central show in ten minutes or less this friday episode. One hundred sixty two. I gotta tell you right now. If you haven't listened to one episode of the best moments of the barbecue central show in ten minutes or less. Make this your first one. Do me the favor and make this the first one that you listened because back in january of twenty thirteen january twenty seconds of twenty thirteen to be exact a guy by the name of harry sue from slap. Your daddy barbecue was on my show and we talked in depth about cooking chicken. We also talked about internal finish temperatures of cooking chicken back then. Harry brought up that he was cooking chicken to an internal temperature of one hundred and forty five degrees. Which of course is paying your brain right now. That's much less than the fda recommends that one sixty five of course it was all the rage back. Then in twenty hairy sue was cooking chicken one forty. He's killing everybody. It was all the rage back then. Still really good to get reacquainted with this topic. If you're not familiar with it it was really fun back then and holds up eight years later. I just did a preview with it. The other day or Earlier this afternoon and remember this. If you're immediately and feverishly typing and email outgoing. Terry sue cooking chicken to one forty five. That's absolutely dangerous. It's irresponsible but here's what you have to take into consideration. Here's what he talks about as we were having our chat eight years ago actually a little more than eight years ago its internal temperature and time holding it at that temperature. So where one hundred and sixty. Five degrees is your. Let's say a auto kill on all the nasties. Everything's still dies at one hundred and forty five degrees except it's not instantaneous. So as he says in the best of portion one forty five. But i hold it for x. Amount of time which then gives them the same result as it would at one four at one sixty five but the bow feel and the tenderness and all that other stuff. That's a whole different monster at one. Forty five minute one sixty five. So as i said if you've never heard best moments of this is the one that you want to get introduced to then you can go back and listen to all the other hundred and sixty one episodes at of currently benef- affair thanks to my pal. John from michigan the embedded correspondent. Can i tell you. Let me remind you by the way that if there is a segment or guests that you would like to hear on a upcoming best-of just you john and email john at the bbq central show dot com. That's j. o. N. a lot of you have been asking me if this is where i will jump in on the mo- case on versus des moines iowa barbecue joints situation. That has been going on the last handful of days mos- in the beginning process of opening a barbecue restaurants and took a few seconds to give an interview to the des moines register or whatever it is within the minutes of that interview taking shots at a few local des moines iowa barbecue restaurants namely jeff throws barbecue. Which he said was completely trash. What i'm sorry garbage. I believe was his exact quote. He also took a shot at iowa. Smokey dis barbecue. Course that's darren wars place. I'm not jumping in at this point simply because mo- is not up and running yet. He's not up and running yet are not not up and running a barbecue. Restaurant isn't just about cooking. It's really a lot about running the business of the business. Would i have gone out of my way to take shots before my doors are even open me. No i personally would it. But let's see how it plays out over the next few weeks over the next few months and then we can have a better sample size to evaluate abc. If darren and mo- will come on and do a show in the next few weeks and have fun with. i'll put the. I'll put the invite out there. I don't know if we would get both of them. I would hazard a guess that we will get one or the other. Maybe not both but you never know competitors all in the same rate and then. There's this i don't know what i did to amazon. I don't know what i did to get youtube angry at me years ago. Either that's a different story. I had a link at the top of my show website. That said amazon on it it would send you to the homepage for amazon. If you shop during the visit there was a code that was embedded to give the show website or referral kickback. You bought something. All those wapping twenties and thirties of dollars a degenerated each year i sunk back into the production shell for various expenses and upgrades however three months ago. I got an email saying that. My account had been terminated immediately. Because i was in violation of the amazon associates agreement and that how the rules are amazon. Can turn you off without any specific reason. So i went through the said agreement found. I was not doing anything against the agreement filed by appeal as it said. I had the opportunity to do so well. I got my appeal decision. On this past thursday morning the result still banned just like on youtube still band not on the youtube that you're watching me on my original youtube channel still band. You know what the hell is going on here. It's cited my continued a violation of the associates agreement. And that again they can pick and choose who they want to do. Business with and who they can tell to fuck off when it comes to their program. I have thoroughly researched the rules of this program. I have not been in violation of any of these rules of these programs. Hell the only thing i really had was that length on the top of my website that said people to amazon. I mean what might traffic. Is it good enough for you amazon. You know what my prospects to peruse your web pages and potentially buy something making you money making me. A little bit of money is a beyond frustrating. Yes but i'm not chasing it any further. I will relent. And not have the amazon elaine at the top of my page. I didn't have any any of those cookies stores or anything like that. Just the link at the top of my page. But i have to take it off now. It's out trust me. Not having that link on the top of the web page now will probably cause me to have to move out into the street was. I can't afford my life without that amazon money by question to you that have the valid associates agreement. Have you run into anything like this before. And if you have how did you resolve it in your favor if you got it. Resolved out on the street. Hit the bricks pal and bathe it. Because you are going out last week screw you amazon. And fuck you those two websites. Or the jack nicklaus and the can't disarm o of the internet's. I've had it with amazon. I've had it with youtube. What i haven't had it with yet. South side mark desire sausages unbelievable. The sausage lammers the jalapeno and cheddar. Loving established in eighteen eighty two the oldest barbecue joint in texas run by the same family for three generations. Premium central texas barbecue. Meats are slow smoked over real would shipping distributing and manufacturing sausages for companies across the us for food trucks multi chain restaurants southside. Sausage can be on your menu as well all processed and the onset. us dede's facility a trusted partner with a focus on quality and authenticity. Wholesale options are available. Why yesterday our shipping nationwide via the fedex food service distribution through sysco. Us foods and martin foods just to name a few co packaging capable for research and development package completion. They can follow recipe or something brand new. Why not private label. Opportunities are also available. You can visit south side market dot com stock up ten percent off all online orders. All the time. Tell all your friends and neighbors. Bbq central a checkout. That's the promo code. Bbq central all one word and lower case for ten percent off your entire online order. Each and every time at southside market dot com. That's southside park dot com. Who doesn't want to save ten percent. I want to save ten percent again. Get the sausage slammer. Get ten sausage slammers. Get the jalapeno cheddar. Oh and get the hot gut war. The hot guts. The beef sausage as the thing. they're most known. You gotta get great right. We are back with sam the cooking guy stick around. We'll be right back. You're listening to the number one most downloaded barbecue and grilling podcast anywhere. The barbeque jews central show monthly visits from a killer hog cooking guy. A man named meathead the author of barbecue bible a grill girl la brisa barbecue journalist and the male feast since the barbecue world known as the embedded. Correspondence only found right here on the barbecues central. Show hey this portion of the show being brought to you by pink beryl cooker the most unbelievable outdoor cooking device on the planet currently available to sizes host of accessories. Complete your pip- barrels cooking experience whether you're a beginner or professional definitely a cookie. One added the arsenal. There's a pit burial cooker dot com and tell them the barbecue central show sent you my next guest blowing it up on youtube with other two point five four million subscribers as of earlier this afternoon you can watch three videos per week. That he's pumping out along with max a chance and production so let's go ahead and race and welcome back. Sam the cooking guy. Hey greg how are you. I'm fine and welcome boy sound you. Sound great thank you for being right through thick rates. On the my. I don't know what happened but you look. I mean you know when people aren't when this isn't your main thing and then you have the microphone in front of you know. People just have a tendency to kind of duck and dodge meet has is a classic example of it and You know i'm ocd about it. So that's and pay to chastise. I isn't meathead. Basically the low rider of microphone users. Is he like this well. I mean typically. He is denied last time he was on. I said hey do me a favor. Put that mike arm. So that the he's got a sweet spot on his mic. I said this is where it is. Make sure that. I think he's just in front of your face every single time so we can hear the good meat because as soon as he gets away from it and it sounds like he's got the computer microphone back on and then what's good of having a outside microphone right exactly who's jordan jones jordan. Jones is a youtuber tick talker an instagram. A face booker. A tiktoker took tucker. She has just between tiktok and instagram. Almost seventeen million people for wake and she's twenty twenty two. Let me say that again. Twenty two zero. So is she. Did she get fame originally from tick tock and then one across platforms or youtube. I like where. Where did she make her bones as what she. She's a singer performer. I don't think you have time. i up. i'm not listening to very many twenty year old. Hit song liar. True what. I listen to read. Nice up there. I don't know twenty. Drake never almost never listened to music. I listened to when. I have time to listen. I listened to the conversation. i watch. Listen to you yes. let's and as you are. i mean the best way. This is what i think and only because probably this is how the shore the show was originally. Born was just audio only It was on the internet radio wherever the hell that was back. Thirteen years ago when we started this thing by the way next week way but we second and five days from now. I'll be celebrating the beginning of my thirteen year of live show. You can believe god. Notwithstanding that i think the best way to consume the show and there's a lot of people watching now through the video because people are visuals. They like the whole voyeur situation. But i find that. When i watched the show if i listened to the same show in the car on the way to work. It's a much better show. I don't know if it's just an aversion to watching me or the fact that i never wanted to have a video component and i only wanted to just have audio so people could do theater of the mind but i find it much more entertaining on podcast than i do watching it you know. I the only imbedded correspondent that. I have a mental picture of is shining. Yeah and that's because i've met him the other ones. I have no idea because i listen. I don't watch this. I was talking to Wall chef today. We're talking about something. And i said you know. I don't watch the show. I listened to greg show and i'm very happy doing. Yeah i really am. I encourage it really am well. Of course you do And i encourage it to. And i'll tell you this and i'm not saying this to kiss your ass or anything. The more i listen the more. I like it the more i listen the more i learn the more i listen the more. I now start to go google. The people you've had on. oh good. We had that conversation with kevin riches darik riches derek richest. Yeah i i was. I was taken with his His knowledge a really was i. It was it was really interesting. The pellet thing the bnb pellet Carbon wood charcoal conversation the other day. I really enjoyed that becoming a barbecue. Erta. i'm not sure. But i might be. I think you might be more than you even know it. I think so. You're the one that said to me. You don't realize it my friend but you have a life fire cooking show but more or less is more live fire than not no doubt about. Yeah you have a new grinder meat grinder showcased in your salad. Well at least showcase for i in your cells berry up so which is a question that i'll ask you about all on its own independently. Gimme give me some sam. The cooking guy feedback on this Meat grinder a wish. I could remember what model it was. I did i i you know when i go on amazon looking for something i i spent some time. I I read reviews and and bought a greater what i had previous to. This was a plastic attachment that went on the front end of my kitchenaid stand mixer and the thing absolutely just went broke. The little metal desk that shears off the meat as it spins around one of the four pieces of just snapped. It was just a piece. It was a piece of junk. So so i went looking for wine. We use this thing the other day and the first time i really turned it on when i plugged it in getting ready to grind this meat for the burger that i think was fifty percent tri tip and fifty percent short rib. And i'm gonna tell you may be one of the one of the best blends i've ever put together. It was so delicious. If your if your viewers aren't grinding their own they're missing out is. It's hard to get these combinations just by buying the stuff already ground. You can't find ground. The tri tip or short ribs that shock of course. But you want to do something interesting. It's hard to do it without a grinder so anyway we set this thing up. I turn it on. It's an all metal housing now for the whole grinding attachment part there have so much power in this damn thing you put a piece of meat in it and it just goes. It's like it's a. It's like a one of those massive straight down slides at a waterpark. Came out so fast. I was very impressive that it was way under. I mean way under was under one hundred dollars that might have been eighty five or something something like that. I think this is an amazon purchase. I whole yeah. I wholeheartedly endorse getting yourself a grinder. If you wanna take your your burger game to the next level. And i hate saying that i didn't just can't i'm like couldn't grab it any other words in my mouth or my brain. You need to do that. Fantastic we have a triple bland at our san burgers restaurants. Every time i take a bite them like holy shit. I'm an makes all the difference in the world. It may all the difference in the world. Oh not really if. I leave any if i leave your listeners and or your viewers tonight with anything and you're fans of burgers i would tell you. Get yourself a meat grinder. You really should all right well ago. Watch the sales berry steak episode. That was released last week. And get the brand of whatever it is because you turn that thing on it scared the shit out of me the minute you turn it on. I was like man. I hope about his hand down there. Because he's gonna have. Sam berger than the literal sense. I mean it was gonna take your hand off so that would be thing that i want to get. I mean there's no doubt and just to you know. I repeat at the risk of repeating myself if you go and you watch the episode. The only other time. I've had sells very stake in my life. I thought the worst pieces of shit ever and would never have won. This thing was fantastic. Think about many super the tender moist luxurious many meatloaf's in this incredibly intense gorgeous mushroom gravy. Put a guinness in there for liquids. can i use outside of that. I would use beef stock. But i think i would amp it up extra you know thirty forty maybe even fifty percent. Just use extra extra and as i asked you the other day. Few us beef. Tallow yeah i use beef tallow to sear these these patties before the you know the mushroom part happens. Have you had a conversation about beef. Tallow with your audience. I had nothing ongoing. I had a guy from texas tim. The casca on who's like a sausage king and he went through the process of making beef tallow home. You're missing out if you're just tossing away the beef fat and he did it but we haven't talked about use or anything like that. Oh so thick. It's literally as simple as just rendered fat but they sell it now in a store in the stores in a jar. And i'm telling you you're gonna you're gonna sear a steak. You're gonna make some mushrooms to go on top of a burger or some onions or something. A spoonful of this instead of oil or butter is a game changer. Because you get the lubrication that you need to cook whatever it is. You've got the pen but with extra flavor and you just smell it and you'll fall in love. Just go and look for beef tallow in a jar start using it. You'll be very surprised at how it really changes your food game where i find it in my giant eagle which is around the you know the tri state area. I think that has a stronghold on the grocery store chain out here. It's in the oil. i'll go. We have the beef tallow like you have also have pork and we also have chicken yet. They have that here too and i. This is the only tallow that i have let me. Just here's here's my picture by picture that i sit. You said right there epic beef town. I'm not. I'm not pimping that brand. Yeah i have no reason to the grocery store readily available everywhere. It seems it is just go. Just go look for it. Honestly just go look for it now crazy in full disclosure while i would tend to take a dump on some of the things that you would take a dump on for instance this sales berry steak you that you have had Times in your life and probably industrial settings. For some reason you go to the frozen. I'll the grocery store and you find encore. Sales bery stakes. I can eat the ass and out of those tells berries. I don't know why i love them so much. I have a feeling really. There's a nostalgic thing like when my dad was out of town on business we would get like Know cream dried beef on post or hamburger helper. Mac and cheese or the salisbury steak but even through college i would eat it then every now and again. We'll just have it like for fun. But god i don't know it's like spongy me and a pretty terrible gravy and i love it. I hate to say it but i love it or not. I don't hate to say we all have those things that it's a guilty pleasure for me back in the day and when i say back in the day sadly i am now referring to like Twenty nine a chinese buffet. Not even a good chinese buffet. Restaurant could be the worst shittiest chinese buffet ever but for me that neon neon a orange or chicken the giant pile of chow mein noodles. The shitty young i love. I'll take a bad chinese buffet over many western restaurants any day of the week in one of the You did a was pulled. Pork eggs benedict. Yes with the green chili hauling days. Right one of the best things. We all agreed. We've had in a long time. Talk to me specifically about poaching an egg. I think yeah. Some people have a handle on that. I think some people have seen food network videos on that. But i found it intriguing that you showed it how you were doing. Of course like you do on your videos but then you were talking about like holding it in the refrigerator for next timer saving something. Like how the hell do you do that. No it's it's crazy. You would never think of making an egg today and serving. It's more never a fried egg scramble. They never never there. Something about a poached egg that lets it be made today and be served tomorrow in the best way possible. I you watching yourself. What are you watching yourself you. I i put that on just for your benefit. I love it. I'm glad you found me. Aside edited watching myself while we edited video. I will not watch me for i understand. I don't like to watch your back. To the poached eggs. You just muted yourself. There you go top of the top of the mike now. Top of the microphone. You got okay. So there's this thing about poached eggs that brings a ridiculous amount of pressure with it. And here's the problem. Can you poaching egg nicely. Perfect without silicone cups or us you end up in the water but a lot of people can't they're scared of it and i would say look. Can you ride a bike and everybody goes. Yes i go. There was a time when you could ride a bike and the difference between then and now is this little thing called practice and experience. You do it a couple times. You get it figured out. Same thing with poached dex. You don't need silicone cups some stupid ass microwave thing that goes into gives you a dumb but perfectly uniform coach. Because they're just not right. You need to learn how to do this. But so let's say you can make a poached egg the second you determine. It's perfect in the in the pot. You take it out you put into ice water stops a cooking and you just put that egg in the ice water in your fridge and you leave it to the next day or the next day after that now. Here's the beautiful part of it. Let's say you're having four people for brunch. On a sunday. Making poached eggs takes time. It also takes a toll on you because you want to get them right and various sometimes they break. Sometimes you ruin it right so i say you do them the day before you take your time. If you fuck up one no problem throw it out make another one give yourself four or eight. Perfect poached eggs. That are now in cold water in your fridge. And when you need them. You've got your english muffin. If that's what you're using you've got your ham canadian bacon. You've got your holidays made by the way You can go to the cooking. Guy dot com and get a great simple blender hollande's recipe no fail. But now all you do when you need them. As you take those poached eggs you slip them into simmering water for one minute. Take them out. Give a quick drying towel. Put them on top of the canadian bacon at the holidays. And bob's your uncle. They're done and they're perfect. And you've not stood in the kitchen freaking out that you've got six good ones you need to more and you keep screwing them up. Uncle joey is not gonna get his and he's really particular because we all want that beautifully set white but with the runny yolk and you keep them in the refrigerator in water. That's how you're keeping them exactly. I'm telling you it's the it's the world's best hack it really is but you gotta learn how to make approach come on this stop using the the training wheels to get yourself. That's just ridiculous Thirty seconds left. Do you have a great. Valentine's day lead pipe. Lock the get down. Yeah i. I'm always gonna make it. I'm going to refer sear a beautiful filet. I'm gonna. I'm gonna buy sorry. I'm going to buy a package. Bernez sauce yes nor nor makes it great. Good have twenty branch closet right now. Exactly maybe a little extra salt because it probably needs that but crab too. So i cook my fillet. I take some crab that's already cooked can buy good pasteurize crab in a cane in the refrigerator refrigerator section of the store you take your full lay. You've got perfectly cooked on the plate because you've reverse seared it. You put some crab on top the baron as on top of that and then you know a little parsley little five few cracks of some fresh black pepper. You're getting laid. I think no matter what. I'll right unless you're by yourself and then you can you. Then it's a guaranteed guaranteed absolutely maybe only have to go top sirloin instead of filet. For that you know who you impress. Hey check out fan better yes of course on that day treat yourself Why not it's they former or south lovers or whatever or sand lurking. Guy is here of course on the first tuesday of every month. You can get him over on youtube. If you're not subscribe to him go do that. And his website the cooking guy dot com. And don't forget the knives and some of the cool shirts that he's got as well. Sam always appreciate the time and we will see you in march have while all the time. All right buddy all right there. He is sam the cooking guy right there enjoying it as always we have laura paul coming up talk about the smithfield grant. Does anybody else keep eight or ten. Poached eggs on the ready. I can tell you who's going to start doing that. Because myself in my middle daughter are huge poach fans so we will be keeping them ongoing like my oldest and my wife are big hard-boiled egg fans and they'll keep you know eight ten twelve at a time. We're going with the poached eggs. We're gonna try that this week before we get to laura. Let me quickly talk about big. Poppa smokers the one stop online shop for all things barbecue. Curated selection by big poppa by sterling. Big papa ball himself they have the seasonings. And the rubs great flavors like sweet money cattle prod cash cow all proven winners on the competition circuit and in backyards. Try out a brand new barbecue sauce if you're looking for something that's out of the norm or what's currently available granny's barbecue sauce. They owned that. It's a traditional yet powerful flavor. That will remind you why you fell in love with barbecue in the first place. Outside of the premium selection of rubs and sauces. They're selling cookers. And know that if you're looking for a versatile smoker the easy to use check out that two star general pellet cooker the smokers the use of dealer even offering special packages not a fan appellate smokers all right check out that old hickory. As vp by malcolm breed in the first hour as well it's the only charcoal smoker the big poppa trust on his competition trailer. If you're not sure of what grill you need. You really can't go wrong with anything. Over big pop. Smokers dot com given questions. call them. Eight seven seven eight eight zero seven two seven. That's eight seven seven eight. Two eight zero seven two seven again. Shot the website big pop. Smokers dot com. That's b. p. o. p. p. a. smokers dot com and. We are back with lower. Paul from smithfield right after this thick around. You're listening to the number one most downloaded barbecue and grilling podcast anywhere. The barbecues central show celebrating over ten years prolific and unparalleled live fire barbecue and grilling talk. And yes it's still being done from cleveland ohio. You're listening to the barbecues central show as luck would have at this portion of show being brought to you by smithfield. That's right on over to smoking with midfield dot com to check out the committed cooks program. We're gonna be talking about the grant program. And of course the smithfield dot com through the grilling season because grilling season is every season. Or perhaps i say every month is grilling season. Even here in the brutality of the rock and roll hall of fame. City of cleveland. Ohio smokers smithfield dot. Com is the place to go to check all that out all right joining me. Now is friend of show. Laura paul from smithfield more. How are you. i'm doing great. How are you glad fabulous appreciate you making time for the show as always and we have some big announcements to talk about some other things to chat about as well so let's go ahead and get right to the grant program. Usually we liked to tease a little bit too dry. But i think it was announced well enough in advance so everybody that is going to be interested in hearing if they got the nod. We'll be tuning in here this evening. So how do you i i. It's a little different than it has been in years past right because you know we were going to do one last year and of course covert hit and a lot of contests took a dump. A lot of those being ones. That smithfield grant program was part of so you know. Let's quickly review track into two thousand twenty and talk about you know where the expectation was and then how it actually ended up out for you. I guess yeah. I mean just as kind of a recap the grant program. Obviously awards barbecue. Competitions grant money to prevent give back to the competition cook teams and deepen that prides pool payout for The top ten and the top overall categories in the competition So for twenty twenty I believe we had about Twenty two or twenty three events that were chosen Back in You know december of two thousand nineteen and As the year went on a number of those events had to either cancel or reschedule so As the year went on and i believe he was actually eighteen. Events who were awarded grants and twenty twenty had to cancel or defer. There are bent To this year some events or even looking at pushing twenty twenty two So we decided that the right thing to do was honor. Those grant recipients. There's they decided to reschedule their event For this year so we have eighteen events that were twenty. Twenty recipients that we're honoring and twenty twenty one And we had nineteen new events that we've added So we have a total of thirty seven. Grant recepients this. So how do you want to go about unveiling. Should we do the carryovers from last year. And then we can announce the additional ones that are selected for twenty twenty one. I got the laid out in order of date We can just go go through that. I figured we'd start with with the first event that scheduled in march and go through the whole list. One okay. let's do that. Go ahead okay. So our first grant recipient is On march twenty six barbecue. Gives back in urbana virginia Second is on april ninth smoke in this spring in osage city kansas. Our third event is on april tenth. Car fest fan antonio barbecue cook off. In san antonio texas on april twenty third. We have washed mo- barbecue bikes and blues in washington missouri. Our fifth event is on april thirtieth jiechi with the piggy and capitalist north carolina. We have another event. On april thirtieth masters in may and bancroft wisconsin number. Seven on our list may. Eight is brands. Bonanza mandra in marian. Arkansas number eight is may fifteenth twin valley fire and smoke in morgantown pennsylvania on may twenty second or ninth event is high on the hog festival in winchester tennessee. We have two events on may twenty nine. I is red white and barbecue in westmont annoy. The second is valley veterans barbecue competition in valley nebraska number twelve. June fifth is the original south dakota barbecue championship in her own. South dakota number. Thirteen is on june eighteenth almost heaven. Barbecue bash in roanoke west virginia number fourteen on june twenty fifth wake morale barbecue cook off in carthage texas number fifteen on june twenty six heritage days barbecue showdown in belvedere belvedere illinois. We have two events on july seventeenth. I the chilling in grilling in the glade. In wise virginia and cameron elks double header cook off in cameron missouri. On july twenty four. Th we have clayton kickoff in clayton california Another event on the twenty fourth of july smoking on main code three spices in collinsville illinois to events on july thirty first as well july lines a pretty busy shuttle barbecue in dodge city kansas and smoke in the grove barbecue festival spring in spring grove pennsylvania on august seventh. We have our twenty stuck in event lasts an annual barbecue. Cook off in susanville. California on august twentieth. We have smoke on the bricks. Baldwin city kansas on august twenty seventh got death door barbecue in washington island wisconsin to events on august. Twenty eight hill city wind brew and barbecue fast and rapid city south dakota and new holland summer fest in new holland pennsylvania are twenty event is september tenth. It's rigor fast in decatur alabama on september. Eleventh we've got ribs rob and rock and roll in vermillion south dakota on september. Eighteenth the tri-city barbecue fest in denison iowa and on october ninth. We've got her thirty s event. Barbecue and blues on the levian in helena number thirty one on october tenth fokkers in florida on october. Fifteenth the dave thumb barbecue classic and bancroft wisconsin. October twenty third about smoking for garrett. Boone ville indiana in november november six. We've got to events polar pig barbecue cook off in concord. North carolina and saluting smoke in your fill illinois are thirty. Six event is in november on november twelve bands brews and barbecue and port royal south carolina and last but certainly not least on december eleventh twenty. Twenty one briscoe ranch barbecue. Cook off and valby. Texas is that holy cow. You did it. Thirty-seven didn't expertly. Which is certainly no surprise. Lor paul joining us here from smithfield aren't so let me quickly go through here. As i was feverishly taking notes represented in these states. Florida indiana south carolina west. Virginia california gets a pair alabama iowa virginia pair. Kansas has three texas as three missouri has to north carolina has to Wisconsin has three. Arkansas has won a to pennsylvania has three tennessee. illinois has four. I believe Nebraska and south dakota has three. I mean when you look at it. I mean certainly. Some states had A repeat or two. But that's still you know. As as i talked in all the way back when you know it was with emily and we were originally talking about the grant program. There was a lot of talk about well. How much of the country. You're going to be hitting our. They're gonna be favorites and blah blah blah. And here you are really taking a huge swath of the country. All the way from california to the new england area and down south and all the points in between when you're looking at events to take on what are the most crucial part of your analysis. Like if i'm a guy that's going to be putting on a barbecue contest. What is smithfield like to see in order to give myself the best shot at securing smithfield grant. Well we we normally like to see events that are a little bit established so we don't normally support events in their first or second year. Obviously we want to see that it's event that's Trying to be an annual tradition and will come back your year after year We don't want the other competitive sponsors of the event obviously But really you know we. This year was almost a blessing as much trouble as twenty twenty. 'cause everyone You know we were able to focus on choosing events this year that maybe we weren't able to support in the past so there's a lot of new events that i think have been repeat Applicants and i really wanted to to look at those events and say okay. This is the year that we're going to be able to support them Because we're really broadening the number and we're bringing it almost up to forty events where in the past we've done you know closer to twenty or twenty five This year we also took into consideration Whether that had a backyard component Which you know we. We really liked to see so the majority of our new events. I believe fifteen out of eighteen have a backyard component as well or paul joining us here from smithfield about the grant program recipients and it was an extensive list the thirty seven events some carrying over from twenty twenty eighteen of those in the nineteen year in twenty twenty one as well Let's talk a little bit about the committed cokes program. By the way. I will go ahead and post a graphic That got A little earlier on my social media. So if you're missing out on this or you hate the podcasts. Or whatever the case is and you just wanna look visually. Y'all go ahead and make sure that i posted on social media as well The other component to this at smoking smithfield dot com has been the ever popular committed cooks program for a small fee to cover shipping. You're getting a bunch of really cool smithfield swag so we actually have some spots available left for the committee cooks program for this year. I think we've got just under thirty spots last out of a total of three hundred so then he went out there. Listening wants to fine up. They should definitely go to something. Smithfield dot com. Like you mentioned that there. Small twenty five dollars registration fee But that really covers the shipping on the really cool flag items that we send Everyone so you know from wearables to You know cool different. Prizes and chairs tumblers coolers You know you get guidance that you can put on display while competing and you know this is a good way for you know every day cooks and people on those circuits to be unofficial ambassadors for the brand so we really love everyone who signed up and shows smithfield the love We've been known to show up at events throughout the year and give some surprising delights out so we love to see all the banners. The shirts aprons All the love that that these cooks get us. Also you did for the first year. I think it was a kind of a an name partnership with. Kcbs for their world championship How do you think that that one off as a first year event. And is that something you're going to be going with your number two. Yeah this is a great partnership. Obviously you know i know emily detweiler very well We have connection through smithfield and decided that it would be a really good opportunity for both of us to partner so We actually just got the official recap of the twenty twenty event They just keep combined their world invitational which we are the presenting sponsor of Along with their team of the year awards annual kcbs banquet. So it was a really fun. Events socially distant responsible In made outta kansas last november And we did announce at the banquet that we will be presenting the sponsor again in twenty twenty one. So we're really looking forward to that partnership we'll be partnering with key. Cbs throughout the year. you know on some other events as well as On social media so you know watch both of our handles at smithfield brand and kcbs Social media platforms and we'll be sharing back and forth quite a bit. Lord you have a gut feeling just your own speculation on how you think the first half of the is actually gonna come off from a competition perspective. Anything that you're hearing from the experts you know my hope is that we you know. Go off without a hitch I'm optimistic but also realistic and I think the name of the game is flexibility so for going back to grant program if we have grant recipients that need to change the day You know we had that last year. We are one hundred percent flexible willing to work with all of these partners of ours and events in grant recipients so We're flexible. We know that events and states are going with the flow. Hoping for the best. But i really wanted to get out to some competitions this year I hope that we can continue our sponsorships of memphis in may and the royal the jack just to name a few others but Yeah we'll see. I hope it goes smoothly. You mentioned a couple of minutes ago about making a larger partnership or maybe some cross promotion within kcbs. Do you think that competition barbecue as a scene. I might get some kind of renaissance. Either through the you know after the first half of this year or maybe even into next year's we look down the road. Perhaps something akin to what i refer to as the golden age of competition barbecue when you had pitmasters on for ten or eleven seasons and everybody realized. Hey i don't have to be a world class athlete to be a really good competitive barbecue. Cook and i can go up against the best at the same time you see smithfield being a part of this in some way Let's say even five years from now. I think so and you know a lot of people have had time to practice. They're still that home. Greg so i see some new pitmasters coming out of the woodworks You know my husband loves to smoke. We've got two smokers at home I think the backyard barbecue or has had a lot of time to hone their skills. And we'll be seeing some new raw oysters. Come out and and you know. Challenge the competition for one of the longest periods of time. That i can remember my biggest bitch about competition. Barbecue is how the flavor profile seems to have stalled out. Everybody wants to copy everybody because everybody wants to do. What's winning and it's gotten really expensive. Obviously so nobody wants to step. Outside of the box potentially put themselves in a situation of just blowing off their feet. Just trying to be different. Do you think because of this situation that we have found ourselves in. This might be an entry way into people showing a little bit more originality number one and then be or number two. The judges will be more open to judging more rewarding Because of this whole thing. I hope so I think that would be a great change to circuit You're right i mean. People cook to the region there in or the judges that are there and preferences I think we're gonna see a lot more virtual competitions and with that either public choice or You know we'll say the general public You know sending in their own Cooks and recipes so I think we're gonna see quite a few more virtual competitions like barbecue battle. A giant bar battle did this year. That was a huge success. So i i see a few more of those and i think that will push the envelope a little bit on on how Master series events are are run. Perhaps that's just my personal thought. Does smithfield have. This is a kind of an important question that i'm asking Smithfield have people corporately that are monitoring competition forums and competition social media pages for you know for as nice as competition folks are or as we hear them to be or at least claim to be. I've seen a lot of them. Kinda eat their young if you will on social media forums and other message boards from time to time so in your opinion. Do you think folks should be cognizant of how they're coming across on these kind of channels in order to to make sure that the whole industry is being shown in their best light so they can attract or continue to attract companies like smithfield or some some bigger companies that are looking to invest into this kind of a industry. Well if you're looking for corporate sponsorships or or companies like smithfield To invest i think public image is always important but at the end of the day You know. I think people just need to be kind to each other Everyone has their own opinion and You're definitely welcome to that But that would be what i would say is i think there's an opportunity to just in general for for everyone to be more welcoming opening I definitely seen that on the circuit and especially on the backyard side of it You know we had a really great showing at kcbs world invitational and you know everyone was just so welcoming to those backyard teams. That was really wonderful to see before. I let you go. Is there anything business wise before. Ask the last question that you want to talk about or that. We haven't covered go back to the grant program. I did wanna make the point that this is our fifth year anniversary of the grant program To date we've awarded grants to one hundred and forty two different events so with twenty twenty one that will bring us up to about one hundred and eighty events and with this year's investment will be close to six hundred thousand dollars in investment in competition barbecue through our grant program. You know. I think the most important thing to note aside from the number the sheer number of events that you've help deepen that price bill is is. That's what it is about. It's not a promoter. Sticking some cash in his pocket or you know somebody else making out with his money. This is being infused in the competition. This is going directly into the cooks pocket. it's a little bit more money. It's a little bit more incentive to keep these people coming back this is really what the grand programs all about adequately all right laura so last question before i let you go this evening. There's a big game coming up on sunday super bowl sunday. And it's the chiefs tampa bay. I've asked everybody else. This evening and tampa bay is currently winning on the votes. But do you have a pick on who you think will take the championship in connecticut. So i'm a giants fan. But if i have to take between the two that are going to the super bowl I will have to back kansas city. Kansas sit back. Kansas city myself. So we're either locker. Were both in danger. Because i backed cancer they beat the browns so now i have to follow the team. That beat my team into the super bowl. There you go. That's how it works right. You're a giants fan. My northeast suffering. Yes wow i mean. That's been a bombing. There's been some super bowls in there. But i had. What's your take on ally manning. Is he a really good quarterback or did he have like flashes of brilliance with sustain mediocrity. I can't get a really good read. On him i like your bladder Description sustained moments of brilliance with mediocrity. But yeah we'll see how it goes from here. This is lower. Paul from smithfield smoking. Smithfield dot com. Of course if you want to sign up for that committee coach program. And i will post the graphic of the twenty twenty one grant recipients or appreciate you coming on and making this announcement here on this show and as always if you need to get anything out to be up and we'll have you on the show directly. Thanks so much for coming on tonight. Anglophone length greg have a good night you gotta there. She is lower poll from smithfield smoking with smithfield dot com of course thirty six seven. Thirty seven event eighteen from last year nineteen new this year. Why that's a lot. I'll talk to you quickly about pets and spits before we wrap the shelves since nineteen eighty-three pits and spits been handcrafting smokers and grills in houston texas. In that time pittance spits establishing itself as the premier brand and high quality offset smokers and more recently pellet cookers. Right pittance bit setting itself apart by using heavy seven and ten gauge stainless and every cooker fully. Well construction that you can feel when you use the unit and a three or four stainless rolltop lid and front shelf on every single smoker. Why does that matter well. By using higher quality material pigeons but smokers reach and maintain temperatures allowing you to worry more about the meat than the heat by providing fully welded smokers. You don't have to worry about greece through smoke leaking out of the barrel or the grow rattling apart as you move through the backyard. Art and by using three or four stainless. You're getting an heirloom quality product. You can pass down to your kids if you want or you can get buried with it now where some companies are focusing on being low cost providers and spits focuses on craftsmanship quality material. Are there cheaper ways to make these things of course but they don't like tack wells. They don't like crappy stainless or cheap electricity that you can't trust having in house manufacturing gives them complete control of the whole design and standards process not something unifying anywhere else. They're still suppliers supply materials to be used in some of the harshest environments. You know they're going to perform wherever you are in this country and their controllers are made right here in the state they have unimpeded transparency into the program pigeons. Bits as a dealer network across the country. If there isn't one near you give koi a call at the shop and tell him. I sent you eight four four six five zero six two five zero. That's eight four. Four six five zero six two five zero whether your backyard grow master looking to cook stakes for the fam- or a competition t looking to cook fifty racks of ribs. Pin spits product for. You can check them out on their website. Pittance spits dot com all spelled out or check their pits in the wild across social media with her handle at pits and spits once again all spelled out. Let's raft as bad boy up. Stick around we'll be right back. Packers full racks legs in is in acting butts. Heard this before you might think you found the best triple x. show ever let's get back to the most homo erotic still there today. Gray portion being brought to you by four take watch company a small batch custom watch manufacturing in vintage restoration company located in northern colorado. They take antique. America pac watches and turn them into wristwatches their mission preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in america in order to do that they combined traditional and cutting edge technology to create quality functional timepieces with exceptional value. Here's the coolest part each watch. The cortex makes unique one of a kind piece. That's right boarded founded on the motto. That america wasn't assembled it was built. Check them out at watches dot com. That's v o. Rtc vortex fertig watches dot com. Thanks again to lower paul from smithfield announcing the twenty twenty. One grant recipients. That's a lot. She plowed right through it and again while some states did get two or three. There was a pretty good. The there's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eight nineteen states represented throughout this great land of ours so as she said. If you're a first year or even a second year comp competition they might not give you initial consideration listeners. Bang banging and out of the park right out of the gate. But you've got to be established and that money goes right into the overall price pool fabulous all right. Let's go ahead and get out of here all the way back in the first hour we talked with malcolm read from how to barbecue right. Then we talked with brad stewart from crispy s. b. e. dot org great cast iron products. Keep the cats are in tip top shape and then new product that does just recently been out the crispy would have knife would handles or wood cutting boards that you neglected you need to bring them back into shape crispy would is the thing he's gonna need to get then in the second hour. We spoke sam the cooking guy dot com website. You can find them on youtube with three videos per week monday. Wednesday and friday. We close it out. With laura paul from smithfield grant program talking about the mid coats program and a number of other topics as well to include their remaining as the main sponsor of the kcbs world. Championship goes up on podcasts. Shortly in the first hour. Thursday second our best of on friday big show planned for next tuesday. Meathead is in of course and we're going to break format next tuesday. As one of my favorite podcasts slash pod documentaries called relative unknown star of bad. Jackie taylor will make an appearance in the second hour. We'll talk to her about her time here. In cleveland relative unknown about her father being a very high ranking member of the hells angels motorcycle club back in the seventies and eighties relative unknown as the name of the documentary. Podcast you might wanna check that out. If you're into that kind of stuff but the jackie taylor will be on the show. The second hour on On tuesday this coming. September eleventh two thousand and one. I will never forget till next tuesday at nine pm eastern as your program host the produce american greg grumpy. Good night now.

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Manifesting 2021!


53:24 min | 5 months ago

Manifesting 2021!

"Hey guys did. Following podcast is a lady gang network and podcast one production. Which means it's gonna be awesome. I heard this crazy stat the other day. Did you know that the average person is productive for less than three hours out of an eight hour workday. Five hours of wasted time. How can that be normal. The normal and try click. Click up helps. You break the norm and get more done in less time. By replacing all of your unorganized work apps and bringing your tasks docs goals chats and more into a single sherrod workspace click ups customer service is unmatched and they're making the world infinitely more productive. So join over. One hundred thousand teams at companies like airbnb. Google and uber who already use click up to level up their productivity with click up. You'll save one day every week. Guaranteed which means more time to spend with family taking that ultimate road trip or whatever you wanna spend more time doing. Click is free forever so sign up. Today at club dot com slash podcast. One rob a thirty day free trial of live by live plus and you'll get unlimited skips commercial free music and all of the podcasts and live streaming events you can handle visit live x live dot com slash. Podcast one to learn more and start your free trial. Hi it's county. I'm just jumping in to tell you that. At the beginning dot com we launched our new lazy game collection. It's three amazing sets of gorgeous knit work from home live from home go out in public and not look like a slob kind of sets. There's nude there's black and there's a beautiful dusty rose tie-dye the sets are affordable. They're made a super super super super high quality fabric and they were designed from the ground. Up what your armpit looks like what you're but looks like we have decided on that and we worked really hard on them so head on over to leading dot com and check them out free shipping with orders over one hundred dollars. Well this welcome to the lady gang to say that again. Alrighty jiang's are about to change around here each week we catch up with hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night. Becca tobin and jack vanik. Hello hello hello. Welcome to the last lady gang episode of twenty twenty. Well miss you gear solve twenty twenty twenty by girl see never it's also aka or you have to say who you're with o obviously high. If you're still listening after that terrible song we just saying to. You obviously know already tobin jack vanik and kelsey night. Thank you so. Today's episode is my favorite episode of the year. It's our manifest episode. I have computer legal notepad. My boo joanna. Phone all with different things that we need to talk about for manifesting donnelly. We've how do we're going to manifest. But what's great is now. We've been at lady like five so we've done a couple of these and the fun thing is is that i went back and listen to last year's manifest episode and now i'm going to see if you guys stuck to your manifest now jesus way to. We have how many manifests episodes done have done more than just last year. Think last year and then we did one sort of like goals setting whatever the year before but like. It wasn't a fully manifest episode. Remember that episode that the end of the year up so that we did innocous that one year. My god now. It's the end of the year. Like not i literally might have been september. We're lucky still summer. So i thought we would open the show this week with a review of hogan i yearly manifests. And just talk through them and then we'll go to girls okay. Are you ready. So twenty twenty. I have my boudreau here on. What's been so excited about. Twenty twenty is that. I have literally pretty much for the first time ever crossed off everything this year like. Look this year at twenty twenty. It was my most successful memphis. Oh we were on house arrest. I know i got a lot of shit down this year and Also i think some of the things like in the past. I was trying to make happen in a year. And they were like more of a long term like last year on my manifest list like get a book deal for lady gang and we did and year so let me go through so my first one was no personal shopping until i hit my savings goal so i had been very bad with money and was like i'm sad. Let me by sweater. And like i was like you know what i'm going to save a certain amount of money and i'm not gonna shop anything except like groceries and whatever intel like no no even ten dollars crunchies at target like i was like i fully nothing extra on i did it and i was really happy and i hit the savings goal and now i'm shopping like a crazy person. I just i swear to god about twenty three dollar christmas tree ornaments from target dot com the other day. What was the number of your savings school. Like the amount of money. They say she should probably should not say why. I mean there's no mystery. She works for entertainment tonight. We live in los angeles. Like i feel like at a certain point. You could give a ballpark people. Don't think that you're like you know like when custody for money. Like when kelsey was talking about her like small little humble house like you have thirty foot indoors in your home can you give us a percentage of what your how about this. What percentage of your yearly income did you say that you needed to save to hit this goal half white half of your income. Yes before after only make half of your income from taxes after the taxes so after the taxes half of your okay. Yeah like half of my take home. Yeah i think as women. We need to stop being so scared to talk about money. Granted we don't need to talk about like dollar. bill amounts. Yeah but like. I think it's a good thing to hear. I'm always so curious because like as girlfriends we like. I don't ever sit around with my girlfriends and talk about like. How much are you investing every year. Yeah like how much should i be saving. And what do you do like because girls are taught that it's like tacky Talk money that's yeah but it is. You're rude to talk about. Like if i don't know if you're talking about your salary it just depends. I guess so your salary somebody that maybe is not making as much as you and then. It's like this weird. They're the right time to talk about money. I feel like there's right ways to talk about it. Yeah i think for me i was. I was living beyond the realistic career. Length means i was living as if i so interior life. I'm in the prime making years of my life. You know what. I mean like i'm on tv. I haven't -dorsements like so you know i felt like i'm living like i'm rich. Person and buying myself gucci boots once a month and like. That's just not realistic. Because gonna make this money for a couple more years. And then i'm gonna not be making that money at all. So that's how we think about when i'm looking to buy a house because it's like in the especially with leading to it's like it's not we we're in a career where we're making salary and i'm gonna know how much i'm going to be making for the next ten years of my life like yeah and especially with cove and it can go up and down so much mike. How much can you afford. Well i'm going to challenge both of you to shift your perspective. Because yes this may be the peak money-making in certain types of ventures however if we were men men just heat making more and more and more and more money usually granted we have chosen careers that like sorta means. We have to not be old hag 's but we're going to break that glass ceiling and we're going to become old hat gang brannigan. Yeah but it's like. I actually think it's a really good thing to shift the perspective and be like no. I'm always going to make this much. Money are more. It just might not be from my face on tv. I don't think about it that way. I was just thinking about it more so just in every career that i've chosen. It's not one that has security one that it's like we could. It's dependent on opportunities. That sometimes don't last more than a year. But i do understand what you're saying and we are going to be the granny gang we're going to be living in mansions. I can't wait okay. Next goal was grow hair longest ever definitely longest. It's ever been yeah wall. Although you scared me the other day when i told you that your hair looked so chic in this one video that i had it was like her short she. She's like well. Yeah i'm gonna cut it again. But i'm definitely going to do the big eighties hair with the eighties bangs. I wanna shag curtain bank. Kind of a shag. Yeah like a. Sally burger shag. Actually i feel like that would look good on you. I feel like you could pull it off. I need you to send me inspiration. Picks i i already have on my pinterest board. I will say them for you. Okay next become a new york times bestselling author next. Okay so this one. I didn't cross off. Because i have stood up but i think overall i did well and it was intentional with your words ideas and yeses very and i really obstruct. I can think of a few times that you aren't intentional. With your words thrive. No but better than i was your boring. Sorry can we put stuff on each other's manifest lists for next year but we're not there yet. We're not. I know but can you remind me. Okay yes no no okay. Have the kids over three times. So i really wanted to be a better anti this year. It was really hard because of covid But i wanted to do like three big antedates where it was super fun and we did like. I did a scavenger hunt. I did a big pumpkin painting. Real excited that i wanted to hit one hundred fifty thousand pounds on him and i did. I wanted to hit one hundred million downloads of late gang check. I wanted to have five date nights with chris not in a year in a year. And i'm talking like a night where i put on a skirt. We went somewhere. It can't just be like we watched a movie. You know what i mean. That's not a date. Yeah just asked to do it. Yeah okay and then cut out once used plastics. Call so cool. Mademoiselle radha myself. Okay friday of you. So that was all of them and you crossed all the amount last year. There was a slight. I didn't cross off intentional. And i didn't cut out once use plastics yet. Because it's still like. I don't know if i i mean. I definitely bought a few gas station. Ice teas this year and they came out of plastic bottles. I wasn't like completely fall for the most part. I have really changed my plastic game job. Yep i'm like. Don't give me the spoon. Don't need that spoon. I travel with my own personal cutlery and straw gross. What a loser. Okay so i know all right when we come back. Let's guess what jack and becca manifested if they true. So you've heard us talking about these new book. Edible cocktails from boozy bites. we actually were. Eat drinking ma'am shop earlier this month. They're the absolute perfect way to ring in the new year. Thinking jello shot way more sophisticated. They come in doorbell champagne push-up coverage so you don't have to dig into the product to eat it. The bites are vegan and they're available in delicious contact flavors rosa moscow mule and makita. You could also get traditional citrus punch flavor so that can feel really like you're taking jello shot they've assortment boxes available and you can even mix and match your favorite flavors and one of my favorite things is that they stay good for thirty days and they don't need to be refrigerated they're also fifteen percent. 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What do you think that was your big manifest last year. You remember. I have well. I have my manifest list on my medicine cabinet. That look at every day but i think i talked about this lake halfway through the year the depressing. Because i know that. I won't like get to any of my manifest goals because cova did really everything up but i think that attitude is why you're manifests are not coming trip out. There were things that we literally would never like. There was some monetary things that we could never get to because all of our lady gang stuff got cancelled and stuff like that. But there were i had. I think i crossed off. Four things from my list of like fifteen well on the podcast. Last year your manifest to the lady gang community was i want to work smarter. Not harder on constantly don. That is what you've been doing your whole life. I know that's like how was that a manifest school but literally what you said for. Maybe when you stressed no what. I haven't reached that. Because i've been working harder. Not smarter because kelsey keeps coming up with these ideas for the lady gang but then it's two ideas that i am the only one that knows how to make that happen. It's a lot of work. That really is not worth my time lady game. My goal has never been more thrilled. That i have zero and like i every time we talk about new projects. I'm like i would like to offer some things. I have absolutely nothing to offer like. There's no work. I can text jack. Textured like hey let me take the soccer players. I can't let me let me designed air that we're doing. Yeah it's it's it's better thing was yours. Do you remember no chance. Yours was focused. More on the podcast. That's what you said on the last year's manifest you said. I just really want to focus on the podcast and like really like lean in and you know. Make it great and you were. It was kind of like the end of the walls at the end of the year last year. And you're like you know when we just kind of get busy with it and we are as thoughtful like happy without and you're like i want to be really thoughtful about that was an. I think you've really done a good job. Thank you put. It was that was probably me being really passive aggressive that day. Feeling like you guys weren't giving your all to the podcast okay. You do really good job with that sometimes where it's like. It's absolutely directed at one of us. Maybe it was directed at me. Because i feel like when it's directed and kelsey you tell her to her face like i'm not really good at receiving direct criticism. So maybe it was for me. But i'm good at taking passive criticism. I'll be like. Oh yeah okay we do need to bring it up another. I'll never give feedback on something. That i'm also start like being shitty at. Oh so well. Hey guys we should make sure that everyone knows what kind of headphones to us. It's like you should make sure well it's like we've all collect it up but when it's like when it's one of you and it's funny well i gotta be honest. Jack very rarely bird starting twenty twenty one off like i love you. It's like you you live. You live loud. And i'm a i'm a tornado. We know this a loose cannon. I'm a tornado doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing at the same time. Like thank god for healthy. 'cause she's pushing us. Oh hang on my dog walkers here but deck. Don't you think i'm like tornado where i'm like. I'm doing the right thing. I'm pushing us along. We're getting shit done. And then also the same exact time. It's like disaster. And i'm taking it up. No it's everything that you do. Well it's you're so good at doing things but then it's so bad at like the opposite but it comes as one and i feel like within the five years of doing this. We just we expect that to happen at this point so it's not surprising but it is still insane every time that you do. Sorry we're just talking about how big of a tornado. How i'm like. I'm going and i'm like doing good things and i'm doing bad things. All you're gonna get that's true. Sometimes we're like oh the good usually outweighs the bad which is an we still exist. It's the only reason we feel great way of putting it. It's not necessarily bad. It's just reckless. That sometimes can turn into bed messy. It's messy on okay. So michael on the podcast. Last year was to use plastic. Which have done so for me. And i'm so can boring. Like i listened back and i was like. Wow this is your goals are stupid as okay so overall what surprised you most about twenty twenty. I mean i don't know pandemic we could have never king seen coming. Although we could have. What what do you think that answer would be kelsey kelsey as a different answer. What what surprised you the most county no i. I think that what surprised me the most is that twenty twenty was one of many heartaches disappointments things not going the way that i thought and i thought overall feeling would be at the end of this year to be very disappointed. Sad discouraged kinda. Like this. And i feel the exact opposite. I feel like more alive happier. I feel like hopeful. And i feel like more centered than i thought. I would feel after a year of like literally not one thing going way. Thought it would. Yeah i mean. I think there's a lot going on. There's a lot of people that are still very much like stealing the effects of twenty. Twenty like yeah. I felt both so much gratitude for okay in the situation but also feeling like excited about our accomplishments. You like i it feels you feel a little guilty being happy you're on But like you can't. It's all relative so yes for us. We were really into things that i took away from. Where like what's more important in life. And i think no matter what anybody went through this year at least part of it was finding that out even if it was difficult that lesson i mean. I am surprised that that i feel so differently. About like our life like career especially like the notoriety and all the like shit that was like truly like we joke about it but like it really was important to me you know and like i really like cut my teeth on that kind of stuff and i've i've really changed my outlook on that even for like leading in general though i feel like we've had this shift of i mean even just being in the same room to record it and like having to be together all the time like we've we've realized what's important with the brand in general and what we need to show up for and how we need to show up for it and where we can do things and knowing that we can continue to make this grow and flourish and put all effort into it but just in like different ways than we did before which. I don't think that we'd ever think that we would be in the place that we are being now and still be able to like. Keep it going so true. The way i feel about. La is so different to different so different. Like i used to love. I the thing i hated about. La was that. I felt like i could never escape the business. I felt like i could never escape the rat race. I couldn't. it's so hard to meet people who aren't in like hollywood in the ministry. But then i was like wait during this pandemic. I've really appreciated california in los angeles for other reasons but it also made me realize that once this machine starts going again and l. a. Goes back into that place that causes me like anxiety and stress and makes me feel bad about myself. That like maybe. It's not where. I wanna spend the majority of my time because i've gotten a little taste of what it's like to be in a city where the nor it's not so prevalent like hardee's and events in red carpets and. Yeah like all that stuff is like i mean. La great now. It's going to suck dick when everything gets going again. Right now isn't yeah. It's interesting when all that stripped away. I mean i felt a little bit different kind of just know why. I'm not in the industry. So i don't have any feelings about that but for me. It's why i mean. I grew up in orange county. My parents are there. I love the beach and for me. It's like the things that are keeping me in. La proper is mostly lady gang and now we can do late again from wherever. And then i guess my friends. But i see my friends every once in awhile anyways so i'm kind of just sitting at my apartment being like i'd rather be county and not in la. Just because. i feel like that's where i belong. I would never would have made that realization. If not for the if not for kobe because we i think we just get in this like hamster wheel of we keep doing the same thing. Same thing same thing that i feel like it was a great shift for probably a lot of people into being like. What do i actually want doing what. I'm comfortable that i know. Well i know it's always been done. Well what you're familiar with. While on that note. We did write a new york times. Bestselling book this year. I and in that book. I forced y'all to put the manifest list and so anyone that has purchased the book act like a lady still available by the way. If you haven't yet you can turn to the page and manifest with us. But we're going to manifest and so I'm very excited about this. So twenty twenty one. Let us begin. Well all you guys shoes. So i made it four categories in the book home fun career and money and personal. Where would you like to start to restart with home. Sure okay so home. I know i would like to buy a home at home. To begin with would be nice. That is i mean. That's probably my biggest goal for twenty twenty. one is to actually buy a house period. That's it you'll do it please. Her and myself. I think we are trying to establish a home. That's closer to our families like right now. We're having conversations about having you know being in la when we need to but also like maybe being somewhere closer to our families. I'm not quite sure what that's gonna look like but we definitely don't want to have one hundred percent of our time in california edge just too far away so yeah i don't blame you. I'd never thought i would ever to that realization. So strange that when you're young like living in new york city and my dad coming to new york and he was like how do you live here like it's so loud it's so busy there's so many people i was like. Oh my gosh. Everything like suburbs are for losers. And now that. I like suburb. Like i can't wait to move to the suburbs. I need some land. Give me some burn burn. It is true at yard but it's like those cities. They're great appointing your life and then it's like now then move to the next and then the accident. It's just yeah. It's it's so true i would have never thought about leaving crazy kelty. What's your home goal. Well i just feel like. I just finished putting this house together and so i think my actual home now. I just want to like pre face or preface. This by saying that these are not my final manifestations. I never finally make my manifestations until exactly january first so these are just wanted thinking. These are brainstorms. Okay so i would like to hopefully when the world opens up like entertain more and my home. I think i've spent so much time. Getting it ready and making it so beautiful and like. I'm truly other than chris. Who doesn't really appreciate that kind of thing. Like i'm only person that's ever seen the inside of it and i did my backyard and i have the ability to like have people over for hot tub or have a fire or whatever and i just don't and so i think i need to like start making plans i mean obviously covid to td. On that but i would love to be someone who wants a week was like having someone here to entertain hit that i'm gonna king hate how i'm going to up you'll do it once and then you'll be like no or you can do it in a way where you have a boundary. Where like if you invite someone over for dinner. You're like. Hey you wanna come over for dinner like i really want to start entertaining at my house a lot. But like there's a. I turn into a pumpkin at nine. Have you seen those those little party banners and there's one that says please leave by nine you have to just get that one. Yeah and if you're having a great time you can be like guess. What extra time rule has changed. I definitely won't be. I also spent and i think a lot of people during the quarantine like i spent a lot of time cleaning closets and marie. Kondo in-home editing. my house. this year. The one thing that i did not take care of. Is all my paperwork. Like i just have boxes of pass taxes past contracts like i have all my blogs from two thousand six printed on paper in a bank like i have just like a lot of paperwork binders and i think for me. Bats my next home goal is i would like to get like my life insurance. My insurance policies like all of that stuff really straight organized because we just refinanced our house and when christie's like do you have our two thousand eleven taxes. I was like. I mean in one of these nine hundred boxes. Yes and so. I'd like to get. I feel like i feel less anxiety if i had that all organized. You just want to home at your documents. I wanna home edit the documents okay. The next category is fun. Ooh i really wanna do a lady game trip. I mean okay. Let's pretend let's make these manifests if the world is going to be okay. I think just for like our hopefulness. Oh my god that. I never wanna be home okay. I really think it would be so fun to do like a working vacation. Where we go somewhere fabulous and stay in like in the mornings we work for like three hours brainstorm and think of things and then we go to the pool and then we like record at night when we're drunk like i think if he's so fun. Oh i'm so down for this. I mean we tried to do this like in the fall and it just fell apart and never went past the idea stage. But i'm i'm so under the idea and always wanna trip back from canada until the spring so i also have a trip that i would really like to do for fun. So in tonga. You can dive with the whales and looking at the photos are incredible and i'm really into ocean. I think i'm more into water wondering that. I am into like safari wondering i love to safari and it was amazing and elephants. I love you so cute. But like i love to snorkel. I love to see sharks. Like i just love the water. I think it's the aquarius in me. So i really wanna plan this big well trip. There's only certain months where you can do it. But it's like that thing where like the whales so in massive and like you'd like tiny little bit and you go live on a boat for weak and you try to find them in whatever so that's like probably the trip i want plan and the real truth is that my airline points from when i used to be concierge key. I've six hundred thousand american airlines points. They expire in two thousand twenty one. So i have to go somewhere super far away and really make good use of my airline points. But he's never again in my life. Why have this many airline points. I wanna go somewhere so far away. So i think tonga is it. It's the trip. I also would love to do australia of anyone. Milady gang wants to have me at their house in australia. Also come they're gonna go to new zealand new zealand's better than australia. It is shots fire by your word while you're not allowed in any of these places right now so good black. I know we're going to be like oh it's gonna be so mazing when we can travel. It's like ten years now i know. What do you want to do for fun. And twenty twenty one. I don't really have to plan my fun. I feel like i just have fun. Oh okay wow i mean. It's completely dependent on whether or not we can do fun things or i already caveated that this pretending we can new funding. I know but i just can't imagine it happening. Like all i wanna do is go in like well. I would love to go to a music festival again. I know i've talked about this before. But like i just i miss a crowd and i know we're usually anti crowds but i will do anything to be in like a like. A gross slimy dive bar with a bunch of people. That's all. I wanna do all i wanted to have. Somebody spilled beer. They're still doing that in orange county your new home. I think you're yeah. That's news for real my level of concern about it and then might want to have a good time really. Don't align out. I'm so proud of you because really you are the person that should have been like. I just need people and been on a boat with twenty five people. And you haven't been i would never number one. I don't care enough about pretty much anyone. I see the people that i care about. Mostly it's just jared. My parents few runs. But like i really don't care to see anybody. I just missed the idea of a crowd. Like i like energy around me. I don't need to be talking to the people. But no i'm i'm safe because every should seize beco- what do you want do for fun and twenty twenty one thing how. How like on brand or each of our answers. And then i'm going to die with the whales tonga and you're like nothing i this sound terrible but like every year you say this when i make you manifest. I don't know what i find to be. Fun is not like your typical fun thing. I mean i'm not judging your manifest if you're like i was social. No it can be anything. I wanna learn how to be like an excellent cook. I wanna like learn how i want to bake. I wanna organize my underwear by color. Like whatever is fun to you. I mean how do to start this year and how can continue to have fun working for a couple of months of that's good Lean and like really become friends with this cast and like. Yeah but that happens always. That's that's fun. Yeah means like it. It's fun i mean working to me will depending on where it is is very fun. Yuck i don't actually have the most fun when i'm like in a group of people on set with people who liked to do the same things are the same stuff fuels them in like creatively. It's like a very cool. It's that to me is very fun. Yeah i do wanna like try to go. If i hand. I really wanna go to disneyland with my niece and nephew. Because we're supposed to go. Oh yeah that was right when everything happened. Yeah i beginning of april April like april second or something So it would be nice to be able to do that and you know. Hopefully we can just thinking. This is unrelated. But i was just thinking about our podcast. This is going to be such an interesting thing to go back in like ten years and listen to certain episodes and released. We're at the time your rate like when everything shut down and we did our first episode of covid like that's going to be such an interesting little time capsule rate can kids etc not like the talking about pooping or something well. I've been journaling since. I was like eight years old. So i already have like underside important. These types of things. There's a witness to your life. And i'm so excited to go back you're right. We should go back and listen offers episode to. I know we're supposed to do that for one hundred episode. I know million. I got busy mcginnis manifest up so you know what i mean. Okay career and money. I have so many thoughts go number one. I am going to host a show. That is not news that it is like my cat dealey moment I'm going to host something on television or streaming that is like i'm a host. I'm not a journalist news person. I'm not interviewing other people. People come to interview me about my show. k so. I'm excited about that. Putting that out there. What else i would love for. This is going to be one of those tornado moments. Where i sound like a dick but i would love for us to be as successful financially as we appear to be to the world. Does that make sense. Like i think everyone looks at us and they're like oh my god these things from craziest pot. Sorry i mean to throw you guys out there. And like but i mean i think people look at us. They think we're so successful and we definitely are successful in. There's been times where we've been like. Yeah we did it. But for the most part. I don't think the brand is generating the kind of money that A brand like a media brand could be just because we're like we don't really know what we're doing still you know what i mean and so it's like i look around at these other female founders and i'm like Well they probably don't have it all either. They probably are a smoke and mirrors and a lot of their shit too especially if they have a lot of employees. Probably not making any money. And i think that the people you're giving the collective like them a little old like too much because i'm still trying to explain to people that i'm able to like off podcast money so i'm still so embarrassed like dr recently. And she's like what do you do for work. And i'm like well podcast but like swear it's successful. We've been doing it for five year. Yeah i feel like such an idiot. Saying i have a podcast my job. Yeah nobody thinks no one in my life thinks that i'm like crushing it. So don't really no. I feel like people think we're crushing it. I think people are more surprised when they hear how well we do. Especially the people. That aren't familiar. Like i think it's different if somebody's familiar with podcasting. No no no. I agree when people are like. What do you like. I told you. The story of my brother-in-law texted me and was like hey. Have you ever thought about transitioning to become. A publicist was really successful. Podcast right like. I don't need a different job like i do. You're right. I think maybe people you're right when you're at the people like what do you think the people you're thinking of like the ten people who comment on all your photo on instagram right now like you're crushing it. Oh my god clothing line. You're a boss hashtag. Boss fay spe. I can agree with you on that statement though. Like i would love for the lady gang to become like. I'd love to expand on our leading brand as a whole. Because i think we have kind of lofty goals of what it can be as a namesake brand outside of the three of us like talking shit for an hour every week and i would like to focus on that and have that sort of live and breathe on its own but we're very much in the infancy stages of that. It's more so an idea than anything right now but hopefully we can look back on this at twenty twenty one episode that you make us do and be like we crashed head on my boss babes like i'll put this. I'll put it this way. Like i recently had an ipo. God had done on my chest. And i you know paid full price for it. And it's quite spendy. And i feel like the setting wasn't high enough and i wanna go back and be more burnt by my ipo because they pay full price. I'm going to have to call and complain and be like hey like. I paid a lot of money for this like so. I'm not like throwing cash out. I would like to be the point where i have so much money that i'm like. Don't worry i'll just get another one in three months like the real housewives of salt lake city rate. I'm sure they have so much money. They have so much money. The girl the woman. Jen told me that she has a personal shopper. At every single store like louis vuitton gucci and she just calls malla at gucci and they fly out to new york and malla shuts down the fifth avenue gucci stores special room and just brings one of everything for her to on. That must be very fulfilling for her. I don't think it is okay. Personal what are your personal manifesto. I didn't say my career. Sorry sorry mine is. I want my acting career to become so successful. That i'm doing you guys a favor by tuning happen where it's going to be like a god. I have to keep these bitches afloat. And that'll be my karma for having no skill set be like no you actually know i've been we've invested in you. Becca like we knew it would pay off at some point. We can really read your coat. Tails like now. We're just sort of writing your coktail because you are like the most well known out of us. You always have been. I can't wait for it to skyrocket chilling on those coattails and also speaking of disney and your coattails. I did hear rumor that when you work for disney you can go to disneyland with like a guide and get a pass so we could also ride your coattails onto space mountain and goldmine on seventy two or whatever. It's called club thirty three herbie three. Yeah i don't even think you get to go in there. When you work for disney you have to go in there. If you're like friends charles days. It's so true all right when we come back we're going to manifest our personal goals twenty twenty one despite the ongoing concerns with covid nineteen and traveled guidelines. You can still experience winter in vermont. The same great skiing and riding winter biking hiking or just escaping the chaos to a wide open space and a warm fire. They're still waiting for you but like everything this year. They'll be just a few more precautions in place before you go researcher trip plan ahead so there are no surprises sneaking. Still enjoy everything about vermont. A seven day home quarantine negative cova test or a fourteen day home quarantine or two ways to meet travel guidelines. If you're driving with reduced lift and lodge capacity. Ski areas may require reservations. And you're likely going to have to get ready at your car so be sure to plan ahead and if you know you're going to need to get outside summer this winter vermont is possible and open. You just gotta plan ahead. So if you're jack and you need to go somewhere think about going to vermont for the latest covid. Nineteen travel guidelines ski area. Safety tips visit vermont. Vacation dot com. You're listening to the league gang. I have a pimple on my forehead. I wanna turn around and pop in the mirror so bad. No don't do it. Got to be on camera girl of it's a whitehead do it. I don't know that is. I can't tell her on it. I did order a ton of stickers. It's very in a told you one of them gave me. It left me with a whole circle. Not a scar but yeah because it's like he's trying to be left on way too long. Yeah i think. I may be used after doing retinol one night or something but it was there for like a week. I'm like i'd rather have the pimple. Yes yeah. I've had the same thing that time. I shaved my face. And then put the kate somerville mass gone and scratch them and then i lied to. Rebecca is like. I fell into a tree because i couldn't tell that we under the truth. Was that when you had all those scratches on your face. And you said you fell into a book did fall into the bush but it was also the scratch. wouldn't have been so prevalent. Had she not on they re. I remember that like you showed up to podcast and i was like. Do i acknowledge it. Like she's cougar. It looks like you've got a cat attacked your fitness. Yeah i did fall into the bushes and then yeah and while the truth comes out the turns out okay personal manifest year. Jack what do you want. Personally i mean. I feel like i would like to get engaged this year. Which really just has to do with what i'm ready for to do it. i just don't want to get engaged in covert like it really. I'm not having my best life right now and like i'd like to be able to celebrate and have like a moment but it's just not the time so i just you know just waiting understandable and i'm also a no it's not like i don't think it's going to happen and it literally is up to me like you would've gotten or asked me to marry him like to so we'll see hopefully cupboards over or do you think that it's dumb of me to have twenty twenty one my year of hotness because i'm going to be thirty nine this year and it's my last year in my thirties and i feel like i have to really thirties like from here on out. It's one piece bathing suits and covering my only if you say so look at least the runa bitches naked style you know what i love her and like i really loved it because i'm like you know what do whatever needs to be a little bit richer betas still dressed like they're twenty five years old and i'm like this is fine like yeah. They look amazing. Yeah i mean you don't have to have like a soccer mom haircut and like start wearing cargo pants when you turn forty right especially now i feel like forty is the new. Thirty is the new twenty s. Not younger than that. Okay so i'll rethink europe hotness. Okay i will of hotness even like what would you do that you do differently. You would take off those glasses. I think it would be like i. Would you know dress sexy. Wear leather pants. Where law zhou ray. Where skimpy bikinis. When i go tong swim with the whales like po. Post kissy fish based on instagram. Like no you know. 'cause i'm always torn between like is this the year i grow up and i'm like a livia pope like she kness or am i gonna like stay in my teenage hotness and i know on my microphone there is an in between you know. Teenage hotness. never say that again. No teenager is hot by the way you're right but like the legal a short short you wear short shorts all the time i know kelsey. Your legs are better than a twenty year olds legs thanks. That should be the europe hotness. And you've had a lifetime of hotness you've worn like mini con body. Congress is i love it and i also love that this has to be like a checkoff bowl for you to wear skimpy bikini looking at just do it. She like wakes when she goes in her closet. And she's like these genes oh my god never mind. It's the year of hotness. Yup well i also want to be a more exciting wife so this year because of covid and the pandemic and being in quarantine like it was aniversary and chris mate up card on like a piece of scrap paper from our office. We just were so lazy in love and it's been great. Oh my god lazy and love. I love that we can say okay so lazy and we need to be something netflix. Hey let's do a merge lets you lazy and love. you know what we're gonna do. I wanna do emerged up. Like valentine ballantine's day killer fact okay. Perfect may note. Yes so i just was like lazy like i didn't try. I didn't dress up. I wasn't like oh. God i don't want you to see me zig cream i was like you know we were like almost like god into like best friend zone which we are like. Chris is my best friend. I don't. I don't want to say that but it's like i got really lazy and like i'm just gonna be disgusting all the time and be around you and like you know not not try and there were no weddings to go to or parties to go to our events to go where we could like all of a sudden worth the grammy's and we're like oh my god remember like we're cute and hot and we're just we smell good like i was just disgusting all year so i would like to try to be a little bit less lazy. That makes sense. Yeah i mean. It was year of laziness. I don't think anybody got out of that. Yeah lazy and grass back. Jim ever gonna have a year where. I feel like i need to do that. Jesse of a personal goal for twenty twenty. One aca imperfect. I'm so perfect. No i don't. I don't actually have a goal i feel like i'm just no expectations of myself or anyone around me. That's what's up. I'm gonna just be house plant. I just feel like it's a really. It's a it's a shitty time to be thinking of next year because next year is gonna look a lot like this year. I think realistically gang up. And so. I don't actually like i said the one year i did make an a real manifest like not a single thing went right and actually some of the things went so opposite eighty wrong of that. I was like you know what backup nope. Expectations are the recipe for you. Personally for disappointment you know what you learned from that though. You just know that that doesn't manifest list. Don't work for everybody and they don't work for you and it's not true if you're listening to this and there's an also you can't force yourself to be someone you're not yet like i am not ever going to be the person who wakes up and says the options are endless. It's gonna be a beautiful day. I'm going to be so hot and amazing year. Apart like i wake up every day and i'm like you know what thank god i'm breathing. I'm good could i be hotter today and eat healthier. Assure can but i'm gonna just go with the wind blows yet. I am somewhere in the middle of these two with when it comes to manifesting lake. None of my personal of fun manifest i manifest lists and this year. We're all professional. It's all it was all just like professional goals. That i wanted to hit so i think there's a different. It's different for everybody. You know you choose your own adventure chief. It works for you. I don't want to have a personal goal. Because then i have to do it and i don't wanna be anything i'm not. Yeah how do you not feel like you're failing kelty if you aren't achieving at your list well it. The truth is is that like i said in our book. You really have to think about the things you want to manifest and you have to realize so. This is my last thing that i wanted to in this episode is. It's really interesting like you have to really think about them and make sure that the thing is that you really want deepen your gut. It can't be like oh. I want this thing because then you're right when it doesn't come or you're not working towards it. Then you feel shitty but for me my manifest are things like that are got urges like they're like i know deep down i really need to quit diet coke like i really need to. Do you know what i mean. I know i'm not anyway. This is so crazy. I wanted to end this episode. By saying i recently found a manifest list that i made for my career and it's eight years ago. Hey and i want to read the things that are on them. Because it'll blow your mind. Okay i want to be an inspirational speaker. Two girls we're island. That's what i want to win. That one's gonna happen. No listen how they all came through endorsement deal fashion beauty or tack fab latics bitch okay ad campaign with blog so this was back when i had a blog but ad campaign with blog. I think ads on podcasts. Count yes we're spoken word. Blog look book deal. Radio show weird future ten years. Gm a today show the view. The talk walk on the today show and the talk. I've been on the today show. Which ones that that. With kathleen hoda. Oh a fashion line. At target or kohl's we line express your new york times bestseller acts what it is. But i also presumptuous that eight years ago. You thought you were going to get a book deal like the book. Did you anticipate meeting to writing. That's rock or and rock bottoms. You exactly. I had no idea god. You have incredible delusions of grandeur taught for them. Thank god for them. Because i think that like we're byproducts of them but like what the no it is very true like you it is delusions of grandeur eight ago equivalent. No actually. it wouldn't have been okay eight years. If i had put on my manifest lists win an academy award been more. Let the ball your book deal. Yeah it's so true it's creole anyway. That's why the power manifesting works so don't let back and have to be as insane as kelsey for you. you're gonna have you lack awareness like twenty twenty one. well everyone. This year has been a dumpster fire. We surely hope at twenty twenty wanted better. But if it's not you'll you'll always have us unless i get to famous when these bitches on the other side actually kathy will probably win. The oscar was the what was your pap determine. What are they hold on the of one in there. No the hip hop pulitzer prize. No wasn't hap- it's like an emmy new york times bestselling author was on there. Because there's no end you're a host perdue sir figured out whatever remember what it is god. I'm never gonna reach it if i don't know what it is. I have to go okay. Any right here for a long. That actually have a nice tuesday. Okay l. tuesday twenty twenty one lady gang is produced by alex. Enberg will sterling and steve delegator. Make sure that you rate and review this podcast where you listen to it. Police makes a huge difference. And also subscribes. You never miss an episode and if you really love the episode we want to hear from you on our social media channels at beca kelsey jack vanik at the lady gang but more importantly we wanna see sharing the lady gang with your friends so be like outages listens apsos. Great okay here. Here's the available. Have it okay. Thanks for listening. And we'll see next tuesday support for this. Podcast comes from pluto tv ready to get away from it all for yourself with pluto. Tv stream hundreds of channels and thousands of movies and shows all for free. Yeah free no contracts. No subscriptions no fees imagined twenty four seven channels of narcos. Csi star trek survivor and everything else from hit movies to binge worthy tv shows. The latest news live sports comedy and more. What are you waiting for. Download the free pluto tv app for android or iphone and start watching now pluto. Tv drop in watch free.

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Feb 03, 2020

Sword and Scale Daily

13:54 min | 1 year ago

Feb 03, 2020

"Hello and welcome back to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Monday February. Third coming up on sort and scaled. Daily Ray Sean. Antoine Jones. The suspect in the killing of two female Delta employees killed himself while being pulled over by police Georgia Jacob Scott and accused sex offender who faked his own death. To avoid prosecution was discovered alive and well residing in an Oklahoma. RV Park Police in Texas assists are asking for the public's assistance. The search for missing fourteen year old Angelina Church finally in Atlanta Georgia. A couple has been indicted for the murder of car. Get land a university student. Alexis Crawford all this and more coming up on sort and scale daily Fox five Atlanta reports. That Ray Sean Antoine Jones the suspect in the killing of two Delta Air employees shot and killed himself during a traffic stop. Last Tuesday Jones was a third generation Delta employee the first victim thirty year old Alexis read was discovered unresponsive at approximately ten thirty. PM and the Delta Employee Parking Lot in College Park Georgia when witnesses tried to to assist her. They found she had been shot. Multiple Times Reid was taken to a hospital but later passed away from her wounds. Jones's car was captured on video. Leaving the parking the after the shooting authorities believed that Jones lane wait for Alexis who finisher shift as ramp worker at ten PM. She tried to run and was shot. Three times uh-huh Jones then left her to die and drove off while investigating read Slang College. Park police learned. The Jones was a suspect in a second murder. The body of another victim thirty two year old tiny shelby was discovered around ten. AM on Monday morning. In a hotel room and stockbridge. She also had been shot to death. Her Time of death has not yet been ascertained. And it's not clear whether she was killed before or after Alexis read shelby two worked for Delta. A Joint Task Force made up of members of the Clayton County Police the Department of Homeland Security Delta corporate security and the US marshals form to Hunt Jones on Tuesday. A tip came in that Jones was seen at a shell. Gas Station in Clayton. County law enforcement responded and saw Ray Sean Jones in the passenger seat of a car when they attempted to stop the vehicle. Jones shot himself in front of the driver at a Wednesday press. Conference Clayton County Police. Captain David rix stated had quote. We spotted him inside vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted to try and make contact with them and that's when he produced the firearm and took his own life at the same press conference conference. Rick stated that police still do not know the motive for the murders and that the investigation continues. The women did not know one another but both new Jones quote so the connection is Mr Jones himself. There's no connection between misread and miss shelby. rix also stated this was not a love triangle according to Delta while employees are forbidden from bringing firearms into the employee. Parking lot screening for weapons does not take place until after the employees take the company shuttle from the parking lot it to the airport. Our next story takes the Oklahoma. The Denver Post reported on Wednesday that US marshals have arrested. I said fugitive Jacobs Scott at an RV Park in Antlers Oklahoma forty-three-year-old Jacob Scott was facing sexual assault charges in Mississippi stemming from two thousand eighteen and faked his suicide to aid prosecution the marshalls offered at twenty five thousand dollar reward for information leading to his arrest. On Wednesday Scott's name was added to the agency's ten most wanted list and the tip for his arrest came in later the same day this marks the fastest apprehension of a fugitive on the most wanted list the agency's history Scott was facing fourteen charges of sexual assault against the minor in July. Two thousand eighteen days before he was set to plead guilty to the charges against instagram. His Dinghy was found adrift. Off The coast of Alabama the bow contained a gun and suicide letter authorities searched the Gulf of Mexico for a week but found no trace as of Scott's body from the start it was suspected that the suicide was staged because there was no forensic evidence confirmed death according to the arrest affidavit filed Alba on Wednesday. When deputies went Scott's home to notify his family quote it appeared? Everything was already in place for their investigation to people inside. The House had Scott Cell Cellphone Medication and suicide note set out on the counter. They also told deputies. That Scott was sick and needed medication. Daily a laptop that was opened on the kitchen table seemed to show that someone had been shopping online for a headstone. For Scott. Even before deputies arrived with a death notification the marshalls also learned Scott. Got To forty seven thousand dollars out of his bank account six weeks before his suicide money which has never been found since July two thousand eighteen. The marshalls received received multiple tips. That Scott was seen alive including one from August. Two Thousand Nineteen saying. He was living in the mountains of Colorado on Wednesday hours. After Scott's name was added to the ten most wanted list another tip came in one. That said Scott lived in Antlers Oklahoma. US marshals surrounded Scott's camper in an RV park was residing citing in although he eventually stepped out of the Camper Scott refused to admit his true identity but was identified based on his tattoos. Our next story brings us. The Texas police in Waxahachie Texas are asking for the public's assistance in the search for fourteen year old Angelina Church Angelina. A freshman at Waxahachie high school last communicated with her family on January twenty seventh and was last seen on surveillance video taken around midnight on January twenty twenty eighth angeline. Last communication was text exchange with her mother during second period her mother told NBC quote. Everything seemed extremely normal. Oh but between second and third period is when she left school since then. Her phone has been untraceable. Her parents told police they believed angelenos picked up at school school by boy. She met on Instagram. Police later. Questioned the boy who admitted to picking her up at spinning the day with her but he also stated he dropped her off. The Water Burger and Red Oak late Wednesday night. Angelina was last. Seen in surveillance camera footage from a nearby Walmart around midnight law enforcement believes that she could be very dangerous situation. Angelina church is five feet six inches tall and weighs approximately one hundred and sixty five pounds. She has long curly blond hair and blue green eyes. She was last see wearing a black and white hoodie. Blue Jeans and black converse shoes. If you think you or anyone you know may have relevant information. Contact the walks Hatschi. Police Department meant at four six nine three nine four four zero zero after the break to our indicted for the murder of twenty one year old Clark Atlanta University. Student Alexis Crawford. Hey I just wanted to ask how many of you have credit cards. I'm sure that most of you have at least one. If so you know there's no better feeling than paying them off but you know it feels even better paying off. Those was high interest credit cards getting lower rate and saving money. That's what you can do with livestream. Did you know that the average interest rate for a credit card is over twenty percent. That's crazy refinance your credit card balances and save with a credit card consolidation. Loan from light stream you can get a rate as low as there's five point nine five percents. APR With Auto Pay. The online application is quick and easy no waiting in line at the bank or being stuck on the phone with representative. It's so easy you can apply from your phone. You can get a loan from five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars with zero fees. You heard that right. No fees fees no tricky application fees no origination fees no transaction fees and no prepayment penalties. Plus you can even get your money the same day you apply livestream believes that when you have good credit you deserve a low rate and great service which is exactly what they deliver. I personally never knew knew how easy it was to get a lower rate on my credit card debt until I tried livestream and to be honest. I'm not sure I'll ever go anyplace else since utilizing their services just for my listeners. Apply now to get an additional interest rate discount. The only way to get this discount is to stream dot com slash scale. That's light stream dot com slash scale for an additional discount L. I. G. H. T. S. T. R. E. A. M. dot com slash scale subject to credit approval rate includes point fifty percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change without notice. VISIT LIGHT STRING DOT com slash scale for more information twenty two two year old Jordan Jones and her twenty one year old boyfriend. Barron Brantley were indicted on Friday for the October murder of twenty one year. Old Alexis Crawford a Clark Atlanta University senior senior who is Jordan Jones roommate and close friend Jones. branly have been held without bail since they were arrested in November two thousand nineteen they are both facing using two counts of felony murder. One Count of murder one count each of aggravated assault concealing the death of another human being. In addition Brantley is charged with aggravated sodomy stemming from an alleged sexual assault against Crawford which took place five days before her death according to the Atlanta Black Star Brantley allegedly sexually assaulted Crawford. Any apartment shared with Jones after the three spent the night of October twenty. Sixth Drinking Alexis accompanied by Jones reported the assault assault to the police. She said she woke partly make it with her underwear ripped after blacking out Jordan. Jones says she found Crawford on the floor of the bathroom with Brantley. WHO said quote route? I didn't touch her. I didn't raper prosecutors. Say That despite coming with Alexis to report the incident Jones took active steps to hide the alleged assault on the night of October twenty sixth after the alleged assault Jones called nine one one to report her car. Stolen branly had taken her car after they argued about the incident but Jones did not mention the alleged assault during nine one. One call after calling nine one. One Jones called her friend Brittany and according to detective. Testimony said quote. Hey Hey my car stolen and also I think something happened to my friend. Brittany came over to the apartment right away and crying. Alexis told her about the assault Brittany Brittany. Then call nine one one and went with Alexis Jones to file the report and then to a hospital to have a rape kit performed later. According to the prosecutor quote on her own volition the defendant Miss Jones called family members of Miss Crawford and told them there was no. DNA found in the rape kit. Well that is incredibly incorrect. In fact based on the indictment the kit tested positive for Brantley semen just days after the alleged assault Jones let branly back into the shared apartment keeping a secret from Alexis. Brantley stayed in Jones Room and when she went to class she sometimes left him alone in the apartment with Alexis according to the indictment on the night of October thirty first two thousand Nineteen Alexis and Jones got into a fight. Brantley then came out of Jones Room where he'd been hiding eating and starting to choke Alexis then Jones placed a plastic bag over head and suffocated her. The couple wrapped Alexis body in a blanket and placed it in a black black rubbermaid trash bin which they drove to a wooded area where they disposed of the body returned home to sleep and later. That day went to a Halloween party. Jones Jones then texted another friend Iona Williams to help her replace the black rubbermaid Ben. Alexis Crawford's family reported her missing on November. First after hearing about Alexis his disappearance Williams reported the text messages to police. When police I spoke to Jordan Jones? She told him she woke up that morning to find her roommate gone on after they showed her surveillance footage of herself leaving the building at three. Am she told police that she and Alexis had gotten into a fight and Brantley stepped out of her room and choked Alexis access to death. Jones then led police to Alexis his body which still had a plastic bag over her head when Brantley was questioned he implicated Jones in the murder. Her saying she plays the bag over Alexis head they both remain held without bail. That's it for today's episode of sort and scale. We hope you guys had a great weekend. We'll see you back here tomorrow and until then stay safe. It sort and scale daily is an incongruity. He Media Production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by garb rock executive producer. Mike vide if you liked the show subscribing leave us review if you have any feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at certain scale at DOT com.

Ray Sean Jones Alexis Crawford murder Georgia Jacob Scott Jones Ray Sean Antoine Jones Barron Brantley assault Jordan Jones Oklahoma Delta Delta RV Park Police Atlanta Ryan Williams US Jones Room Texas Jones Room Delta Employee
Sword and Scale Daily - Nov 12, 2019

Sword and Scale

12:54 min | 1 year ago

Sword and Scale Daily - Nov 12, 2019

"Certain scale daily launches this Monday November eighteenth. The following is a sneak preview of what's to come if you liked the show apple podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Search for sword and scale daily and subscribe after this week. That's the only way you'll be able to hear it again. Go to apple podcasts. Google play spotify stitcher. Or wherever are you listen to podcasts. Search for sword and skill daily and subscribe. And if you like it leave a positive review. Stay safe hello and welcome. Welcome to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Tuesday November twelfth and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scaled daily in Virginia. A man hunt is underway for an armed marine deserter. Who is suspected in the murder of his mother's boyfriend two suspects are in custody and had been charged with malice murder in the death of Clark Atlanta University student? Alexis Crawford whose body was discovered on Saturday November ninth. A fourteen year old girl is charged with the gruesome murder of well-known Philadelphia. Cat Rescuer Albert Chernoff Aka Alley cat. Finally the Jacksonville Florida Sheriff's office have asked for the public's assistance in finding missing five year. Old Taylor Williams Taylor was reported missing last Wednesday November. Six by AGR- mother Brianna Williams who sent stop cooperating with police all this and more coming up on sword and scale daily the ABC News Seven reports that twenty two year old marine deserter. Michael Alexander Brown is being sought in relation with the Saturday shooting. Death of fifty four year. Old Rodney Brown. His mother's boyfriend. Michael Alexander Brown had been stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina as a Marine Corps combat engineer on October Eighteenth. He deserted his post and has since been spotted several times in the area of Franklin County Virginia around three hundred miles. Away Brown's mother who has not been named lives in Hardy Virginia Virginia a small rural community near Roanoke with her boyfriend. Roddy Brown however Michael was not living with them at the time around noon on Saturday. November ninth Michael's mother called nine one one after she found her boyfriend. Rodney dead in their home. Michael Brown was initially considered a person of interest. Interest and by the end of the day was an official suspect. Franklin County Sheriff's office have warrants for his arrest on charges of second degree murder and using a firearm arm and the Commission of a felony. The motive for the shooting is yet unknown. So far Michael Brown has remained at large. He has been seen several times around. Franklin County I driving a white nineteen seventy six cadillac and more recently. A two thousand eight Lincoln. TOWNCAR Brown round is an avid woodsmen. And maybe living out in the Wilderness of Rural Virginia. He's known to be armed with a rifle and the sheriff's Office warns that he may have access to additional additional weapons and should be considered armed and dangerous. Michael Brown is described as six feet tall with blue eyes and brown hair. If anyone spots them they should contact law enforcement and should not engage with him directly from Georgia the body of missing Clark Atlanta University student. Twenty one one year old Alexis Crawford was discovered into Cobb county this Saturday November ninth her roommate Jordan Jones and the roommate's boyfriend Barron branly. Hey boss twenty-one are in custody and have been charged with her murder Crawford. Last communication with her family occurred at eight forty five pm on October thirtieth breath when she texted her sister Alexandria later that night she was captured on. CCTV in the company of Jordan Jones. Shopping at a liquor store near their apartment. Her family reported her missing on November. First the roommates have been close friends with Jones even spending the holidays with Crawford's family. Ah when it landed. PD Interview Jordan Jones. She claimed that when she woke up on the morning of October thirty first Alexis was gone. However by the time of the interview police had learned that recently the relationship between the two roommates had soured shortly before she went missing? Crawford filed a police complaint against against Jordan's boyfriend Barron branly for quote unwanted. Kissing and touching Crawford had blacked out during the incident and could not recall all of the details so on Friday. One of the suspects led police to the location of Alexis Crawford's body near Columbia Park and Cobb county based on the autopsy. Crawford likely died on October thirty first. The cause of death was fixation. Barron branly was taken into custody on Friday and Jordan was arrested on Saturday. They're both charged with malice murder. which in the state of Georgia is the offense of intentionally killing someone without provocation? And in some circumstances that show quote an abandoned and malignant heart the maximum penalty for malice. Murder is death. Both suspects are being held without without bail. Their next court appearance is set for November twenty second in other news fourteen year old. Johnny Sma- has been arrested and charged with the brutal brutal murder of fifty nine year. Old Albert Chernoff a Philadelphia animal rescuer. She has also been charged with obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. Police responded to Chernoff North Philadelphia home on Tuesday morning after nine. One one call from a neighbor reported hearing screams they discovered Chernoff deceased. I partially tied to his bed with a massive head wound and slash wounds to his chest. Neighbors reported seeing a woman leave the house. Shortly before police arrived. The murder weapon was determined to have been a two by four studded with nails. Not The sort of thing. One typically just stumbled upon which may suggest premeditation and autopsies showed that he died of head trauma around ten thirty. PM on Monday evening. meaning that if the woman seen leaving was the murderer she had spent the night in turn offs home with his body on Wednesday police released a video to the media of the suspect. Taken inside sheriff's apartment in the video of female seemingly oblivious just to the presence of a camera can be seen walking through the victims kitchen insouciant league. She washes her hand in the kitchen sink. Before opening the Fridge to contemplate its contents taken together with the fact that the suspect stayed in the house overnight. She seems not to have been overly influenced by the Commission of the murderer. Ashani Somali came to surrender herself to police the following day accompanied by her mother and not one but two defense attorneys. She was arrested and charged on November. Eighth Johnny is being held in a juvenile detention facility. But it has not yet been determined whether she'll be tried as an adult or a juvenile one of small's Ma's lawyers told CNN. It's a sad situation troubled girl. There's a reason police aren't saying much. There's a lot more to it in regards into the victim. Her lawyer thinks quote. He wasn't totally innocent. Either police continue to investigate. Why Johnny was at Sheriff's Department Albert Chernoff Turnoff was an army veteran a biker and worked at Philadelphia International Airport but the center of his life was animal rescue? Sure enough love all animals and had a a special bond with cats. His passing has been warned by the animal rescue community in the Philadelphia area and beyond Albert took part in the documentary film. The the cat rescuers whose makers have publicly eulogized him the Animal Care and control team of Philadelphia posted on facebook in his memory quote he. He was one of the kindest people I've ever met and he would do anything for anyone. Chernoff also volunteer driving the elderly around for their errands after the break questions. Mount in the case of missing five year old Taylor Williams whose mother has stopped cooperating with the investigation. Uh Now for our final story. Five year old Taylor. Williams was reported missing on Wednesday November. Sixth by her mother Brianna Williams. She told police that she last saw Taylor sleeping in her bed around midnight wearing a purple shirt. Pink pants dance and no shoes when she awoke the next day. She said she saw the back. Door to her Brentwood Jacksonville home. Open Taylor was gone from her bedroom room. An amber alert was issued. An extensive search was conducted by mounted units divers and rescue units Brianna Williams had recently moved from the Paradise Ice Island apartment. Complex in south side. Into the Brentwood neighborhood so unit searched both areas but to no avail initially Jacksonville. Sheriff's Sheriff's office said Briana was not a suspect in her daughter's disappearance but on Monday. She was named a person of interest on Thursday. The Jacksonville Sheriff's office announced that Brianna Williams had stopped cooperating with the investigation during a press conference. Sheriff Mike Williams stated quote. We were talking to her about some inconsistencies in her statement. And that's why she stopped cooperating with us. The sheriff's office asks that anyone who has seen Taylor with Brianna in the past six months to contact contact them. It is not known how long the child has been missing for but there may be reason to believe it has been longer than five days on Thursday. Instead of helping investigators Williams returned to her post as a First Class Petty Officer in Tactical Operations Center at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Colleagues colleagues. There told first coast news that Williams appeared to be very sad. News for Jacksonville has reported that Brian Williams was the Valedictorian of her high. School has been awarded nine medals during her service. Five year old Taylor had at one time attended daycare at the Naval Air Station. A witnesses come forward to the report seeing Taylor at daycare in June but it is not known whether she was enrolled for the fall term Rian Williams extended family lives in Alabama. And if told news for Jacksonville that Brianna cut off all contact with them years ago. Taylor's mother Maurice Tate also lives out of state in a phone interview with first coast coasts news. He said it quote has been a minute since he saw his daughter taint is not currently in Jacksonville and did not express contingent travel there in the near future future. In addition people who have recently come into contact with Brianna Williams have not seen a child in her company. First coast. News spoke with Tiffany Nicole. Who said she and her fiance helped Brian? Williams moved from south side. To Brentwood on Sunday. November third by Kohl's account. They had responded to a craigslist ad offering offering two hundred and fifty dollars for help moving. During the entire time they helped Brianna. They did not see a child. Tiffany Nicole stated quote. The strange thing that was off to to me was that she told my fiance. Her daughter was in the bathroom and heard water running but we never saw child. We did load up a pink and Purple Toddler. Bed Nicole also said the house was in a poor state with food scraps rotting everywhere and was not a fit place to raise a child. Brienne is new. Neighbors at Brentwood told local local. Show on your side that they too had not seen a child. Sources have told news for Jacksonville. That cadaver dogs had indicated during a search of the mothers car are as of Monday. The search for Taylor Williams has expanded to the state of Alabama. We will continue to keep you updated as this case develops. That's it for today. We'll see tomorrow and until then stay safe Sword and scale daily is an incongruity media production shipped. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike if you'd like to show subscribe and leave us a review if you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sort and scale down.

Brianna Williams Taylor Williams Taylor Alexis Crawford murder Michael Alexander Brown Jacksonville Jordan Jones Taylor Williams Ryan Williams Barron branly Rodney Brown Albert Chernoff Johnny Sma Philadelphia Clark Atlanta University Rescuer Albert Chernoff Tiffany Nicole apple Brentwood Cobb county
Get Inspired (w/ Jordyn Jones)

Just a Tip with Megan Batoon

1:00:18 hr | 1 year ago

Get Inspired (w/ Jordyn Jones)

"This is a head gum podcast like many fellow millennials I do not like random phone calls or holes in general making an appointment talking to someone I don't know now not knowing exactly how that conversation will go big no enter acuity which is an online tip that ACU it y scheduling dot com slash just a tip you know how to spell it legit someone wasn't right okay because my mom's five four I'm a little shorter than her and I have a friend who's five and I'm like a couple of inches taller than her her doc martens yes you look so cute and cool thank you have you always been cool gosh I have so many questions but okay the voice you're hearing Jordan Jones you may know her from her youtube channel or her new EP that just came out is so very good thank you I listen to acuity scheduling for a limited time only you can get forty five days of acuity scheduling absolutely free no credit card required you just have to go to acuity scheduling dot com slash just yeah have you always had instagram yes and so basically came out of Ben on the APP like how old were you like they they just need to be I don't know I just need to know exactly what I am because I'm clearly not shrinking well no one knows oughta uses it and I am here for it with acuity clients can view your real time availability and self book their own apartments or reschedule easily in the can even deliver Texas looking so cute in a very bright gradient pink and purple t shirts to address yes with got it yeah yeah minders two clients now I know my therapist is this it can also automatically update your calendar or ones that you already use like outlook I cloud office three sixty five or Google Upton eight my calendar that is my love language so save yourself from the day to day drudgery of having to keep up with their clients and you're busy schedule by using it like three times in a row on the way to palm springs last weekend oh my gosh amazing really good thank you wait to get into all of that in the second half but we need yeah I don't think so what's I know we have so much to get into but I just want to ask a few questions about being young because it's been a long time like pop warner cheerleading Pop Warner football like Little Club sports where you would it's like it's not with your school but it's like after school like a club Oh go should talk this is learn a little bit more about you personally after quick Internet stock I like to do this with my guests just seeing Oh fine what's on the Internet about them we found out that but if I was five one that would make her like four eight yeah for nine at like the top so I think five three so you went to the doctor and one time they gave you the first job I think Cinderella Christmas I don't know I wasn't a play I first job was me dancing okay when you figure it out that instagram was real I think thirteen or fourteen and did you have a phone oh we'll get into when you had a phone I got a phone interesting aw shit onto another episode of Justice in Advice podcast it's equally about its tangents as it is about it's tips I'm your host megabyte and today we have Jordan Jones in the studio stop so how old were you use it thirteen eleven or twelve Wesley in did you have to audition for this Walker Club but it's cheerleading and football and one time I wanted to be on the older team than my my age division yeah because my sister was older and I wanted to be with the cool kids we sometimes it has to be that way but this is not about me it's about you so let's get into our first game called bursts bursts it's one round of rapid fire questions everything there are five one but you used to think you were five three yeah so quick little story about that I still think I'm five three I think that one time for sure oh my Gosh I one time this is outrageous story but I'll tell it anyway so I don't know if this was the same in your hometown so I looked at the physical that was like you have to be X. amount of weight to be on the bigger kids squad and that was for football but I didn't realize so I go into yeah okay stop means keep going I like that we're all backwards here to Dr seuss world and we're just living in it here we go what was your from your first job to your first phone which I didn't want to get into it too much so whenever I yell stop you have to either explain elaborate or tell the full story okay because I was right after that play was over because we were staying at the Beverly Garland in Studio City which from our room window we could see the arch stone this Dr like getting physical and I stack my pockets with batteries and like heavy books and stuff to try and way more at the doctor's whole months so I stayed in a hotel and just just was there for the month Miss Christmas with my family first time and then we moved that I can make it on a different team and I never told anyone about my mom doesn't know my sister doesn't know I didn't even get on the team it was it was such a bad yeah like they even tell me I'm like ninety eight pounds and the next time I'm like a hundred and ten and I'm like come on I mean obviously I can fluctuate but hey building and it literally said like four lease like here's the number so we walked over there and we got an apartment and we stayed out here wow okay so I am yes I did and I wasn't even living in La but I got this audition came out to La auditions the job and it was actually a one month job when usually dance jobs are a day or earlier one show or one commercial whatever but this was but she's still here but yeah I don't think they even came out for Christmas but I I was lucky because there was an a group and there was a group in the say I'm really bad at these things start saying stories and I'm supposed to blurt out a word so I'm looking forward to saying stop means keep going though right yeah okay a phone call their mom or dad was wrong it was just insane to me so yeah I had my first iphone when I was thirteen though whoa that's so cool to hear you say that because but the CR- luckily Christmas I didn't have a show I was so happy because I was like oh I get to go ice skating or something it was like my day off so it was great cool I major purchase my selene purse and Mac book I got in the same week when I was fourteen only purchase them myself the time I've never had anything like that I mean to me I'd probably go through the most to get the most yes that's fine ital- It has one and my dad's in too because they were picked me up from school or I danced so I kind of always had to have contact with my parents not believe some kids didn't have LG sidekick sidekick but it was you have always been a cool kid all the cool kids had side headphones I don't know the other things but definitely phones were my main like technology as a kid I remember getting ds when I was like eleven though that was on it's literally just one button and I could call so it's basically just for emergencies right and the Mar- I wish I would have had that at thirteen fifteen just guessing for what you're younger I bet you I think I was thirteen I was thirteen when I got my first is myself sure but I'll never ever do that again wow would it's insane I just little story yeah a Bible a bill and everyone loves to me because I had no idea what I was supposed to be saying because I was literally just reading the lyrics and I had a very horrible moment in my life when I was like a and I'll never do care he ever again we're just gonNA stop here what's up uh-huh even when they don't answer cute now being sarcastic I love my friends that makes more sense first celebrity crush Probably Cameron Boys Elite team headed perform on Christmas. Oh my goodness Oh man be team okay moving God I cell phone I was fourteen didn't oh I at first iphone Oh yeah I was four years old when I had my first one absolutely start you were four years old I was after that Christmas job just other jobs to yeah after then Nice first choice in a karaoke book no Karaoke that that was wrong or did you use a tape measure to do and he's is tape measure and five three go to the doctor and five one there's always wrong can we disagree that doctors in answer the phone Only on I always say I always say something I think I always say I love my friends recall Liu I had gameboy antenna gameboy yeah okay cool moving first pets a group was actually free because it was every other night you swapped so we won it on night off so the group was away is bar it was a restaurant though and they had karaoke and I've never done karaoke singing a song that I didn't know and I came across the AH paint the picture what happened K. I was in a bar in Michigan years old I'm sorry it wasn't going far but it was called as I didn't have a phone until I was thirteen. Yeah all my general at all that's crazy I know that's good because I mean attract phone that you can't do anything Oh had bunnies I had money's Oh I had a chameleon and now I have a dog I kissed location my room I think it's now but the first time was me and my brother have broke are left arm twice I have no idea how that how that is so crazy that that runs in the family oh shoot I don't remember probably I mean I feel like my family always had dogs my first pet was I had a I had a chameleon and someone sits on them in the stomach like Superman Ya but we were doing it on a couch and my sister what they were you were with someone on Christmas you weren't like fully alone in this hotel room eating rooms are not yet my mom was with me the whole time because I was obviously underage have someone as the song but you didn't know that that word was in there I think my friend chose it I did it with my friends sabotage and she knew the word and I did it twelve that okay moving on I internet screen name. Jj Jordan Jones Oh all the day's first thing you think when someone does so when you broke it I've never broken about knock on literally everyone that I see did it were you like wailing or was it just like this hurts and I know it's broken well why didn't she sing that part Brooke I don't know I don't remember that's that I mean in my room when practicing songs and whatever y'all do Karaoke Edwin can't tell but I think it was those people on Disney that was I went to like the wiggles the wiggles I went to the wiggles cannot remember that next door and I completely broke my arm and my mom wasn't I was at a friend's house my mom had left with that friend who go pick up people from football that's the only thing that we have in common skidding but I was playing superman you know when you're someone's on their back with all fours up or something and I just I literally landed like this in my arm was a legit triangle my mom was on the phone talking to someone I went downstairs and I was like mommy it was like it was it was pretty spirits and I was like in the Bible literally and I'll never do it again 'cause I cannot be embarrassed like that we so you woah screeching halt and I let go of my handlebars on the scooter and I flung into the grass at the People's House that were four or five I had to track phone that you had your your good one two and three call and like three was the cops but you could have you my mom's number programmed in will the pavement sometimes very uneven and there'll be a part of the sidewalk where you almost tripped on when you're walking you will might tire completely came to it can happen but oh my gosh it was just not a good time Y- that's interesting so we were you're dancing but where you acting yet will is doing everything back then to do this Disney boot camp and get like shows and movies out of it and all this stuff but Yeah I I just couldn't really do anything yeah it's fascinating because I had a broken arm and I walked up the hill and it was the worst thing in the world and I I remember I was about to have like this Disney boot camp where I could have had broke my arm and I told my brother my mom was like I'm on the phone only go lick and then Casey comes downstairs and he's like yelling at my mom she literally broke her arm lansing or whatever but you would are already doing that before you had the first injury I can I could still danced with a broken arm it was fine I think I did it it's just like something really happened that still hurts me to this day a full arm gas yeah you feel like that you ever wanted to scream out of it Dan I honestly think I had a performance to Oh yeah I performed with Mattie with I had to put a long shirt on and I don't think a lot of people knew but on the couch on all fours and then you're on stomach on top of the couch on them and basically we would always we always did this where we would go on like as high as we could go in like such an amazing experience and opportunity with acting and I was like Oh my God I'm about to go into this with a broken arm and I was so mad did you end up going I can't imagine not being movable yeah it was it was horrible and it smelled 'cause it was it was longer than they said six weeks and I think I did twelve into it the next question is thirst thing you do when you like someone probably up my career concert is miley Cyrus the day after it broke my arm okay we're GONNA stop here to how'd you break so I broke my arm my left arm twice style makeup and I feel like just like upping my appearance yeah I scar I think I was born with the scarlet and it was just not a good time and it was it had a a full armed castle my arm was bent for two months so plans I want to be alone that's not an excuse such standing up for yourself yeah no I don't really Oh yeah you do I really do I feel like I know so much now I we are well prepared for the question that is sent to us from time you cried in public if you can remember I can't remember and that's the end that was our game thank you so much we know you so well now would super like I would literally be Superman I would jump off she would like throw me offer and I would land and I would always do that but one time only I'm doing something you are supposed to be doing like playing spiderman and scooting down a hill and we're almost done with this game let's get back yeah I had a broken arm so it was just like I couldn't perform well I couldn't couldn't really do anything it was it was like the end of the world from I obviously know there's way worse I always wonder about like when when people start dancing and then like get injured then that's when they find their other little niches way of whether it's acting or music or do a back handspring anymore everything hurts it I used to be able to do this thing where I would go back on my hands and just completely do like B boy move but now I can't do any of that off when after maybe over nine weeks I got to go down to the straight arm but my arm it was five times skinnier than this arm excuses maybe it's like I have worked to do but really it's just because I want to be alone and be able to take a bath or something I don't know yeah and lastly I it or something but I don't really have any other scars the battle coming out I show you binged watched probably scheduling assistant that works twenty four seven behind the scenes to help automate and Organiz Your Business Day to day operations I use it I'm pretty sure my therapist's office does the studio record the mental just kept getting me faster and faster it wasn't a small hill it was a it was a hill who was who was a cap at the bottom of the ask you anything it it hurt to move it because it wasn't used to it was it was like yeah not moving arm for two I mean I still do but that was a time where it was starting to do acting so it was taking up a lot of my time and I had this amazing opportunity cake wars or something how do you could win if you were on it no and no I'm good under pressure low yeah oh that's good I excuse you make when trying to cancer way out of the down the stairs just tumble and if the randomest times it's always when you're joking around it's like you hurt yourself when you're aw I remember I was crying but the second time I broke my arm was the worst thing in the world it was I was going down a hill on a scooter and the also in nineteen year old you're not getting right yes cool I'm going to be twenty next year yes twenty twenty and twenty twenty year Justin Timberlake Year Oh in actually it was in two thousand sixteen my wrists started feeling better maybe seven months ago it was still couldn't ice I still can't do push-ups or I think the ambulance came whoa no okay they ambulance copy but let's I guess five there was another time where the ambulance brother went down the stairs and that's what I was thinking about weight Sir Taylor Lautner Yeah I concert Cyrus oh I'm looking at my mom's liking almost like half a year but it felt like it's right wow oh my gosh I really hope I never break anything more on the nineteen year old okay so I'm nineteen and I've never been in relationships and maybe that doesn't sound so I don't know how to stress this enough I've really right that he has an album called twenty twenty does he who knows right okay here we go the question from no one likes me I'm I'm ugly all this stuff it nothing comes nothing good comes from just almost complained soon as you just forget about it you let it go you don't stress about it then things will start happening because almost when you're putting so much pressure in negativity whenever I'm single and I feel like not not always expecting really good too because as soon as you think that that it's not going to happen and you are as soon as you almost don't expect it then it starts to happen been whenever I'm single people like are you stupid like he's like so in love with you he's trying so hard he's doing all this but I just don't see off and then it was like oh my gosh like people this person is really the one almost in it's just it's just not that I hasn't wanted to be relationship it's just that life hasn't been to work out that way for me it just seems like no one's ever been in someone just walks in your life and it's insane as I when I was single and I just got out of relationship I was almost just like oh my gosh no one loves me I'm never going to the bottom line yeah absolutely I think that I wanted to say something but right when you said love your cell phones like here we go because I read somewhere online and I was like that's fine because it hurts so much of it doesn't work out but it's it's not fine if you want to end up definitely everyone never been heartbroken or love anything like that and I feel like once I do get into relationships I'll be really bad at it and everything out and and my actually repulsive and never noticed is it my fault being kind of introverted and not being into the ideas dating up find it I I hate my life I need a boyfriend Blah Blah Blah and then I just started to enjoy my life and be with my girls and just forget about that and just love myself like crap in just not good enough for anyone and then it was mainly just my friends in my family the people I put myself around so help really inexperienced impatient oh well okay that was sad awesome negative twenty percents ever to problems one is that sometimes wonder whether there's something wrong with me like you promote self love within yourself went after relationship honestly because I I went through the whole month of just feeling it'd be in love but of course yeah Oh my God I feel like what I would say is I have a lot of friends to what she was saying how she doesn't notice the signs even me growing up money yeah that was that was the the whole thing is a little I'd a friend the other day telling me that she had never fallen in love rain and all that but honestly just waited out just love yourself and if that's that's really yeah I know what I deserve and need and then as soon as I started believing what people were saying to me instead of just like Oh my God no like that's such as because I meet a guy and I'm like friend Miyagi Healing thinks of me as a friend a guy just like he doesn't think of me like that that's automatically what I do uh-huh problem is that I feel like an image race and we behind I feel is a missile porn my experiences that every age has that were like do you see yourself in comments on instagram all of that stuff jus- completely helped me and then as soon as I got the help in almost that people that listen to interviews listen to creative talk about their processes they are like upset when people are like just believe in yourself and just that little spark from friends family I was really like okay I am that I am that person I am a good person and her as a happy positive person because then that attracts people yeah absolutely so I think her second question then good things started coming yeah I think that when people give you compliments in if you're a person that like is not able to receive it some is such a happy out there movable look at me kind of spotlight thing to do and I definitely know people who are completely introverted Yvonne it's kind of the same thing with getting in love is getting out of love and you just gotTa really see the bigger picture and put yourself out there only like friends of friends and I'm kind of in the middle so I'm like I can go either way about it but the introverted part is interesting to me because I feel like I lived a lot school when I had agreed to be this guy's girlfriends where exactly five seconds because he kept asking me and I felt that literally broke up with him after the pot introverted but again I just really like having fun a fake that's the dancer in me dancers can't be shy they just I mean you obviously can be but it's dancing to find someone and I feel like if you think that you need a last resort or a last attempt then go for it no one's going to judge you for being on feel like to me is that's almost the last straw for people is like okay I need to do something else to be able relationship and all these people are telling you he's cheating on you bad for you you're not gonna believe it but then as soon as you start to believe it you'll be able to get out of it light unless I'm ready for it I like whether I'm on stage or shooting a video or literally anywhere it's like I only want people to look at me if I like set up out of my life introverted now you're similar because they know awesome yeah just so extroverted I I I definitely have my moments of being onstage I don't want to be looked at and she was like that's so interesting your job is very face forward you're you're like don't look at me so weird that's lila girl like you got this I would always just be like no yes negative negative and so as soon as I was positive in happy and confident they're like well how did you make ends meet what's the practical way of going about this so in the in the self love realm what are like a few things that you've done the dating APP but a again I'm like the same thing as used just try to get out there more go go to a football game at your hometown go to helps me being extroverted yeah that's interesting my therapist the other day was talking to me about how I don't like the spot Alan Dancers but I feel like being in La in being just all almost Instagram to in in an online it just I don't even know bowling and just see who you meet see who runs into you just open up your horizon and then if it's the last straw then anthony maybe just like immensely bad reading sign and you need to take more initiative but the fact of the matter is my life that's like a roller coaster. Oh Yeah I am that hitting me is a roller coaster was hitting those seat belts say the same thing of like dating APPs I've it's GonNa be like Hey I'm here I was here the whole time but you couldn't see me I lost a phone in the seventh grade and I still haven't found it I lost a phone anything and maybe you'll find it otherwise I think the main tip would be focused on you uh-huh I understand not being into the idea dating APPs I mean I I have a lot of friends that have been on them and it's worked really well yes and I have a whole separate friends that are like we will only meet people in real life yeah and maybe ask your friends if if this guy is giving you vibes that you can't see yeah of course just don't stress it who don't stress it what's that like times it comes off to the other person gave you a compliment so it's like if someone's like girl you're going to kill it and you're like yeah right ll then they're not going to want to support you anymore and then you're go on a dating APP yeah I think that with dating apps it's hard to find people that like the same things you which if you went to a football game or bowling alley or wherever you hello perfect time to take a break while Jordan gives us an extra piece of advice you can find at just a podcast on instagram and looking for somebody everyone's in a relationship it's always the same thing if you're looking for something you won't find it but as soon as you stop looking it'll come to you yeah it's theirs early in the seventh grade too but I found it it was it was in the grass grass I always when I when I was at my dance studio I remember we would always wrap tip for our nineteen year old friend what do we say to her we say focus on yourself focus on yourself love yourself love yourself don't look for it no one else went to this hill but yeah it was nighttime snowy and I found my phone at Hill Whoa Nice Yeah so you'll find that blindfold sometime other things like redoing a room in my house within two days for no good reason shipping exchanges returns are always free and lucky for us they've got items for everyone all over the US and elsewhere this is where stitch fix has my back it's a styling service that will deliver your favorite clothes shoes accessories directly to you they've got brand you know and love and exclusive styles you won't find I truly don't know what I'd do without the Internet because most of my skills I've admittedly learned online I learned how to thread a sewing machine how to use a circular saw and dance Zayn to entrepreneurial skills like productivity skews me creativity and productivity I've never felt more at home in my life they've even got a class called interior design in your really clouding all the niceties with your insecurities and that's not helping anybody it's it's almost the same thing as when you're in a bad relationship in talks the UK too I did think about saying that in a British accent but then I decided I didn't WanNa get made fun of on the Internet today get started today at stitch picks up com slash basics steps to your perfect space which sounds like it's specifically made for me because we all know I'm constantly trying to achieve my perfect space if only they had a class on how to call me and saying this like when you lose something it's in the last place you look for it but I was talking to my friend about this it doesn't make sense because why would you continue to look for it once he found it it would be I'll be right back it is no secret that I may pinterest addict my entire home is modeled off of inspiration I found on there as well as my clothes and outfits but sometimes pinchers prepared and ready to go to a comedy show like an Improv comedy show and people can we get a suggestion I'm like if anyone is sitting next to me do not learn anything out 'cause if oviously the last place because he found or like it you'll find something when you're not looking for I'm currently trying to still find my blind in my house it's funny that a blindfold is missing yes you can't see yes and I'm just like it's GonNa come out when I'm not looking for it's the same thing like it's find elsewhere and won't have you endlessly scrolling hours through pages upon pages of q close with nowhere to buy them instead all you gotTa do is complete style profile and your silence will send you to the hill it was just like the thing you we'll go to the hill and I I happen to just leave my phone there obviously I knew no one was going to just find it because dot com slash just a tip to start your two months pho free and we are back but before we get into anything else I need tip and get an extra twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your box that stitch fix dot com slash just a tip one more time stitch fix dot com slash just a tip unskilled share can help if you're a returning to a longtime passion project or just exploring something new skill shares up with two months of unlimited access to thousands of perfectionist tendencies maybe then I'd actually feel like my space could be completely done one day listen I don't care how long it takes I will repaint a wall multiple times until it is a correct shade that I want list to say I love a good how to video and so when I found out about skill share I was over the moon it's an online learning community with thousands of classes with everything from creative topics like photography handpick box of items based on your preferences there's no subscription required you can get automatic shipments or new pieces on demand whichever you like this way I can use my time to feel overwhelmed with doc changes seizes breath okay inspiration overload it literally feels like I'm swimming in a sea of trendy sometimes and I don't know which Chunky shoe or high waisted united you get and by the time I make a decision the links go are like look amazing or comedy really there's kind of no other thing I feel like I mean cars due to there's definitely different aspects passes for free all you gotta do is go to skill share dot com slash just a tip again that skill share dot com slash just tip okay fine one more time that skill shared easy to find new things finding people and learn new things right school ow I should dumb of that is very addicting the music so rarely I do play music though was here tiny little bit of it is it is this is very vulgar the craziest things go viral it could be a dance it could be a puppy it could be a RPG every every time I play music I play that I mean Whoa also don't play music that much because I'm in the car mom she's like Oh my God it's so annoying a little people being sexy just like cringe but it's really not just that it's definitely an aspect but that's also likes talk I came to my mind now often do you play it the song I mean I've definitely played it in a second though and the Dan cycles with is very fun there's a dancer yes she's doing it Are Is this is GonNa definitely age me explain to me what goes viral on tick tock like what are people watching on Doc Ash Nico I think is her name stupid by Ash Nico you find this song from Tick Tock Oh oh you gotta tell me everything about when was the first one was she didn't know if she was getting the right signs second was it my fault for being introverted and not being into the idea of dating apps because same time is that I would do acting auditions I would never really go to acting classes back then until maybe a year after that but the new trends see was pop in here new songs and it's kind of just an overall place where it's it's I know what you're currently obsessed with right now something that came into your life and you're like Oh my God my life is different and everybody should know about it

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Lance and Rocky with Chad Brendel 11/5/20

Lance McAlister

12:33 min | 7 months ago

Lance and Rocky with Chad Brendel 11/5/20

"Hey it's lance mcalister. I want to thank. Richter and phillips jewelers for sponsoring the podcast richter and phillips is a fourth generation locally owned operated jeweler. Run today by the fair family. I've met him great people. Richter and phillips has outstanding store they recently renovated located downtown on six th and main with free parking for you to enjoy. I was there recently. You'll love the place they've been voted cincinnati's best place to buy your engagement rings for years and right. Now i've got a special fifty percent off deal. Just for you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance to get the offer that's richterphillips dot com slash lance fully offer richter and phillips jewelers located in downtown cincinnati. Seven twenty seven hundred. W l w it's furniture. Ferid ben river sportsbook roundtable show brought to you in part by hawksworth blood centers. Oxford donor save lives. Who will you save all right. Let's get to it we've Were were back on track. We've pushed up once everybody one segment and and our contributors on our guests have been kind enough to go with the flow. Inaudible is so in this segment. He is the man we turn to Every other week talk bearcat. Football bearcat journal highly recommended for the stories. The podcast the watch party gathering on saturday. We'll tell you about it here in a second as well. let's welcome in from bearcat journal. Chad brendel power. You gotta just got done eating some delicious chicken wings. So i'm doing great. I wanna ask you what you talked about your podcast justin williams wrote about it for the athletic. We all knew defense was going to be really good coming into the season. That was the expectation. Is it fair to say at this point. That defense has even been better than anybody thought it could be. I mean it's off the charts. Good yeah i mean i think the big thing is you know we wondered about the linebackers coming into the season and They've been awesome. So you've got a dominant defensive line. A secondary doesn't give anybody an inch of space and linebackers flying. All over the field making tackles and when that's the case it just it puts the stranglehold on offense. And i mean to do what they did. Smu in memphis who really high powered you know. Offensive that are have been impossible to stop in. Cincinnati made them look pedestrian and made to veteran quarterbacks. Do of the best quarterbacks in college football look like they were seeing ghosts. I mean it was unbelievable. Watching that memphis game from field level brady white at times just threw the ball ten yards downfield into the dirt because he had absolutely nowhere to go he was the flood and it was. It's so much defense isn't supposed to be fun to watch right. Yeah these you guys are fun to why. There's no question. Look this team goes is going to depend on. Do we get good dez ritter or average or you know and he's been phenomenal the last two games but my fear is especially this team. Say they keep winning and they get closer to that conversation of boy. Do they get a new year's six poll do they become you know whatever one of the college football playoff teams people are going to say. Look at does ritter and say is either guy that's over a span of a season is really really good or up and down all the time. Well how do you think does ritter's going to finish the season out. I think as long as you can keep them healthy as we saw last year He was not the guy when he was injured. As long as you can keep them healthy. I think you're going to get this. Does ritter that. We've seen the past two weeks over the rest of the. What is he doing. Different chan what have you seen last two games. That he's changed about his his game or style. That is different from the previous couple of weeks and even last year. A lot of a lot of what. I've seen rocky is. They're not asking him to do things that he can't do right. They're finding him a rhythm. Quick what we you know what we've seen with dad's is. He's been one of the most accurate quarterbacks in college football inside that that fifteen to seventeen yard range when he tried to push it down the field and things aren't there that's when he starts to get himself in trouble. I think some of it and we talked about this a lot in the off season. And i think it just got glossed over on those first three games. They completely remade that wide receiver room seven new players and alec pearce was hurt at the beginning of the season. Who's the number one guy. So he has a bunch of new guys that he doesn't have a great rhythm with when you consider he didn't have a normal offseason with these guys. He has been building chemistry on the fly. With guys like michael young with a josh wiley. Who didn't get a lot of snaps share because of jobs. I d guevara. And i think you're finally starting to see not only guests. Getting comfortable with the receivers has been talked about much. I think you're starting to see. Mike denver becoming comfortable with what he has right. Because when you're coach and you've never coached these guys in a game before you're still figuring out what's the best way to get jordan jones. The arkansas transfer open. What's the best way to get michael young Where he's comfortable now. You're starting to see these guys all get the ball where they're comfortable desert or is throwing on time. He is now established his legs as a threat to now defenses have to respect that that gives them a little bit more space in the passing game and the timing is just in a million times better and and this is a different kid when he's playing with confidence you think all of that comes together but i really think that that part were then brock now knows what he has and now knows this is what does is comfortable with and this is what these guys can do to get open. That's what i think is taken this offense to another level alec. Pearce made a hell of a catch. Saturday then took a thaw. I thought his shoulder it popped out what what's his status for saturday. It's day to day right now. I mean it's gonna come down to. How does he feel on on saturday. I think the good news. So far we haven't heard of you know allocated to get surgery or at ala. It's going to be out an extended period of time the message so far has been day to day I would worry about this houston game. Probably just because it's such a quick turnaround in one week to get that thing back to where it needs to be But it doesn't sound like going forward. It's you know it's a season and or something that's going to keep them out. You know four or five weeks through the meat of what they have left in the schedule. So i think it's still fingers crossed But alex tough kid and You hope you get him back out there because as we saw saturday this is a different offense when out pierce's out there and has that ability to stretch the defense so tell us a little bit about houston. I know i had them three times. Last jar new clayton tunes a quarterback. And he's actually playing pretty good couple of good running. Baxter defense has gotten better but what what are you seeing. That houston defensive. Metrics plots are pretty bad right now especially against the pats. They're actually worse than memphis I seem a little bit. They're getting after the quarterback pretty good. I watched the third lane game. The one thing they do okay. They can really rough the quarterback It had problems in the secondary. They've had problems You know in space with their linebackers but they do have a really good defensive front. So that's going to be a test especially when you've got a true freshman at center on a redshirt. Sophomore guard starting. Our second college games Their third college game after the last two but I mean memphis a couple of guys on the interior. Their defense line that. We're pretty good as well when we didn't hear their names call so Ron crook has that offensive line right now. meant their houston Stevenson kid who was their number one guy. It sounds like he's out and down. Their offense is in big trouble He's they're stretching the field guy. He's there when you watch. And he's already geared with his ability to return catch ability to take a bubble screen and and run it to the house ability. He's had two huge games the past two years against cincinnati. So while clayton tune has been solid. You take away his number one guy. Their next two guys didn't have a touchdown catch coming into the season. Well so you know. Good luck against his defense. If you're trying to trying to to break in some new wide receiver talent I think that's the biggest thing for me when you look at you. I i just don't know how they score. I thought i'd turnpike when i were sitting sixty two part before the game Yelling at each other Tony asked me how. How how you score like what. What would you do to score on his defense. And it's like. I guess the only thing you can do is you throw it short and hope that you catch them being overaggressive that they over pursue. We saw that. With the ninety two yard touchdown in the memphis game but other than that like you can't sustain a drive on this defense because what happens is we saw this against memphis a couple of times memphis better a twenty yard game here a fifteen yard game there and you would think okay memphis is going to get things rolling and then the next three plays cincinnati. Defense shut them out and they got a planet so i don't know how used to move the ball against cincinnati defense without get about a minute give bearcat fans Kind of the thumbnail. Sketch on the four star wide receiver. They get a commitment from randy. Bobo got though and move last week. I said this motivates somebody posted on my message board creative soul out there would make momo. Oh boo boo twenty. Two election signed and put it in front yard. He's an electric athlete in space Very good short area quickness. He's one of those guys that you see make plays in the return game Six one six to about one hundred eighty pounds so he's already got good size for an outside guy And this is the difference. Lance what if i have. Let's say four years ago. i told you look tickle. Got hired that four years from now. They're going to be winning recruiting battles front a ton of four star wide receiver from texas. That was committed to baylor. Had interest from lsu florida oregon auburn like man. It's it's unfathomable what looks has done and I would. I would stay tuned. America bearcat journal very closely. This weekend. If i were a uc houston tease. He's chat brennan bearcat journal. Watch party at the holy grail banks Three thirty you see in houston on saturday and catch that game. Of course here on. Seven hundred. Wwl w He is at chad brendel on twitter. And you are a good man for rearranging your schedule for us. Thank you getting more time to eat. Chicken wings downside of that thanks chad. Thank god right. Take care chad brenda. Let's do this. yes we're just. Real quick does ritter and the coaching staff finally admitting who does ritter as what he does good not trying to make him do or be someone is not. That's what notre dame and earned him fans knew within book he's never going to be the guy. The jeff blake ride. The guy who's going to complete the ball downfield wednesday gonna start learning to complete the but what s not him. At some point you are who you are except to is. He's a guy who's going to get out of the pocket he's going to be. A fishing is very very accurate from fifteen yards in. The dude is is really good so allow them to do that. Okay allow does richard to run around a little bit same thing. Don't ask him to throw the ball downfield twenty times a game and be happy with it. There we'll check news. Well said when we continue dan classes fantasy segments furniture. Fair bet river sportsbook round table shows seven hundred. Wwl w hates lance mcalister. I want to thank richterphillips. Jewelers for sponsoring the podcast. Richter and phillips is a fourth generation locally owned and operated jeweler run today by the fair family. I've met him great people. Richter and phillips has an outstanding store they recently renovated located downtown on six th and main with free parking for you to enjoy. I was there recently. You'll love the place. They've been voted cincinnati's best-placed by your engagement rings for years and right now i've got a special fifty percent off deal. Just for you visit richterphillips dot com slash lands to get the offer that's richterphillips dot com slash lands for the offer. Richter and phillips jewelers located in downtown cincinnati.

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The Basics of Bulking  Podcast Ep. 40

Living Healthy Podcast

27:53 min | 1 year ago

The Basics of Bulking Podcast Ep. 40

"Hey guys welcome back to the living healthy podcast presented by La Fitness. I'm Andrew Gabelli and I'm bringing Welsh and today we're doing part one of a two part podcast. The first one is on bulking up. The second one is going to be on trimming or cutting and You know This one about bulking and I have a friend that just started working out Regularly and eating better about a year ago so he's really made a lot of progress but before that he would always say that he was in a perpetual bulking stage I don't know if he was doing right. We're GONNA find out but I I always thought that was kind of funny. Do you Bernie. Have you had any experience with bulking or do you know people that have done this? Unfortunately I'm not. I don't know that much about bulking per se but I would like to be in a perpetual bulking stage pleasant place to be able to come out at some point and he finally did. You did he. He has no he has about a year ago he started he got out of it. So I'm proud of good for him trimming and cutting vase. I think he's just like he's not like cutting like like Maybe for show or something like that. But he's he's he's actually healthy now. That's the perpetual joking Anyway so let's find out about what bulking really means by introducing our guest today. Show joining us on. Today's show is master trainer Jordan Jones. He worked for us here at L. A. Fitness so. Welcome to the show Jordan. How you doing thank you. Yeah it's good to have you so Let's get to know you a little bit. Your master trainer forests but what kind of got you into weightlifting or into the fitness world. What got you motivated to jump in this funny story dates back to seventh grade. Took the bus and everything to school at. This female friend used to wear these bands coming like skateboard band stretchy. We'll type has probably shouldn't really wear that and this one day on the way home. She said that. Oh I like those pants they really suit your curves and you're out of young age. You know twelve years old rain little automatically new guys aren't really supposed to have curves say that's really a good thing. So honestly ever since they are my ten year reunion is coming soon. Mike Okay. Michel de jump started the motivation and ever since then Kinda started dieting. Obviously everyone fumbles at first for many many years until you figure out your body and try a whole bunch of different things out. I would say that really sparked it neighbor had benchpress. Kinda of messed around his kids and then eventually going to first commercial Jim when I was twelve. Okay so my parents were already jim members and they got. I don't remember the conversation either. They wanted me to or I asked on probably me and ever since then I I use when with them probably two three times a week whenever they would casually go like most people go a couple of times a week and then ever since then. I would ride my bike if they didn't take me and then it's been consistent. It's awesome since early exposure to that world. I think that probably makes a big difference. Just you just getting Just going there just being there and then Kinda caught fire with you interesting interesting now before we get started too far. We just remind everyone. Subscribe if you aren't already a subscriber subscribing the best way to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they come out. Which for new listeners is every other Monday? We're also going to be bringing on nutrition. Experts fitness experts in general health experts including the Director of the UCI Cancer Center to talk about screening and prevention. And just a couple of weeks so look out for that one. It's going to be good but overall we try to bring you variety of health topics throughout the year to keep you motivated and moving forward with your health all right. Let's get back to the show. So Jordan how many meals when you're trying to bulk. How many meals are you eating day? Are you limited are you? Is it unlimited? What's the situation there so whether on bulkier cutting it's really going to be the same as far as spacing out. My meals really doesn't matter. The only thing that's going to be different is really the microbes which is going to be covered as protein cards fats. So really with bulkiness. Cutting every two to three hours. I'm having something Obviously you know if you're a little bit on the smaller side you know one forty one fifty one six zero or whatever you're not gonNa have to cram as much food in like me that starts off round to forty to fifty right so sometimes. I'll have to do every two hours just to get in a little bit extra calories but mainly just want to be in a surplus. Okay reason why you're eating every few hours to keep your metabolism constantly going that way you can get as many meals in as possible throughout the day but you're not going to convert a lot of it to Because your body what will happen is if you have way too many cars. Let's say oh I'm all you need two or three times a day. I'm just GONNA pile on to three hundred carbs every single meal. Your body is not gonna be able to obviously metabolize all right. So the downfall without is this going to convert to fat since you're not gonNA use that Short-term energy from the carbohydrates space. It out is probably GONNA be your best bet booking or cutting interesting okay. So it's not really about like just so when you're bulking you're not trying to gain fat. You're trying not really a free and not a free for all. It's not just do whatever a lot of people. Typically if there's any younger viewers socially teenagers Burgers all the time beats scream old matters is calorie counters obviously during a bulking phase. Since you are going to be out of surplus there is that ratio that you will gain fat but you can minimize how much you're actually going to gain during that process right and that probably helps me turns to the cutting phase so then have to route so right no. I don't care if I can gain ten pounds instead of thirty. But it's quality It's GonNa make cutting a heck of a lot easier right right and a less sacrificing our of stairs. I got you know lead a couple of times a day like right. It's much more maintainable. So what are you eating during those bulking bells? What would be your ideal ideal day full of meals? I'm a little bit more bland. Okay mocking or cutting spore. Because you like to keep it pretty even kills the whole process just so used to it after doing it for you know sixteen years so I just find this. I really settle with my body so for me. I typically do. Most meals will be some L. E. ME like ninety nine percent. Turkey or some kind of chicken breasts grill it. Boil it bake. It doesn't really matter. It's not gonNA change the chemical of the Me Too much but that sells really well for me. I can digest very fast. Okay same thing with Rice Rice. Oats stuff like that. My body handles where you're well. I can metabolize fast so I try to make it so okay so this my body is going to get really bloated. WanNa miss my next meal. So why would I wanna put that on every single meal? If I'm going to be one or two behind right okay. So I've best thing is find the things that agree with your body value can eat every two to three hours and it's not going to upset your stomach and interesting so do you usually take any supplements when you're trying to because you just finished the bulking vase rate and you are now onto the terming cutting portion. So we'll get into that later. But did you take any supplements while you're trying to bulk? Kind honestly in. Balkan are cutting just overall wellness so multivitamins fficials usually with Omega threes mostly CLA's which is just amino acid alays which is another amino acid. Those are going to basically help with your metabolism. Okay so it's going to speed up a little bit Every once in a while. If I'm a little behind on protein I will throw in a protein shake. I okay but most time. I'm just getting everything from food. How do you know if you're behind on your protein? How are you tracking that? So so let's say let's go with just an average individual and journalists say one sixty law times like members. I my buddy. My buddy really likes protein case. I usually try and get one point. Two to one point five grams of protein per body pound a lot of books and they've gone to school or anything like that magazines. They're going to use more cagey. So point. Eight per cagey so really. It's more of Bro Science. I guess you have to go by your body so I know that my body likes protein. So let's say I'm one sixty multiply that by one point two. Let's say if I'm going to get all of that from my food. Then I don't need protein shakes much right right. Okay protein shakes handy if you're not getting an adequate amount of protein from foods or let's say you have kids or anything happens. Emergency happens on a Russian gotta go. Are you gonNA work out and then go to work off? I ended up talking to that guy way too long. Like usual right. Yeah sure down a protein shake thou way. You know you're fueling muscles at least before you can get your next meal. Is there a risk of you? Overdo the protein. If you're like going way beyond that like you're doing the protein shakes and you're getting from your meals so that one is obviously always gonna be up for debate. No matter what you see you're GonNa say you're GonNa say yes and you know I have a couple of clients doctors of them. Whenever I go in for my checkups super healthy all right If you're having too much protein and you're dehydrated that's what's really going to tax your insights. your liver and kidneys are going to have a hard time processing the protein. So it's working for the energy hydrated. Okay so it's wearing on it so more wear and tear okay now if you are hydrated even though you're getting a lot of protein in you're going to be fine unless you have some kind of weird medical history that runs in your family. Then I would just advise SCO. Gator normal checkups right like brunch. Everyone should right and then go from there right okay. So what would your weekly workout schedule consists of when you're trying to bulk up? Honestly they're both very similar so when I'm bulking I mean I do more of a split routine so I'm not going to do like. Let's say Monday. A full body like full upper body and then Tuesday legs go back to full upper body and legs so I split it up so I try and pare muscle groups together. So let's say one day I'll do back. And what happens when you do back is obviously you're gonNA incorporate a little bit of biceps. A little bit of forms will dealt so a lot of times. I'll choose one of those to finish off after my backward workout the next day. Let's do chests. You're also GONNA hit a lot of triceps a little bit of front belts so Ganal choose one of those so I like to pair the groups together because the problem is a lot pillow I do. F- full body exercise every single day for some reason. I'm not like looking how I WANNA be. Because you're not giving your body enough rust right. Are you need at least forty eight hours? If it's a big body part up to seventy two hours of a break in between so it can fully recover. You can just as hard and it's actually grow the only time we're gonNA grow is when you're resting during the resting phase right okay so if you're constantly just doing it over and over you're actually just continuously breaking it down to recover your basically busting your butt for really no reason right so really diminishing returns from there and that can obviously lead to injuries. So what I? I don't know if we cover this but for the super basic listeners. Why would someone bulk? Flynn the average person or is this for someone that's just going to competition males females. Teenagers adults it really doesn't matter it's I would tell everybody if you think you WANNA add on some muscle. Then you're going to be a little bit more of an bulking face now. That's where the surplus is gonNA come into play. You don't have to be at that. Big of a surplus okay. So let's say you burn on average just sitting around doing nothing. Seventeen hundred calories and on the Jim Pretty often. Let's say three five times a week to burn a few hundred extra calories during those sessions. Then you know that you need to have a little bit higher of a clerk. Intake seeing actually build the muscle and that's also going to relate to more protein because that's a main building block for all muscle right. Okay does anybody okay? So when you're really looking to build muscle that's when you're kind of starting to do that. Okay okay What do you do? You mentioned hydration being very important especially when you're getting a lot of protein in but of course what do you do to stay hydrated when you're trying to bulk is just water? Do you do things with electrolytes or okay will see a lot of athletes having electric light tabs and whatnot. They're working out three four five hours a day every single day. They have games and stuff like that. That's going to be a lot different than your general population right so say for most people. If you're Sedentary Person Desk Job Scoring the gym three times a week Mara here. They're female just go with three liters a day. Roughly two point seven two point eight will suffice as a male. You need a little bit more three point. Five three point seven liters a day will suffice as well so closer to a gallon of water. Okay me personally because I do eat a meal every three hours sometimes two hours so I get seven meals in a day. I'm having a lot more water right. It's GONNA help with metabolisms. GonNa flush out all the toxins. Keep everything basically going right right so me. Personally I try to get a gallon half the two day but again them working very intensely multiple times per week. Yeah the only thing I will add. My water is sometimes BBC double as it's branched chain amino acids. Okay okay so can taste. It contains three amino acids you have Lucienne. I salute scene and valley You're not really going to get a sufficient amount from foods so that is one of the things. You would supplement okay. That's something you just drop into your water or like a powder okay hills but two different ways like most vitamins on the market. It comes in really whatever's convenient for the. Yeah I think it tastes great. Yeah my usually want the ones that don't have artificial flavors in it so all dumbfounded one of my gallons drink during my workout drink it throughout like a little bit of the rest of the day and then the other gallon of Water. I do just normal water and he does practice what he preached people because Gallon. You're sitting next to you veggies and That's awesome Is there any special? Sorta preparation you do when you're getting ready for competition because you're preparing for competition right in. August? Yes August ninth. So it's GONNA be on Saturday. Eighth or ninth on a Saturday San Diego okay. Because obviously we're a long ways away I'm sorry to last week Bow will go into our cutting phase right. Obviously a little bit different than the bulking phase as far as the preparations into that. Okay yeah so that's more when you're preparing for the competition in the bulking phase. You just need to know way ahead at time. Essentially to start you. Don't WanNA start that like three months before competition. Obviously you have you know some of those people. I'm sure everyone's had that one friend that trainers and pizza and stuff like that all day every day. And you're like for some reason this person's not getting away rainy. I become a foul art. What the heck. Yeah so I will say there are those few bless people that don't have to cut as long as others me. I can very easily trimmed down a little bit harder right now so it takes a little bit longer where I'm not burning up my muscle and I'm burning up my fat. Either way bulking cutting. It's very slow process right. 'cause if you're bulking two thousand surplus right. The Guy said to be at a Serb plus twenty thirty pounds. You're going to be one thousand calorie surplus every single day. Get there but that's where the quality and quantity comes in right so either way small increments once your body adjust to it. Valley. You're limiting the feeling I have been like you. Who's been bulking cutting your entire life? I feel like that should be. It would be pretty. You know business as usual pretty easy for you where someone like me who I've never bought and I've never tried to trimmer cut after right. It'd be completely foreign to me so when you're doing for competition do you find that. There's any drastic differences. Free you personally. When you're trying to bulk up honestly more it's kind of a yes or no and I so like you said yourself you're newer to it yet. Never really balk before so you have to really learn your body. I would say everybody no matter. What whatever you're doing with trying to change your body composition which means how your body looks you have to find the things out at one agree with your body and what is working saw working. Throw it away doesn't matter what new dumb fat diet is out there. Dr Oz right. You'RE GONNA look like Superman at right. There's just fat it's a money grab right and find out whatever the heck works for you. That is first and foremost second build. The habit get used to eating pretty frequently. While you're trying to figure out what agrees with your body now every time you bulk or cut. It is going to be different pretty much every single time. Because you're almost changing the whole makeup of your body wanting problems gonna be a little different. You're have a little bit muscle bilas fat so that it's not like it's a drastic change per se for your general person for a show is a little different right so again every single time you visit either one of those you're going to have to consistently see what agrees with your body. What's working what is not working. You Know How do you track your bulking? Like how do you know when to stop? How do you know that you're making progress in the right increments? How do you know that? How do you track that or measure? It I mean honestly for General People. Just what is what's ever like easiest. Obviously at all. La Finishes. There's GonNa be some kind of biological impudence which is just the little fat calipers. Basically they have somewhere in the gym scope and he trainer will find you one right so first before you do any diet see what your body fat is kind of to begin with every week or so keep track about. If that's going up a lot with your way maybe you need to you know figure out. Okay me when you take this out of my diet and it's getting a little bloated or this is why I'm packing on the size. Whatever it may be. Keep your body fat in shock while you're gaining the weight. That's the biggest thing is there. Is there a ratio or something for that where it's like for every ten pounds you gain only this much should be body fat if you're really kind of doing it properly a lot of things that you're gonNA see online? It's usually like a two to one ratio so okay every like two pounds or game. One pounds typically going to be fat again. That's GONNA come from dieting. Cologne without really vary. But that's a typical thing you're gonNA see all mine so no matter what you're doing you can be as clean as possible southeast possible best workouts you are going to gain some. Just keep checking your fat levels to make sure that you're in a good position. If you feel good you look good. Then you're on a good spot. Worry about getting the fat off while you're in the cutting face. Try Building that muscle okay. So balking is all about building up the muscle as much as possible without also building up too much fat at the same time. If you the bulking it's going to be obviously a lot easier to gain muscle one. You have way more carbs which is going to be great for energy and I feel great in the gym. You're gonNA feel more energetic throughout the whole entire day. Obviously unless you throw in like three four hundred cars one maybe a little. You're gonNA feel a lot better versus cutting where you still should be getting some muscle game. But it's not the same as booking bulky and you're just having an easier time gained the muscle compared to being an deficit as we are in a cutting fate saying either way okay. So what do you find the toughest when you're trying to bulk? Is it staying away from Israeli heavily Fatty Foods? And not yet doing it. I'm affected a heart so really with bulky and a lot of people you'll you'll look at your scale okay. It's the same way and again next week. He said be consistent. I'm still the same way week. Two comes around again. You Weigh Yourself. It's the same. It's not going up so a lot of people thrown on a burger. It's not GonNa hurt me. It's not really a big deal probably. There's a lot of times you add in one thing you keep on adding that adding that and you look at the scale and you're like Oh gain whole bunch of way now right right like I'm stoked feel great at the gym getting bigger. You'd have to be realistic. I would say take pictures of yourself on a weekly basis so it's not really fantastic. Take a picture and you're like Oh it must be. Lighting right is a little harder. That's why when I bulk or cut I always meal prep. I'm staying on course. Of course one bulking. I don't mind going out with a wife or like with friends cheat meal or something like that moderation is key right how something a little bit healthier when you go out if it's once or twice a week right so it's like if you're trying to get that instead of throwing on the. Bergen prizes like another chicken breast and some more race and like those things that are a little bit healthier and that are but just more. It's almost like you're expanding your portions of the healthier stuff exactly. Yeah really expanding your portions not interesting crying wild at the gas station Ships into crunchy stuff frontier. Yeah just one just one flavor of another one. We find ten minutes. That's going right man. All right well Just one bag try rationalizing. We've all done that before i. It sounds like Diet. Plays a huge huge role in bulking. Like I mean I guess in general but it sounds like it's a massive role and really being able to do it properly absolutely. Yeah what a on the fitness side of things. Though outside of the. If you're doing your diet right what can. What do you really need to be doing in the gym to get the results as well so a lot of times during bulking kind of like almost look places? Cutting is a lot of people. I just need to lift. Heavy lift. Heavy a lot of people get in the same rhythm on during Chancellor's GonNa Bench on doing squats now. Lord of those compound movements are going to help build muscle. We have to keep changing up because her minds always under some kind of survival mode. So it's going to get really used to it Jordan's GONNA go today. It's what Wednesday is going to hit. You know some arms gonNA dips first thing. He's probably GonNa do Nag all. He's going to close grip bench. Nobody realistically it will know where you're going to hit if you keep having the same exact thing because it's trying to prepare for that so you have to throw it a little bit off balance. I I did a little different. I change up almost every single workout but possibly do. Wow if you're following program. It's like you know biweekly or monthly program. That's fine as long as you're really. Changing up decently frequently. You're going to see the results continuously going because your body's basically confused okay. Well what the heck are you doing completely new workout? Donna? What you're doing. I'm just going to grow up so that's kind of like that's one of the places where 'cause I I find. I even have trouble with that but it seems like. That's one of the places where having a personal trainer it would be massive benefit. Because like you say you do a different work every single time whereas average person probably does the same one every time. Yeah so like relying on a personal trainer. Debase basically mix it up for you continuously. It would get you those results. That's the goal I mean. My is an ideal personal trainer is a lot of people. Come in a lot of people not going to do machines. It's pretty self explanatory. You can look at the picture. He really can't go wrong may so ideally one is. It's almost like a lesson like when you go to school. It's an educational thing. I WanNa them to carry on the rest of their life. Okay I feel comfortable. I'm not going to hurt myself. The first thing the second thing is you're always going to plateau. So let's say you've never been in your life your first month month and a half is going to be the best because everything is so new to your like a kit me. You're absorbing all this or buddies really going through all these changing whether you're trying to lose weight or gain weight doesn't matter it's GonNa be Great. You'RE GONNA hit a wall now. That's when a train really comes in. When that wall they're going to mix up the workouts to keep your body guessing like I said that what you can continuously grow and you're not going to be the same guy they you see what's in his forties or fifties during the same exact workouts fresh single day for years as you grow right. I think this guy was in really good shape but he looks exactly the same in the past them. Because you're training it right mixing. It shocked the body a little bit change. So what would your best advice that you can be to give somebody? That's maybe listening at home to try in bulk up for either competition or for personal reasons just getting to the gym for the first time. What would be your best advice that you could make peace of actual advice? He gives me at home listening or Asleep. Devices just to be consistent. Yeah don't let the scale kind of determine who you are what you're going to be doing as much as long as you're consistent then you're going to really see a huge change. It's when you might take that extra day off. I'm tired today. I don't feel I get allowing you have twenty four hours in a day be consistent while you're at work eight nine maybe ten hours day. Maybe if you're a doctor or something okay. Well what about the other fourteen fifteen hours a day or like sleep? I need my sleep all right. So let's say seven and nine hours of sleep. What about this other tests I gotTa make food for for my family. That's going to take several hours to do have like I don't care if you're going to jam for Literally Twenty minutes. Not as much better than nothing right. Excuse said right exactly. I'd be consistent. Okay great well. That's awesome. Thank you Jordan for being on the PODCAST. We really appreciate it. Thank you for having me right so now. If you want even more fitness advice from some of the top master trainers like Jordan. Make sure you check out our blog at blog DOT ELEPHANT DOT COM and. Don't forget to subscribe to. The new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they release. Which is every other Monday? Our next episode we'll be on cutting or trimming down to lean so tune in for that to find out how to lose the weight but keep the muscle and until next time. We'll see when the gym bag.

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Trimming Fat and Keeping Muscle  Podcast Ep. 45

Living Healthy Podcast

32:45 min | 7 months ago

Trimming Fat and Keeping Muscle Podcast Ep. 45

"This episode was recorded pre pandemic. And technically it's the second part and a two part series bulking up and trimming down or cutting The first part came out about seven or eight months ago. So this is probably the longest amount of time between two parts and a series ever and podcast history. But we wanted to get it out just in time for thanksgiving here. It is part to on trimming or cutting. Hey guys. Welcome back to the living. Hubby podcasts presented by la fitness. I'm your host ngoga cabal sprint. And today is part. Two of our two part podcast on bulking up trimming down or cutting and so today is the cutting phase and i'm guessing that this one is probably the harder warning because this one is where you're trying to lose the fat but keep the muscle or even maybe gain a little bit more so when i get like trimming cutting what we would do here any for our seventh grade. Like high school dances. So you don't really want to know about lying. You know hawkins. It was very extremely hypoc. Four days of prepping and it was only cutting there was no bulking visit was usually drink. Lots of red bull or something really hoping to try and lose as much weight as possible in like two days okay. No one at home do that. So that is the wrong way. I'm gonna just say we didn't even know master trainer for that one. That's the wrong way to do that. Doesn't need to be here wrong eating cookies. Report as you're at and that's not okay to fit into my dress. Gosh okay well. We will find out what you really have to do to cut properly and just seconds before we bring jordan on. We just want to remind everyone to subscribe if you aren't already subscriber and if you are thank you for listening to this message over and over but subscribing is the best way to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they come out which for new listeners. Every other monday and we're always bringing on nutrition experts like debbie. James fitness experts like george jones and general health experts to talk about a variety of topics to keep you motivated on track with your fitness goals. So hit subscribe and then goes shouted at the top of the mountain. That you love the you come back down from that mountain and let's background So our guest. Today as we mentioned is jordan jones. He's back to give us the flip side of the coin so jordan. Welcome back to the show. Thank you so we talked about bulking and our last episode which is really kind of building muscle. And you're going to. You're going to gain some fat when you're doing that too quickly You don't wanna do a too quickly but you do want to Be in a calorie surplus essentially correct. So now we're on the flip side now where you decide all right now. It's time to lean out but still keep that muscle now. I'm assuming this one is a little bit harder to do But first of all. Can you. Just tell because i've always heard this term the finnish world like i'm cutting right now and so can you explain. What does it mean to cut. Everyone has their own. You know saying doesn't matter cutting slimming down losing fat. I use cutting as it's really the only thing ever said it's really just cutting away. If you're going approach were bodybuilders. Say oh i'm cutting phase on prep is really just trying to lose all the fat and then it will be more from what i gain during the bulking phase. Okay okay so that basically so that definition now the muscles can be seen cracked. Okay exactly so you worked months. You know to gain all this muscle. Hey you will get a little a little. Maybe a little chubb during that. That's why most people do typically around wintertime having covered all time. Trade clients sweating jacket on his sucks to see me so during the cutting phase. That's really when you're just trying to lose all the fat that way the most is gonna be a little bit more dominant gonna shallow. Been more if you're doing it correctly. A lot of people like look bigger. You gain weight not actually lost ten pounds. Thanks yeah so it's going to show a lot more. It's it's what march third or fourth or something So you know people are probably gonna start doing the cutting or slimming down. It's the cutting season we're entering. It's already would eighty degrees outside right now in california coming up to new. Oh of course. I feel like the time to start eating your show for the other. Yeah actually my body. I've learned naturally the my body does kick into a more like Exerciser athletic mode about april. Like i will be like a really intensive exercise for about three or four months and generally throughout the summer and i. It's so my goal really in life now is just a stay relatively active during the winter so that i don't go too far with the bulk young But yeah that's really interesting. So can you tell me a little bit about maybe fasting. Do you do fasting when you're trying to cut the fat or when you're in a cutting phase i'm not easily put this. I'm not the biggest Person on fasting and fast for you know to- fourteen six hours. Brother-in-law will sometimes fast for twenty four hours. Wow times a week or doing twenty four people will do it thinking that you know you as much as i want whatever i want in between that window and then i'm not going to eat it all for the sixteen to eighteen hours. Whatever kind of doing really popular right now. And i'm not gonna lie like you know it does work again kind of like the last segment. We do kind of see what works for your body for you. Yeah i'm more of a believer of eating every hours. Keep your metabolism going. Keep your body. Fueled specially during a cutting phase. It's really really tricky to learn how your body's gonna react to things and how you're gonna keep as much muscle while trying to turn down. The fat. that over fasting has more of a longterm effect. When cutting like murph's it's it's also healthier. See normally you. Don't you don't seem to mean or angry. People angry sometimes when i feel like when i've seen people they're like a man. They're grumpy so getting back. Finish balking right now just starting phase pretty new into it's still you got the big jug of water grow chicken broccoli and rice. It's not cooked chicken to save my life talking about this. Yeah this one is two point. Five ounces of white rice. We'll faster i'm digesting is going to spike. Insulin will bit more okay. It's seven ounces of chicken and then six ounces of broccoli interest you do that every bill you would say every couple of hours ladies pretty similar realistically pretty basic. Five or six ingredients go to. Yeah my daily diet Fun food say now and tonight before you go to bed. Hi my diet is First meals five thirty in the morning last meal is supposed to be a roughly ten dude. Nine even on coach. I don't want three or four hours of sleep every night. right right. yeah that's right because you're up early training people yeah So this is probably a really basic question. It's it might be obvious bullets. This make sure about it which is easier or more fun to do. The bulking or the trimming. Of course. most people aren't gonna say bulking. I mean like. I said last segment of people get carried away with the bulk phase burgers fries. I don't do it. I'm not gonna eight can enjoy myself catch up about this stuff that you can't have those little cheats. You almost feels like you probably cannot do that when you're cutting you can't have. Those cheats iced. Okay hong last night for example actually had my first chiel so typically once a week as far as right now goes general population. I'll have one or two. Ching mills knocking two killers of. Don't go overboard a cheat day right. Well have a cheat day or weekend gigs. In the morning. I'm a drink in the afternoon. Pizza doesn't really work like that right. So drained clients Eight nine hours yesterday. Train legs nice and heavy for about an hour and a half a little closer to two and when it got sushi with my wife for my last meal case obviously hiring the cars and i typically do now that was your last meal it was I went over there. Roughly around like eight o'clock tonight thirty nine so that was my last meal. Okay after a heavy hard lay trained so lots of times people. Like oh i did and i did my cardio for the day. I'm gonna go cheat meal. I would highly suggest to do it on a bigger body. Lake leagues or back. Maybe a chest and a major muscle group right right away. You're really actually fueling it. A little bit continually growing. But it's also going to something that could also partially help you. Yeah and she meals irt some people say are they beneficial or are they not a really depends on the person i mean. Listen if you're you're three hundred pounds and just start working out again. You don't really need to have a cheap housing weekly folks on eating healthy get into the habit right and doing your three four whatever days of working out that. You're actually able to do right once. You're a little bit leaner and stuff like that yet. It's very beneficial. Had sushi last night woke up. This morning i was point. Four pounds lighter okay. They just didn't really affect you know. No when when you're out a deficit and you kind of just like working out the last segment kind of consistently changing up to kind of trick your body and it's the same thing with dieting. They're all kind of one on the same. So i was on prep for about ten straight days and then on my first chief mill obviously healthier wasn't a bunch of fried food and nachos or any hard for me to call sushi achieve full china Just like the ever heard friday me. Give me sushi or like burs alive right. That's a big variation from just chicken and rice did stick to the race being yet. Do you find it harder. I know you said you had your treatment with your wife when you're trying to try and you have your wife around as she is it harder to stick to those really strict regimens and get that. She's doing the same thing she she at home cutting his well no okay. Of course she left. I've been with her for seven years so she honestly has kind of changed my mentality a little bit and getting used to seeing some junk food a couple times a week while Union my extremely bland per flavorful. Food right So it really doesn't faze me since it's been so long before what i'll do is let let let's say you got kids running around or anything like that. I would have them probably a little healthier to go so insane. Sandwiches yell at everybody right and limited down the junk food in the house chips chocolates. Whatever it is you're not tempted right. Make healthier conscious decisions sometimes. I'll make kale chips like kale. No have i gone fond of it. Yes it is a habit all us all you know. Get some kale polo Like olive oil little garlic. Maybe some pepper salt the oven for a little bit. Okay so have that crunchy little taste that you know. I need or maybe. I'll just do some greek yogurt sugar free but a little protein powder put some almonds or blueberries goal kind of tastes like frozen yogurt up in the freezer after a little bit. So a lot of those little tricks are really going to go a long way. Specially when everyone around you if you have a large family or eating ice cream or there's parties right events that you have to go to think i might have to try that frozen yogurt why i would say it's a little bit more of acquired taste the first time like man. I'd much rather have like ice cream right then. You know second. third time. Don't crave that well going back to our law so it'd be touched on bulking. Do you necessarily have to bulk. If you're gonna cut like do i have to. I've never balked in my life. I've never in my life there to be honest unless you really consider. Here's a few times where. I was trying to trim down and even consciously cutting not with my diet or anything like that but do you have to bulk before you. I don't know if i want to do i pencil. You wanna look like okay. You know if you're pretty happy hour you want but let's say you like going out a lot like wearing nice dresses and stuff like that you want you know you have a little slid in and The dress shows off lowly. You just want a little bit more like muscle definition of you. Don't have to go crazy with booking you can still gain muscle while you're cutting and all that you're not going to gain muscle it just outta slower rate than bulking because you're not at a surplus. Okay okay so. Adequate amount of protein during the cutting phase is really a help that so you can gain muscle okay. So that's kind of the biggest difference. Bulking is you're gonna gain muscle quicker crux cutting. You're gonna gain muscle slower. It's more slow a little bit more trade deficit right. You're in a deficit right and do you. You mentioned kind of protein. Do you need to supplement because you're in a deficit with either a variety of supplements or with like protein shakes or something like that to still be able to get what you need but still being the deficit i mean just like one bowl came my for supplements killer pretty much around the same. Maybe a little bit more of the those amino acids that. I spoke about last time in their Thou way metabolisms little higher. It's more muscle sparing it's gonna help. Protein synthesis which is how i buy is going to absorb the protein Throwing in little things like that can help. But it's the solvents are pretty much the same maybe thrown a fat-burner. Okay just to help like a little bit more of a stubborn fat but you know me that right away so i want to lose thirty pounds. I'm just gonna take fat burners needle all right okay. I just feel like limiting one or two of the protein meals new before after you work out and then substituting with a protein shake if you're trying to cut would be ideal but it is an outright. It'd be in terms of calorie intake. I would think so realistically with protein. Shakes general If a lot of people out there. I was purchased before the gym. My thing is why. Are you really having the protein shake before the gym when you haven't even broken down the muscle right because proteins really the main muscle. So it's that's what's really going to grow the muscles the protein right to main Building block for it. So you're going to have protein shake and you're not getting enough adequate amount of food from the cutting phase yet thrown in protein shake but after your workout because the whole goal working out which sounds asinine is literally every day when you see people going in. Their main job is to tear down as much muscle tissue as possible all down Sounds crazy doesn't even sound go godzilla so when you do that then you want your protein after you know. Some people say there's anabolic window. Some say the that's not a real thing about the forty five minute window. I believe it is real thing. You do the nutrients because your insulin is complete depleted. having protein is going to spike that a little bit. It's going to help with absorbing the protein that you're going to be having after it's going to help go straight to those muscles that you're actually just broken down So i am a firm believer on having some kind new trance right after a workout Whether it's a protein shake or if you want some chicken or like. I said earlier if you had if you have a cheat meal and you're doing legs or back or chest muscle group and did a lot of compound movements go for so you were talking about the exercise you do. Well bulking up. You split it up whether it's to back leg you doom separately instead of doing full body and kind of working your muscles each day. Give a break to rebuild. Are you doing the same thing when you're cutting and trimming it was warming change at all. It really doesn't change much. I personally still do a split. I like doing the split now. Some people are either doing like cross fit or they like doing circuit training. That kind of stuff is fine. Just just keep changing it up when you are cutting obviously what happens. Your body wants to attack its muscle before it's fat. That's the really tricky part. That's why you need to have a lot of protein. A lot of people have the misconception of. I'm trying to cut or i'm trying to slim down whatever phrase you wanna use if i do hire reps if i do sixteen twenty thirty wraps i'm just going to be basically carving up the muscle. It's just going to look law better. That's the complete opposite of what you actually want to be doing. When you're cutting you still want to be lifting moderately heavy. It's not like. I'm saying. I'll go out there and squad four or five hundred pounds right as far as heavy just sticking hypertrophy. So hypertrophy is typically eight toll for ups. Okay okay so a little bit on the heavier side now. Your body thinks that it has to keep its muscle we have to trick her body and thinking we need the muscle. They don't like it skills for it right okay. So that's the really hard thing with most people interesting when you're doing when you're cutting phase do you need to add more cardio into your routine than what you were doing. The bulking phase i do. Y'all got one on bulky and Overall everyone should be doing some kind of cardio. It's good for your heart. Well why would you ever really want to take it out right especially as you age What i'm cutting i am doing. More cardio Depends on where. I'm out during the cutting though i gray now released on about fifteen minutes For warm up and then once a week. I'm doing three minutes on the stairs. Okay nothing really too crazy not too time. Consuming as you get leaner. The reason why i started slow now is because as you get leaner. Obviously it's going to get harder a lot of people. I go zero to sixty special around january a lot of money. I knew where we still have. Oh god gym membership any lose weight again a lot of weight. I've been the jeffers. i'm just gonna do one. Hour of cardio raft the band do weights for two hours. A day every single day clear gonna crash and burn or if you're one of those lucky few that keeps going after few months of doing you're gonna hit that wall and then what are you gonna sell right. There's our cardio already. I mean that's a lot of carbon. Or are you going to do an hour and a half for cardio new three hours of cardio. Why go through all that right. So everything whether you're bulking you're cutting just like lost like everything will bulking your incrementally up slowly when you're cutting everything is incremental down down slowly so same thing with the workouts. They're really one the same just consistently change it. Maybe this week. I'm doing fifteen minutes next week. Maybe i'll just use seventeen and a half minutes next week. Let me build twenty minutes. It's really going to depend on how my body is changing. That's why i said in law segment. Try and take a picture every single week and track your progress a realistic progress. Not just an ego on right. Are there any exercises. you should stay away from. I know andrew saying cooperate. More cardio when you're trying to trim down and you should. I'm a firm believer of like. Why would i wanna be one dimensional. So why would. I just want to be like really stronger. Why would i just want to be athletic. I like kind of mixed up and doing everything. So sometimes i'll do as far as out. Sometimes i'll stick into hypertrophy the eight to twelve reps. Sometimes i'll do super sets which is to exercise as back to back maybe able to ten reps of like no pull ups and then another ten of behind the net. Pull downs right after another. Maybe i'll do try set. Maybe what i'll do is. I'll do a drop set pyramids. There are so many different variations out there that you can use trammel. Co works really. Well for your body do that. One week next week may be switched up the week after that. Go back to what really worked for you. That everything's an experiment body. We're still learning new things about her body medical field matter. What is so we just have to really learn it consistently changing. What kind of daily habits do you have to get into when you're in the cutting face like when you're trying to trim down do you have to change a habit from the bulking are like you're still eating seven meals a day or what. What do you have to change your habits much. Honestly my the meals the relate to three hours. It's printer saying yeah. I'm still getting in around seven meals a day Whether i'm buchinger cut in just the mackerels are going to change the law like protein carbs fats. So that's really gonna change my love. How's that going to change in the seven meals. They're like as far as the amounts. Okay so portions again you're going to be guests trimming the portion for each of the okay. Okay so my needs are honestly around the same. My carbs are already lower okay. my my thought is a smidge bit lower kind of around the same mostly. It's the carbs. Carbs is usually. What is going to make someone a little bit. More pudgy okay. So and also cards contained water. So let's say you go from having five hundred dollars a day to. Let's just say three hundred the next day and your consistently three hundred. You're gonna know. I you're gonna lose a lot of weight water water And then after that once once your body kind of gets acclimated to that then you're gonna see actual progression from their of losing. Maybe one or two pounds a week. Okay the foods foods honestly. The same food is about eighty eighty five percent. And that's me being generous. You're gonna look like be consistent with the dieting workout. You don't have to be a madman in jim. Everything will be good right right. Sounds like everything's pretty much. Same vulcan your streaming just portion control. Yeah it's just like to over complicate things. It isn't honestly. I don't blame everybody. That's there's so much information out there. It's it's a headache internet's great thing but it's also a deem at the same time because he reads so many different articles so many different fads. No one knows what's going on if you do a fad and you're losing way this is the best thing ever ever yom losing weight gain. We doesn't matter you know it's working anytime you change something if you're not if you're sitting on the couch all every day and you walk up and down the stairs more than you normally do. Some is going to happen to your body right right right but goes back to change change. Yeah mixing up and so. I don't blame anybody out there for know having a hard time figuring that kind of stuff out just see what works for your body so with bulking like not a lot. The portion control changes. But i imagine the transition when you're going from one to the other where you all of a sudden you are. Cutting your portions significantly is gotta be. I mean you just got used to eating a certain amount telling your stomach in your body. You gotta have as much today buddy like. How does that feel like that would make that would be a hard transition for a lot of people. I'm not gonna lie. It's not the best. I got to kind of do what you do The as far as meals. Go when i was bulky. Nosediving seven meals a day when i'm cutting them having seven meals a day so my body the internal clock i already know when roughly i need to be eating without looking at a clock Gilan here now. So i know that any be eating pretty soon right now looking at a clock so that mindset is still the same where i'm still having the same amount of meals just a little bit less. Yes you are gonna be a little bit more hungry. But as long as i'm like content you can kinda keep going. And that's where the branch chains amino acids. I talked about last time can really come into play and kind of help. Curb your appetite. It's a little sweet. And even though there's no cars or anything like that when i'm sipping on that i'm gonna go that also you know that's interesting because it also maybe make sense why you don't wanna be so extreme with your bulking up phase with your coury surplus because if you're only surplus of two hundred calories or something. Let's say then to go from that to a deficit of two hundred calories this kind of within reason. If you're going six hundred calories over and now you gotta go six center calories. Oh no twelve hundred calorie gap. That's that's a massive adjustment for your body's that's why it's important to go in those incremental steps in both iran is the progress in into. It's so you can actually stick with it and just go for that bag of chips because you are so hungry. You don't care what you shoveling your mouth the first thing that you see your nita cool job cool and do all that. I feel really bad about yourself really guilty. I'm like i stopped depressed. It's like you know it happens to everybody so don't get too down yourself. That's why increments slowly would think for somebody who volks though it would be impossible to if you just sat there and you ain't just whatever you saw whatever you wanted and just as long as you were in a surplus and then having to cut it down and eat healthy would just be almost impossible. I don't know if i do it. I mean you're any health either way. Yeah the honestly a lot of times. I know like you're talking about bulk. In like i haven't done it before and then should i. The thing is when you're bulking for so long. And like i said there is a ratio of getting a little fat. There is going to be that point. Where you're looking at yourself. From the mir lincoln k. And maybe i shouldn't continue booking. Maybe i'll start the cutting face personally. What i like to do is after a bulk. I like to maintain for a couple. Months gave my body a little just the way that way if i skip a meal or to Here there my my weight's really gonna stay on the same. And then i start. Increment my Total mostly from carbs at first but total calories. Increment that down slowly now. It's a very nice transition that way. I'm not gonna just go for bag of chips and just break right. It's not the funnest. I i but like i said. The habit forming. You'll get used to the habit you will be used to eating that amount and you'll be fine with my and i think it's super important to realize that in these stages you need to before. If you're just coming off the couch or this is your first. You know you're starting to get healthy. You have to change your diet to a healthy diet. You have start eating healthy foods or something before you even start doing this. You gotta and then it's about portions you got to change your mindset into just eating healthy foods like lean meats and vegetables and that sort of stuff before you even start about thinking about bulking cutting and all that stuff. You can't just bulk with junk food. And then and then cut is just chicken like you gotta make healthy transition in general of roughly forty clients and a lot of There's there's a few that. I wanna like bulk up. A lot of them have things to do. I have a wedding. I my sister's wedding my brother's wedding. I wanted to go on this vacation. I've anniversary whatever the heck it is. I always ask. What is your goal. Why are you doing this because you didn't just come to me. I just want to learn how to work out right right. Planning and simple for one straight years wanna learn. I'll be love goals. So what i tell them especially people that wanna lose weight. I'm not gonna radio. Dia plan. I i've i have clients that are three pounds. Who wanna lose a hundred pounds. I'm like oh. We'll start with dieting later. But i i want you to get into habits. So build the habit he'd ever few hours cleanup diet. I'll usually have them use like my fitness pal or whatever app that track. Don't care so. I can see kind of roughly. What you're doing. A lot of people are under eating. When they're eating. It is the wrong thing. Okay reading like twice a day. Ones burger and then the other one is just kind of like yogurt and some chips like what. What is this right. 'cause i get them use habit of eating every couple of hours kind of get them in that rhythm and then once. I know that they're in the habit. Then we start dieting Because a lot of times. When i just rights i wanna die ahead depending on their body fat and everything will stick with for a few days and then they just stop right and return that as a huge waste. My time could is is now like snap my finger sticks me thirty seconds. Thirds your diet right right. It's right so you gotta develop those healthy habits just focused on creating some new healthy habits first before you jump into any of this will canada. Wrap this one up. Can you do the segment actual advice at the end of every ups. Oh can you tell our listeners. At home some advice of how they can kind of easily incorporate certain exercises into cutting or how they can Efficiently kind of cut. When it comes to that time. I mean just like bulking. I will preach. Listen to di is really. Just stay consistent and don't get into the habit of when you're cutting because you see something. Oh you're cutting. I wanna do twenty thirty forty reps whatever it may be. Because that's what's really going to develop the muscle. It's it's gonna trim it up. I can you know spot reduction. Whatever the heck it is no the low heavier that we actually keep the the muscle. Your body will want to keep the muscle because they think that needs the muscle so consistency and don't change up the workouts too. Much anything you want to be lifting a little bit more. Okay great so. Don't go to the extremes kind of okay stay consistent. Great all right. Well thank you for coming on the show again right now. If you want even more fitness advice from some of our top master trainers just like jordan. Make sure you check out our blog at blog dot. La fitness dot com and. Don't forget to subscribe to that. You can get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they really which happens every other day guy so i have time traveled eight months into the future. It's almost thanksgiving two thousand twenty. And wow what are your twenty twenty has been we're gonna be taken december off however and then we're going to be back at it. The start of january brand new year all that hope and motivation is going to be back with us. And we're going to deliver some new episode straight to us to make sure your subscribes. You can get notified when those come out and until then live healthy and we'll see you in twenty twenty one.

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"Hello and welcome to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Tuesday November twelfth and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily in Virginia. A man hunt is underway for an armed marine deserter who is suspected in the murder of his mother's boyfriend Q.. Suspects are in custody and has been charged with malice murder in the death of Clark Atlanta University student. ELECTIVES CRAWFORD CRAWFORD whose body was discovered on Saturday November ninth. A fourteen year old girl is charged with the gruesome murder of well known Philadelphia cat. Rescuer Albert Tchernoff Off Aka Ali. Finally the Jacksonville Florida Sheriff's Office has asked for the public's assistance in finding missing five year. Old Taylor Williams Taylor was reported missing last Wednesday November six by her mother Brianna Williamson who has since stopped cooperating with police all this and more coming up on Sword Ford and scale daily routine. ABC News Seven reports that twenty two year old marine deserter. Michael Alexander Brown is being sought in relation with the Saturday shooting. Death of fifty fifty four year. Old Rodney Brown. His mother's boyfriend. Michael Alexander Brown had been stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina as a Marine Corps combat engineer ear. On October eighteenth. He deserted his post and has since been spotted several times in the area of Franklin County Virginia around three hundred miles. Away Brown's mother who has not been named lives in Hardy Virginia a small rural community near Roanoke with her boyfriend. Roddy Brown however Michael was not living with them at the time around noon on Saturday. November ninth Michael's mother called nine one one after she found her boyfriend. Rodney dead in their home home. Michael Brown was initially considered a person of interest and by the end of the day was an official suspect. Franklin County Sheriff's office have warrants for his arrest on charges of second degree murder and using a firearm. In the Commission of a felony. The motive for the shooting is yet unknown. So far Michael Brown has remained at large. He has been seen several times around. Franklin County I driving a white nineteen seventy six cadillac and more recently. A two thousand eight Lincoln. towncar Brown is an avid woodsmen. And maybe living out in the Wilderness of Rural Virginia. He's known to be armed with the rifle and the sheriff's Office warns that he may have access to additional weapons and should be considered armed and dangerous. Michael Brown is described as six feet tall all with blue eyes and Brown hair. If anyone spots them they should contact law enforcement and should not engage with him. Directly from Georgia The body of Missing Clark Atlanta University Student Twenty one year old Alexis Crawford was discovered into Cobb county this Saturday November ninth her roomie Jordan Jones and the roommate's boyfriend Barron Brantley. Both twenty one are in custody and have been charged with her murder. Crawford's last communication with her family occurred at eight forty five pm on October thirtieth when she texted her sister Alexandria later that night she was captured on. CCTV in the company of Jordan Jones. Shopping at a liquor store near their apartment. Her family reported her missing on November. First the roommates have been close friends friends with Jones even spending the holidays with Crawford's family when Atlanta PD interviewed Jordan Jones. She claimed that when she woke up on the morning of October thirty first Alexis was gone however by the time of the interview police had learned that recently the relationship between the two roommates had soured shortly before she went missing. Crawford filed a police complaint against Jordan's boyfriend Berend Brantley for quote unwanted. Kissing and touching Crawford had blacked blacked out during the incident and could not recall all of the details on Friday. One of the suspects led police to the location of Alexis Crawford's body near Columbia Park into cobb county based on the autopsy. Crawford likely died on October thirty first. The cause of death was asphyxiation. Barron Brantley was taken into custody on Friday and Jordan was arrested on Saturday. They're both charged with malice murder. which in the state of Georgia is is the offense of intentionally killing someone without provocation? And in some circumstances that show quote an abandoned and malignant heart the maximum penalty for malice malice. Murder is death. Both suspects are being held without bail. Their next court appearance is set for November twenty second in other news fourteen eighteen year old. Johnny Sma- has been arrested and charged with the brutal murder of fifty nine year. Old Albert Chernoff Philadelphia Animal Rescuer. She's also been charged charged with obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. Police responded to Chernoff North Philadelphia home on Tuesday morning after nine. One one call from a neighbor reported hearing screams they discovered Chernoff deceased partially tied to his bed with a massive head wound and slash wounds to his chest. Neighbors reported saying a woman leave the house. Shortly before police arrived. The murder weapon was determined to have been a two by four studded with nails. Not The sort of thing. One typically stumbles upon which may suggest premeditation. An autopsy showed that he died of head trauma around ten thirty PM on Monday evening. meaning that if the woman seen leaving was the murderer she spent the night in turn offs home with his body on Wednesday. Police released a video to the media of the suspect taken inside. Chernoff apartment in the video female seemingly oblivious to the presence of a camera can be seen walking through the victims kitchen ensue saintly. She washes her hand in the kitchen sink. Before opening the Fridge to contemplate its contents taken together with the fact that the suspect stayed in the house overnight. She seems not to have been overly influenced by the Commission of the murderer. A Johnny Somali came to surrender herself to police the following day accompanied by her mother and not one but to defense attorneys. She was arrested and charged on November. Eighth Johnny is being held in a juvenile detention facility but it has not yet been determined and whether she'll be tried as an adult or juvenile one of small's lawyers told CNN. It's a sad situation troubled girl. There's a reason police aren't saying much. There's a lot more to it in regards to the victim. Her lawyer thinks quote. He wasn't totally innocent. Either police continue to investigate investigate. Why at Johnny was at Sheriff's Department Albert Chernoff was an army veteran a biker and worked at Philadelphia International Airport but the center of his life was animal? Rescue Chernoff love all animals and had a special bond with cats. His passing has been more by the animal rescue community in the Philadelphia area and beyond Albert took part in the documentary film. The cat rescuers whose makers have publicly eulogized him the Animal Care and Control Team Philadelphia Elvia posted on facebook in his memory quote. He was one of the kindest people I've ever met and he would do anything for anyone. Chernoff also volunteer driving driving the elderly around for their errands after the break questions. Mount in the case of missing five year old Taylor Williams whose mother has stopped cooperating with the investigation now for our final story. Ory Five year old Taylor Williams was reported missing on Wednesday November. Sixth by her mother Brianna Williams. She told police that she last saw Taylor sleeping keeping in her bed around midnight wearing purple shirt pink pants and no shoes when she awoke the next day. She said she saw the back door to her. Brentwood Jacksonville Jacksonville home. Open Taylor was gone from her bedroom. An amber alert was issued. An extensive search was conducted by mounted units divers and rescue q units Brianna Williams had recently moved from the Paradise Island apartment. Complex in south side. Into the Brentwood neighborhood. So unit searched both areas it but to no avail. Initially Jacksonville. Sheriff's office said Briana was not a suspect in her daughter's disappearance but on Monday. She was named a person of interest on Thursday. The Jacksonville Sheriff's office announced that Brian Williams had stopped cooperating with the investigation during a press conference. Sheriff Mike Williams stated quote. We were talking to her about some inconsistencies in her statement. And that's why she stopped cooperating with us. The sheriff's office asks that anyone who has seen Taylor with Brianna in the past six months to contact them. It is not known how long the child has been missing for but there may be reason to believe. It has been longer than five days on Thursday. Instead of helping investigators Williams returned to her post as First Class Petty Officer in Tactical Operations Ration- center at Jacksonville Naval Air Station colleagues. There told first coast news that Williams appeared to be very sad. News for Jacksonville has reported report that Brianna Williams was the Valedictorian of her high school and has been awarded nine medals during her service. Five Year. Old Taylor had at one time attend a daycare at the Naval Air Station. Witnesses come forward to report seeing Taylor at daycare in June but it is not known whether she was enrolled for the fall term Rian Rhianna Williams extended family lives in Alabama and have told news for Jacksonville that Brianna cut off all contact with them years. Ago Taylor's mother Maurice Tate eight also lives out of state in a phone interview with First Coast News. He said it quote has been a minute since he saw his daughter taint is not currently in Jacksonville and did not express digit travel there in the near future. In addition people who have recently come into contact with Brian Williams have not seen a child in her accompany. First coast. News spoke with Tiffany Nicole. Who said she and her fiance helped Brianna Williams moved from south side to Brentwood on Sunday? November third DOC. By Nicole's account. They responded to a craigslist ad offering two hundred and fifty dollars for help moving during the entire time. They helped Brianna. They did not see a child and tiffany. Nicole stated quote. The strange thing that was off to me was that she told my fiance. Her daughter was in the bathroom and heard water running but we never saw child old. We did load up a pink and Purple Toddler. Bed Nicole also said the house was in a poor state with food scraps rotting everywhere and was not a fit place. Tereza child brand. New neighbors at Brentwood told local. Show on your side that they too had not seen a child. Sources have told news for Jacksonville. Ville that cadaver dogs had indicated during a search of the mothers car. As of Monday. The search for Taylor Williams has expanded to the state of Alabama. We will continue. Can you to keep you updated as this case develops. That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow and until then stay safe. mm-hmm soared end scaled. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike through day. If you'd like to show subscribe and leave us a review if you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sword and scale dot. Are you on.

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Relationship to Food  Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 46

Living Healthy Podcast

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Relationship to Food Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 46

"Hey everyone and welcome back to the living healthy podcast. I'm your host injured evolve. And i'm your co host for and let me just be the first to welcome you guys to the new year. Two thousand twenty nine woo. We finally made it. This has to be a better year. The last year right bernie. I honestly have really i- expectations for twenty twenty one. I think it's gonna be a great year for all of us high exit. Yeah you know you you head. You went to the valley and now it's time to go to the peak for twenty twenty so yeah hopefully. Let's go we don't wanna start a losing streak here so i'm always looking for like silver linings and thing so what was. It's been awhile since we talked so We're shaking the rust off. But what was the silver lining for you in twenty twenty. Was something good that happened to you that you maybe you weren't expecting i think even though twenty twenty was really challenging year for all of us i think a big silver lining for me was that it really forced me to slow down for everyone around me to slow down and it really gave us a time an opportunity to was really nice at the time so that was really nice and just just for anyone listening we are doing this remotely through zoom. So if there's some weird dip outs that's why but yeah for me. I started actually writing a bike just recently which is really cool. I haven't done that. I haven't had a bike in a while But my mom came out to visit me to see the kids which is great. which by the way The last we did one of these podcasts. I think my my daughter you know had just been born and now she's eighteen so a lot of his past it feels like but But yeah so. I started by my mom came out Brought her bike. So i got to write that for a little bit and i got hooked. Man i'm i to start doing this. Oh yeah so. I'm thankful for my mom for introducing me to a new Healthy aspect that. I can incorporate into my life so that was. That's my silver lining for twenty twenty. I would say oh fun fact. This is just random. I just came to me. But silver lining silver linings was the name of the hot air balloon that i propose to my wife in what yes. Oh cool i know. It's so i mean for two reasons. You propose to tour and a hot air balloon thing for. We went back to new mexico. The balloon fiesta. And yeah we went up in the hot air balloon. i did. Yeah it was how Yeah was one. There had yeah. We were both feeling elated an elevated that day so that was great but anyway yeah the name of the silver lining so. That's pretty cool but all right well. Why don't we get back into it and let's get into the topic for today. Which is your relationship to food so you know at the start of every new year. We reassess a lot about our lives where we are with our career with our relationships. You know we start to think. Okay dodd it's been seven years when you're going to pop the question in hot air balloon you're going to do but But perhaps it's also good time to reassess another very important relationship that you probably don't think about very often and that's your relationship to food. Is it a healthy one. Does it benefit you or does it drive you crazy and create a lot of negative self talk. Are we really in control of our relationship with food or are we letting too many external factors dictate what we eat well. Today's a fresh start a chance to talk about how we think about food and how we can start a new healthier relationship with food so joining us virtually. Today is our goto guests for all things. Nutrition debbie james. How're doing debbie. I am excellent her and brittany. Thanks again for having a welcome to the new year. Yes all right. It's good to be here. it's going to be in the new year. Good talking with you again We always have fun but before we get started here. I just wanna remind everyone to subscribe. If you aren't already a subscriber it's the best way to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they come out. Which is every other monday. We like to bring on nutrition. Experts fitness experts general health experts to talk about a variety of topics to keep you motivated in healthy. So hit subscribe and then sit back. Relax and let our nutrition advice wash over. You like an epiphany on a yoga retreat. All right thank you for subscribing. Now let's get on with the show. So debbie first question. We're talking about relationships with food. But what does it mean to have a relationship to food. We aren't asking people to go out and marry a stock of celery or something. Right certainly not respond that way. It might drew. If you don't keep it in water you know. I would actually say that. We have varying relationships plural with food so when we attach a motion to eating certain items when we use food as a tool to punish or reward ourselves instead of when we eat for neuro survival and also win we assign strong positive or negative outcomes to eating food. All those things are not normally present. If you look at animals that there they eat. they're hungry the very simple right right so Is it something we're like. How does that begin. Is it something where we should start thinking more about how and why we instead of what we're eating. Oh you are so right it certainly takes both how why and what we eat to make helpful choices especially if you're considering the energy balanced manner but for many of us we need to take a moment and consider why we chose food no before you put it in your mouth and by by thinking. Why did i reach for that. You might be led to change even that choice or how much of it to consume so that leads us to the next question in terms of how do you stop that sort of negative talk. You have going on your head or the guilt that leads to from maybe eating that type of food i. I don't think that are self talk regarding eating or food lives in isolation all right if you look at your entire body environment life everything and we're being very holistic here. It's not an isolation. So i'll reference psychology today. They mentioned an organization that indicated eighty percent of one's thoughts on a daily basis are negative. So your thought about a meeting your thought about. Are you gonna make it home on time. Whatever were negative and then. I talked to a colleague kate bruno. She's a dietitian specializing in eating disorders. Out of charlottesville. Virginia and she said the way we treat ourselves is often an expression of underlying pain emotion. Self esteem self worth. And that's not just about eating the way you treat yourself in how you dress in the people relationships you choose so i think one has to really talk. Readjust the conversation that you have with yourself. In general about how productive you are how your projects are size about your appearance. There are many suggestions offered by psychology professionals and therapists and counselors to improve this dialogue. That we have with ourselves so one way is by rephrasing statements. You make about yourself. These internal conversations you have so for example instead of saying. I didn't eat well this week. You need to point out the successes. Well i managed to get in several good balanced meals instead of condemning yourself. While i just blew it with that night out you could say. I'm glad i was able to relax for a while and avoid those restrictions so debbie. I was wondering if you could touch on something i was thinking about. What are some of the negative signs that you would look for in somebody. That is really struggling with their diet. In this way. that's great One is certainly. If you're you know overhearing verbal comments out loud all these internal thoughts that are supposed to be internal right. That are actually out loud. A lot of times someone will be saying not to you directly but in your vicinity like. I shouldn't eat this this brownies. Bad for me. You know kind of language. But what i look for which oftentimes family members our loved. Ones won't know about so this would be more about you than than someone else but a red flag that we tend to look for if someone is eating in private or secret or or sneaking food than you know. There's a lot of shame and blame and That kind of negativity associated with it if they can't be honest with themselves to have it at the table and i think maybe maybe looking for some therapy or addressing that is is worth doing. I think sometimes dealing with issues especially for people who are on the younger side. It's very emotional and embarrassing topic to discuss especially among friends and family. I think what would be your best advice in terms of going forward with some uc's uc struggling with that. What would be your best way of finding them helper seeking out help for them. I i would definitely i know the term eating disorders sounds strong to anyone that oil. That's only anorexia and bulimia that's all clinically diagnosed blah blah blah. But it's not. I worked with a college athlete. That had gone away to another state and her coach basically put on temporary leave from the team because she was so overly this restrictive this. It's was on how helpful the foods were and so she wouldn't eat anything no didn't fit in her her paradigm. It didn't have necessarily to do with the calories or her weight. It was just oh i can't eat anything. That has an advocate. I can't eat anything that has colored. I can't eat anything and it. Just so her narrow became so small And she needed. I referred her to an eating disorder specialist because those that team really deals with disordered patterns of eating and that includes the secret eating. I was talking about that. Includes binging There are binge drinkers to just like kind of gambling in fall into it and it's like this deep bottomless pit To climb out of the you need help right on the negative self talk thing. It's like i know. So many women. I i would say. The percentages have to be crazy high especially among women on who talks like that. I hear women talk that way all the time like that. I'd be bad if i had that. No you know and it's just like man. Well i told you last week. I had that exact same. I would do that when i would go get a green juice. I would be like no. I can't have the apple because it's too much sugar. But then i mean i could go. You'd go into a very negative negative relationship and it's it's weird how we view it in our heads because we don't really look at it as healthy we look at it as how our body gonna look after i a lot more people view it that way and viewing it from a healthy perspective i think then it becomes like a it becomes a social pressure thing i would think or a peer pressure thing where it's like okay if you say that and then your friends like oh i know i need above it just like recycles it and it fortifies it one one. No one wants to break away from the pack of being like the person that if you and everybody else at the table oh yeah. French fries are the worst. They're going to make your hips blah blah blah blah blah. Then oh my gosh the next time you go out together and you wanna order french fries. You're not gonna do it. You mean you're just you. You have that wall up so that's probably one of the things you're going to go straight to the drive thru rafter on your way home right. Yeah that's a. that's a great point and so like to break that you have to be like really willing to go against the tide of your group of friends you really but the reward possibly is that you unlock everyone else in your group. That kinda wants to go that other way too. But they're all scared so maybe you can be the strong ones to to bring everyone around to a healthier relationship with food Do do you think when it comes to when you when it comes to like how. You're talking about it kind of like. It's it's part of the issue you know. There's a lot of negative self. Talk nacho around nutrition. But it seems like it's easy to get into kind of a neg- a cyclical negative site cycle. I guess that was six. Yeah all right so how do you do you think nutrition is a good starting point to break that trend and then everything kind of begins to head the other direction or do you think. Nutrition is the hardest step compared to exercising. Or you know where. Where would you place that in. A stopgap measure. Wow it's definitely just one fast set and for some people. It is the hardest and for others. Maybe it's the exercise right because before you and you have to look feel like you look a certain way but the did Changing how you think and talk about yourself. Maybe food isn't the first thing i think of that conversation. That self worth the being connected and you're worthy of love and affection and things like that. I think humans basically wants to be a appreciated connected and love. I think that's our primary drive behavior. The food part we get stuck in the psychology of all the different reasons that we eat. That aren't hunger. But i don't think it's the first thing in negative self talk. I shouldn't say that. As the dietitian i should. It's the first thing it's the most important right but it is but it is an important aspect because it is something that You know something that your face with everyday day is the need to eat like you have to eat and so and the choices you make your constantly faced with. What are you going to choose to eat. And so that puts that right in front of you you have a choice to be negative neutral or positive about it every single moment you come in you know into that decision so it does you do face a lot so i can see how if you took a different approach. You'd really have to kind of practice. It initially to kind of breakthrough. And i agree with that. And it's taking sort of personal responsibility. You should all of these choices in. That's exactly what it is for most of us aren't you know bed bound in someone's spoon feeding us. We we have a lot of options as in what we eat when we eat how much we eat. You know who with everything that those are our choices we make right. Yeah you know. It's interesting though. Going off choices how we do have choices but something that i was thinking about when i was thinking about you know having a relationship to food was that in all relationships you trust is really important in any relationship and for me. I know that i'm more suspicious of like our snack. Foods because of how companies create products that basically manipulator taste buds and and kind of stimulate our brain to want more want to eat more The science behind making food taste good and creating that strong desire to have more is really kinda concerning almost Because it's almost like they're hacking us in a way which i believe kind of strips away a little bit of that you truly are in control With unless you're aware of that so kind of how can we trust foods more or decide. What foods are worth trusting jacked. Yeah i know i know. Well it's actually percolating in my mind is something. I might wanna go into a lot more in a future episode. But i'll say that as a caveat of course if you're sticking to whole foods than there wouldn't be that issue but i do understand what you mean about processed foods affecting our senses and as and our drive to eat repeatedly. Choose them again because food science as an industry i. It's huge. I probably could have gone into that as a career. But then i wouldn't be able to talk to you folks right. Keep in mind if it didn't a wrapper or a box. You do have to be a little suspect of whether the manufacturer is just putting lipstick on a pig right it. It sounds good with the language that they're using the description that you're that they're using and sometimes it just shadows it a little too much When things we like to do at our house is kind of a game is we'll take a package or at a restaurant menu item and then we'll actually read it an omit every single adjective and see what we're left with Interesting sample. that sounds really interesting. Let's say that there's a snack cracker or something and the original version says you know this. Savory delectable crunchy snack fulfills your every young girl win between male and so we read it. And we're like snack william mail. Yeah right yeah which is kind of all the fluffy language the marketing take the marketing out of it and see what the real what the actual item is not the sizzle around the item right. That's right yeah yeah. Science there are things that are trigger our natural response to fat and sugar from our survival mechanism That hit that ratio and I wanna eat that again right. Even if you're not hungry even if you just finished like more and you keep taking in right. Yeah and that's a good thing spotty game very much. yeah right. Yeah the whole like the whole foods versus snack foods and it's definitely way more prevalent in like the snack food area which i assume we all snack. Perhaps if you're a normal you probably snack a little bit. Or he doesn't snack very much grazer. Actually grazer yeah nice. I really do i. That's not a bad kind of snacker to be like to me. I'm like how do you make a chip tastes like a cheeseburger. You know what i mean like. That's maybe let's slow our roll a little bit and be like is this. This is not natural at all like this is clear like chemistry going on to make that happen and so if they can do that like what else are they doing like i was even reading stuff about how they they research the perfect bite a pressure. It'll take to snap a chip that is warning to your brain and it sucks. There were pounds per square inch exactly right and so then it all comes back down to awareness. Yes i would and i. I don't think that we want to be distrustful of food. I think that's another negative emotion or sociation that we're going to have with and we're talking today about getting away from that so i think it's just awareness just acknowledge that sometimes those things are present particularly if it's a wrap prepared ready to eat item that oh well this is different than just eating an apple. I know that because they made it. I mean somebody made this triangular shaped pizza-flavored orange powdery delicious. Yeah we'll show you were talking about in regards to the self talk. I would say a lot of it comes down to just being aware of that and understanding that. If you know that it's going on. I feel like it'd be a much easier battle to combat. If you're aware yeah and we're not paying attention we're not paying attention to our self taught paying attention to our natural hunger cues. We have so many external things going on telling us what time it is to eat all the commercials or other signs and things that say what you should eat you know popular at what's in. The magazines are on social media. That says this is the hot new thing you have to do. You have to try do yeah. That was something that i was curious about. It seems like like you talked. About how like animals they have you know they they get hungry. They go hunt and they eat like it's pretty simple. I guess Have we overtime kind of gotten so far away from that that now we we don't even realize natural. We realized natural hunger cues were really but we'll also like rely more on the all these external ones like you mentioned like scheduling dinners it normally five thirty for people or something like that and can that be counterproductive to actually train schedule. Your meals into traditional mealtimes if maybe that's not right for your body oh yeah i'll let me go back and say as infants babies that we eight when we were hungry. If we didn't get it we cried is very and then once the moment of say a a toddler. Excuse me even before preschool. Then the shift comes onto the parent schedule or the caregivers daycare schedule for when neil and snacktime is and what served rather than the own The body the individual's body clock so leading into your your question about the mealtimes for most of us. I'd say that it's good to have a consistency of a meal schedule. Because it gives you routine to stick to you. Don't miss meals. You can sit with others at the kitchen table and you can hold onto your restaurant reservation because it's at a certain time right just like setting our. Yeah our wake up on our sleep times like everyone has a little bit of a different circadian rhythm so five thirty for you may be dinners at seven o'clock for someone else. But as long as it's consistent in routine. I think that's okay. It's very healthy. It doesn't mean that you have to have a dinner size platter portion. Maybe that six o'clock rolls around if that's your evening mealtime and you had you know a buffet at lunch. Then sit down with salad. That could be that meal for that time. At the exception though are have to say which is really tough are the graveyard and nightshift workers and they really have to readjust their internal clocks to the work schedule. And i'm not even gonna get into all the twenty four hour shift options there but you can't just rely on o'clock yoga theft to rely on. What your sleep and work schedule is right. Do you think because. I am current. I'm i'm kind of going through them but are there are the room for challenges in healthy relationship to food so challenges being like avoiding a certain food like. I'm not gonna eat desserts for a week or i'm going to avoid fast food or something like that. Are there challenges in a healthy relationship to food or does that kind of reinforce a negative relationship to food. That certain things are bad. And i need to cut cut them out. Let me ask you. perhaps. I wasn't following. Are you self imposing this. I'm not gonna eat desserts for week. Like that's right like itself like its self-imposed like in terms of like i am going to give you know desserts for week or i'm not gonna eat fast food for a month or something like that. You know those kind of challenges of like. I'm gonna go a period of time without eating something that maybe you deem as unhealthy for you is that is there so in in a healthy relationship with food you kind of have to give yourself permission but in terms of an this is another podcast. Talk hello audience a but he's jumpstarting your diet. Sometimes that having a clean break from your present routine Can be beneficial. It's like wiping the slate clean and doing something drastically different than what you're doing now really gets people motivated Some folks worked better on a little bit of moderation than an all or nothing for those that have strong negative self talk or you know issues there. I don't think that That all or nothing. I'm not gonna eat any dessert. This week is healthy it. It's just setting yourself up for will what are you going to do. What's plan b if you find yourself in this where you did okay. I had a milkshake on wednesday night. So is the whole plan off are just starting every time you do that. You're just saying a new week starts like so. You can forgive yourself five times that week. Yeah Right so more. Put some numbers to it. Maybe you could say. I'm only going to have dessert two nights this week so then i get to enjoy. I get the pleasure but i get to choose. Decide is that to be. You know my family's house friday night. Is that going to be. When i'm cozy watching a movie on the sunday rather than that kind of all or nothing that. You're talking about so built building in some flexibility to maybe your challenges so that you know you you kind of allow yourself a slip up. I suppose i. I would think that maybe challenges are also ward. Yeah and i mean it's similar like reward system if you donate it for a few days and you get ice cream on friday. Well maybe that's took the the reward on the ice cream because then then you're not using food for hunger player rather than ray. You're rewarding your behavior or you're rewarding your ability to follow through with the plan you set therefore you're going to allow yourself you know xyz. I guess right that is that's interesting the whole reward concept because i think it's something that people would initially see is a very positive thing but i can see how it actually kind of counter productive or it can be counterproductive because it kind of reinforces that some things are good. Things are bad when it's like food is food and it's really about moderation or how much you're having a beach and are you eating a balanced you know Balanced amount of food. But you see a lot of people viewing it the other way like. Oh if. I don't eat this week than i can go out for the you know the couple of drinks on friday with you know my friends and kind of what i want out the weekend not to say that it's a right way to view it but we'll know that's i think a lot of people do it that way. They select to positive. The whole approach of we call it. Sometimes you know an eighty twenty approach. Where if you're good eighty percent of the time with all of your food choices in their healthy and they're balancing their calorie moderated and blah blah blah. You know the other twenty percent of the time whatever indiscretions you have will probably balance out and take care of themselves so that kind of approach is good. I just wouldn't assign that individual. You know. Because i did this this week. I'm going to reward myself with these fries. I would just more or less. Say hell you know. This is the time when. I am going to appreciate and enjoy this experience because i get because i get to because not a b. equals c. It's it's not a tit for tat kind of thing. I guess right. Yeah and maybe that's why maybe because it is like this is so honestly it's actually becomes a little bit complicated when you think about your relationship to just like a lot of relationships. They could be complicated. There's a lot of nuance and it's the same thing with where you really can. Depending on how you view you know award or it's just you're letting it's okay. You know like how you view that. So maybe the best thing you can do is really just. Assess your relationship to like. How'd you naturally approach it right now. Are you more negative. Are you more logic fair about it. How are you and then you can kind of go from there to determine what's best for you moving forward in the new year But i mean so far. I feel like it's been a pretty conversation but we always finished with actionable advice. So debbie i kinda wanna know boiling down. What's the first step to getting out of a bad relationship with food. And what's the first step to starting a healthy one. Okay you had just mentioned before that question about recognizing the way you are. So i'll say recognizing and stopping the unhealthy habits you. I have to take stock. Just objectively of your Choices and behaviors so to be unbiased. A little self assessment over week or so And i don't mean a diet analysis. And i don't mean any kind of numbers about calories and nutrients i mean looking at a wise and house of all of those eating decisions like what triggered you to eat this when you were hungry. What led you to keep eating even though you're already satisfied so you kinda have to take that neutral non-judgmental Assessment of what those self talk. Things are what those choices are. Behaviors are and then you said. What's the first step to starting healthy. Yes starting a healthy relationship with food to thanks to share one is that the national eating disorders association on their website. They say forming a healthy relationship with food includes the principles of relaxed eating choosing preferences over positions and balancing our practice balance and flexibility. So i'd say that the first of those was relaxed eating and that's becoming more at peace with food so eat to satisfy your hunger and pleasure without judgment remorse or punishment. So that's kind of what we were talking about that. You know the twenty percent of the time you kind of let go and not worry about it The eating disorder specialist. Kate bruno that i mentioned she also meant existed vice. 'cause she advises a patients to make choices out of love instead of fear and care for yourself generously and i like this because it mentions What you had said andrew about relationships with others so care for yourself the way you provide for a loved one. Who's visiting with you. Which i thought was kind of interesting You know if if we live from a place of peace and acceptance and flexibility. Your body's going to thank you and your relationship with food is going to begin to neutralize. Doesn't mean you're going to reach all of those goals and outcomes that you want but at least it's not going to be with a bunch of tension and stress right right okay. More than one step in palo alto steps. Be more right right. The acceptance of it's okay. You know it's okay. It's going to be okay. We're going to whisper kind of be okay and twenty twenty one all right. Well thank you. Debbie for joining us again on the show. We appreciate it. Thank you all right and a big thank you to all of our listeners and members of their thanks for sticking with us in twenty twenty. We hope this episode inspired a few you to reassess how you think about food and start creating those help. You have it in the new year. Now he want more content like this nature. You subscribe season. Get next week's episode delivered straight to your phone. We'll be back in two weeks with a brand new episode but until then live healthy and we'll see you in the gym see then.

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5 Steps to Jump Start Your Diet  Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 47

Living Healthy Podcast

27:58 min | 4 months ago

5 Steps to Jump Start Your Diet Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 47

"Everyone welcome back to the living healthy. Podcast i'm your host in chicago and i'm your co brittany wells and today we're going to get your nutrition back on track during the pandemic our lives change rapidly in our routines were shattered. That means that we had to adapt quickly to working at home. Spending more time with our families and dealing with the fallout of dramatically reduce social life. Unfortunately along with these changes and a lot of cases came the deterioration of our own personal help. Perhaps he found it hard to create boundaries between your work life and your home life since they were both always present or maybe couldn't find an outlet for the stress that was building up every day. everything just felt overwhelming. Or maybe you just started eating more to cope with all the anxiety. Well today. we're going to try and get you out of at least one of those ruts by focusing on nutrition your diet or what you tend to eat every day can play a major role in how you feel and how you handle the pressures of everyday life so to get you back on track with your nutrition. Our guest today is gonna share five steps to jumpstart your diet and of course our virtual guests today is none other than registered. Dietitian debbie james. Welcome back to the show. Debbie thank you again and what a wonderful time to think about something new in this new year absolutely yes gonna jump. Start those diets for everyone. Okay we had. We just made it through the holidays. So let's get back on track here Like i mentioned a lot of us got off track last year. Probably with our diets. So as we were kinda lamenting this fact. Debbie good idea to come up with some simple steps to right the ship get back on track and create some good eating habits. So you kind of came up with these five steps What's the first step to getting back to a healthy diet. Or you said good eating habits and so i actually put them together in the acronym habit h. A. b. i. T. so the age is for healthy diet. Define what eating healthy means to you. 'cause it's not the same for everybody. It could be smaller portions to be calorie controlled. It could be more plant-based maybe it's low fat to deal with your cholesterol. Maybe it's unprocessed so whatever healthy diet means to you or healthy eating means to you frame it like it out. What does that mean for each type of food group or eating situation or meal so that you're actually defining that healthy diet that h okay so once you define what eating healthy means to you. What would be the next up that you would suggest taking. So you're a your age. Abt your ace step would be ask yourself. What's in the way of you. Achieving that healthy diet so is it. Circumstances is the situation is a bad routine. You can't say the healthy diet is this. And i want to get there. You have to say what ask yourself what is in the way. What are my obstacles. So that i can address those. You know. it's interesting with the obstacle thing. it's kind of like when we write narratives like in the film television world. You're always trying to put obstacles in your characters way so that they have to overcome them which leads to some meaningful narrative arc changing their characters. So i suppose in this way you just need to you know kind of creative writer and discover in your own life. What are those obstacles that right. Like a speed bump Sort of yeah. You need to self reflect. Basically this is your assessment. The a could also be assessment Right agree so once you've honestly assessed what your pitfalls are. What do you think you do next to avoid those. So then the b of the h. a. b. It is behaviors so rather than thinking about the individual foods. You actually have to look. Habit is behavior. it's a matter of choices of what we do. So what behaviors. What actions do you need to change. What are the ones that you're doing poorly or that you're willing to shift. And then you have to identify the alternatives of what it is you want to do. So there's a behavior change specialist. Bj fog he's a phd from stanford and he's author of tiny habits. He says that you have to identify the ones that you want to do. You can do. That are impactful to be effective because it wouldn't make sense. Let's say if i just said oh. A healthy diet means eating more fiber. And i don't get enough salad so therefore i'm going to eat more coleslaw right. Why would i choose that. If i don't like cabbage that would be that would be like making myself. Gag it down. It's not one i want to do. You have to identify the ones that you're willing to do the our chief -able that you can do and that are live as a replacement. It's not enough just to say. I need to stop doing acts. You need to identify what actions you are going to do to to implement. So what what what. What would an example of that be perhaps like in. Maybe someone that you've done this with or someone you know that's gone through this with the behavior change. What's an example of that okay so first. Let's say that someone is looking at getting more calorie control diet so a healthy diet to them energy balance and they've identified They've asked themselves what's in the way that eat too big large portion. They drink sweetened beverages. Maybe they're mindlessly eating between meals so that mindlessly eating between meals are going to address and their behavior instead of randomly grabbing something from the kitchen to snack on instead they're going to choose to drink water or chew gum if they're not really hungry so they've said this is what i'm going to do instead. This is the behavior the alternative. I'm willing to implement so. Is that like when you think when you catch yourself doing that behavior that you want to get rid of you catch yourself doing that and then you go okay. Here's what i'm going to do instead of you try and build that in your mind your mind so exactly. That's the that's the eye of the of the habit is the implementing that change. And it's deliberate choice that you consciously have to make repeatedly like practice makes perfect until it's it becomes unconscious. I was trying to explain it as a brand new drive like a brand new student driver. You have to tell them. Okay you're gonna pull into the parking space and that your foot got to be depressed on the brake pedal all the way then. You're going to shift the car into park. Then you can turn off the ignition right and so there's like this process and they have to think about it because they're not used to it and for me to do that. It's like half a second. I can do all of those and i haven't even thought about it. I've done it so so so many times. So making those alternative actions is a deliberate choice repeatedly until it becomes second nature interesting all right well before we get too much further into the final steps here we just remind people that they can subscribe. If they aren't already subscriber always got a break in here with us subscribe message. You know me But it's the best way to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone as soon as they come out which is every other monday. We always bring on nutrition. Experts fitness expert general health experts to talk about variety of topics. That will keep you motivated. Keep you healthy so hit. That subscribe button. Not really sure if it's bud and it might be a drop down whatever it is. Whatever the case subscribe to the show if you like what you hear and join the living healthy army. Do you think that brittany. That's a little thing. I'm trying to get going here. Got a name our podcast listeners. Living healthy army. You you you with that or dig it way if you the la che all right cool. I like our army living army. All right well great. Well welcome to the platoon. everyone Thank you for subscribing. Now let's get back to the so so we covered the ha be but now we need to find out about it. The it right so you kind of touched on the i a little bit. You said that was implementation. Is that right. Yeah implementing change so the swapping of the when. Poor behavior for the improved. Okay so real quick just to recap so we'd first of all you got to define what health healthy diet means to you because it's it's different for everyone. It probably shouldn't be ep pizza. All the time probably shouldn't be Then you gotta ask yourself. What's in your way of achieving. That kind of diet you know. What are your obstacles. Be honest about that. And then he got to address those obstacles by figuring out what behaviors you need. A change can or what actions he needed to take So you know that you've got to implement it. What are some of the most. I guess i think you mentioned. Maybe that there's with implementations you deal with triggers. But what are some of the more common triggers. You know that gives us the urge to eat Like you mentioned mindless eating for example. Like you just kind of get up and you want to the kitchen and now that you there you open the fridge and grab a snack you know. So how do we kind of some of the most common triggers that lead to that kind of stuff. Oh man we're we're so easily tempted to eat. It could be the smell of something it could be that you. You hear the little chime of the ice cream truck. It could be a sound on serious. What so true britain. Let's let's let's do a quick one brittany. What do you think is a trigger for you like do you do. Have you identified any triggers for you. I can tell you you think of one. I'll tell you what. I think i think of mine. One of mine is definitely like just watching television. Which is i assume. Maybe a big one for people but watching tv like in the evening. If i like just put on family guy or something where it's like. I don't even really have to be paying attention. I literally sometimes like turn the show on started. And i will walk. Divide kitchen to go. Get a snack while the show plays. It's like what am i doing. Not even watching it. So is it the act of watching tv and at the same time. You're by the tv. No it's not because fans guys like a snack now. I don't see something delicious. And you're like oh i wanna go eat that like no no no. I don't think it's that it's not so you've already paired those two associated them. From the moment you click the remote. Exactly it's literally. Yeah its relationship with food. i know it does. a little bit are true. They're all kind of connected. But that is one that i've discovered i'm like i need to like stay active and not watching television because it like it literally is so paired. Now that i it's hard for me to fight it. It's very sold so so. Yeah we're talking about that. That few pairing. Oh britney came up with one. Okay go ahead. No i could just think of a few like naturally. When i'm at the movie theaters popcorn i mean you smell it everywhere and instinctively when i'm there i just feel like okay. It's time treat yourself. Get some candidates and popcorn. Enjoy you know. Enjoy the show that guy taking a. That's a silver lining for me. When you're you have. Hey when you're at home. And i'm sitting on instagram. I follow a lot of food accounts. And whenever i'm looking at it long enough it always causes need to go downstairs and get a snack or makes them eat. I'm always hungry after. I mean i guess that's and looking at food. Obviously so then you'll have to pare. Pare the action that you want to do something. So in the example. I gave before of the person that's mindlessly eating between meals and they said okay instead of my Wandering into the kitchen that they're going to drink water gum instead will. They're they're triggered. wanna pair. That with is every time they change room. So if i get up from the desk and i'm leaving my home office i'm gonna grab my water bottle to take with me. It's already in my hand and easy. You know to get up to my mouth or pull the chewing gum out of my pocket or something. so that's an example of pairing it with an action so andrew. I'm gonna ask you in yours of turning the tv on and wondering to the kitchen for some people that staying on the sofa all night because you said be more active instead. So are you in your. I'll say comfy clothes kind of your house pants pajamas. Whatever when you watch tv or you wearing workout gear. I that's rapidly in lounge. Wear it's i now. I've done more. My workouts are now more in the morning so yeah probably lounge. Yes that is that is true accent. Why do you break that me. Very comfy chair lazy blades. Put your feet up. It has yeah. I know about that thing. As long as it doesn't have like a food tray. That would the food trade. That i do not have that but yeah that is interesting so i wonder i do need to figure out like i've also found like i almost like if i just don't go in my kitchen i can get over it but like if i go in my kitchen it's all over and so i'm like just don't go in my kitchen. Sometimes we need a distraction. That's actually helps get in the way so for example if this is an after dinner time that you're talking about and brush teeth. Maybe than if you did teeth whitener or you did your dental rants or you put on your retainer or any of those things that really you know your mouth has to be fresh and pure clean for all the things to work so if if you do those as an interruption before you sit down that might help you break that association. That's interesting do have a night guard. So maybe i get in bed do yeah. That's not a bad idea. Yeah that's that's bright. That's that's really interesting Yeah maybe. I will definitely have to try that. That's definitely one that stood out to me that i'm like. This is a trigger for me. That i don't even almost realize it just creates this like urge and i almost feel like you know if children sit down and eat a meal in front of the tv. They start to develop that kind of Connection you know to where it becomes like this like you said paired thing and it's you've got to really work a little bit hard to break that perisher or like or like the expectation of dessert like since when since when did we have a desert following every single meal like excuse me it's supposed to be a precious treat to enjoy not okay lunches over piece of cake. Dinners over ice cream lunch over cookies. Dinners over pot now. That was awesome. that was almost. I feel like that's like a song. That's getting ready to start to there. You go that's awesome okay. This is a little bit of a side note on dessert. But i thought about it. And i thought i now when we order food and bring it back home. We eat the desert. If we get it we eat the desert. I hear me okay. And the reason is as it's like Nutrition is probably tear body but it has ice cream so it's like a position okay. Love that so we eat a first because my thinking is look that thing's gonna it's gonna melt. It's not gonna last. You can't really save it. It's not going to be the same so eat it now and the food your main dish you can save half of it for tomorrow or the next day so like i've kind of restructured my eating hierarchy. I guess when it comes to take just totally random. I'd desert i i. We don't have a dessert after every meal. Or here's my question. Would you do that with every type of dessert. Or is it only because ice. Cream's going to melt as i was saying i was thinking about that. I think it's just all about. Will it be okay if i save it for tomorrow. If i can't right the ki won't be the same hours you put it in the freezer for an hour while you eat the cookie cookies. Not warm anymore zelina. Reheat it all of a. You're using like energy. You know you gotta like pay. Your bill. And i don't know goes into making having that desert. Yeah but this side because we need to get back to habit but as there there is some justification to At least children to have whatever we would consider the dessert item to be served with dinner. So that it's not regarded separately. It's not a reward. it's not You have to eat your vegetables in order to get axed that when i worked for head start and that's a preschool program It was it was done at the same time. So if you serve the tacos and you serve the orange slices and you serve the little sugar cookies and you had the milk out and you did it all at the same time family style. The kids didn't down all the cookies before they ate the rest of you know. They chose the tacos and they had some carrots and they really places. Yeah hi brian. I'm sorry but i'm going through. This live right now and i cannot stand by listen to this perfect world situation. I honestly that's amazing for those kids. And maybe kid is just wild but because because they they knew that it was there that it was available that it was part of the meal and they would each get one well that i think that was in no matter. What exactly they just didn't put it on either. Played a few right. I've seen my niece and nephew. Though were they know they're going to get dessert at the end but half to finished their meal too. I mean i guess that's not quite sent them all at once but but here. Here's why i think we've gone to the desert comes after you finish your meal because you put it on theoretically it makes sense to me but in practice you put everything there and the kid eats the desert right off the bat and then they don't finish the important protein on their dish. And then you're in this big battle like you need to finish all of it. I give you the option you went there. I fine because we're trying to be all good like everything's available and then but then you didn't finish and now you didn't eat which you needed to announce a big argument about it and now you don't sleep well. Something's going on here time. Did it take time for the kids to create a behavior like that or was it something that they initially did the first time that you put it all out there also key also keeping cookie end of this is this is a a small portion controlled item. It's not like an eighth of a cheesecake. That has like a whopping five hundred calories than just plays the meal. I'm talking about the size of an oriole. i'm talking right. It's something modest. I can see that over time. Okay if i eat my food. It'll still be there. So i'll do both or or not but yet battling to finish the plate. Have you ever seen the little psychology films where they put kids in room with a secret camera and they left them with a slice of chocolate cake or and they said if you don't touch it you can have twice as much after ten minutes and the patients chance right. Yes watch all the mom. And dad's go through during quarantine with can't some of these kids amazed me others them going back to the habit thing that wasn't so much an intervention that that or behavior that the children chose but that was presented to them and like we talk about getting kids to eat right role modeling presenting it to them in a very neutral way but repeated multiple times. And that's what i was talking about the the implementing. The new behavior is repeated multiple times so that it becomes that becomes the second nature. It becomes the expectation of not sitting down and stuffing your face when you watch tv but maybe popping in that that night guard right right. Yeah exactly yeah and that's where it takes. I think practice with these things. Implementation is okay. Now you have to exert some discipline in sticking to your plan of how you created the plan with hiv. Basically you're implementing the plan and that's where it takes that discipline to follow your plan and not deviate too much from that. I imagine exactly okay. So that's that's h we gotta get to the t. Step five and the last step in the process t is tailoring the plan so that means you can tweak What triggered youth parented with or the alternate behavior to overcome. Whatever obstacles might come in the and so you have to monitor and evaluate to get there. So i'm going to give an example of Another h t a whole nother scenario. So let's say the healthy diet. This person says okay. I need something high in fiber and low in saturated fat to help lower cholesterol. that's their healthy diets. There a is. Why can't i get that done. Well i'm asking myself i'm assessing. I don't have time to cook. I end up eating out and frozen meals etc. So be they say. Okay the behaviors. I'm going to do instead of fried foods and heavily cheesy items instead of ordering those a water you know salad and vegetable side dishes and things without dairy so they plan that intervention. They said okay so now. I'm trying to order those things and i find myself when i'm scanning the menu trying to get lean select us leaner selections and get more fruits and veggies I'm out of time. it's. I'm i'm actually getting to my meal so late that i'm ordering quickly can't find them blah blah blah so then they have to tweak their plan and say okay well if the menus too overwhelming alternate now they need to maybe download apps that they can save favorites on the. You know the preorder menu or identify the pdf menus for sit down restaurants of of what they're going to get once they get there and so maybe it's not at the moment of ordering but they're making their decisions ahead of time and that's their tweak is they have to be able to do something a little different but still follow the same Objectives that's a great example. That's a great example. Like i think that that's really interesting. So you do you leave room at the end there to kind of reassess. Are you able to actually execute your plan that you created because it it's all good on paper and then when you start doing it you gotta see. Are you actually finding success with this if not you might need to tweak it to still do what you want to accomplish. You just have to attack from another angle. And i really you won't. It's not trial and error. Ideally you won't have to change much if the behaviors the be part if the behaviors that you chose to implement are once again that you are wanting to do. It's not you're being forced to. You're not like a. it's the bottom of the barrel. Kale do it anyway. there ones that you can do their achievable there within your budget there within your lifestyle your timeframe or whatever don't say you're going to cook everything from scratch if you're an on the go person i mean that's ridiculous and that their impactful that they actually will help you reach that goal so if you do those three things When deciding what behavior. I'm going to do instead then. You shouldn't have too much tweaking today as awesome and quick side note on the app thing that you mentioned i am loving ordering through. It's like everyone allows ordering through apps. And i'm like this should be the new normal. I love it. You can reorder up. It's nice pizza thing and then also yeah. I just want that again. Because i've got this family members with four preferences right it didn't change much. Exactly it's so nice end just to avoid like let's say you're you know going through a drive through or something and It's like now. I can't see the menu because my years in a weird position and i'm like i feel like pressure because i'm in line and i'm like sorry. I didn't decide this beforehand. Now with the app i can sit in my lazy boy and i can decide right there and in my own time and then i just drive out and pick it up. Quick it's fantastic it's fabulous and it's also dangerous little bit when it comes to the fast food one watch out. I've been down that path. Everyone he'd my words. Don't keep those apps on your phone for too long. Otherwise you're going to have to work really hard. The next few months to burn it off but All right well the this is cool. This is great that we did five steps to jumpstart your diet and one tip from andrew on how to totally derail your tired. So don't download this app segment It seems like this whole. Let's do action will advise here. It seems like this whole apsos. Basically one big actionable advice segment With the steps of habit but can you kind of recap the five steps to jumpstart your diet. five steps habit. I've steps for habit the h. It the h. Is the healthy diet. You have to find define what that means to you a is ask yourself what's keeping you from achieving net so deal self assessment. The be is the behaviors that you wanna stop doing and those that you are going to instead. The i is implementing that change with deliberate repeated choice until it becomes second nature and the tea is tailoring the plan to adjust to reality great awesome. Okay so follow that habit plan maybe let us social media if it worked for you but Thank you again. Debbie for joining us on this episode. It's always fun talking to you. And thanks for jumpstarting diet in the new year. You are welcome. Thank you all right. That's gonna do it for this episode we know you guys. Like the nutrition episodes. So we're going to keep making them but please let us know. What topics do you want us to dive into next. You can use the hashtag living healthy podcast on any major social platform and we'll take a look and don't forget to subscribe to shows get next week. Episode delivered straight to your. We'll be back in two weeks with a brand new episode but until then live healthy and we'll see you in the gym.

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The Down Syndrome Ironman  Chris Nikic  Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 48

Living Healthy Podcast

34:01 min | 4 months ago

The Down Syndrome Ironman Chris Nikic Living Healthy Podcast Ep. 48

"Welcome back to the living healthy podcast. I'm your host andrew gabella and today we're going to be bringing you all the motivation. You should need to get in the best shape of your life this year today. We're gonna be talking to an inspirational. Young man named chris nicot who just completed his first ironman triathlon. At the end of twenty twenty. He'd been training for right around two years to make this a reality and he finished with a time of sixteen hours. Forty six minutes and nine seconds. That's right he raise for nearly seventeen straight hours now for those of you. That don't know an ironman race is a race that starts with a two point four mile swim then. A one hundred twelve mile bike ride and finishes by running a full twenty six point two mile. Marathon it's a grueling event and one of the greatest physical challenges you can endure. And chris did it and in the process. He did something that had never been done before you see. Chris has down syndrome and by crossing that finish line. He became the first person with down syndrome to complete an ironman. he broke a barrier. That no one really thought was possible and he showed the world what someone with down syndrome could accomplish if given the chance and the encouragement so today we're joined by chris and his dad nick to talk about their incredible journey. Getting to this point so please. Welcome to the show. Chris and nick. How are you guys doing good. Yeah thank you for joining me doing this on zoom. I appreciate it. I question i got to say. Did you guys finish your training. For today guard grudges. This out are being bond role during the act. Mentor writes back to that mental breaks. Yeah active heckman. Ovation jerk interviews. Okay yes i've video games and they're nice all right. I wonder what you're playing. What are you playing well video game. Do you play nice. Alright awesome cool all right. Well you know. I definitely want to get into your routine a little bit later but i i kind of want to set the table here and wonder. Can you explain down syndrome to our audience. Kind of what are some of the biggest challenges someone with down syndrome faces on a day-to-day basis. That there are four major challenges that they deal with on a day-to-day basis Number one is low muscle tone. So chris has to work probably five or ten times harder to build up muscle tone like everybody else. Number two is poor balance A hard time balancing so learning how to ride a bike was a mighty mental task. Took him six months. Learn how to balance on a bike. Wow yes slow reaction time so if a squirrel jumps trying to him he doesn't react same so he needs more time and preparation and more mental training able to react to things and then slow learning every time you want to learn a skill it takes much longer to learn the same skills. I would pick up very quickly so you add all those together. It's pretty minded mental task. Figure out how to do all the things you need to do to be able to do. An ironman yet to two. And i just for a normal person to do. An ironman is unbelievable and then to have all these extra challenges and one that sticks out to me is the balancing like being able to ride a bike Which requires a tremendous amount of balance and to be able to turn. That is incredible. So how did you how did you. What was it like growing up for you. Chris was it. Were you active. did you play. Sports should should on our son cows runs trivia. Gans is sad gear this cows and the app two of the crew so Lesnar man starring flying josh on Go is azure claws tries says. Dozens of dogs was on her house. Were share them but del out. How he you saw the as possible. Retarded contacted Crucial codes. That should always come before. Iron man crazy thorough a To chris or he said was In so i'll are of of. I did Dead argument down now got just read. The taller has a jam. Come on matter damore. Kobe show toward explain our trip. That's up says doug war netted a closet itself. Logbook firi- their vote for parcels aunt tap. Wow krause why did you crash. Amar does love it. He just hit his dad. That's awesome did you. And maybe maybe nicky can talk to this as well but did you was Was chris isolated. When he was growing up was he kind of was. Was there a struggle to feel like you belonged when you're not number one challenge chris and parents like us deal with is that because they're different they're you know they don't learn as fast. They don't participate as well as sports. Right they're not as active. You know what it's like you know you don't get included in the groups. And so chris and others like and find themselves living a life of 'isolation there's more involvement during school years but come eighteen and post high school. They almost drop off the face of the earth as if they didn't even exist and so that's what we saw with chris at the turning eighteen. A couple of a couple of years ago and said look You know his life is going to be a lot like that. We decided we wanted to try and do something different and you know we would always go to the gym and participate but even at the gym. He wasn't included when he wanted to play. Pick a basketball. You know he would never get included in that right. They'd always have a reason why he couldn't play. So yeah. that's the kind of life that these kids live. And what. I think chris has done is broken. Some barriers in ebay see came in and said he's gonna kick down the door of inclusion and said look i. I want to be part of this and i doing. I was away for him to you. Know make a little bit of a wake up call by the decided we can do more. We can be part of the community. We can be included in the tri cloud. The runner slob this wind cloud right we can be included in a five on five pickup games local. Where we're not gonna ever be the best one ever going to be worse but you know we can be included so opened big challenge and so when people ask me how do you. Why do you make your son trained so hard. Don't you feel bad making author ride a bike for eight hours on a saturday and my answer to them is. Don't you feel that making your son stay home and play video games for eight hours on other better. You know again today. The fact that he can do an eight hour bike ride makes me feel pretty darn good knowing. He's he's healthy of us pressure. He's doing things that are good for him and he's doing it with friends because when he video by himself when he's riding an eight hour bike ride he's doing it with ten or fifteen france so that was something that i kinda wanna talk about like. What was it. What did you find in the fitness community. That kind of made him all of a sudden fit in and belong. You know was it. What was actually. It wasn't the out it was him. He started to open people's eyes and they started to get to know him a little bit. They started to realize how much funding he was. And and just how special was being part of the group in so he started forcing himself into the group and the more they got to know him the more they realize what a special part of the group was and how he made a difference for the group at christie's a hunter and a lot of people and he he's very social and so when he joins grew the group becomes more social and people realize that. There's something special about him in. So he forces way into it but now people are realizing that chris and others like him a pretty special pretty unique and pretty neat and so he's actually opening the door for a lot of others like does get the swagger for the ladies yet that i mean yeah that is good. It seems like like what you mentioned like. You're not going to be welcomed in right off the bat. And so you. Almost he had to go above and beyond he had he had to just like just really out and show impress people essentially to go. Whoa okay now take another look like maybe i underestimated this so I mean definitely completing an iron man is one way to do it so That's fantastic. So i do you kind of talked about how you had a setback. A couple of years ago. He mentioned to me he had four major ear surgeries he was hitting that eighteen which is really interesting to me that that that's when we see down syndrome children fall off because they now where do you go get that social interaction right. It's it's not built in with school. That is an is really. Yeah something so we. That combination happening all the time. What was like what was it. That made him. Maybe you can chris keegan into this. What was it that made you take that first. Step to getting back into shape to getting off the couch and making health a priority again. Why resort our hotel so we were sitting on the couch. I was working too hard. We're both kind of living a little light bulb isolation instead we sedentary so let's just go out and have some together. That's how we're glad exercise together. We're going to go do something together. Go to the gym. we're gonna find something to do. And at that time to enact years ago the special olympics where he'd been pretty active started up program pilot program for triathlons here in florida. Never been done so we try to christmas. One of the first sighting three or four participants. And you know we went to a new band and lowly. Chris fell in with the amount. You've found a of people with the the the metals i knew you were gonna say christmas and that's how we started and it was just very slow and very fun. The trial had to be a great environment for having fun and meeting people. And that's how it started so tell me about your process a little bit like you've gone now from sitting on the couch. The lowest point pretty much to now one of the high. I mean clearly. The high point so far in his fitness career which is completing an ironman. What was the process. How did you get from point. A to point b. So we did this concept one percent you explain to them what one percent better from your perspective means so rob yourself one route either. Florida blue gerard By car by growth. So that's kind of the process. We developed this concept of one percent better. And you know it's an interesting process or concept because when you go to a gym or you go to a professional college what they do. Is they work hard. Really hard for now or you're sore for three or four five days after and then you don't wanna come back and that's how most people are The reason most people don't sustain good conditioning and and good development is. They go to hard to fast. They experienced too much pain they quit. They don't go back. We took a different approach. We said look. We're not like the top one percent that will go out and get you know six pack in six weeks. Not so we designed this one percent program where we said frost about lifestyle. It's continuous improvement. It's about daily habits. So he said look all. We're going to start small. And in. Chris casey you know the one push up once once lot or one lap in a pool or you know. Allow one minute on the treadmill. We just literally started small on everything and then we just track that said last. You know yesterday chris. We did a minute on the treadmill. Hey today let's do a minute and ten seconds okay. You're on their minutes. Ten seconds your duck. I know even want the next thing we go. Let's do a couple of You know squats great. Now we're done the next and that's all we did and but then each day we wouldn't pick something we get a little bit more. We go a little long run run. Maybe we go to lax in a pool. We kept that interesting. We had fine. We've just moved from one thing to another and we did that for a year year and a half and essentially from the time he started two years ago. Plus you went from cops ironman about two years getting one percent back. wow that's and that that requires a tremendous amount of patients and in the world today. Where patients is i mean. Just incredibly hard to come by. I would say everything is instantaneous. People want things instantaneous. How are you able to maintain that patient approach. We just designed as part of our overall programs to say. We're not interested achieving anything today. Where interested in just enjoying the process. The problems were interested in in seeing progress. As long as we saw a little bit of progress we were happy and the brain likes progress so we started measuring everything. Chris has this big Calendar on his wall where we write everything down and so if he did five push-ups yesterday you know today. He might skip it but tomorrow he might do six so he could see that on his wall every day you could see. He was making progress and there was always an end right. We started the year on december. Thirty first writing down in boulder. We're gonna do ironman november seven twenty twenty that was eleven months away and so we right long-term goals but we take a day by day and we see daily progress and ultimately the way we designed it is to make it so that it is incremental. And you're seeing progress every day in your satisfied with the progress as opposed soon with trying to make big gains too fast. Which actually derails any of your efforts so we were more interested in a daily habit of contains improvement than we were in any any results or any kind of growth beyond the right and then the results come you stick to the process and the results come in the end so in the results together. How do you nick for you. How do you keep your son motivated. Stick it out even on. Because he's gotta have hard days like everyone else even if you're doing incremental increases that's still builds up that compounds over time. So how do you keep him motivated. During the hard days i'm not always insider sweater. All he has a specific question for you. He wants to know about motivation. What motivates you. What's your dream wide. One thing about that makes you keep on elliott. Tell them what your dream is. That's his Off gangrene what motivates you to keep going every day or to live to or wanted to Death house or cloud might drive off many smoking her blog above bobrov and one day. That is because you order so your question is that every day. We talked about his dream so you know when day. My my belief and chris believes to is that if your dream is big enough the obstacles don't matter if the dream is big enough. The pain goes away. If the dream is big enough the effort is they'll be ill so arleen make your dream bigger problems bigger than you're paying bigger than your obstacles and you're going to be just fine so chris has. He has a huge dream and so nothing gets away and so every time things get hard. Chris and i have a interesting conversation. I always say to him chris. Body as is what i said. Okay everything's gonna be okay buddies. Okay said are you feeling things. I am i said okay. I know that. Let's talk about what's going to win. Chris is it going to be a fake name or your dreams and he always answers the same way. What do you answer my dream. And all and then we just keep going and we. His dreams replace his pain and his obstacles right and so we kind of always remind him that it's his choice between accepting pain or accepting his dreams but he can't have both interesting so Talking about we've talked about the motivation. What is the actual like nuts and bolts of a day to day routine chris. What's your routine Pretty much every day when you wake up till you go to bed do the holy so On bottles their eggs in by ross. John batchelor and much trained on throughout the week. Route three hours today hours a day. Three to eight hours. Wow that's amazing. Gosh what do you do with your free time. If you have any time walls now are we just hear the house racer croc. Why some of the quantum rondo. I'm not as men else. Hogwash grow shis geraldo wonks. So you party as hard as you work. It sounds like a beer. Ribaut saga all my deals with this june. So all right well. I wanna talk about the actual ironman because this is such a fantastic moment for anyone with down syndrome. Just for the finnish community. In general chris the day the ironman where you nervous excited. What did you feel that day excited. we're gonna cross along of Your yard for a while for house. Koroma mother club cured mars chocolate cake. No for year except for your father. Your father ask a dumb awards this classic back and forth between father and son that It sounds like mood. Food is a massive motivator at the end of at the end of the race too. I mean yeah. You can't eat whatever you want at that point racist seventeen straight hours for more. So when i when i briefly spoke to you on the phone About a week ago we talked about you know. Generally disability is seen as some sort of weakness. Or you know. you're something's harder for you to do but sometimes i feel like there's undiscovered strengthened disabilities. So are there actually any benefits or advantages to having down syndrome when it comes to exercising that. You've kind of discovered along the way with chris. So i can't tell you for sure because i have one one reference point but i am seeing things that i think are transferable based on what i do know about the downstream community and that is for example because daylight routine and they like repetition if you design a workout program that incorporates routine and repetition. They'll continue to do things longer now. They have to do things longer to overcome the low muscle tone of the other things because they have Appreciation for and they get comforted routine repetition. They can no longer So that then becomes an advantage because they can increase the case. Everybody else kind of gets signed. They quit early and they're not willing to do as much he'll keep going which will build stamina will build underlying strength for him so when it comes down to seventeen outrace where the average person will quit our ten or twelve or fifteen or sixteen. He won't quit right because he's built that foundation. So there i believe there may be advantages but you have to work a long time to break through those advantages there hidden deep down inside of them that come through hard work and effort over time. So i believe a disabilities or real. I believe abilities real What what i think. A lot of our young and our population down syndrome. They don't ever get the chance to go beyond their disabilities to be able to experience their abilities and see how strong they can be. I chris is a lot of strengths. A lot of abilities that will manifest themselves the coming year and some people already seen him do it with an iron man. They're starting to see with his interview. Skills are and his cognitive skills are improving They're also gonna see his physical ability continue to increase his cognitive abilities. Increases ability to do other things is going to increase. his learning approach is going to accelerate. So i think we're gonna see a lot of his underlying abilities start to serve concert a surface and become a what makes him. You know his strength. So yes i do. Believe that as many disabilities as they have they also have some gifts and abilities that needs to be tapped into right. Yeah that generally you probably don't even get to explore very often because like you said they hit eighteen. They're either shuttered away or they just they don't have that encouragement behind them to explore those areas so Certainly you know. You're barrier-breaker chris With what you've done in completing this iron man do you. What do you guys now that you kind of have this platform. Would you guys hope to accomplish with the notoriety in the fame. I know it's today to smoking hot blonde but other than that. What are you have to do with your platform and your fame chris. All the social media stuff. You're getting that you're reading about. What does that. What does that like tell about that until what it once what you wanna do is our inclusive of the. Our parents simi absences Our hero to kids. We need to stop listening to dogs. Reprint nimbus lee to take the nid off if that give me merely the decree cider go out to be poverty. Community be plugged out To all the house to all the dog issue maters when you say. I could not stop talking the flu view softer you. You can't generate for her. Because i got big dreams walk. That's that's awesome net. I like it. I like it. That's i mean that is good like you said so. It sounds like people are reaching out. Parents are reaching out social media. Saying hey like my kid looks at you now and see something more and and you see you know. You've inspired them in some way. Obviously that's fantastic. That's great use of the platform there. chris what looking at twenty twenty. One what's your goal for twenty twenty one and now you've got big dreams and goals. He did the ironman. So what's your goal in two thousand and twenty one or okay through the origins german. Oh chairman duhr colour horon hawaii. I heard you like the show. Hawaii five oh is that right. Yeah at the at the hulu. Create the hawaii ironman. This great i. Generally we like to wrap up every podcast with something called actionable advice where we can ask our guests to you. Know some up something. That's the most important what they want our listeners to take home from them the one thing they want them to take home to. I think this is a good chance to kind of give you each a chance to talk about this. So i'll start with you nick What message do you want to send to all the parents with down syndrome children. That might be struggling right now. Sure always see. Generally our kids disabilities because we're bombarded by all the experts in the society who don't really understand and we'll tell us what our kids can't do that we need to take care of them sometimes in a loving moment so we want to take care of them. We actually in protecting them. We a- cause more harm than good because we don't let them develop and we don't let them Identify and work toward their strengths to become self-sufficient and come part of the community. Become included live a life of inclusion. We don't give them a chance to we. Don't give a chance to experience. a gift. Scott gave them so my recommendations and appearances. Look it doesn't have to happen fast. It can take a different. Credit can take a couple of years. Go start slow. Focus on your kids strengths. Not give them a sense of purpose. Help them get a little better. Give them direction. Stick with them long until you see their gets Flourish and until you see them gaining the confidence and starting to build both physical and cognitive ability. That is probably way beyond anything. You've thought was possible and invest two three or four solid years in them and then they'll be able to enjoy a full enrich live in the community. Be able to get a job. Be part of the the circle of friends around them and But it does require parents making that investment believing in them and helping them make those breakthroughs. That don't seem evident but happened over time. And we have to have as you said. The patients the commitment to stick with them long term until they make those breakthroughs that will make them an inclusive by the community. Great and chris. What message do you want to send kids with down syndrome Does toss for being there. I i in the war. Asthma country alignment shocks of a ages. You're now pizzas. Personalities are going on social media. That is saying that. Christmas gifts now. Christner chance of needs chris. Yes you about all the other kids with down syndrome south sandra. He wants no the message for all the others. Like you tell about all your friends and what. You're doing even talking about abigail yesterday. But they're doing of this and what you wanna do to help them. Southbound on that The john how are ahead to bother cheers fired to so. I begin chatter his friends about his age. Now they're gonna triathlons really others around. The state with dancing was starting into triathlons. Great though tell me what you wanna do to help others bouncing and others and special olympics along to To be called religion workload religious shoved gives gives you great. That's fantastic. Yeah except what you can do and try and do more and dream big. It sounds like for sure. Well thank you guys so for joining us Absolutely inspirational story fantastic. And we know it's not the end of the story there's a lot more to come sure A you can invite me to the wedding. chris. Can i remember the wedding with the smoking. Hot blonde sure. Hey we heard on the tape. All right awesome all right. Well thank you guys for joining me on the podcast. Today is great talking with you and appreciate your time. Thank you so much. thanks right now. If you won't even more motivation to help you get through. Twenty twenty one. Make sure you subscribe to the show so you can get our next episode delivered straight to your vote. We'll be back in two weeks and until then we'll see you the gym.

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Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

The Cedric Maxwell Podcast

28:14 min | 1 year ago

Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

"Because now the narrative is oh, well he. He has get over that Hong. Whereas the Bronx over the Hump was the Celtics. He went to Miami to do that. How do you discredit him? If in fact, you who was around him? In Colima. Was Very Jau and. Go gaskets. Going to beat the Celtics. Oh! You, did you? You had to do something i. mean it wasn't like you know the rain. The rain had Westbrook, and and who else every had you know? She had a bunch against him. But now. Had Lebron didn't have too much choice like okay. I'M GONNA. Take this woman every year. We. Go deep into the playoffs every year. To the finals using. The old like even looking at this team. You said so. We're going to beat this team. Hippie that team, so then you add pressure to froth is no. They give me something to. Do what. I remember at that time. He's how my salary cap restrictions. WHO WAS GONNA get traded? Who was going where? Who who would who went to go to Cleveland? Wait a minute I think yeah I wanted to go with Lebron like A. Nice like you know, I say Brady going to Tampa like. I'm thinking to myself. These guys that are in the mid thirties. They can't do this family. How many years of these guys because I'm thinking? He would those guys. The guys they had. You still had more than what you had in Cleveland. You name the gas are in Cleveland. Twenty ten okay, yeah, the Antawn Jamison in gaul skips. Potential. No Cagey can play. My Man's. They've And and what did Kevin Do? Yeah, he used. More than ten Laurent play. He played seven years in Cleveland before he. Even had a hell of a lot more success. Did. Do. You want to keep Banya head. You're going okay, look. I WanNa win this. Pretend the winning junior mid twenties Max your mid twenties, but got to have an NBA. You have one person around you. Book Booby Gibson? These were. These names you talking about Williams. He's still you're talking about like okay. These are the names you're talking about going against all of famers. A few Challah famous in the Celtics were stacked from bothered to the top mean you couldn't. There's there was no a week position with the Celtics this. Think of Leon polling. Impose a good player. Lakers found that. Girl. Schick. The last harvest! Every Facet Sorek. So the big debate obviously continues. WHO's better Michael? Jordan Lebron James and now there's a whole new narrative now, right? There's always wait a minute. Everyone talks about the help. That Lebron Guy. But. Michael Jordan had a hall of fame rebounder. Jordan had a hall of Famer in Scottie Pippen and then there's the other side. That saying well, what else thinking now Lebron? James had to get over that Hump Rei here with the Celtics. Defiling won his first championship but he wants to do that. He has in Cleveland. Why wouldn't youth so now Jordan? Fans are faulting. Mean Lebron v Quarterback, these era Lebron wasn't gonna where he was not going to win in Cleveland. And I I. I'm not I'm not kicking anything. Anderson Varejao or some Roussell Gauss Casse, but that wasn't Chris Bosh and that wasn't the way. Or Ray Allen so I think that you know from that standpoint and even supposed to be a coach. The environment was completely different, so if Lebron was going to win. He had to leave, Miami. He had to leave the Golan Miami, but I think if you look at it this way, he comes back to Cleveland. Comes back and wins it there, so you can't say that about Jordan Jordan didn't go to. Jordan going down to Washington and winning their. Brian went wet left came back and still wanted he moved up on my list after yeah respect especially because they were down three one in that series for them to come back against the wars. Hall of famers. But yeah, I'm with you. In the in the debate, though who's better, who the greatest player of all time George Lebron James Neal or who's better out of two by four? Thank you. Yeah, I forgot. One of the guys the greatest. Allies you're Juan I look at what Chamberlain and we keep some steps, creams agai and now no one. My okay, because I think you control more of the game. The anybody's ever done at anytime greatest level of time. That's gone. Yes, but. I'll know how you can go away from. Chamberlain. Because In order for the order for him to play. The, NBA changed rules fit him in. He would have been that much dominant more dominant in a there was a rule where you You couldn't cross free. Throw line. Well what Chamberlain or when where he used to do was. Get a free throw take a running running jump, and the an essentially like Laya ball into. That's a rule that you know. What chamber force the lanes were more like A. person were like a popsicle or you know a cone ice cream cone where it was more like. Veered off yeah. European. Well well, we'll made it, so you had. They made a bigger all over, so he could just camp in the lane and get rebounds. lookie some stats on. The first, the only man is averaged over fifty. One year won't Chamberlain Average in forty-eight mini game will champlin average fifty minutes that the. By planning in every minute of every game never came out and it's crazy. His nothing never fouled out of a game in his life. Never followed out. I mean you just you know. People's only guys score hundred again now Lebron just valley five everybody's. Everybody's talking about. Oh, this guy average. was. Area Fifty. You know you see a guy. Give fifty all my God. He was averaging fifty so. On a good night, he was getting getting sixty sixty five seventy on a bad night. He was getting forty four. So that's how I mean. That's how Bombini. Here, but like okay well, you know. He didn't play against well he had. The plague is one of the best players of all time and Bill Russell. Drives me crazy about that. I'm glad you brought people saying that now about Jordan and I'll make less than men because you. Watching these old games thinking these guys they all you know like Joe schmos out there. People forget that that's the way players the way. Let's face. It asked might. Look back dinner. Goofy! The way it was. That doesn't mean that they didn't have game. Against you played against the gas. We played against. You Win you win. Say Tom. Heinsohn, you know he had to run in Hook shot. BOB cousy. I'm not sure if he could. Picked up a check with his left hand, because he was all right hand, but the way the game the game has changed over the years and things that were easy. This thing Bob cousy for his career I think he sat someplace in that thirty percents area thirty to thirty three percent for his career. Dues right now in the NBA. Thirty three percent from three point line and beyond. Courage issue like probably about. Almost forty percent forty percent, so so the the way the game has changed. Everything has a whole nother perspective on you know. How is play? I always said that you know my particular championship game versus the Lakers in Nineteen eighty-four. Or there were I want to sit. There was eight three points three points attempted for the entire game. That's crazy Michael Cooper made two of them and that was in. was that nobody has made that? Nobody else made the two subjects. Nobody else made it. Three two subjects never made a three game. And, that was the seven game. I went to most grueling series against the Lakers that you could imagine bird, and that's why they did Laker thirty for thirty so out of the two though you had to pick one, or maybe it's too early which you pick and Michael. Or Lebron I think Lebron right now is still incomplete. So, let's let's give him a pass now. What do you say now this year, is he? The Best Player on that team was apnea Davis abyss. Is Operatives Okay so? was. Real strange was Michael Jordan was ever not the best on his team when he play. Don't know never was not the best. Even it was. Yeah, so I think is changed. You know by now. I'm finally doing something about my weight and my hill. Story Awake Wendy. I've already dropped about eighteen pounds. And I'm not the only. Kendrick Perkins Down About Thirty Five. Of the eleven thousand found solution for weight loss. No No medication. Weakens. Combination Science through trickery. One on one. I recommend you call agent urge. You'll lose weight starting the first week and each it every week to get to ideal weight. Awake one eight six face, but during this luck that. Virtual! As appropriate. From the comfort of your own. Simply log into to awaken. They'll. Start Your weight loss transformation. Await your? Weight Loss Pick Your weight loss program. Was Red Sox. But you don't fault him for going to Miami okay. That's fair. No, I think at that point. You know. He had to go someplace else in the win. He had to go in and team up with somebody else to win now. Do I feel like that with Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant had. West Broom and other players who would with him in okay see. Down Three one, so that was that was that was a head scratching their I mean I i. just couldn't go join them after they just beat me. We have down. I mean here's the thing you wonder. If. They had one. Of Okay, Cap Golden State. Does rain still there. No! No Jazz Oak Nokia. You agree right. I think I wanna say is thinking Oh. It's time now I was I I want to say so, but that's what most teams do you know when you get close is like okay. Next time. We're GONNA. Kick the Damn Dory as we're going to do. They didn't do that, he he'd sad. He went to leave and go. Play with you. Know Golden. Stay in that and I think. A lot of people looked at that as As a A soft ass move but. Look back on and say. Hinder going there and winning two championships and was the finals MVP. Twice. Was the step. Was Clay it was. So. As hard to argue you know what he I mean you can you can. Only throw shade other, but the end result. He was the last Guy Laugh. So. Can you compare his? You can you compare his game and his aides to Lebron James? You think there's no. There's no different. I think they're. They're different in who they are. I think Kevin. Is a lot Mitsui. He is a lust softer when it comes to his emotions right well, people are talking about I. Guess what I'm asking. Is You don't? There's no astros over those championships. Championship Sam and you've you found VP's wise. Asked her see one. We whether you want a play against guys who couldn't play. They couldn't walk. They couldn't run. No, you get a championship team, you beat! So No! I agree with you when you compare the two though the. Durant being a little more sensitive as to how he's A. Revered and was look at him and social media exactly. What I just said could get back to the rant, and he would respond to it, he would he. I guarantee you if you tweeted him nonstop for like a day or two. He would he would respond to. Lebron James Reacts from the Bruins. Whatever. Whatever you had to be the president of the United. States again Lebron skiing then yet to be the president. Not Not not Obama. But you had to be be the trumpster to get. Lebron Ronaldo is Lebron all-time is the top five. He cracked the top five view. Again things. Mike I wanted to say still incomplete. I just think they his incomplete where he is this. Let's find out at the end of the day. What he does I would join Jordan Jones. Wanting to jobs of all time top three to five hours easily opposite, easily top three. Okay, easily top three. If not, you know, you could always argue that he was the best play. A lot of people think he is, but you know it's just really interesting. The seeing then there were other people that Kobe Bryant was better. At the end of the day said, Kobe was a better player Michael. So there's always an argument out there someplace. You think Kobe Bryant. Could. Could you make a strong case and saying Kobe Bryant better than Lebron James Right now Yeltsin? You could mean the number of championships alone. Will tell you that the score titles 'cause I just. Recently well I think that. If you think about like Kobe, his his wheel, he impacted the game. He could like you. Say Kobe Miss. Fifteen shots and then come back and make fifteen in a row. You think about that game that big game that. What was last game of his career was sixteen Utah Yeah and against. Utah and he said Hey I started. I was thinking the building. And came back and was just unbelievable the way the game. Never Forget it. Now you know going back on the other side. I might have to pick colby. Is Tough, their neck and neck. As. I told you on twitter. I'm finally doing something about my weight and my heel. I found the solution for weight loss in this awakened one eighty. My friends in the media told me about awakened one eighty. It's their go to program to lose weight without killing yourself and the gym or taking any kind of medication. Just listen to the success stories. My boy cow draper dropped thirty pounds. Andy Griffith dropped up one hundred and five, and that's not it Scott Zolak. Steve Logan. And Reeves. Dr Law or Parman and as Cedric Maxwell to this. Is only been about three weeks and I've already dropped about fifteen pounds. Turn these trying times into a reason to get healthy like me. Call Awaken received the same one on one coaching. I'm getting at home or on Skype also access when thousand recipes and tools you need. Patrick weight loss from the company who has revolutionized the weight loss industry set up your first consultation today, and the wakened went eighty weight loss dot com. You get greater. And this is no offense at all, but you know. Still Living, but I think yeah greater in depth about how you were and how you play I mean there were so many people who came out of the woodworks at the end in praised Kobe who hate it seemed like they hate it. Kobe respected them, but they hated him. And when he passed away, it was like this. You couldn't find a person out there. That would say a bad word about Kobe. Bryant and this was well. There was some people because of some people were still on the thing to happen. in Denver in Denver where people are still still on that. Colorado were happening there, but. But for the most part, and then there were people were still that the shack people. Who you know, Kobe toll on Shag or Shag did. He pays women. Shack and that was just not. That that didn't ring good in the community. That was that was breaking the broncos. For sure broke. The Bronco has no different than. Getting a Laker player of the Young Lakers player that toll all the Angelo Russ yeah, the Angel Rozas. Shaggy PEA and about what he, what you? Put Record the conversation. Posted that was you say there's a? There's a bro Code that you have that you that you have with people. You don't you don't mess? Nobody's wife. You know messing nobody's kids. And No snitching. SNITCHING That's true, but then you had the other people who are going to say like you. The Bras Dunya Yeah. Lebron is another one. Does that change. Go says if he gets several one. You become the. FOLLOWS MVP I mean. Lebron James is unique. And the thing that you cannot deny. Lebron James says lived up to almost all the hype right and I. Don't think any basketball player any other athlete I know. Has had the the scrutiny that Lebron James is no question. Can we go back and pretty much say that eighth grade? Thing about you think about football players who came in China and sale and people like that Tom Brady. Tom Brady was no hype around him about what he was, but since Lebron James was into, you know. What is that eighth grade paved grade? He has been known as the king, the Chosen One and has lived up to expectations and. Surpass those? I mean you can even look Kobe Bryant. Look the Kobe Bryant like that same. It'd be I, but he ain't going. Be We marking him down as as the One? And how many times we've seen the one and you know Brian Bosworth, who played? Football at Oklahoma is a great linebacker and get to the NFL is. Pretty much was a bus so I. Don't know too many people. Who Have you know I? Remember careen. I remember well Lew Alcindor, and then when he went to college. I mean that's another guy, but you'd think how you've lived through that scrutiny. Your entire life that to me is amazing is is is is amazing and to step on their state. You know you've got this poster. Right here of of of Larry Bird. Wind Larry Bird really come on to see was in college. Brian James's Highschool he's he's doing this though in high school. That people's listening. You Know Magic Johnson. high-school college say you're going to be good, but nobody's say like okay, you know. He makes coming. I. Don't remember anybody. Jordan Jordan got cut. Georgia Jordan got cut like I did. In his junior year, I think it's off more year from his high school team. So he didn't have to deal with. You know that next guy coming up until he was in college and the Brian did it when he was in eighth grade, so he is, he is taken very very few MIS steps. Credit that for sure you have to give them credit for that for sure I mean made look at look at. Spotlight? Look, at Michael. Jordan has had missteps right with the gambling. the womanizing. All those things account. Go along with it Kobe. Bryant the womanizing. You know that stuff you know has gone along with him, but you can't hardly name to this day. What was the BRAS MISSTEPS? Outside of the game. A decision. That's closest you get as it goes, you get and that was. That was his decision to make. So I I, don't I? Don't think he's still with his high school. Sweetheart from mistaken, so yeah, you are maybe not you, but some people are thinking. Okay. It's going to slip. Point. knows. No unless he just has veil over him. I. Think that's that's the whole thing that you know. People have, and this is around. Themselves will good people i. think that's where it is surrounded himself with it. His entourage of people have been really good and You know only takes one to take the king down. One spy in there and we've seen it over and over again, but nothing yet I mean the thing that I look at his Jordan. Hess control the narrative. Because he owns the What A business move! This was at this particular time nothing going on in the. World No sports at all, and he comes out with the last day. Whether I'll say. We had the chance to talk about the last dance. How many years ago and you're supposed to be in June and they pushed it to April because it was going on and the thing. That's crazy about that last dances that. Even with that. That you still don't see. And I have seen as much of but Jordan spots. We need decided. He was retiring I. think that there by just looked like okay. And I think that we looked at it this way that you walk away in your prime. And then you always want. People were always wanting more. We still look at Barry Sanders. We go. Wow, he's still has something now. We look at Gronk. This gronk anything left. He's GonNa. Come back. It's GONNA be. It's GonNa be fascinating, but Jordan for him to come back to his credit. Didn't come back is like one of the best in the game he came back is the best in the game he control that narrative and came back and won the championship. That was. That's what was crazy about that. Remember, Scottie. Pippen Airbus Scott. Is GonNa. Take the league over now because you know Scotty can do what Michael did. We found out that wasn't the case. And they had Toni Kukoc. He's going to be the Pink Panther. That's what they used to call him. He's GonNa. Do it now. He's GonNa be. CHICAGO, they get to be good again to deal that guy. Guy came back into build remorse to came back liberal more champion the end up building. He's the greatest man he's gross, and that's why this thing doesn't get. None of these none of these stories all for me, I think that you. Do because you still think. We're bias. You and I I didn't see I saw Russell play a few times nineteen sixty nine I think it was last game I didn't I think graduating from high school until nineteen seventy-three so I didn't get a chance to see Russell and appreciate who he was, but you hear Tommy Heinsohn, talk about him. Is just these. Things Russell was able to do. Somebody may steal one to and Russell literally I can hear. Timing is any read the Guy Down? Doubting flock this job before gave a lady. Is Russell ran for one into the other? That's how fast he was so those go in. You know you look at it and I seldom you. You've seen that the one thing that you know. When habitats stole the ball, Russell had done a something to try inbound the ball and the ball hit. The stanchion was out of bounds, and the ball went to the seventy sixers and Russell was saying. Are I guess when you guys to build me out I? Need somebody that. Me Out from mistaken s when. Sam Jones hit the ball and then have a check stole the ball and. That's part of a Celtic lower, so the man has how many championships I love him. Eleven. Lab. Say outside live. He got eleven lab. He got lived. So? I think this is crazy. We think about who he is player. Mean, they're legendary things about about you know. BOSTON, and that you know just go along with me something about Bucky Dan I think about Brady Tuck rule. Think about you know. Have a check steals the ball, but none of them are funniest me as my CD. None of that. There were big PAPI. That just kills me when I think about it wasn't that long. Ago. My. Seventy ago. Seven years ago. To. See. And now he's doing eastern somebody's bank as like. Again those checks gags. David Ortiz. Still get those.

Lebron Lebron James Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Michael Celtics Cleveland Bill Russell Lakers Miami NBA Tom Brady Jordan Lebron Georgia Jordan Kobe Kobe Lebron Guy Kevin Durant Lebron Ronaldo George Lebron
Meredith Marks


43:59 min | 5 months ago

Meredith Marks

"Hey guys did. Following podcast is a lady gang network and podcast one production which means it's gonna be awesome. This episode of late gang is brought to you by daily harvest go to daily harvest dot com and enter promo code lady to get twenty five dollars off your first box happy new year. Well welcome to the lady gang to say that again already. Jiang things are about to change around here. each week. We catch up with hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night. Becca tobin and jack vanik. Hello hello hello. Welcome to the lady gang and becca. Tobin who jack van. It can kelsey night high. I am not okay. It's dark already. It's four zero seven. I'm not gonna make it through the winter. I can't do it. I'm just tired all day all day. Then no. I don't think it's daylight saving is. I don't want to hear from you guys because being in the pacific northwest worse. What time does it get dark over there like. No she's north. It's less dark. It's no it gets zones are later in the summer. Oh yeah. I'm sorry it's winter you're right right. Yeah if i'm in think hoover is that still considered the pacific northwest or. Is that only when you're talking about the states I think it's only the states. But gigs zack. Same climate as south west of canada. That's true the southwest. Yeah you're right. you're instantly so. Canada sounds fiery. Well it's really. I don't know how people live in places like this permanently like they don't do they must just get used to not having any sunshine. This is why my parents started coming down and hijacking my house for like six months a year in the winter. Because they're like. Oh it's hell down the so cal. It's terrible in the winter in canada. Dark well actually. That will bring it. That's a good segue into a time for good we. It is bad we know my good week is actually the other day. I was going to run an errand threw on like the equivalent of pajamas. And like go like like shitty boots basically like the poor man's dog and then like this in jacket like i looked in my beanie. My hair was up inside of a beanie. And i was like you know what. I'm very grateful that i'm in a city right now. Where you you can go out like this and no one like no one cares. Oh yeah nice the vibe while. I've already tried to find the paparazzi in vancouver for you. There at the riverdale kids house makes sense. You're not interested in becca. Tobin right now. I'll tell they can get becca. Tobin life going down the drain. Look at this tuke. That's one thing but it's like everyone. You actually look like an idiot. If you aren't dressed like that yeah so appreciative. I'm very appreciative of that. Well then also just add in the fact. That like athleisure leisure and sweatpants or now a fashion statement. I'm not gonna wear a pair of jeans ever again. It's not happening. You know although my bad week is bad. So zach walks to the gym every day. There's like an equinox and they do like very small like you make a reservation now to go and it's very safe and whatever so. He walks there and he came home from from a workout and he was like so. I just saw something really disturbing. I like what he's like a woman's vagina like alba china. Like an eagle. Yeah he's like she's sitting down on the ground like on the curb and she looked like she was like pulling her pants up but she was sitting cross legged on the ground bare ass on the pavement in full the full vagina. Obviously this woman was probably you know maybe mentally ill. There's definitely use infection in her future because her bairbre china was on the ground. Well i was like that's really sad. That's like you know. Whatever terrible will then. He came home yesterday. And he's like. I wanna tell you something but i'm worried it's going to really you out and i was like well you can't open because obviously gonna say i need. It is now every detail. He figured out what the woman was doing because he saw her again. She's shoes pooping. Like just hooping on the pavement but not sitting up enough to like not be sitting in it oh and do a squatty potty. It was a squatty. Potty squatty pavement and that was like right before. You're about to eat dinner. And i was like you know what that's why people in big cities make you take your shoes off before you come in the house Left why you can't wear your shoes healthy night's house but in like la. It's very rare that you're going to walk down the sidewalk where someone's taking a shit unless you're not in my old house. I guess your time. That's true lots of human defecation around my only was there was. You're right much. yes you know. i'm gonna go ahead okay. So my good week is a very amazing. Dm that i got and you know at the lady gang. I feel like we like to inspire people to like. He's under people or to you know. Try out new things and this is one of the best teams that have gotten a long time. it's from back milano. She says i'd never seen seinfeld before. But you and becca talk about it so much. I've been watching it from pilot to finish among season seven. And i realize now just how badly been missing out on this gem. Wow that's the type of influence. I want to be an in this world. Wow that's a good one. My biggest complaint is. That seinfeld doesn't play more often like just on regular syndicated tv used to it used to play every single night from ten to eleven on channel and then from eleven to twelve on a different one and that was my pre then. I watched curb after that. So it was like hours of larry david television but i don't know if they do that anymore they don't it's really hard to that. They were supposed to do it on hulu or something. I did her going somewhere streaming i to happen so i need it because i need to just put it on at any given point of the day because it just makes me feel so good. So i'm glad that we're influencing people like to make a decisions. My bad week is really is bad week. And this is one of our lady gainers posted in the facebook group and she says oh my god this is double. This is my bad week. I would you like to tell the story. Now go ahead. You tell from your perspective okay. Some girl goes. Oh my god this is not stop ganger and she posts a photo and photo of is this beautiful model for skims. The model is probably sixty years old. Stop yeah honestly here. i'll show it to you. I wanna see it love guilty. I mean first of all that woman does not look sixty hold. You think she is on the. Maybe she's younger. Say hair yes. She has gray hair. That mean church. She's beautiful but she's older. She's definitely sixty. This is that for any age woman. Skims add we are. We sure she's sixty didn't look her up no her name. He looks like fifty late late forties. That's not that you want to tell your side of the story kelsey how to make you feel okay so first of all. I'm flattered that anyone would think i would have boobs like that because i've never had both of my boobs touching each other ever at any point in my life so i don't know what that's why I saw this honestly. It's been a string of hits. I tyler what's aerosmith's steven tyler ben. A few weeks ago someone was like that girl was like oh my god. I thought this was you and kathy hilton. She's sixty one and now the skims ad and what it what's crazy about. It is that. I am feeling my hottest ever. I know i'm not. But i really are though you're looking you're hottest i'm in the delusion of oh my god i'm taking such good care of myself like i'm so wonderful. I just keep getting pegged as a six year old woman. And i am. You know it's my birthday. I'm gonna be thirty nine and like it's my last year. This year can doesn't count but it still counts. And i'm feeling bummed because it used to be. Do you remember when you were like thirty. Two and people would be like. Oh my god. I thought you were twenty six. That never happens to me anymore. No one's ever like. Oh my god you look so much younger than you are. They're literally like anyway. I have so many thoughts. I'm so insecure will now. I'm getting the reaction it's like you don't really want any reaction you think what you wanna hear is like oh my god. You don't look thirty. Four whatever it is. Yeah but the thing i get now is the thing i used to do to women in my twenties and like i'm so sorry i ever did this. But when somebody who looked amazing told me their age. I would be like. Oh my god you do not look forty five like as if it's like really old or really bad to be that age right so now i get like describe this reaction of. Oh my god. You don't look that old. And i'm like like i've wasted thirty three years of my life and then sometimes when i said that two people i was lying sometimes. You're not forty. But i would like i that you can't really tell the age of many women anymore like i obviously can't either if i thought that woman was way older than she is. Yeah i i mean the girls on tiktok. I think they're skewing our entire brain because they're like sixteen and they look thirty five. I mean but that also kind of makes me feel better about myself. Because i'm like do they look they look my age. So does that mean. I look like a nineteen year old. No i think it means that these days are looking like us. Because they're getting not work. Did that's right filler. Face are you gonna let your kids get their work. Done work done on their face. No of course you're gonna make them like botox three filler for a. I feel like i can't be a hypocrite. We'll just have to. If i have a daughter after maker. Wait until she's the one that i was when i started well like i had this thing when i was in my early. Twenty s which. I actually watched a video of myself when i was nineteen years old and i was like holy crap from my face was way puffier than it is but i wanted to get that buckle fat removal on my jeans and my mom never let me do it. Cause she's like you're going to want that in your face when you're older and now that. I'm very glad that i never did it. So it's like maybe those kinds of things that kids want that you really don't wanna like tata's it's like piercing your face. More everyone in high school one eyebrow piercing and now they all have that like hideous eyebrow piercing scar. Yeah that's not a good one. That's not something ever wanted dumb. Did you have a good week healthy. Oh that was my bad week. Yes i have a good week to. You're talking nowhere near your kerfuffle. Well honestly. I just had a series of bad weeks prepared for this. I really let it rip dude that week. Okay i'm yeah manager double bad week i i have. I am annoyed with myself nutrition. I have been doing all the things. I'm supposed to do eating vegetables. Working out going to therapy writing talking to my friends having a well balanced life all these things and at some point. I'm supposed to feel like something. And i still just feel like a king hated twenty twenty. Like i'm just i can't get happy. I could sleep for like seventeen hours a day by day time. I yeah. I'm like i don't want to cook any like i just. I tried so hard to like. Live that oprah life and do a better life. And i'm just like if i'm like. I don't wanna boo joe. My water intake like rude. Yeah we're all screwed or maybe now we're just level because you're you've joined the rest of us losers while i'm sorry you're going to get your i think you're gonna get your mojo back though i have no doubt now i will. I just i you know. I like i. Just i'll give this okay. That's a that's an kelty. Five point point. Oh that like nobody great kelty. I wanna care. I don't care like i i just. I'm not trying to be a good wife. I'm not to be good. I'm like masks neom like zip. Pablo you can. Only you can only like try to self improve for so long and it should get old because nobody should focus on themselves that much though right if if you're still like thriving just becoming a better me will you need to get your head out your ass because it's been far too long you've been focusing on y-you A men can you church. Give it out. Get out of the asshole in. I just felt like matthew mcconnahey. Then that's too much time on. Why you when he cooking videos big tapes big tastes. Big taste boo big Bit not big flavor big today for anyone anyway. I am happy to see you. I'm excited for this. Guest is the first season of housewives that i've even watched. Now tastic it. Let me say something. They have knocked it out of the king park with the casting of this show. Because everyone i think except for our guest today is off their king rockers. Yet like certifiably out of touch with reality to the point of like no return. Oh yeah casting was ape it. It's truly amazing. It's truly i didn't. I don't know if i told you this. I said instagram. But when i was in salt lake city doing the interview before it started. The girl jen shah. She brought multiple furs to the shoot. Wanted inch so she wanted one for honor chair during the interview one to walk in and then like a for for the bureau. Here's my question about her. Like i don't know if they're going to address it on the show. I'm sure that they will but like where. Where does her money come from. Oh she has like four marketing agencies. Okay and husband is. He's a he's a coach for university. But it's like a like one of those like good vibrations versus where the coach probably makes a million dollars Right but she's not living like she makes a million dollars a year. She's living like she makes twenty million a year. Yeah so she must have some supersedes had like three or four different. I read or bio like marketing marketing. She's businesswoman 'cause you like that all these women early way more business savvy to than. I'm assuming a lot of the seasons like it's a housewife situation. It's more like boss bitch. Yeah for some of them. Were for most of the franchises. I think that they know that. Like pure housewives. Don't actually make good on tv. Yeah you know what it is too. It's like i think there's like a this is me like talking so much shit about like girl bosses like ourselves but i think that there's an element they figured this out in casting that show. There's an element of narcissism that comes with a boss lady like with a woman who wants to stay at home and raise her family and be a housewife flake. She's obviously like not that Obsessed with herself like she wants to nurture and beer there for other people. It's the ones you gotta look out for are the ones who wanna like conquer the world like us. Yeah alley yep nailed. Then you get like samya. Dick's hicks speaking. I'm just talking of being like the only not dick you know. Her voice is so soothing to me it was thing. Yeah okay. I love it. Let's get into this year. We are all refocusing on what it means to take care of ourselves and as you know i am on this giant health. Journey and daily harvest makes it. So easy obviously. I've talked about the smoothies before. The soups are amazing. But they also have these daily harvest bowls which are so easy. And what i love. The most about daily harvest is that you can order it and then you put everything in your freezer. Iowa's big tangents all these vegetables and then everything goes rotten. And i've wasted all this money but because it goes in your freezer you just take it out when it's convenient for you when you need that smooth when you need that ball you waste less food that way. Everything is organic farms. They freeze their ingredients right on the farm at peak ripeness and daily harvest has something for every time of the day. Smoothies flat breads soups for colder weather with daily harvest. I'm enjoying undeniably delicious. Clean food without any of the prep. And whether you're looking to have a daily dose of fruits and vegetables or you can have a little time on your hands back from meal. Prep get started today. Daily harvest dot com and enter promo code lady to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's promo code lady for twenty five dollars off your first box. Daily harvest dot com daily harvest dot com one of our favorite shows of all time. Classic jersey shore family vacation returns jerseys back baby. All new january seventh at eight seven central. Only on mtv in case you missed the first half of the season. This season picks up two days after angelenos wedding and the infamous speech. What might have been a disaster heard. Only by a few hundred of angelina closest friends and family. It's now leaked making dna jenny. Nicole the targets of angelina. Supporting internet trolls. A bad situation just keeps on getting exponentially worse and the boys are at a loss. But mike decides to take on the challenge of reuniting. The family and the meditation is born after months of separation due to covid in the girls inability to move on. The family is really at a crossroads. So the guy's plan and polly rents out an entire hotel for the whole family and everyone is invited husbands wives girlfriends babies and even uncle nino the guy's got a mission to make the family whole again but are things beyond repair. You need to check out. Jersey shore family vacations. They're returning this thursday january seventh at eight seven central only on mtv. Hey guys i'm jordan. Jones and i have a brand new podcast called what they don't tell you on podcast. One i've been on. Tv and youtube for almost ten years as a dancer and a singer. So i'm here to share what they don't tell you about what it's like growing up in the public eye and how to navigate the social media game and i'll bring on my friends and share some stories and help you live your best. Gen z life. Get new episodes of what they don't tell you with me. Jordan jones every thursday on podcast. One spotify apple podcast and anywhere. You can get your podcast now. Back to the lady gang. We have been talking for weeks about the new housewives of salt lake city and we are so excited to welcome our very first cast member from the show. She's an award winning and celebrity favorite jewelry designer. Who has not only her law degree but also her masters of management in addition to running bichon shop to shot that in city utah aka sundance bill. But her personal style is also level chic. Her diamonds are big. Her suits are tailored as and her son might already be the breakout star of the show. Please welcome to the lady. Gang meredith marks vocab. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here in. That introduction was absolutely brilliant. thanks. I love i love. I love a woman. Who's like you know what. I'm just going to be all the things like. Okay i'll just get my law degree. And then i'll do the shop and then i'll do all these things and also be tv star. I appreciate a woman about about at all. yeah That's kind of been my journey is i i just you know i go and conquer whatever i want to do. In it's been nam. it's intense. it's a lot. It's amazing it's fun it's fabulous but it's also a lot of pressure and i've always sort of just try to keep plowing forward and it's it's incredible. I love what i've done. I love my life. I love my children. Love my family. It's good. it's all good so a few weeks ago. I am back. We're we're housewives. People's a few weeks ago i actually from my other job at et. Got to fly. You are in new york. But i got to fly salt lake city and i met jen lisa and heather in utah and interview them and they told me a little bit about the casting. But i this is so separate. So i really do want to ask you like. How did you get involved in this. Because you're already crushing. So i received a text message. it must have been about two years ago at this point from My friend megan restaurant handle and she'd text leeson i on a group taxed instead. You know my husband's college roommate was producer and he they're interested in doing around show and utah. Would you talk to them chore. Of course. I had no idea it was being cast for the shout. To be honest. I thought like appointed conversation. He needed some guidance. You know where to look what to do. I had zero clue at that point but when they asked to do skype i kind of put together a little more information and now at this point in housewives any regrets it's early You know i always said that. This process has been like a log hate relationship and there are aspects that i absolutely love. I could be standing where. I am to jay in my own personal life. I'm not talking about anything about television or media or any of that just in my own personal space for housewives so that's a big deal as a really big deal. It was a massive growth opportunity and I really had a chance to eat. Look introspectively at a lot of things that you know you in day to day life. You kinda just ignore and they're important and you can't just keep kind of like blowing things off thinking that everything's okay so from that standpoint. That's log par. The hey part we shall see what heirs were. You excited that you got to wear all your fabulous clothes on the show though like even in the first episode you have that pink dress with the bill. Federally coming true. And since you have been you know cultivating the style for the shop. Where basically every celebrity that goes to sundance goes and spends all their money in your store like it must be cool to be a lover of fashion and being at fashion week and then have like somewhere really cool to wear everything yes. Fashion has is always been very important to me. It's part of my business obviously Christian cowen who designed my pink dress. The part of that night is is a dear friend and very very brilliantly designer. I absolutely adore him. And so you know for me to have dressed all the time i mean it's it's my life. It's what i do but when you have somewhere to really show off even more for sure and obviously you know you have more opportunities to change today at or more things in it's amazing. I love fashion so that was definitely a superfund part of this. What did your family think about being on the show. And what is your son. Think about being the breakout. Your son incredible by the way. Thank you we love him. I mean versus everything to me. He is absolutely genius. Brilliant the most beautiful soul. I now on this earth. He's incredible and You know for him he. He launched his own collection Just very short time before the show started so this is like an incredible opportunity for him to showcase said i'm very excited for him for that My family overall has been very receptive to the show. you know. obviously there's -tations at moments. We won't be human if we didn't so there have been moments where there's push back but basically speak a rural you know at peace with it. But let's say that all right. Let's get into it. Mary's weird histories jeff changed. I happen to love mary. She's been kind to me Some of the things. I think you see in episode. One are not her finest moments. I'll be very honest but she actually has been very kind to me. I did Coach her church watching her speak is watching not her speak. I should say watching her congregation. React to her is beyond incredible It isn't unusual situation. I think would be the first one to admit that it's very different than what warmly seed particularly the us. There aren't many arranged marriages here nonetheless to any step grandparent. Not common for sure but I really you know. I think that mary probably regrets. A couple of the comments. Made in her confessional. I shouldn't say probably i know she does. But overall merit has been nothing but nice. I really have nothing bad to say. She's been kind to me. You know and what she does how she will unfold this season but she's been nice. Well confessionals will get you and we know because when we had our show we would do the whole show and they take us for like hours at a time by ourselves and do these confessionals and we'd be wasted and we just say the craziest shit and then that's what ended up on the show. So how has that been for you. The confessing of it in the. What did you think when blah blah blah. So it's intense. I mean you know there are I have no idea what everyone will not save but there are definitely moments and confessionals that i regret. I may be apologizing for overall. I i do think that i was pretty much true to myself. But there are moments where you're just like angry and you say things and or you walked into with bashing on you. Had something bad happened right before you're in a bad mood and ask your question in you just like on on whatever but basically i think for the most part i was pretty true to my own beliefs true myself. I probably will have a couple small apology so the us. It's a right of passage. Yeah exactly is there like if you look at all the other franchises. Is there someone that you think like. Oh i'm the. I'm like the bethany of salt lake city or i'm Sonia what do you think you are so me. I'm sorry i can i. I can't go there. I am totally unique. I amount person I just can't compare myself to somebody. Else i can. I'll have you watched the housewives before this or did you. Are you just going in this like a completely clean slate. Like not knowing too much about the whole process so more of the latter i didn't i did watch. I had not been like a housewives. Fan my whole life. I really knew nothing about it and about a month before the show. I did take some time to watch kind of like an episode from each franchise which was mistake. I should probably wants to hold it. Depending on the based on one episode for each franchise do you have a favorite franchise You know that's hard for me because it was so like random I can say You know for me. I love being new york city. I'm here right now. It's my favorite place to be so in a lot of ways. It was very relatable I grew up with a home in beverly hills. So that of course is relatable to me as now but you know i didn't really find it was more about finding a space that related to me than actually loving the franchise Had not spends enough time. I now i'm watching the as the air. I can't wait till eleven shallow. I'm you know what i mean like. I'll just be like. I'm at the chalet. Okay to ask you you know. Owning many of your companies you know as a businesswoman. How do you think being on. The show is going to affect all that and then also also. We want to ask for advice on jackson engagement. Because you diamonds diamonds. Oh look what should we be looking for a for engagement ring. I mean if you're going the traditional route You're always looking at the color and clarity of the town. And of course shape you know But it it depends on what you want. A lot of people are doing very non traditional engagement rings so there are a lot of fun ways to go. You know go with Could still do diamond. But joel rose cut diamond. Instead of one of the more you know traditional around brilliant cuts But if you are going traditional route it's it's it is pretty simple. You're looking at the color of the clarity. The shape the size. And congratulations on your engagement. That's sommes anymore. She's not engaged there. Yeah assuring pressure on their fresh. They're pressuring me until. I'm ready to say that i'm ready for it. And the and then it'll happen when ready. Let me now. And i can. I can help you find the rhinestone deal. I well yes one of the things that you do so beautifully meredith that work with the colored stones like you have this one that kind of wraps around and it's like to i i just kinda love that and i do feel like people are people going for more unique pieces now like at. I mean obviously ever wants to like the ice. Look but don't you feel like the colored stones are becoming like more of a thing again. I mean for me. I've always been a huge fan. Pollard's sounds i love. Who dozen but collar is everything. There's a lot of color in my lakshman. And i've always been very focused on. It's been almost much of a passion since i've some is going on here after parrot. Oh no but collared me is every. It's it's fun it's exciting But you know you also need. This is worried about people coming to find you now at the shop. So you know. I don't run the store. sure. I'm there jury honestly So for me. I don't really worry so much about that but fern everyone else in serious do You know i you just you always worry about safety security in those kinds of things. But i think it's all good so for everybody's been super positive. I zero negatives off about. Yes wherever doable with reality. Well where my street like comes out like if i go over the hill in la. I end up like right at the oppenheim group from selling sunset. And like you can tell like now that the show's ahead that people are standing outside. They're doing like like outside. It's so crazy. I feel like that's what's going to be like for you all right when we come back this is it's going to fix your life. You know if the last year has taught us anything at all. It's that comfort. Is everything whether you're doing yoga or you're running errands or you're working from home. London's own sweaty. Betty has your backside covered in style. Now i have loved anybody forever. They have the cutest ski and opera vibes. But now they're lounger is my new obsession so meet sweaty. Betty's gary pants they're your new favourite everyday. Pant that keep you cool casual in totally on trend. So they're made from the super soft fabric. And gary allow you to breeze from running errands to working from home and twenty buddies iconic kerry pants have relaxed fit sweat looking fabric and a super flattering waistband and fitted cuffs. Say exactly where you want them to be. So because you deserve to look amazing before during and after your workout go sweaty betty dot com slash lady gang and user could leading at checkout to get twenty percent off your first purchase. This is the best offer. Sweaty buddy has available anywhere so it's s. w. e. a. t. y. b. e. t. t. y. dot com slash lead gang user leading at checkout sweaty dot com slash. Liyang promo code lady yang. You're listening to the league gang all right. Well we're back so for this part of a podcast. It's called assaliya gang and we have our listeners writing questions about their. It's about love or their careers or friendships and we try our best to give them good advice. Sometimes it's not so it doesn't really matter. What kind of advice we give as long as it's something so you ready to fix some lives We've given wrong advice. Probably ninety percent of the time so. That's fine okay. So our first question comes from i as she says. My friend and i have been friends for fifteen years and we recently became new bombs. I was so excited to share this new mama journey with her but she has completely changed since making new. Mom friends i find. She acts one way with them and completely different with me. I'm finding it hard to relate with her even to hold a conversation. How do i handle this new version of our friendship. So that's typical because I do think that as we all go through different phases to changes in our lives. We find that Certain friends or more relatable than others and it doesn't mean that she's not your friend it just means that she may be sitting in a different space so You know to me my first option on that would be to try to spend more time individually and not around the other moms since i redirect converstation places that i was comfortable with but it may just be some time you know and i have friends that i mean i have so many different groups that travel incessantly and i have a lot of different fronts from all over the world in some. I've i don't talk to someone for eight year. Sometimes we don't even test for a year like it doesn't mean they're not my friend it just means in different spaces we respect each other's faces and we move forward and and hopefully our lives will be in a better place in the future. We can reach. Not i love her. And also it's and we've talked about this. 'cause becca her wedding she had like a mix of all of these different friend groups and sometimes they don't miss having a meltdown with each other like sometimes they're meant to stay in two different areas especially if this woman's making new friends like new mom friends. God knows you know what that could be like trying to mesh that with back with the o. Like best friend one hundred and it's okay. It's okay to say. I need my space right now or i'm going to give my friend. There's face right now. it doesn't mean you're you're not talking every day it's your every week. Or every month you know only everyone goes through phases ebbs and flows. And that's what a good friend jaws Spectral space when you need a banner on my space next question comes from anonymous says ladies. I cannot believe this is happening. But i recently discovered that what i thought was an orgasm in the past wasn't the other night while masturbating. I achieved this feeling that. I've never felt before at thirty. This was my first real orgasm. There's only one problem. I've been married to my husband for four years and now that i know what a true orgasm is i know he or any other man has ever gotten me there. He is pretty conservative in the bedroom. So what are my next steps. I can't go back to orgasm. Lists sex and he is the love of my life. Wow that's good you just. I love my live. Make it work chief shop like that's no question you don't give up on the love of your life no no way. Sorry now no. I just you know i can't i wouldn't yeah. Would after the show airs. I would go and say oh my god i was like masturbating and i found like even better way to orgasm. And then show him some kind of relying like you never actually made me orgasm. I wouldn't say back to settle her to like i would be like adding onto it. Like oh my god. I found this way to have a really intense orgasm. No but like. I said it's probably some kind of a toy. So just incorporate the toy. And whatever you're doing you did that with your hands. Yeah exactly the greatest feeling of your life with your pinkie finger. That didn't happen and in his defense. It's like not that easy. To get a woman to orgasm. It can sometimes be like jumpstarting vehicle. It's not always tell him that off the bat like an also maybe she's thought that she's having orgasms so she's been faking a little bit more and he thinks that he's been giving her them the whole time. Which is why can't fake more gaza. When i was younger i used to hyperventilate. Like get out of breath having sex. And i thought that azam but i was just saying. Anyway don meredith. 'cause you're screaming celtics. Sorry no i just. I think it's honestly open communication in kind communication and not like belittling in letting them know that he does make you feel good and that you like you were saying you know i found something else. That was really fun and you know you introduce it. Whatever it may be to give him a chance to you know because it's not going to be better few dozen. And even if he has vanilla and bad it's like if you all guys want something kinky or you just have to introduce it to them just these glasses this weekend sick. Our last question comes from june. She says i got married. When i was twenty seven and we ended up getting pregnant on the honeymoon two years later we welcome to another girl. I'm a stay at home. Mom for now but i didn't realize how unsexy this life could be. He never complains about how. I look and is always positive but i feel like we really need to rekindle the fire. What are some doable things to accomplish. So i think that's really really crucial chair. Relationships not Let your your marriage redefined willie through your children. Which is what it sounds like. You know it's happening. And i think it's what each person needs is different. You know for me taking your vacation. What have been like a very big deal. I'm not always easy for me to her under to Maybe it's just a romantic night out or it. Fast muscle a romantic night in when the kids were on bat but is taking the time to respect each other love each other. Show that you care and show that you're invested in one another above and beyond your children because his very easy to find your relationships or your trend and that's that's wonderful flare children. It's not healthy for you. Your husband absolutely can guess what my answer is. Tony rushing monday kid stretching and possibly efficient unitards live. You're sick could stretching out it. I'm an i think. Chris chris never complains about me when i'm grubby. Covert has been such a time where we've all been at home and so it's like it's just it's just easy to get in that sweatpants life And he never complains either but the couple of times. I've been like oh. I'm going to do something. He didn't notice and it was nice. So mascara. i put a lip gloss put deodorant on. It was a big deal. God now open interesting. That's for sure. I was like i never knew i would hate the way someone shoes so much anyway meredith. You're so amazing. If you guys want to check out all of meredith's products you could visit her site. Meredith marks dot com And she also is on instagram. obviously And it's at meredith marks very easy. And then obviously you're watching the new salt lake city housewives talking about on our facebook group. Everyone's like you know gushing about it and we're just talking about you now so hope you are cool with. That were obsessed. Yeah thank you guys so much for having me was coming on or stay safe in new york and we'll see when salt lake and we will see day lady. Gang is produced by alex. Enberg we'll sterling and steve delegator meter. Make sure that you rate and review this podcast where you listen to it felise. It makes a huge difference and also subscribes. You never miss an episode and if you really love the episode we want to hear from you on our social media channels at beca kelty at jack vanik at the lady gang but more importantly we wanna see sharing the lady gang with your friends so be like all about. I just listened this up so his great okay here now. Here's okay. Thanks for listening and we'll see next tuesday.

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AP Laboratory - Episode 30

Arrowhead Pride

54:23 min | 2 years ago

AP Laboratory - Episode 30

"Down. Thanks for joining us today can Swanson on the lead villain draft analyst for Erla head pride. You are listening to the AP laboratory what war eagle come on, Mattie. Who's your college TV? We're starting with this oser college team. I am a Tigers fan. Care to elaborate litter, Clemson LSU, Auburn, Missouri. I guess for like baseball or soft oriented. The Princeton Tigers are great football team. In the Ivy league any other Tigers out there. I'm wilted two ROY touch them. I will show up to any game all the times. There's fun fact the Tigers is most used mascot in college. Probably. It's because because Matty went to a college that only has the one mascot in in guests. So. Well, we got a lot to cover today. We're gonna do it's mostly just mailed back, but a couple of questions we're going to kind of dive in a little bit on couple of housekeeping notes. If you guys like the podcast channel apparently five star reviews on itunes is a good thing. We would love bore of them. Please support the podcast channel with those five star reviews that would be wonderful. We are winding down. We are two weeks away from launching the KC draft guide very excited about this. And we just finished running backs tonight. Craig, I think you finish Cornerbacks tonight. Is that right? Yup. Off ball line natty, how many positions have you finished man were little. But this is also what happens would you have like thirty players from the shared position group that you have to ride up while kid has like three can I can I say something they'll Mattie because this is kind of karma this carbon because war eagle had strategically been playing this all year where like he'll stumble on someone. That's like really interesting and fun on Twitter, and he'll be like, oh, who's this character? I guess I'll take him. Whoops. And he's done like the entire off season. So I've been getting bums this whole year and manages been subtly like, oh sure, why not grade the fun players. I know that your quarterbacks and running backs, and those are totally positions at the chiefs are going to take and are very deep this year. Sure. Go ahead. Just take take the backup edge from BYU. That's fine. Go ahead. I'll take someone. This is why you should have been this is why you should have been grinding the table. Last June with me. Complain about the fact that he's got all the good players. To do. Why wonder why because you took all the good players. Well, anyways, I know not. That's okay. We'll keep we'll keep working. That's all right. You keep your running backs you go finish quarterbacks. I think there's a guy from southeastern west coast Louisiana, the needs you to watch on nine. Let's get I about quit talking about football. After watching drew Anderson. So you can just I just gave up. I slandered him on Twitter without being anyways. Go to the go to gum dot CO slash Casey draft. If you wanna preorder our work promo code nerd gets it to you for six ninety nine over two hundred write ups on prospects. Three over three hundred ranked we got some features Craig's got a really cool feature. I've got a feature I'm excited. Right. Some other stuff I it's going to be a great resource during the draft season. And you can get it for six ninety nine for the next couple of weeks. The promo codes are not going to be advertised as prominently after that. But here's here's a hit. For the Oji listener, my feature is less cool as those because I didn't get a shout out. But. I don't think we totally know what your feature is yet. Because you're busy writing profiles. You know, what it is? You just don't want to shout it out. That's okay. That's all right. My tigers. Both of my Tigers are still playing. We're good. But yeah, check it out if you have a minute just so, you know, we'll just tell the podcast listers right now. There might be some of these codes that we that we have are going to be active for the most part through the draft season. But we probably aren't going to be advertising the discounted price. It'll still be out there loosely. Some of these might be, but yes, so there's just a hint. There's just a hit. Maybe we'll just advertise. Naval just advertise. Discount only on the podcast because we because we love you guys. So I still wanna eight await code her. A guy that's version. Ferguson's three cone. I felt bad. A little bit of heartbreak wherever you wanna put it as high just feel bad about like spending so much time. We almost we almost talked about it on the draft show. 'cause it's just like, it's it's it's monumental in this historic. Like, we talked about having eight seconds silence. For his dress cads Zor pro day. The same day is big schools as power five schools. The issue is they drug it along. So late into the night that he was the only thing happening with people waiting for his numbers. And then they came to NFL network aimed all anybody could get networks race the Twitter NFL network brought someone out there to like be the beat writer for his report for his pro day. Shot up to Patchett claybon for going down there. Yeah. Yeah. Wait a beat. Thanks, man. Very strategically placed three cone times, just hours and hours. It actually might have been that they were waiting for him to finish. It come turns out getting starch. It was getting dark. Kept slipping. He couldn't see the cones. He was just guessing where they might be. That's what it's going to have actual only a seven nine guys. You know? Jalen Ferguson's going to be the first round pick her that. She's right. Absolutely. Yes. At twenty trade. I mean, it has to happen. Then follow that up bigger. Yep. Yeah. They're going to trade up both trade up for just go all in all the eggs and the Baker in Ferguson baskets. That's what we deserve. All this work. Wow. This thing this thing derailed all this work and all this limbs thing derailed quickly, this this thing really drill the direction of this podcast, right? There is no direction apparently. But we we're going to what we decided to do. We're going to answer the mail bag questions that you guys gave us and a couple of them were probably going to dive in a little bit. On fact, we're going to start with this one. Austin G twenty four asks my crazy to think that the current defense players coaches considered is a better unit than what Casey had last year. It can't get worse. I mean, you can but. I feel like I'm losing brain cells listening to how losing Houston forward in. Barry is going to cripple this team. I'll just start by saying this. I don't think losing Houston Ford in berry is going to cripple this team. I think the loss of deformed is significant don't get me wrong. That's the biggest one that you're losing to this point. But new energy new accountability, new leadership new blood. They don't know the history of this team's defense. Because most of that defense is gone. I mean, there's not there's not bad things to go with you know, with this with this new regime. I mean, it's a complete overhaul, and they are stripping it down to the studs. And the only stud left is Chris Jones. But. Really that is a strong slandered towards the Honey bed. I mean. Yeah. But he's a new stud left let these new stuff. And that's the thing that they talked about is they wanted to keep get this new defense going with a bunch of new parts. So everybody was kind of learning together that was something that they had mentioned during the opening press conference and stuff after they were announcing free agent moves. So the whole thing of restarting new is definitely happening. Getting rid of some of the past leaders is some it's kind of necessary. If you're rebuilding everything from the ground, right? So Joe and Chris Jones is the longest tenured member of wait for real. What about until we? Ombo? Technically. Yeah. Sorry, dance, orange already gone in my mind. I mean. I mean, very well could be I mean, it would be he and he could still be here. But I mean, if you think about there's not very many long term guys it there is it. Yeah. They've got it. Cut down to very minimal guys that have been here longer than last. I would say, okay. Let's see here. Chris jones. Dan sorenson? Eric reynaud? Sleeping here for two years. I know. But I mean that seems like time. For examples coming battle. He's not Zomba is coming back in that door at some wind time and even retake the throne is the walk defenseman. She's player as he continues to play starting snaps. I. I mean. Sam. He is my Sam Z. He's years. No rule. Okay. So let's let's just I'll Craig I wanna just gonna have Craig answer. This question, Mattie. I don't I don't wanna hear it from you. Craig tell me list the starting defense in the base for three hundred okay base for three hundred strong side, defensive end, just breathe speaks and you've got Derek Nadi as your won TEK. Chris Jones is your three tech Alex Okafor as your Leo currently on the second level. Don't listen to what the chiefs are saying we've got our our new guy Damian Wilson, which already. Damien the knee I already blanked on his name this Sunday evening Hitchens's playing the Mike during Daniel's gonna play the will on the outside. You've got the shod brilliant and kindle fuller in the nickel kindle kicks in and various ward rotates in and then you've got Honey badger as your box, safety and Jordan Lucas. Or are Monywa tes? I guess. To be named later. Say name later Boston Trayvon trae Boston would be. Maybe maybe there was tweets him where he's out. I don't know now. Anyway. So that's your starting defense though. They've got guys at every position. Now, there's not a giant hole in that starting deep well more. I mean, well, that's the next question. I at Craig started us off biggest need for a replacement player on this defense as we sit today. I think the biggest need is going to be that deep safety. I just think there's too many question marks. I like, Jordan. I like him a lot. I would like for him to be that guy. But if I had to pick a guy that this organization seems to have the least amount sorta invested in so far, I think it's Lucas of all these guys. That's interesting. So okay, I'll I'll let natty instance question here in a second. But now, I'm very curious. Should the cheese? Take a deep safety at twenty nine. Then. No. Because I just don't think the value is there. I don't think the values the same. I still think that even though deep safety is the biggest need for replacement on the current starting defense. They do still need pass rushers. They do still need Cornerbacks. Those guys are going to be needed not only this season. But as starters in twenty twenty they don't have those guys on the roster right now. So I think that those are the positions that they still need to target. They can get by with safeties. They can get by with a guy back there that got several guys in house. So I think that they'll be fine at safety. Still gotta goes corn. Okay. Chris. Matty, tell me who you think the biggest need is for replacement at this point. Then we'll thank you for letting these step in here. Now, even though you don't want to hear from me. However, my is still just a pass rusher off the edge. Like I like Alto before I wanted the chiefs to look at him. That year when there's a chance he is coming out. I think I mentioned that before. So I really like him as a player, but he's just not bringing the juice off the edge. He's not a guy that's really gonna threaten on third and seven he's not a guy that you're worried about as quarterback beating you off your tackle around the corner. You're more worried about the scheme pressure. It's gonna come from his new defense, which is great. But you still need an edge player capable of winning one on one. You need a guy. That's really pose threat. Not even just speed. It can be a power rusher can be technical repacked rusher. Just somebody that can win relatively quickly off the edge. And I don't think they have it on the roster right now not as starter. Not as a reserve at this point the relying on pressure from Chris Jones up the middle or a slow burn pass rush from a blitz a stunt or just really speaks Alex Okafor crushing pocket until the quarterback has nowhere to ago. Okay. I agree with Mattie. I think I think pass rush off the edge is still very important to this team. I mean, you think about like if Alex Okafor went down you're looking at. Ten of season. Maybe if Tana still on there. I mean, I think it's noble. Somebo undersized doesn't matter. Tell toby. Dave vouch for them. Okay. I agree with you just like specialty. Okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna give you this scenario. An you. Tell me how you feel about this defense if this happens. Okay. And I kind of I didn't want to just make it like a very optimistic perspective. I wanted to kind of make it like might be a little bit of challenge. Let's say the chiefs finish day to with clo- in Farrell in attrative Lonnie Johnson at cornerback and JJ Sega Whiteside at wide receiver in the first three rounds. How do you feel? So of that, I think I always love the for OPEC. He is one of my favorite guys in this class. I think he's being vastly. Underrated right now as I just said he fits the biggest need I see on defense probably the whole team. So I feel great about that. If you hit your first round pick in a draft. It's horrid ever walk away feeling terrible. Like, no matter what happens after their you still feel pretty good because you have the most likely to hit position player knocked out of the port with the first pick Lonnie Johnson's not my favorite quarterback. I understand the intrigue. He's a developmental guy. That has great size. You can play him up on the line of scrimmage and hope he kinda beats people up. It looks to be a great athlete. So I get to a lower but second round for me or just even day to just a little early for me to feel confident in his growth going forward. Don't see the path as of right now in the JJ light side. I mean, I guess we did talk about wanting tied into we got our move tied into their but sides that I'm in. There's other titans. I'd rather have. Followed along the same lines as mad there. I love Cleland. I think that he's a guy that can come right in and have a major impact in a rotational role. And then you can let him can't take the reins in twenty twenty and just go from there. Lonnie Johnson is a guy that if you put on his tape. He has a lot of moments where he looks like a guy who's never played for and these wrong. He's I mean, he he's rough to watch. He's just got such a very physical profile, and he's a good athlete, but I'm not in the mood for drafting just pure athletic traits in round two at that spot. So I I would prefer something different there, and then adding a wide receiver there are more dynamic options than JJ Sega Whiteside. But I can't say that I would be mad at adding another big body. This off I would love to clone investment and trading up to get in. I think you've got to trade up to them. And I would be all all in on that. And I think you're probably gonna hear us talk about clone feral for the next thirty five days, however, many weeks, and then the, you know, the few weeks afterwards because you know, he's on the run. For at least twelve yes. But it's Lonnie Johnson. Like the first off. I would not be stunned if the chiefs ended with a couple of Matt house guys because that just makes too much sense. And it's a little bit terrifying. Because I could see Lonnie Johnson being one of the second round picks like very realistically because I mean that just doesn't that just feel right? I mean, so I do not discount that Matt how's connection? The chiefs will end up with a Kentucky wildcat on their roster by could be an undrafted. But it's going to happen. I think it'll be a special teams, I would feel the safest saints via try hord leaders special teams kinda guy over the pure athlete. But I do get what you're coming from those going to be a Kentucky. I bet you. I would be surprised if it wasn't address pick. I I agree with you. I just I think if you're gonna make a pick like related directly to coach looking at it. Guy. That's kind of like a coach's favorite, which is usually a special teams leader, try hard guy. That's thing. I'm thinking, but Lonnie Johnson fits what we think that she's looking for corner. So he's definitely which that guy's gonna be Mike Edward. Yeah. I can see that they're going to. They're going to cash Daniels. Darius Darius west the teaching just not Jordan Jones. That's that's it. It won't be Jordan Jones. Okay. So I'm just gonna just throw it a number here for this where forty six. If okay clo- the jayhawks lost by right close. Okay. Mattie. Thank you for drilling. This as usual. Take take a guess where is the defensive? Where's the where's the defensive DO Devia way for a team the ads clone feral and Lonnie Johnson? I'll say twenty third. I'll say nineteen. Twenty. Okay. So we're kind of all in that. They're not quite middle of the road. They're they're they're trying to they're kicking the door down on the middle of the road. If that's all they do. Yes. I think that's about. We're going to be with the amount of money. We have I suspect another move which changes that but for this exercise where we all right now not knowing yet. I think those exact moves into that. Bottom of the last third of the best of the last third of the week. That's the point of the exercise. So okay, we are going to take a break, and we will be back right after this. I'm music colleges. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those hob moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or skeptic, a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop. Yeah. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guests musicians song writers producers in journalists. Listen to switched on pop. Every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation, and I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it seems smarter as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it tell a friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart. Okay. Finishing up the rest of these questions. We only got through one before the commercial break, which is thanks. This is impressive. But it was a good question. I kind of expanded on I wanted to kind of go farther down the road with that. Because it's something we've kind of talked about recently. Okay. One loss wizard asks your guests who is the best player available at number twenty nine. Jefferson's. Oh, that's a good that. That's good. That's good. That's good. That's good. Yeah. For me Chauncey Gardiner Johnson. I think is still going to be there at twenty nine. I think he's the best player that will be left. How about this? Let's go Nasiri early. I could see you know, right now, he's in the on the Casey draft guide big board right now. He's in the twenties. I could see him falling out of that first round range and beat an early second round pick. It's interesting because I think both of you guys pick safeties. I do think one of those before twenty nine but definitely not both. So there's a very good chance at whichever ones. Still left is the highest level draft ward just based like positions where they're gonna go. Yeah. One of the tackles might fall may Dillard or could use could use to see juice fall into. Jake at Jayco forty-nine numbers numbers numbers. A lot of numbers. I I should probably just read them out. But Jake shadow terrific with the digits. Talk me down from demanding Akeem Butler, my soul needs him with Mahomes for the next decade. I and that he love Hakeem Butler. He's a fantastic player. I think he's still an ascending player. Some of his best plays are as good as anyone in this class. He missed a few easy catches at times. I think is athletic profile is solid for a guy that big. I he's I think he's going to be able to separate at the next level to enough. I'm a fan of his Craig what about you? Okay. I'll play devil's advocate because I also like Hanky Butler Olot. But if you're taking a keen Butler, you have to take him in the first round he's not going to be there at sixty one or sixty three if you're doing that you now take that what we just said nineteen twenty one twenty third Devi defense. You take Cleland feral off of that. Now, all of a sudden you're talking about twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine for that deliver over hashtag score one hundred. Yes. Be able to chicks jail legal over. Jake is a here's the relate Jake's joke using the hashtag more than you. Just say it's almost like you're watching offered players or something. Okay. Sorry. Matthew, give us your take. Jake. I will get home this building ledge that you're on. And we can sit up there screaming till we are blue in the face about getting keen Butler in the team, and I'll gladly do it with you. But here's the thing. I don't think you're getting twenty nine and this isn't the kind of team that needs to trade up for a wide receiver. That's my only qualm with asking for key butlers. I think would have to move up the draft again. But this time let's stay on the wide receiver position Nate Chr four seventy nine what do you guys think about PR Garson being a third option potentially? I mean, he he's okay. I think this team needs some bodies at receiver and smart technical good hands. I think that he offers enough to kind of help this defense out if Tyree kill or Sammy Watkins wasn't able to play for a period of time in two thousand nineteen and I think it also alleviates the need to have to take a guy early. You can kind of gamble on a wide receiver later that maybe doesn't have quite the same projection. And then, you know, go after one of the excellent ones in twenty twenty. But yeah, I'd be fine with peer Garson getting added. That's how I would. I would personally rather even have Jordy Nelson. I would roll the dice Dez Bryant if he's healthy enough. I mean, it's looking at a veteran receiver that you think can come in and be trusted by Pat, I guilty who'll ready who's they think can pick up the offense to quicken. The quickest if signed like, I'm not gonna be mad about it. You're not gonna pay him a ton of money. So it is kinda those. But he just he wouldn't move the needle for me. I think he would more than likely be relegated to wide receiver four five. Once they get going by guys that are younger still little bit more explosive. I don't know are just that kind of steady super trustworthy guy that is going to continue to be savvy into his late thirties. Like, some guy the. Yeah. I mean, I I don't think I'm like overwhelmed by it. I don't think it's like something. Like, I'm thrilled with I he's he's I kind of tend to agree with what Matty said, okay? Can you provide any insight on which guys? From the practice squad or roster that maybe didn't play that much last year. The coaches might have some high hopes for taking a big step forward, maybe becoming a major contributor. You know, I think that you know, you heard a lot of stuff about them liking Brian hunter the offense of linemen as a kind of a developmental. Kind of like as a developmental offense of linemen. He's got that versatility. Where you can play inside and out he kicked out to right tackle, even he was getting looks at right tackle. The other guy that I'm really interested in that. I think they might have some interest in potentially is is rob McCray. Six to two hundred eighty five pounds tested. Exceptionally will at his pro day last year the defensive lineman from Indiana they were trying to play him make him as a stand up edge. I wonder if he's dense enough and long enough because he's I think he's got some length to maybe play as a defensive end and with that athletes ISM that flexibility, he could run stunts twist like he would have no problem with that. So maybe he gets a long look this year got injured during the training during training camp. Last June was on I r. I'm not gonna take Matty's guy because I know who say so so all bail on him. So let's okay. Well, I'm gonna go Justin Hamilton. I know that he got a lot of run there at the end of the year. But there's not really that many guys on the defensive side of the ball. Specially didn't get run that really have a chance to do. So so Hamilton will be my guy inside they need more guys inside that can kind of play and penetrate and offer a little more juice. We've seen a little bit out of Hamilton. They were comfortable enough to let Jarvis Jenkins go a guy that was playing a lot to that point last year and just on Hamilton got some run their under Bob Sutton in that defensive line rotation. I think he can come in there and kind of rotate in offer some some power and speed inside. So I think they're Lind's count for this exercise errol's bear really played a little bit. He I don't like that nickname. With real in. He showed some promise me down the field. Like you looked pretty good at loved him in preseason. He showed some flashes late in the year, given Daming Williams rest, but the signing of Carlos Hyde kind of throws a wrench in how many planes how much snatching get just because height is so consistent is a pass Walker. I really do think that's the limit. So we're going to have to hit up our guide by Pringle talked about that last week, but I really like route running in his ability to be vertical deep threat, which is going to be perfect in this offense. I would be really surprised by doesn't make the act of day roster in start getting some snatches the year goes on is he just had so many flashes in college even last year in the preseason. There's something there if you get it all nailed down. You heard Andy Reid mentioned multiple times that that Byron Pringle was probably making the fifty three. So I think that tells you all you need to know, I'll just answer with this one really quick at cheese boy are DIGI who are some young guys on the defense on the defense who showed a little juice to give. You hope towards the end of the year. I'll just answer this part because I think we've answered most of them I think Trevor Ward shows some promise late in the year. So that's a guy. I don't know if you have any more because we bench and Justin Abelson, and there really wasn't a ton of guys. I will ask you this. I'm asking you. This question guys who are the best candidates to make a leap this year. So I had to guns actually in terms of showed little juice or making. And I mean, we've mentioned one briefly. So I won't talk about him. And we talked a lot last year. But Lucas like there's enough there. And I think you have to be a little happy about what you seeing you just seems the guys rally around just other than the fact that he's seems to be a good morale guy that will give him a chance, and if he can show promise like he did earlier in the year, then there's something there. But during Daniel, I think is ready to make the actual leap. I think he's ready to be real player this upcoming year, which is a big leap from what he was last year. Let them get out. There chased up down from a better position for him. I think that's got you just going to see a big difference. In terms of what he looked like last year to this year. Yeah. And I think that a guy who kind of already made that leap last year, but I'm going to use them. Anyway, because I think he can take another step for Andrew Wylie, Andrew Wylie. I think has a starting spot on this roster are on this offense of line somewhere. And it might be that left guard position that we kind of saw camera Ving and Jeff Allen rotate through he got some reps early on in OT as and camp as the starting left guard ram with the ones there. They've tried him out there a little bit. I don't know if they feel comfortable within there. But he showed enough throughout the end of last year. He has a little bit of a nasty streak. He's athletic. He's powerful. I think that he's a guy that can come in and start on this offense of line and maybe on that left guard spot. I was thinking about something kind of within this framework the other day, I think a guy, and I don't think he's primed necessarily to make the leap, but a guy that the chiefs. Need to make a leak is brillant speaks. They need something out of him. I don't know if they're going to get out of him. But he's been put in the best situation to succeed this year. He's he's dropped into a scheme that fits him better. He needs to whatever whatever they need him to do to work his body out. Maybe they can get him a little bit more athletic. That's kind of pipe dream. But I mean, they need they need him to rework his body. They need to have an excellent off season. It's a critical offseason for him and his defense if he can help that would that would be huge. So I don't know if I expect it, but he needs to and this is the best situation. He's been in. Steve gray asks what are the cheese going to do with their remaining cap space? I think you could see them making a trade. I think there might be a vet trade that they could potentially look at got the cap space to do it. They've got the draft capital to do it. If not I mean, you're going to extend Chris Jones, probably retiree kill. Maybe. I mean, we'll see and beyond that, maybe they just roll it over in the next year. I think that at this point. It's looking like if there's no trade they're just going to roll it over, and they are going to spend like crazy next offseason in the last cheap year of pet Mahomes rookie deal. So that's why I think they're going to do yen the roll concept is scares me a little bit because I really do think it's essentially throwing away another year. Like, I understand that probably wasn't the plane going into it. But just holding onto the cash and then rolling it in the next the next year. Like what what is the goal for? This year's just is it just show a little bit of growth on defense before making the final surge. It just seems like an odd time to go that route you would have preferred to do that starting last year if that was the plan now, I get it. They were giving out of John Dorsey tap hell, so it is what it is. But I think that there's a trade that they're trying to work on. I still feel very confident. There's another movie free agent or trade coming end. This. Money's gonna go to not think they are gonna only reaches the. Kind of guy just gonna pocket money to use. It a later. Now, there's they tried to try to get was Earls earmarked for twelve mil-. With hunting like they were doing both of those guys do now spend twelve million dollars on trae Boston. I mean, like if there's nothing to do with it like, I mean, just just you know, punt and live live to fight another day. I mean, that's the thing. I just don't think that the guy is gonna punt to fight whether good or if there's anything of significance to really throw into the mix. So that's my only thing got cuts coming again, you'll have the late round the cuts maybe some of its use. Then I don't know. I don't did. You just going to be like, okay. There's nothing left that we want. Let's just hold on. I think that he might you might see more a couple more one year contracts come out just to spend some of the money this year to help. I think there's more coming in. I don't see each sitting on this kind of money. And maybe that's just be trying to read too much into early moves where he's trying to establish something as well. But he just seems really aggressive. I'll say I don't disagree with that. At all. I at the same time lets like, okay, I'm looking at it right now from where we're sitting here today, and like, I don't see any. Anything where I'm like, gotta go spend it on this this and this, and I think that's kind of where I'm coming from is like, okay. Yeah. You're right. When when the when the late cuts come there might be a couple of players that they can get into the mix, and that makes sense, but they're kind of waiting. They're letting the market dictate the situation. I guess is where I feel like they're not they're not able to press nine domico sue for one year deal. How do you? That's not a bad idea. Mattie. I don't hate it. I don't hate it. And the other part of that is when it comes down to cuts at the end of the year that she's have another nine and a half million dollars getting freed up after June. First they've gotten money need to spin. It's yeah, I feel like for the most part it's gonna be reactionary maybe in Dhamma consumers in the mix. But like, I don't know if there's is there anything beyond that that we're really looking at going. Okay. They need to go out. And do this. Would it be mad at Muhammad Wilkerson? But I don't think you're paying him a ton coming off his injury and a one year deal like, Nope. Side to trade. There's not a lot out there on the free agent market right now, I just I'm just saying like if you wanted to just spend money to spend money through couple options. I just think that each isn't gonna sit around happily taking this much money next year. I don't think he's Ballard. I don't think he's got that holding money way that Ballard does. So I think he will make something valuable for him to spend lots terrifying. Yeah. I don't disagree. I never said. It was great. I think that so this is a little bit of a tangent. But I think Ballard's a little to save money like the culture building good roster. But they could be a lot better if they would be willing to overpay for guys that they could have used earlier three agency. What are they doing with all this extra money right now, I think Dietsch is teetering on being too aggressive. And I think that's what you can see him spend some money he might be willing to overpay to get somebody. That's less than need in more of a once again. I don't see him keeping money on the side. The that's that's just does. You may he may not be wrong. You really will just the look of disgust on kids space right now. I'm out here. Trying to get picked so. Brandin four twenty two asks Rani watts or Jordan Lucas be the free safety. I think that we're a bit of a like slanted podcast asked this question. I know just what we need to broach. No people ask. And so here's the thing. I think the defense that she's gonna run is defense at Armani. Watts could play deepen is defense. It's not gonna ask him to be a center fielder in cover from hash marker numbers numbers. He's going to be allowed to limit the space. He has the cover which is allows him to play downhill bit more, which is where his ball steals. Ability to take the ball away comes into effect. I still don't love his ability madman coverage his tackling downright scares me watching him try to break down space being the last line of defense. UB frightens me. I would rather have George Lucas who's no grit tacklers own right? But he at least can provide a speed bump on, you know. Play by play basis, and he showed me enough ball skills as well. I think he has a little bit better range, I would lean towards Lucas at this point in time. And then at the same time, it's not necessarily that you need to classify it as just the free safety in that situation. If you have Jordan Lucas on the field you can put him in the slot. He played in the slot allot last year, and he shows that capability used to be a corner. So he's a guy that has man coverage ability, you could sort of disguise what you're doing a little bit more. It gives you a little more freedom. If you have both Lucas and Honey badger on the field together, those two can kind of interchange swap around where you need him too. And while Lucas isn't going to be the same guy that Honey badger is the drop off and the ability to switch between those guys still gives back a little bit of versatility at mcgruder pee Mak asks is there a possibility of trade talks out there? I asked the question about trading. Ng read this. I I'm just going to go. The question got cut off in the middle of it. Would you guys consider trading for saving Howard from Miami? Casey visits Miami in two thousand twenty Howard fits the four three scheme. I think exellent Howard fits most schemes. I mean, whether it's gonna be a four three three four. He's a very good cornerback Yee's physical. He shown enough athleticism to live in the NFL. He's he's a little inconsistent from liking. He's very feast or famine he could shut down the best receivers in the league one week in body by average even the next week. But I think this day in age that level of quarterback play even on inconsistent basis is invaluable. So if the dolphins like, they appear to be willing to trade await every single asset that could possibly think of for twenty twenty draft Catholic. Sure, why not let's pick up the phone. Let's figure out what they won't David Howard, baby. He's not in the wrong, turn plans. Like anybody else on the roster? I'm not sure I wouldn't be mad about. Yeah. I mean, they've in Howard is a definite upgrade over any cornerback that the chiefs have on the roster currently so you can't be mad at him or bad at that move. He's a guy that you could bring in and you don't have to worry about the cap space or anything like that. So I would sign him up immediately. He's a big upgrade on the back end. And it kind of gives you a little more flexibility. You don't have to target a corner as heavily early in the draft. You can maybe take a project and try and develop them a little later at Butch no way asks what are some names of players that we should read up on when the draft guide is released. Well, butch. I'm so glad you asked. You know in the draft guide. We are going to have one of the one of the features that we're going to have on there is during the in the reports we're going to have badges up in the upper right hand corner. For guys that we believe our our guys are going to be like my guy sticker that's up there. And it's going to highlight some of the guys that as we've watched they're not necessarily the best players at the position group. We may not have them ranked the highest, but they are guys that we love the way that they play. We love what they bring to the team. We would love them on our rosters or love watching them play. So one of the guys that I would pick is quarterback from central Michigan, Sean bunting. He's a guy this just shooting up draft boards right now after a crazy awesome. Combine he tested through the roof. And if you read the draft guide, you'll find out why that's important in my feature. But he's a guy that needs a lot of technique help. But he's got all of the raw ability. He's a lump of. Clay. And he's a guy that you could bring in and kind of teach him to play the way that you want him to play and utilize that athletic ability, a little bit later in the draft and the able to get a really top notch corner out of him, you know, within probably one or two years, and you have this guy on the boundary that you could really count on. So he has this locomotive credit. You get Sean Bundy we're gonna have to get the unto bus out, right? So as Craig said, the Mike I up he is laid it up perfectly. It's a guy that if we were in warmer room, we're gonna bang the table for the area that we have graded. But it's like if they're available where we have the graded. We would try our hardest. Not to let them not be on our team and my guy safety, Maryland, Donald savage stunt of his going with savage. He is some of the most fun film. I think this year like there's even dies not every Misha has the most fun filled. Most of them are but savages film. It's just a blast. He probably has the best click enclosed couple years. He's a fast player. He ran a blazing forty. He's got great acceleration. But you just watch him. He gets from a deep safety position down to the line of scrimmage or in the backfield time to outrun receivers on reverses or in blow streets up from fifteen yards away before they can even get the ball intern outfield. He just flies around like missile. Great main coverage. For safety out of the slot. He's routinely bathing quarterbacks into throwing to guy that he's playing off of he'll play off of his man, let another receiver look like they're open at date the quarterback in the phone of all they're just jump in front of it off. He did it multiple times this past season. He just such a fun player to watch in the best part is we talked about George Lucas providing a little bit of the same kind of place tire. Matthew that is exactly what Donald savage. He's a little skinnier. But he pledged that same frantic pace essentially plays the same position at the same versatility. Just imagining those two guys on the field the same time there would not just faster setting. All aboard, the savage streetcar. Bunting buses better. So I'm going to drive the tristen train here. Tristan hill. The definitely I was the first person to watch this player. Obviously, I. No Matty, did not suggest we watch him. He did not make him one of our secondary grades at all. Tristen hill defensive linemen from central Florida. He is currently sitting at eighty fifth on the Casey draft guide board. His first step for snap. Explosion is first step is phenomenal. It's it's so enjoyable to watch you laugh, I laughed a couple times. It's so fast. It already. I mean, tristen hill could get off the ball reset and get off the ball eight times the amount of time it took Jalen Ferguson to run his three. It's you know, the funny thing is I I don't think he completely knows what he's doing yet. I think he's kind of a little not controlled yet. But the first the first step the get off is exceptional his food for a guy his size too. And I think he's got pretty powerful hands. He just needs to work. He needs needs to kinda slow town. She needs to develop, but that's a guy that I think would look wonderful in Kansas City trysted hills currently rate ranked eighty fifth on our board. Sean bunting currently rated eighty I on our board and Darnell savage sitting at fifty eight on the Casey draft guide. You can't talk about yours hill. And not mentioned the fact that as a defensive tackle he has like five tackles thirty yards downfield. Great unfor- that he chased down like plays routinely that were twenty thirty yards downfield after he ran into the backfield did three circles around the quarterback. And then chased it now. So is this Jauregui, Mattie, or is this my guy actually it when somebody gets the guide he might be my God. Can I I was just your position? I mean, I don't have any Mike is because I have quarterbacks and running backs. I really like rip did. Oh, golly. Gee. Really? Wining. Yeah. Winding you know what? I hope I hope Matty gets all of his prospects. I I- Opie gets all his write ups done in time for you. Find people we've been saying two hundred but maybe it will break or maybe right at two hundred doesn't get on. Right. I I've I've watched some really bad quarterbacks. Really ready backs? I'm not I have a lot of my guys at my position. It's all the players. I've had. A bunch of positions where we split up Ed and safety interior often still were like oh, whoops. We didn't claim this guy. Whoops, up take him home. I gave Craig Sharieff Miller just how oh how kind of you to just not be adding another player on your plate. This the process. I'm really just crossing my fingers that not all right up that I don't want to that is the real goal here. I know I could tell because you're so far behind because he had so many good players that you were just putting your flag in the entire season back. It's timber. So bad about this. Shedding tier upon tier upon tier story of Judy coudl Chikomo. Komo. Okay. One more question. Country and for twenty six ask would you be okay with the chiefs moving to the top of the second round and taking rock Yaas in. So I think I think top the second rounds about where rock yesen is gonna wind going wind up going. I love him. He's on my guy player, by the way. And it just really depends on how the approach the first round. I don't think that she can trade up into the first round and go get a guy like Colin Farrell in the early twenties or late teens and also trade up and get a cornerback in the in the thirties. Because now you're looking at for day one into yes, you've addressed positions of need with good players. But that's it. That's all you've done. So that's where it kinda gets a little hazy for me. I'm not sure that they can make to trade ups like that. So if they don't do anything, they just sit at twenty nine sure. Yeah. Maybe more aggressive in round two. But beyond that. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's good player. He's a good player. And he's got his best football in front of him. He played against lower competition jumped temple for his last year of college. And then you know, kind of was able to win a spot at temple not only win spot. Tipple does this thing where they award their top nine players. The toughest players on their team with the top nine numbers and rock his very first year got awarded one of those numbers. He's a tough guy. He's a smart guy. He's going to develop I would be fine with them trading up. But only if they haven't already sacrifice them assets to move up in the first so I'm a little lower. I think Rocky's ending everybody else. Nothing. I think he's a bad play or anything. I just think there is a fair amount of work to be done in. He hits all of the work to be done. I'm not sure he has the same level of ceiling is some of the longer slightly more athletic guys. So for that reason. I don't think I'd be dating into trading up to get him. We treated out of twenty nine to draft Rockies to the top of the second round. I would like that a lot better. Just because like I said, I don't see the ultimate super high upside in don't think you're getting a ready on day one player. So when that's kind of what you're going for not shove into trading that at that point in time. But if the chiefs draft whether it's a trait backs twenty nine or if they do somehow get him late in the second round. I'm not going to be disappointed in it. I just think that I probably have seven or eight corners that I have rated a little bit higher than him right now in trading up. He would just there would have to be a lot bigger conviction that I have right now than I do with you said, you're wrong. But. This has been there's been quite done. Are we done with this fight? Are we done you know, that he said he was gonna poke the bear tonight. Because like this is a little behind the curtains, like we're all like, we're grinded. We are. We are shredding. We're shredding some contents reading tape. It's towards the end of this whole process, and it's been a day. It's been a week. It's been a March of and so I think we're just we're all kind of having a little bit more fun than normal. And I'm being a little bit more. I'm poking the bear tonight is really what it is. I, you know, how figure of all of us that are irritated. We all know that. It's you be the bear envy. Poking that they're bracing. You're still one hundred percent in the Kansas Jayhawk loss hung over. Yes. Yes. I know is the DM says we knew they sucked. All but let's be real you weren't going public with that until they were getting smacked by thirty at halftime. I buy my Tigers. On now, get worked again in the second half. It's okay. You can watch the rest of the March madness tournament just sit there lean back in your recliner pet. Your dog play with the little boy have a good time show them what real basketball looks like kids. Okay. For your Tigers. I'm surprised Andy ability. Was it your guy you love him? All actually, not like this like India's ability. He's a pretty solid guy. Just don't wanna plan in the slot of its name of one player on your Tigers. Clinton feral played for my Tigers. That's wonderful. Cleese for my okay, we're done here. That's going to do it for this week's episode. Thank you for listening and putting up with us on this wonderful March weekend. We'll talk to you later. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny, we combined. We form the shutdown full Tron keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners. Associations, bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trapped group, text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double as saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village with if you wanna take college football. Exactly as seriously as it deserves taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one focused. It's not voltron on. It is.

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The Murder of Lena and Tommy Peterson

"Hey guys I'm Natasha CIANDELLA. From the kind dating podcast where cool guests and I breakdown one dating topic per episode and try to figure out. Why the fuck do we all have commitment issues we cover everything from how to slide in her? DM Sex addiction to friends with benefits. Here's the dope guests like Bollywood superstar. Sonny Leoni comedian. Laura Clary time person of the dear. Dr Wendy Walsh. TB writer therapist. We laugh a lot but we also get mad deep listening. Subscribe to Kinda dating on your favorite podcast APP or check us out at kind of dating dot dot com. Welcome to murder minute before we begin. Today's episode we have an urgent announcement. The State of Texas is scheduled to execute an the innocent man on November Twentieth Twenty Nineteen. Stacey Steitz was murdered in April of Nineteen Ninety six nearly one year later sheriffs arrested a twenty nine year old. Black man named Rodney Reed. He was charged with capital murder citing. DNA evidence matching reads DNA to a small amount of sperm found inside her body. Prosecutors successfully argued that this proved that read was responsible for her brutal sexual assault and murder. Rodney has steadfastly maintained his innocence. No evidence evidence exists that Ronnie had anything to do with Stacy's death Rodney was in a consensual relationship with stacy and the only DNA any of Rodney's that was found was from this consensual relationship the prosecution citing the DNA persuaded an all white. The jury of his guilt. Rodney was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Currently he is scheduled to die. I in just a few days on Wednesday November twentieth. The original suspect in the case was stacy's fiance. Jimmy Fennel a police officer with a history of violence against women after the murder of Stacey Fennel kidnapped a woman and sexually assaulted her while on duty as a police police officer. He was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. Despite sworn affidavits from witnesses establishing that Jimmy Fennel had threatened wouldn't to kill Stacey before and that he subsequently confessed to the crime and compelling Expert Testimony Establishing Rodney Reads Innocence Innocence all request to evaluate new evidence have been unsuccessful. The governor of the State of Texas Greg Abbott is the only person who can grant a stay of execution. We would like to ask our listeners. Who aren't familiar with the Rodney breed case to visit? Is it free Rodney. Read Dot Com. Examine the facts. And if you feel as we do that Rodney Reed was wrongly convicted. Sign the petition. Call the representative presentative or send a clemency letter before it's too late. That's Free Rodney. Read Dot Com F. R. E. E. R. O. D. N. E. Y. R. E. DOT COM. Thank you for your time. Welcome to murder minute on today's episode. Leinna and Tommy Peterson but I your true crime headlines a fifty nine year old Pennsylvania man was killed in his home and now a fourteen year old girl is charged with his murder. Police responded to the home of Albert Albert Chernoff. After a call from a neighbor they found chernoff naked and partially tied to his bed with a large head wound and several lashes on his chest. I he was pronounced dead at the scene. Chernoff was well known in the Philadelphia Area for his dedication to animal rescue. He had once been interviewed for for documentary called the rescuers and after his death the documentary's creator shared a video clip of Chernoff showing off his cat themed tattoos calling curnow gracious soul and praising his kindness on the day of his murder. Witnesses saw a female leaving turn offs property ready before police arrived. That female suspect was also captured on surveillance video from inside Chernoff home which was released by police. The the fourteen year old suspect turned herself into Philadelphia police accompanied by her mother and two attorneys. She's being held in juvenile detention until her next court appearance. which is scheduled for later? This month a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia District Attorney's office said that officials have not yet decided whether to try the the girl in juvenile or adult court thirty seven years after Connecticut woman was killed by a blow to the head from an ax. Her husband has been charged with her murder. Sixty seven year. Old James Krause Nick. Junior was arrested and charged with second degree murder for the nineteen eighteen eighty two slaying of his wife. Kathleen at the time. He told police that he had returned home from work and found his wife dead in their bed with an axe in her skull. All that acts which had been taken from the family's garage had been wiped clean of fingerprints. Police initially suspected that an intruder had killed Kathleen gene. Due to a window that had been broken from the outside the couple's three and a half year old daughter. Sarah was at home with her mother that day and told police that she had seen in a bad man in her parents bedroom. No suspect was ever identified and the case grew cold. Investigators reopened the case in two thousand sixteen gene this time with assistance from the FBI. They did not identify specific evidence that led them to charge krause neck but instead pointed to a variety of evidence that's including the timeline of events and DNA. James Krause. Nick was accompanied by his daughter Sarah and his wife Sharon as he entered his plea of not guilty he was released on bail and will be back in court in January. He maintains his innocence. Bob a twenty one year old Atlantic College student was found dead a week after being reported missing and her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend are now charged urged with her murder. According to court documents. Alexis was killed after getting into a fight with her roommate Jordan Jones at their off campus apartment in the early morning hours of October thirty first. Jones's boyfriend baron Brantley also jumped into the fight and he is believed to have choked Alexis to death. The couple then placed Alexis body in a plastic bin and dumped it in the woods at an Atlanta area. Park days before she disappeared. Alexis went to Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta to file a police report which alleged that Brantley sexually assaulted her that report listed Jones as a witness Brantley and Jones. Both twenty one were each arrested and charged with felony murder. Both are being held without bond and it was unknown. If either had an attorney those are your true crime headlines up next. Lina and Tommy Peterson but first a quick break. Have you ever looked at the back of your lotions and potions and taught what are all these chemicals and why am I putting them on my body. 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That's two hundred dollars worth of food size. Beauty fitness and lifestyle products for for just thirty nine ninety nine shipping is free. Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving visit FAB Fit Fund van dot com and use the Promo code murder minute. Welcome back to murder minute today. The tragic story of Lena. And Tommy Petersen in Nineteen Oh two in Lee township just north of Moines Iowa on the southwest corner of East Madison and East Fourteenth Street. SAP The modest two story frame home of the Peterson family. Peter Peterson was born in Sweden in eighteen forty four and had immigrated to the United States in eighteen sixty seven at age twenty three. He soon married. Mary Hoffman. Who was born in Iowa in eighteen forty nine and the couple went on to have seven children? The Peterson family were hardworking dairy farmers religious and well respected in the community friends and neighbors described Peter as steady and Mary as a quiet and unassuming devout methodist in nineteen o to the Peterson's oldest child twenty-seven-year-old Harry t peterson was married to Gertrude. attling and moved to sailor township but still living at home were twenty six year old Annette called Nettie. Eighty twenty-three-year-old Willis twenty two year old Laura Bell Nineteen Year Old Martha Mariam and the two youngest fifteen year old. Mary Magdalene Dillon. Who everyone called Blaine and thirteen year? Old Thomas Hoffner Cold Tommy. Lena was tall for her age age. Bright Witty Pretty and popular among her friends at school. Lena was planning to study literature at Highland Park College. Tommy was the baby of the family and was Peter Peterson. Favorite Song and Peter made no secret of this every Sunday. Lena and Tommy Peterson followed a strict schedule enforced by their devoutly religious mother. In the morning they attended services at Highland Park Methodist Episcopal. Church almost a mylan half walk south west of their home then in the afternoon they went to service at Union mission in nearby grandview and in the evening walked back again to their home church coach on Sunday April Thirteenth nineteen o two Leinna and Tommy began their usual Sunday ritual attending church in the morning morning and in the afternoon that evening. Lena and told me returned to Highland Park Methodist Episcopal. Church as usual. You some Sundays. They cut across the fields but that night they took the road when service ended at nine PM. Lina and Tommy headed home. But I they stopped at the Billy Waters Restaurant for a treat bananas and Coconut Candy Anti at around nine thirty PM Lena Tommy. We're getting close to home but they would never arrive. Sixteen year old. Fred Turbie was also at Church services at night and left around the same time at nine pm as he turned off of Madison making his way home he heard three screens. It sounded like some young people just fooling around so fred continued home soon. After sometime between nine. Thirty and ten PM I am. Twenty two year old Ralph Peck was driving his girlfriend. eighteen-year-old noma Mary Spear home to her Parents House. When Ralf turned his buggy on Madison and past the Peterson Farm? NOMA put her hand up for Ralph to stop it. She heard something. It sounded like a camp ground. But when Ralph halted the horses there was silence. Let's as they pulled away. The noise came again. Noma scared something was wrong. Doc Ralph Peck gave the horses full reign and the young couple rushed to no muss aunt. Lizzie an uncle Wesley's house which was closer in the no-man's home. They're noma and her aunt Lizzie. Bolted the doors and waited while Wesley. Day and wealth. Pack Heck drove the Buggy to round up neighbors Albert be called Damn Kerry and like Quinn to investigate Ralph Peck led the group to the location. where he noma had heard the strange sounds and the men fanned out to search in darkness? Here it is. Someone has been murdered. Wesley Day cried out face down in a shallow ditch on the north side of the road. About three feet from the telephone pole was a young man bloody and beaten unconscious his tangled hair was matted with blood but he was moaning. They turned him over but his face was so disfigured that none of the men recognized him nearby on the grass and the roadway a twenty foot trail of blood God showed a fierce struggle where the young man had been dragged from the middle of the street to the ditch as Ralph Peck. Cross the the road to turn the horse and buggy around and go for help. He cried out. For God's sake come here. Here's another body lying in the ditch on this side side. The men rushed over with their lanterns. They're in a three foot. Ditch was the body of a young woman. Her clothing clothing was disheveled and her hat rested on the edge of the ditch. Dan Carey recognized the girl immediately. Really it was Lena Peterson when he remembered that he had seen. The brother and sister passed his house earlier that day he realized but the young man barely clinging to life from the other side of the road. Was Tommy Michael Quinn. Then Road to notify Dr William Beck who then fetched Dr Woods and the two doctors rushed to the scene. Dr Woods grasped grasped Lena's head to raise it but her skull was so badly broken that his fingers went through to her brain. Dr William Back was the Peterson's family physician so he and Wesley Day went to give the family the terrible news. Peter Peterson was asleep when he was roused by a knock at the door when they informed. Peter Peterson the two youngest children had been murdered. He screamed murdered murdered. My God and inside of our home his his wife. Mary Peterson looked as though she were about to faint and then became strangely. Calm the two men an asked Peter to get dressed and come with them. The des Moines leader reported that when Peter Peterson arrived at the scene and I saw the bodies of Lena and Tommy he was seized with quote violent convulsions and had to be restrained as he cried. My God my God my Tommy. My darling boy murdered Oh doctor you cannot mean it. This is some horrible nightmare. You're joking why it's only been a short time. Since he went away so happy I cannot believe they have killed my boy. Tommy groaned as he was placed in an an ambulance and rushed to mercy hospital but just half a mile down the road thirteen. Tommy Peterson died laying beside the body. Thirty of his fifteen year old sister. Lena Peter Peterson told the ambulance to drive to the undertaker. The next morning the Peterson's hired hand James Conley accompanied detectives the Sheriff and the Des Moines Police to look over the field next to the road where Lena and Tommy were found in daylight. The murder scene revealed revealed itself on the north side of the road where Tommy was found. A small depression was filled with blood brains and tufts of of hair on the other side of the road in the ditch. Where Lena was killed? Long strands of hair torn out by their roots were intertwined with grass and matted with brains and dirt tracks from two people led south away from the scene one set of footprints. Were that of a small shoe or boot. The other of an average size perhaps some nine or ten and authorities followed the trail as drew the Oakfield separated around the swamp and doing together again. Then then nothing as detectives looked for clues on the scene. Dr William Back and DR M Smith examined the bodies at the funeral home. Tom had been hit so hard on the back of his head. That three or four fingers could be placed inside the fracture. His body had been pummeled. His collarbone was broken. His jaw was crushed and the wounds were rough and jagged as though he had been beaten with a brick the undertaker washed lane China's long. Blood matted hair once clean and dry. The full extent of the brutality inflicted on her was visible. Lina had been struck at least twelve times in the head. They also reported that her vaginal cavity body was badly lacerated. Discharging blood and a slimy substance. The Coroner William Back back issued a statement. That Lane Peterson had been raped and murdered so that she couldn't tell and the Tommy was killed trying trying to protect his sister's honor. The community was in shock. Farmers left their fields and traveled to the Peterson's to extend their condolences and help the Family Lennon. Tommy's classmates draped there now. Vacant desks asks flowers in the two schools were dismissed. Classes were also dismissed at Highland Park College where the students were were so excited and upset that they walked in large numbers to the murder scene offering to aid investigators in their search when hundreds. It's gathered at the undertaker. To view the remains mortician as Rosella ver was forced to close and lock the doors leading only friends friends and relatives. Pass the bodies of Lena and Tommy were then transported home to the Peterson House. Mary Harry Peterson sat calmly between the two caskets. Leinna on her left and Tommy on her right. It was only last last night that they went away smiling and happy with their mother's blessing. She said touching the coffins was last night too. They came to me cold and death. It is the Lord's will and his be done. But shock and sorrow would soon soon turn to anger as the community looked for someone to blame someone who was different an outsider. The press encouraged by law enforcement focused on the black coal miners. Who Rode streetcars from Des Moines to highland park and then walked on north to the coal camps quote? The nature of the crime caused the conclusion to be reached that that it was the work of Negroes The des Moines daily leader wrote although the police are not proceeding on that theory alone with Sunday off. They reasoned many of them would have been returning from the city at the time of the murders immediately. A A witch hunt for black suspects began on the morning of Monday April fourteenth a thirty two year old miner John Hutchinson Anson a five foot. Eleven inch one hundred seventy five pound black man with a moustache described by the press as being quote rather good-looking. Who'd looking walked past the highland park fire station a fireman noticed him and thought that Hutchinson looked unquote apprehensive and cautious as he boarded a streetcar to Des Moines? He notified police. There and Hutchinson was arrested arrested. The des Moines Daily News claimed that Hutchinson's shoes seemed to match one of the tracks at the murder scene that he had blood on his shoes and overcoat and that a button from female underwear was found under the flap of his hugh. When word spread that a black suspect was in custody being questioned a mob of angry whites gathered around the jail jail threatening lynching the Des Moines Daily News reported that quote Negroes were greatly wrought up by threats and that seventy five excited and restless? Black men had to gathered near the jail at the saloon. The Daily Daily News reported it stated that a large number of Negroes are still armed and that pockets which bulge in a suspicious way are frequently noticed. All of the men seem to be peaceably disposed but it is thought that at a moment's notice enough armed negroes would appear to precipitate a race war in response. The Mayor James M Brenton forbade pawn shops from selling weapons weapons or ammunition but only two black men. The yelling agitated crowd outside terrified. The twenty five prisoners is being held inside the jail. Jailer James Shortall armed with a winchester stood guard at their cells sells and declared that he was prepared to lay down his life. That quote the Majesty of the law might be enforced the Des Moines Daily News reported that at age thirty. PM Mayor Brenton addressed the crowd from the jail. Boys I ask you you in the name of the law and order to go quietly away and not stand here this way. You may incite a riot. There's no one in jail. Charged with any crime. Voice yelled out from the crowd cursing him the mayor replied if it wasn't for this crowd I'd trim you up up where you stand boys I ask you to go away from here and I'll tend to this sucker when I catch him on the street. Mayor Brenton ordered the streets patrolled from six 'til midnight and issued instructions to disperse any gatherings near the jail quote regardless of color or previous obvious condition of servitude. Weapons were confiscated. A few arrests were made and Mayor Brenton detained taint the man who cursed him. When Mary Peterson heard that a lynch mob had formed? She dropped to her knees and holding. Her Bible prayed aid that quote. The men might repent before it was ever lastingly too late and asked God to have pity on an and forgive the killer. Lena and Tommy's minister. HP Adams told reporters it makes my blood blood boil to think of the crime. I hope though that calm deliberation will result and that the law will be allowed to take its course the next morning the crowds at the jail had dispersed detectives interrogated John Hutchinson but he. He maintained his innocence insisting that the blood on his coat was from hunting. Small game and Hutchinson had an Alibi Highland Park. livery men John Matthews told police that Hutchinson came to his barn at eight PM. Sunday night to be driven to Marcus. Fill in that. The two were together together. At the time of Leinna Tommy's murder he added Hutchinson was a man of good repute. Hutchinson's Anson's White Co workers came forward in agreement. Police then decided to perform a microscopic examination. Up The blood on Hutchinson's coat. They concluded that it was animal. Blood and Hutchinson was released. Police leased then set their sights on two black men who were reported riding a freight train. East they were arrested and interrogated but released least when police admitted that they were detained only because they looked suspicious when two black men whose quote faces faces and actions according to the Cedar Rapids Republican indicated that they belong to the criminal class were noticed at shells Berg. They too were arrested. One man's coat had bloodstains. When they like Hutchinson's were determined to be animal blood? Authorities released the men on the outskirts of town but swore to keep an eye on them because they were undoubtedly suspicious vicious characters. Farmers began to claim that chickens meat vegetables and fruit were being stolen from their land and asked the sheriff to urge the mine operators to stop using quote Negro Labor because they claimed the average character of the colored laborer was bad and many were ex convicts an accusation they likely read in the Des Moines daily leader which editorialized quote. Many of these Negro miners are reported to have done time in southern penitentiaries before being brought north by the mind bosses the daily leader however acknowledged that many black citizens were estimable men and women who were welcomed by the community unity but no did quote it is the special duty of the colored people of the city to join in seeking the killer out. This has been murder order minute next week. Part two of the story of Lena and Tommy Peterson for true crime anytime download at the moment at APP or follow us on Instagram facebook at murder minute.

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275 - Feeling Underestimated? Amanda LaCount Has the Perfect Response

The Marie Forleo Podcast

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275 - Feeling Underestimated? Amanda LaCount Has the Perfect Response

"Welcome to the marie forleo podcast. The audio version of my award-winning show murray t._v. t._v. Now be sure to visit murray four leo dot com slash marie tv where you'll find hundreds of other episodes. Thanks for listening and one more thing can three words change your life though hell yes they can and they will whether you want to leave a dead end job. Breaking addiction fiction learned to salsa healer relationship grow a business master money or solve world hunger the three words. You need our way for it. Everything is figure out you know that little phrase changed my life and it's the title of my new book which is about to change yours preorder. Everything is figuring out now and save that receipt because it's your ticket to an incredible incredible online coaching experience designed to help you rewire your brain for success. It's a brand new program that you can only get if you preordered the book before september tenth order your copy now at everything's bigger out -able dot com hates. Marie forleo and you are watching watching marie t._v. The place to create a business and life you love. You know if you've ever been in a position where people have told you that you don't have what it takes to go for your dreams dreams. This episode is a must watch. A mandala count professional hip hop dancer choreographer actress singer model influence winsor embody positively advocate whose videos have received over seventy million views. Amanda has her own movement hashtag breaking the stereotype which which promotes body positivity and the belief that any body can be a dancer. She's been on the ellen show dancing with the stars the voice and alongside meghan trainor dinner on the radio disney music awards. She's choreographed and danced for ryan blind raise. A glass music video appeared in katy perry's swish swish music video and helmed her own national dance tour amanda account live amanda. Thank you so much for being here. Of course i'm very excited. We're excited to have have you so obviously. I stopped you for a while and instagram. You are so inspiring. I love your dancing and i loved our connection and i'm thrilled that you're here so i would love you to take us back to the beginning ginning. When did you start dancing. I started dancing when i was two so pretty much like my whole life. I've been dancing. Do feel like like when you look back whether it's video or images like did you just kind of pop out like i remember when i was a kid i see old home videos affleck's spoons and like moving in my diaper was kind of like how you were i. I think yes but there's one picture i have. I think i was like a year and a half like very little and i had a big sunglasses on and i was like posing i look i've got the pension and i'm like oh. I didn't know i was going to be a dancer but i knew i was going to be a star yeah something in the entertainment industry because i love being the center of attention i guess even when i was a year gerald and so i read that part of what inspired you was seeing your sisters on stage yeah tell <hes> six siblings so big family and my two older sisters they were we're into dancing and i would always go to class with them but i wasn't dancing with them and i'd be looking through the window and i just rebound down and my mom would see that and i think she just realized that i really wanted to be in there with them and she enrolled me in like the combo classes the ballet tap jazz and i've been taking glass every sentence yeah so so you knew it so you felt it once you got in there yeah. This is my life's passion definitely so i also read that one of your earliest teachers shared that you have this ability eight to memorize choreography fast and i'm so curious because as i shared with you we were you know. I started my dance journey. I never uh-huh class until i was twenty five. Which is you know very very late for the dance world and one of the things i used to beat myself up about was because i couldn't memorize choreography fast but i have a feeling it's very different free yeah. I don't. It's not something you can kind of. You can practice but it's either like you have it or you really have to work on it and luckily for me yeah i kind of have always been really good at memorizing choreography and one. You're actually it was i was maybe like ten or eleven or maybe even younger. I had seventeen numbers in one show and i memorize them so easily and that's when people were like okay. That's like not normal. I don't know how you're memorizing. I'm rising that much because my sister who's in the same recital was freaking out over having five routines and i was like that's nothing that's nothing but she was like freaking out so i've had just always had that ability to memorize quickly. That's so cool so when you're in a class is it almost like you see the teacher do the moves and it just feels like it downloads almost like it's not quite like that. I think what happens is i mean after i do it like two or three times i have but what really helps us when they play the music like because then when i hear the music with the steps it's like it just like connects and matches so now every time i hear the music i think of those steps interesting so it's not like i can and forget the step if the songs playing it's weird music clicks interesting okay so something happened quite significant when you were about ten. Tell us what you experienced yes. Oh when i was about ten years old this certain studio director in colorado where i'm from mm he begged me to come to his studio like begged me because he had seen me perform competitions and stuff like that and the world in colorado's pretty small so everyone knows each other we see each other all the time and he begged to come to the studio and my mom and i were like okay. We'll we'll give them a chance like why not and i had an amazing year. I won this this this whatever it doesn't matter what about that but i did really good that year and he asked to have a meeting with my mom and i and i know what my mom but personally. I thought it was gonna be a check. In type of meeting like oh you did this this year and this is where i see you doing going next year and things like that but that was not the case and he sat down with my mom and i and he goes. Hey like i'm sorry but amandas body type just doesn't fit my vision for may team and kick me off my teeth. Oh my and keeps me off his team and i was people always. Ask me like how i felt in the moment and yes. I was sad i was more like shocked that he even said that like that came out of his mouth and i was like i did nothing nothing to deserve this like i work so hard i did so good at like. He's kicking me off just because i don't have the right look i guess to be a member his team and it was very hard to hear that obviously because that was kind of my first experience of someone telling me that like my body isn't right for dance like face to face so it was really hard to hear that from someone that i kind of looked up to training with him for a whole year i mean we got pretty close to hear that from. Almost a friend friend was like whoa really devastating yeah definitely <hes> but i left obviously and you know my mom encouraged me to keep going and it was hard. I wanted to stop at some point. Stop dancing <hes> close in like. Was it close to that experience in. Do you feel like if you wanted went to stop dancing. It was because of that comment yeah yeah it just like it was like he thinks this than ever. Is everyone going to think this in like. Is it even worth investing my time and effort and all this if no one's gonna give me a chance. Do i try yeah. Try to find something else and so tell me about that latte exploration in yourself at ten or ten and a half. How did you cause any one of us anyone watching if someone said that or something thinks similar to you at that tender age about your dream or even as an adult if you're in your thirties forties or fifties and someone who you trust who you've worked with comes in and it has a comment like that any one of us would understandably pullback yeah what turned it for you. You're like <hes> yeah. I think it turn from me being devastated in so like feeling so down and bad and all that to me feeling confident. I think it was just i realized there was like a switch in my brain that went from like oh my god i'm terrible. I said stop dancing to away. No he said that but i want to show him that i can do it so i don't know what the happened like in my head but just one day i think it just clicked for me and i realized way. I can't let him like just like stop dancing what i love to do. It's the only are you passionate. I've ever had so it's like i can't just stop because one person that doesn't even matter so that yes you kept going. Yes you've also shared this. You've said the media tells us that if you aren't skinny you aren't beautiful. This is especially true in dance. Where the underlying stereotype that is to be a dancer you must be tall and skinny and caucasian occasion and you were told by many people peers parents of peers dance teachers studio owner strangers even richard simmons that you were too fat to be a dancer but i hi and here and i've proved them wrong year so dedicated you work so hard and i think for any of us no matter how much we believe in ourselves to to consistently here hurtful words is tough. How at this stage. You're at now where you've had success. You're building your success. You are such a role model. How do you respond whether it's in person or even on social media when people have hurtful comments or do you just moved past him at this point yeah <hes> most of the time i don't answer just because the reason they're doing that is for the attention so i try really hard no matter how bad it is not to answer but every once in a while if i see something i'll comment back but but not as like an attack to them like never like meaning like oh my gosh like how dare you. I never go that route but if i do it's always a witty comment or like a funny comment comment so for example someone put a we all know no one's ever going to book her and i was like you're right only katy perry meghan trainor and and i love the comments like that because it's not like i'm attacking them or their character anything like that. It's just like nuclear kinda wrong. It's just like <hes> well <music> natural and you're proving you're responding through your own heart and through the hard work in the successor created so make sure you know your facts before for you. Try to come on. This is why i love you so following your dreams. No matter who you are takes tremendous dedication. Tell me about out when you guys were still living in colorado and you and your mom would take these sixteen hour round trip to l. a. every weekend. What were you doing and and what was that four yeah <hes> so when i was about twelve to thirteen i want to say so two years after the incident with the one guy happened there it was a dance crew called latin flava and my mom was scrolling through instagram and saw that he was like oh she made it would be perfect for this and i don't think she realized that like this is weird but she's sent the producer my videos and my resume that had nothing on it like nothing. It was like recital two thousand ten. I was like oh my. I got a resume but she just i don't know how she had so much confidence but she said my stuff and was like hey. My daughter would be a great asset to your like like crew. Whatever and this crew had some of the best dancers at casey rice and jordan jones and lexi's smith. These are all big kid dancers at the time and then she sending being me like this nobody from a small town in colorado. I was like okay mom sure send it in whatever <hes> but the producer actually came back to us and she messages and said hey i i love your daughter i would i would love for you guys to come out and rehearse and perform with us and i was like oh my god me and my mom i actually have a memory. We are in the kitchen and we he played salloway. We're dancing. Reliable can just so excited that i get an opportunity to l._a. Because that's a big deal but it was the rehearsals were every weekend and sometimes we performances to every weekend so we would drive sixteen hours each way so sixteen eighteen hours to california and then sixteen hours back and i was not home schooled. Many people think i was home schooled. I i've never been home to my entire. Life and i just graduated last year but i've always been in while. I was in private school. Tell sixth grade after that. I was in public school with the rest of the way and it was very hard trying to manage homework and the dance routines and then practicing and then a six hour life yet each way commute yeah they just speaks to your dedication and it speaks to your passion and also your beautiful. Oh mom yes. Oh my gosh. She is so supportive she would like do anything just to get me on a stage for one performance like she would do anything well. She loves you so much and it's is clear because you're so talented at what you do. Let's talk about and i also love. Actually i wanna i wanna put on this for your mom for a minute. I love that she said. If you ever got a big head that she would take you right rebekah yes. She says that all the time because being an l. a. soulmate people get one big break and they think like they're the best dancer to walk on the earth breath and i'm like okay. Where were you a year ago. I'm like you were nothing a year ago and then all of a sudden it switches in their head and they think that they're like a celebrity now. I'm like okay okay like you need to bring that right back down like no. That's not cute. It's not a good look and no one's ever going to book you. If you're like a mean or rude or egotistical person like it doesn't matter how talented did you are because there's eight hundred more dancers. That are just as good or better than you so it's like you have to be a nice humble person. That's easy to work with and people get along with easily or else. You're never ever gonna make it so she always says that. If i ever get cocky or start bragging or anything like that he's just gonna be right back home. That's good mom and for you. Oh yeah. Let's talk about social media for a bit so i think both of us share something in common. We have a little bit of a love hate relationship with it. It's amazing because that's where i found you when we can connect with so many beautiful people doing incredible things and find inspiration and then of course. There's some tough stuff on there as well. How have you found it. Were there any practices that have helped you have a healthy relationship as creative as a performer as someone really putting your stuff out there and by the way just want to also say every time um you share pictures and post. I'm you bring so much joy to my feet. Thank yeah really truly. I would say that <hes> social media is like a love hate relationship ship because i love it because give me a platform to inspire so many people that i would never have been able to like connect with had it not been for social the media so that's the amazing thing about is you can connect with people from literally anywhere. I think that's so amazing but the negative is i think for me. At least people are so so quick to comment on social media because there's not like a real consequence is like they could respond back or whatever but it's not like. It's gonna really really hurt you or like. Change your life in any way so they're like oh. I'll just comment like doesn't matter bulewa but it's like. I don't think they realized how much that can hurt someone because even just like reading a message if it's bad about you like it hurts a lot. I don't care what anybody says it like. It affects you. No matter how big you are how successfully if we are still affects you because it just hurts like tear you down like that. No matter how big you are how successful but as far as like stay positive with the comments. I always try try to think like yes social media. There's a negative side of it but the positive is so much bigger and more important than the negative so it's like yeah august comments would ever tell us to stop dancing but then like the one comment. That's like you inspire or like. I took a class today because i saw your video or something like that. It's like that's that's worth worth the ten hate comments like whatever i don't care you'll see the positive and you are reaching a lot of people in inspiring them. Let's talk about in november really big milestone for you so you are on the cover of dance spirit magazine. Tell us about that experience in that yes so d._s._p. Magazine is is probably the biggest dance magazine in the country. <hes> it's huge. They've had the best answers obviously on the cover. I mean bryant freeman like the biggest people in the dance industry on the cover and actually last year it was a goal of mine to just mentioned in the magazine i literally down like just to have my name india's fair magazine museum and i'm an apology for one minute because we've talked about this lot the power of writing down your dreams the power just writing it down yeah definitely and and my mom was actually in dance class at my school and my mom came into the dance class and i was like god what are you doing. I was embarrassed. I was like what is happening right now. Why are you here because it's not like. We have parents coming into our class every day. That's not that's weird as she pulled me. At first. I was like am i in trouble. Owes like what did i do. It was like i don't think i didn't thing and she pulls outside and yeah so i was just wondering if you want to go to new york and shoot a dancer cover i remember eilly fell to the floor like son of for just ball you. I thought i was like just 'cause like that's so crazy. Because the five years ago like i would read these magazines and i was. I thought they were so cool like the people on the cover. We're like celebrities to me and i was like oh and then and to realize that i'm going to be one of those people. It was like full circle and also i mean they've had maybe like two size eights on recover but never someone like my size so it was really cool to kind of be one of the first dancers or one of the first plus size people able to be the cover of a dance magazine. That's like athletes are like yes things like that because obviously people think automatically like if you're not skinny then you're unhealthy and if you're skinny fit which is not the yes fee to that. You're passionate about yeah because people always siemian. They're like oh. You need to eat healthier. You need to go on a diet exercise more and i'm like okay well clearly you are new to my instagram because i dance every single day for hours hours and hours and i i'm a very healthy eater actually and people n- everything that they never mcdonald's every day. I'm like no. That's not the case like yeah. I eat very healthy and i said all the time it's just the way my body is. I can't really do anything else. You know i'm healthy. I went to the doctor. I'm completely fine and people are still going to have their opinion but i know that i'm healthy and that ass like that like the first time is all your debt. I literally sat back much hair and i was like she is so fair. I love her. That's all i can say so. Let's about your hashtag which i love breaking the stereotype. What does that mean yeah. Bringing the stereotype is pretty self explanatory but it's all about kind of being different and showing people that you don't have to fit in to be successful because i mean like i've said a billion times. People always tell me too big or to be a dancer. I'm not skinny offer things like that but i mean i've proven them wrong. I mean all the things i've gotten to do. I just got back from performing at coachella with eliza which is which was amazing. Thank you which is a huge deal. I mean dancers like dream of performing with artists and i'm only eighteen years old so that's like like pretty cool and so i created bringing the stereotype to kind of inspire people to do things that they never would think that they would be able to do <music> but yeah i mean. I don't really know what else to say but it's just all about is people i love it. I love it because i feel like so. Many of us hold ourselves back back. We're so afraid of what other people could say or even the mean voice in our own minds. That says were too young to old were too skinny. Were too fat or too black or two at were to something and can't do our dreams yeah and i love love love that you take such a strong stand for all of us breaking the stereotype and you've been on a lot of incredible stages lately doing some really cool things any lessons that you've learned for yourself as a performer from from doing things with katy perry from doing things go anywhere yeah <hes> as far as performing i would say do performance but something i've learned throughout my career performing forming and dancing with artists and things like that is in this actually goes more for the audition part of it is that per performance is always more important than like technique technique. No one's watching the show and be like oh my god. Her leg wasn't straight or whatever no one cares like oh. She didn't go on the right. Count who's in the audience thinking that and i feel like dancers over think that way too much like i've gone into auditions four and like messed up so badly like bad lee but i was performing for me and i was having a good time and i've made them feel either made them happy or something like that and so they gave me the job because i was performing and if you're honest they just want to see someone performing having a good time yeah they don't care about the debt. You could stand there but if you're having fun and they don't care. I love this lesson because i feel like it's applicable will to so many people in our audience no matter what we're doing in our own minds we can strive for this perfection right and trying to get it right but when you see a being being being themselves having fun emoting having that energy it makes you feel something and that's what we all want to feel. I love that so one of the things that you say. I want to wrap app with this. I think this is so awesome. We're gonna make it our tweakable. If you love it do it. It's as simple as that so for the folks watching and we have folks all different ages from one hundred ninety five countries all kinds of things. What would you say to them about following their dreams yeah. I just say that people always tend to be like oh oh. I wish i could do this but this this this this this. It's like never let yourself get to the butts just like i want to do this period and i just do it. I get why they don't do it. I mean i mean that's not really fair. I get it's scaring yourself because it's so easy just like do whatever you that's right but that's just what you have to do. Of course it's going to be scary and nerve wracking and like oh my gosh but what this happens. It's like so it's like at least she tried. At least you gave it a shot. I'd rather like do something. I love and then like kind of embarrassed myself then like not do it and just like regret not doing it. I am with you all the way girl. I embarrassed myself on daily me to on time all the time amanda. Thank you so much for being here today. All right you guys will that was tons of fun now. Amanda and i talked about a lot. We also danced but we're really curious out of all the conversation we had today. What's the biggest insight that you're taking away and most importantly really how can you put that insight into actions starting right now. Leave a comment below and let us know now as always the best conversations happen over marie forleo dot com so go there and leave the comment now aunt while you're there be sure to subscribe for email. 'em become an m._s. Insider you're going to get instant access to an audio. I created called how to get anything anything. You want plus. Some exclusive content special giveaways and personal updates were made that i just don't share anywhere else. Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world really does need that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching. We'll catch you next time. I'm marie tv. Hey you haven't trouble bringing your dreams to the life for guess. What the problem isn't you. It's not that you're not hard working or intelligent or deserving. If you haven't yet installed the one key belief that will change it. All everything is figure out. It's my new book and it launches september and you can order it. Now at everything is figure out about dot com. Thank you so much for listening in if you're into it subscribe lever review and tell your friends.

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RTCD #186: LB Preview

The College Draft with Ross Tucker

00:00 sec | 2 years ago

RTCD #186: LB Preview

"Whoa. You're a cell phone code one strike and listen to Russ Ducker and Philadelphia Eagles film junkie friend break down the top college prospects on another tasty edition of the college draft. It is daddy soda time. And we are in our second episode in Mark, which means we're what like six weeks away from the NFL draft. This is insane insane. I tell you we're presented by bed. Online dot AG used that promo code podcast won its conference championship weekend. College hoops. And then March madness kicks off next week. You know, the place to place some bets on March madness. It's bet on line dot A G we are rolling with our positional previews every week. We're breaking down a different position when I say, we I really mean he he is of course. Fran. Duffy from the Philadelphia Eagles. You can check him out on Twitter at f-. Duffy three. Does a terrific job for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is there. Video scouting guru. And he's our draft Guber here on the college draft podcast as a result. I'm the former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker love love love, all of the various podcast. We have for you. We're gonna do the fantasy feast today with Evan Sylvan. I breaking down all the reported moves in free agency, does far we're also going to have the even money podcast today. And just see if any of these moves so far have moved the needle as far as St. fezzet is concerned for betting on any of these teams. And we'll get his quick thoughts on conference championship week, March, madness, etc. Fran we've already done a couple of position groups. It's now time for the linebackers which is interesting, and of course, Fran nothing official to this point. But there have been some linebackers on the move reported. Woodley and NFL free agency supposedly Kwan Alexander is getting a lot of money to sign tomorrow with the forty Niners. The New York Jets have reportedly according to NFL network real in both CJ Moseley for seventeen million a year Anthony Barr in the fourteen to fifteen million dollar a year range, although I think bar might end up playing outside backer for them, which I thought he was I remember we're talking about him when he was coming out of college at UCLA, but my point is Fran sometimes linebackers get lost in the shuffle a little bit. But man, don't don't tell somebody NFL teams that. I mean, it's pretty clear that they still really value. Good players at this position. Well, you know, what it is Ross is that it's a sub package league, obviously. But really it's a matchup leak, and ultimately, that's why you're gonna start seeing these safeties. Get a lot of big money teams are playing more safety's now than. They ever have in terms of big nickel and dime. I mean, more safety's more versatile safeties are getting onto the field to match up with you know, with more athletic tight ends or just bigger slot receivers. And I think that same holds true for linebacker position. And that's why a lot of these guys that are reportedly getting all this money. They're more athletic pure three down players. You're not seeing the guys that you know, maybe had questions about their athleticism or questions about their speed. Those guys aren't getting the money. It's the guys that have the ability to play sideline to sideline have the ability to match up one on one in space with athletic tight ends and running backs. Those the guys that are that are seen as valuable, and I think that that will hold true in the draft as well. I think you're exactly right. I think that's a huge part of it. Fran has guys that can run and guys that can cover don't have to come off the field. And I think that's probably a pretty good jumping off point as we get started with your favorite linebacker in this draft class to watch on film. Yeah. It's pretty much a slam dunk. It's Devon white from LSU. And I think ultimately when you look this kid he arrived on campus as a running back fullback hybrid. It didn't take long for them to realize what we should probably put this guy on the defensive side of the football turned into a two year starter on the weak side for Dave Aranda, and that three four scheme has the ability to play, Mike. I mean, he's got a dynamic personality. He's a guy that you can see you can envision him stepping into your locker room being one of the leaders of the defense making all the calls in the middle of the field. And he's just a ball of energy. I mean, he's a fast flow linebacker, absolutely has three doubt potential, great athlete. Phenomenal range to play sideline to sideline. He's really physical. They obviously will play downhill play in the box. I remember talking to carry on Johnson. The former Auburn running back now star for the Detroit Lions I'm talking to him at the combine last year. And he said the Devon white was the best player in that he faced the year ago that was his true sophomore season because of his toughness. And his physicality. So you look at Devon white. And you see a guy that he's almost the total package. The big question. You have number one wasn't super productive in coverage. I thought his ball skills were just okay. He has the athlete. This isn't a match up in play in space, but his ability to play in the ball was a bit of a concern. The bigger question, though, was just his consistency. As attack lurk can ease. The guy who tends to kinda strike high. Does have some misses more of a dragged out tackler he came in at two hundred thirty seven pounds, which I thought was a win for him at the combine can he maintained that weight and continue to play it that way, I thought it was good that he tested the way he did at just under two hundred forty pounds. He ran four four two four one seven in the short, Sean Lee jumped thirty nine and a half inches in the verts so tested, very well across the board. But this is a guy that ultimately as I high motor guy plugged really, just a phenomenal athlete can just play a little bit too out of control a time. So when you talk about him finishing as tackler out. Outside the numbers. There were times where he would come in a little bit too hot fell to break down and finish one on one. But ultimately for a skillset standpoint like Devon white is exactly what you're looking for very similar to roquan Smith year ago. And obviously had a big impact for the Chicago Bears. Your one interesting to friend because the way you describe him. He sounds a lot like how people were describing Quantel exander in free agency. The former Tampa Bay buccaneer. Linebacker who's supposed to be signing with the forty Niners for a lot of money. That's how a lot of people describe him, you know, fast as lightning overrun some things misses some tackles. But has you know, a lot of speed to chase things down. Yeah. I think the big difference is that I really liked Devon white coming downhill whereas with client. I mean, he is a space player. He is a guy that give him a free lane and he's going to run, and they did a nice job of kind of covering him up making sure that. The defensive tackles did some of the dirty work in front of him and allow him to flow to the football. I think that would be the case for sure in San Francisco as well. If that's where he ends up. Let's get to the guys that you say the guy that you say it linebacker is underrated by the media. I this is my favorite category. I think I'm gonna go with the guy that really has just been flying under the radar throughout the whole process, and that's TJ Edwards from Wisconsin loop it under size just over six foot just just about two hundred and thirty pounds, but he's a four year starter for Jim Leonard out there in Wisconsin, pro style scheme three four everything that you would want from a leadership standpoint talk to a lot of the Wisconsin offensive lineman some of the other players as well for the badgers. And they all point at TJ Edwards is the guy who is the leader of that team. And again as a four year starter, not a big vocal guy. But a guy that they all look to to be their leader really instinctive player both. The run and the past the big question with TJ Edwards. He goes back to what we talked about. At the beginning of the show is the athlete. You know is he going to be a guy that's viewed as a three down player? He didn't work out of the combine was not at the senior bowl. He didn't get an invite. He told me at the at the combine that he didn't get invite to the senior bowl till late in the process. So ole to me, I think when you look at TJ Edwards. You know, this is a player that is really instinctive really tough, you know, that he's going to be able to play between the tackles. The question is is does he have the athletes to hold up in space was really really productive against the run in the past. I mean he had a bunch of interception. When we look at the total ROY you hit ten interceptions in his career. This is the guy. That's the questions about his boss skills are not there his instincts and coverage. That's not a question. The question is does he have the foot speed the quickness we'll see if he works out of the Wisconsin pro day. But certainly a guy that to me is very very intriguing. We'll see if he's valued that way come draft weekend. What are you hearing Fran or what what are the current projections? Oh, where TJ might go in terms of draft. Like what round? I mean. People aren't really talking about him at all. So to me like, I I look at them on film. And I think all right. She's probably like third or fourth round pick just because there's the questions about the athletes is now he goes to his pro day. And if you had done this the combine if he goes to his pro and Ron saying, you know, mid four fives and tests pretty well. Across the board. I think yeah, you're probably looking at him third round, you know, late day to potentially early day three now. So he goes any bombs the pro day, if you bombs the workout now, there's going to be questions about his out know those questions about his athleticism. We're going to be even more magnified, and you were talking more about late day three. But that's the mazing to me. I called the Penn State Wisconsin game. And I've seen a lot of Wisconsin football less for years that guy is made like every tackle for them for years. I mean that guy. I'm a big big fan. I didn't sit down and study his coaching tape. Like you do. But just watching the TV copy even that Penn State game. I called the guy made every tackle. I mean, it was it was unbelievable. I'm a big fan of his and the way he plays who's a guy linebacker friend that you like, but something about them scares you. That would be MAC Wilson. Because I think when you look at MAC Wilson from Alabama he has all of the trait. Like, I mean from physical standpoint he has got all the tools to be three down line by this to me is the the Quanta Alexander comparison because you know, MAC Wilson is he's pretty good size. He's really athlete. He's explosive. He's got great range can play sideline to sideline again. All those tools that you look for to play today's league the question, you have is with his I disciplined, his mental process and his place strength at the point of contact. Those are questions that you have with MAC is can he play in traffic? Can he avoid contact and keep himself clean to make plays outside the numbers? Those requests that you have watching him. And now he only started a couple of games on the back end of his sophomore season back in two thousand seventeen this was his first full year as a starter. So you saw him make strides and you saw really really good flashes. I think if you take him early you're betting on him being a better NFL player than what he's put in college. Because it's college film was was pretty good. But he's got the skill set to go very very high. So I'm very intrigued by MAC wills and he's a guy that will go a little bit higher than I think people are projecting right now. I think most people are kind of looking him as a mid day to guy a wouldn't shock me. Because of his skill set. If he went top fifty if somebody fell in love with them away from the field. So to me MAC Wilson has guy. That's really really intriguing. You just worry about the his eye disipline making sure that he's seeing things as cleanly as officially as you would like just a quick question on Devon white. Is he in your mind like a top five top ten kinda guy? Yeah. I think so to me he's very very similar to to roquan Smith from a year ago that worried about his instincts at all the big question with Devon why is the tackling and just being more more short tackler with some of these other guys we've talked about their bigger questions things things that need to be answered. But with with Devon wide. I those questions aren't as artist shore for me. How about the other Devon? And it looks like he got Devon Bush Michigan as your safest player the guy who's upside may not be as high but a high floor football player. Yeah. And to me, I think this is how he would have been viewed especially going into the combine now coming out of the combine the way he tested a lot of people are questioning that thought process. Maybe he does have really high upside of me around four four three just over two hundred and thirty five pounds had tested really well across the board. So you speak to me. Well, I watch them on film. I mean, this guy is a three down player if Mike really physical really tough explosive. I liked the sideline to sideline ability. I did wonder a little bit kind of like Devon white. Sometimes he goes a little bit more for the big hit as opposed to trying to wrap up. I did worry a little bit about his ability to play in reverse. And that's still a little bit of a question is based off what I've seen on film. But I think when you look at Devon Bush, you feel pretty good. He's gonna be able to play in today's league. He's a little bit undersized again, just five eleven even two hundred thirty four pounds. But love his physicality. I love his sideline to sideline ability. There's there's a role for Devon Bush in today's NFL. What's the difference between Bush and white? I would say that that white is probably a more. It's naturally instinctive player probably has a little bit more in terms of the plays outside the numbers. Even though I thought the motor on different Bush was still pretty good. I think Devon white has just a little bit more to them. And then also that I think that the I think white is a little bit looser laterally than Devon Bush's Bush's as definitely a straight line guy. More more straight line. I would say definitely I would say he's purely straight line. But Devon white is is really really loose. He's got the ability to kind of flip his hips and be able to mirror match in space. Whereas I think Bush is definitely more of a box player you keep him inside the tackle box. Let him play downhill, whereas white, I think he gives you a little bit more versatility to be able to match up in space. Gimme a guy that you think it linebacker is a is a scheme specific guy. To me. I look at it guy like Gilani survive from Hawaii. And it's the player that you know. I know we talked with Dame brew a couple months ago and he had brought him up. I didn't get a chance to watch him until very early before. They're very late just before the combine and Dane was spot on about this kid. He he's really really intriguing guy who started forty five games over his career with Hawaii somehow is still very much under the radar six to came in at two hundred and fifty pounds out of the combine what's amazing about is. Is that at any given rip? I mean, he could lineup hand the dirt or standing up over tackles pass rusher. He can land lineup stacked as kind of a Mike backer weakside, backer. He can line up over the slot. Playing in space over receivers and tight ends. And he did all of them pretty well. I mean, that's the thing is this kid's got a very very impressive skill set. His combination of size and movement. He didn't get a chance to work out because of an injury. And that is a shame because I think he would have been one of the more impressive testers. At the combine he would have impressed at the all star game circuit as well. Whether it was the shrine game or the senior bowl giants have. I is really really intriguing and some names that I wrote down while watching them, you know, Fred Warner was a guy. I really liked it your ago turned into a really good starter as a rookie for the San Francisco forty Niners house wrote down cage, a right and Anthony Barr. I mean to me the skill set, which is very very intriguing. Why I say he scheme specific is. I think you have to have a bit of a plan for him. You have to understand how you're going to use them. He's not gonna just go in the NFL. We talked about this guy's like miles, Jack. And to an extent, I mean, Anthony bars well would fit that boat. You said earlier, you know, we thought Anthony barked would be an edge rusher coming out of UCLA, and he turned into more of an off the ball guy. I think when you look at July divide you need to look at him and say, okay, how are we going to use them as you're going to be purely an edge guy is going to be a stack. Mike backer is you're going to be kind of a walkout matchup player against tight ends for us. What is he going to be I early and then let's then develop an massage. Is the skill set and try and grow his role a little bit. As we grow to me teams that value versatility at linebacker value size Neth, lettuces them. They're going to really really like this skit he's one of the more intriguing players at the position especially in. What I think most would consider one of the more shallow position groups in in this draft. All right. Let's move onto the next category. I like it. I like when there's a guy kind of out of nowhere. What about the day? Three, jen. This is one of my other favorite categories there. There are a few guys that I would have put that I could have put in this one. But I went with Voshan Joseph the linebacker from Florida. The reason why the kid came in at six one and a half two hundred and thirty pounds. He's still light really really athle-. He's a special athlete didn't test at the combine. So we didn't get to see that on on display, but this kid is really fun to study because he's really athlete he's super explosive. He's got a great motor makes plays all over the field for the Gators. And he's tough. I mean, he's not a guy is going to back down from contact. He will come down hill and try and Papa a block or trying to take on a tight end. I mean, he's got the ability to do that to me that that is very reminiscent of telvision Smith when he was coming out of Florida state of few years ago. I mean, tell them Smith. Was really small some people even greater domestic safety coming out for that reason. But you saw the toughness you saw the instincts. Yeah. The size was a little bit of an issue at times taken on blocks at the size was lube of this. You at times getting bigger bulk carriers so the ground and that is the case with Voshan Joseph. But in today's league or though value is on lettuce schism. I think Joseph is going to go earlier than people think to we'll see if he's going to be latter stages of day to maybe even earlier than that. But to me vote on Joseph is a guy look as long as the character and stuff checks out. I don't know much about them off the field as long as there are no red flags. There are red flags medically if you're going to strike, you know, basically off the film to me he's one of the more intriguing players in this class again questions with his size and strength and ability to finish tackles. But the athlete is's the speed the motor. They're all there. The instincts are pretty good as well. He's an outstanding Blitzer. So to me, you look at vote Sean Joseph, and he's a guy that if he's there update three I think the upside is very very high and there's a. A couple of guys in this class. I think you could say that about. Yeah. That's interesting. About some of the day three guys. Because you always think I always think day three guys is being primarily special teams guys. Yeah. He would be outstanding. Especially when you look at him. You look at a guy like Blake Cashman who a lot of people, you know, are kind of on the table for now after his combine workout. I think when you look at the athletes and traits drew tranquil from Notre Dame. He was an outstanding special teamer throughout his, of course of his career with the Irish you start looking at these guys and say okay at a floor. This should be a special teams demon core for guy can do all of that. But what else can he be forced? Can he be starting will be a starting Sam? Can it be a starting Mike? That's when you start getting into those questions, but with all those guys I think the floor is as as a core. Four special teams guy. Bet online dot AG is our Goto place. If you want to place a wager on anything, especially its conference championship week in college hoops. So that makes those games out. He love watching the washing Wofford and UNC Greensboro last night. I love you know, these teams get a chance to punch their ticket for the tournament. And you can make those games even more. Interesting it bed, online dot AG. When you use the promo code podcast one. You get a fifty percent. Welcome bonus. Which is awesome. You get that much money right away. Fifty percent. Welcome bonus. So you put in one hundred bucks. They put an extra fifty in just for you bet online dot AG. Smart madness is just about here. Take advantage of it. All right, friend. Let's get to your three for one three more guys. You wanna talk. About because you like them. Yeah. I'm gonna go with tavon Coney, I from from Notre Dame it, you know, under six one just a just under two hundred forty five pounds pre athlete a kid. He didn't test in Indianapolis like a lot of these guys, unfortunately, but didn't test an indie, but to me on film? I think he's an explosive kid you fairly explosive. He's not to the level of athletes. Some of these other guys we've talked about. But in terms of being a three down player. I think he can be that at the next level. I really liked his instincts in the box against the run coverage. His these production playing in reverse was not great only five disruptions on the football coverage. But ultimately when you look at tavon Coney, I think that this is a player that can be three now player can be a Mike linebacker for team. In today's NFL. He's the guy that really really intrigues me, and is probably more of an early date three selection when it's all said and done the other guy Terrel Hanks from New Mexico state, one of the darlings of the senior bowl had a good week of practice down there in mobile four year starter for New Mexico state was recruited use a high school safety. I believe. When he was coming out of Miami, Florida as a high school kid, but the big knock on him. Now is that he did not have a good combine workout the jumps were solid and he went around the forty four nine eight at two hundred and forty two pounds. So that's something that he's absolutely going to have to make sure he improves on at the pro day because teams want speed at linebacker and for a guy that on film his game is pretty much predicated on his athleticism speed. He's a very physical guy. He's these tough kid. He is pretty instinctive, but ultimately, he's a guy that I think is built more for athletics system for got. So for him to not test. Well was a little bit worrisome. But overall, I mean this kid Ashley looks the party's pythons for arms really well built. It was one of the guys that won the way in at the at the senior bowl as well. Everybody was was really excited about seeing him in person. Like, I said had a good week of practice. So Terrel Hanks just a name to keep an eye out again, probably more of a day three selection, but the kid from New Mexico state to me is very. Very intriguing and then last one I'll go with David long, and it's a little bit of a broken record. Because he had similar to a lot of the other guys that we've talked about so far, I think when you look at David law. He's intriguing because he's he's he's undersized. But he's athlete. He's a fast flow kid who can play sideline to sideline. He's built for today's NFL. He's very versatile can be using a lot of different ways got lined up stacked. It walk out a little bit time a little bit of the time as well. Did get some refs off the edge as a pass rusher as a Blitzer, but the question is his size his place, drink and his ability to tackle wanna one. He did have a lot of mistakes in the big twelve. So you look at David Lomb. The skill sets their their tool, there's tools they're free to work with you. Just worry a little bit about the size and strength and ability to finish one on one. And that's really you could say that about a handful of these guys, you know, we've talked about a few of them already, but you know to throw in a couple more Jordan Jones from Kentucky chase Hanson from Utah. Again, a guy like Blake cash from from. From minnesota. So ultimately. Intriguing player athletics athleticism. Is there you feel like he can be a special teams guy for you. Can he be more in your base defense? You know, that's just brings up one question to me friend, which is do you name any guys that you know, you talking about like telvision Smith and some of these guys can you name any guy that didn't make it in the NFL linebacker because they weren't big enough who didn't make. Like like people say worried about him because he's undersides worried about him. He's a little undersized. I guess I I'm trying to think of guys that didn't make it didn't become stars or whatever. Because they never got big enough. It just never seems like that's the reason why they don't become a player. You know? Sure. I'm pulling up my list now. I mean, really the I think ultimately it is a little bit of a concern because when you get to the NFL, everybody's bigger faster stronger. Right. So, you know, some of the things that you had that worked for you in college may not necessarily work for you in the NFL. Now, I'm looking, you know, tell them Smith came in two hundred and eighteen pounds Dion Jones came in at two hundred twenty two pounds start looking at some of the guys that didn't work. I mean, soa Craven's came in to twenty-six people viewed him as a safety, and he's still kind of you'd that way James Brown to twenty-seven. I'm looking at some of these guys that weren't that were driving by point. Right. It just seems like. Hear that with with high school recruiting too. It's like I just don't know if he's big enough like like they'll be looking at offense lineman. It's to sixty and I'm like, well, when's the last time yet a guy that came and he didn't play for you. Because he never got heavy enough. You know what I mean? Like, let's I think this is the fun exercise. Let's look at a real quick all these are all guys that were drafted on the first or second day that came in at two hundred and thirty two pounds or less. All right. This is the last the last ten years were shot. Evans Doron Lee who didn't he hasn't really turned out. Well for the jets, Sean, Spence with Pittsburgh. He got hurt. Darrelle Washington the linebacker from Arizona. He turned into a good player, obviously had a different set of issues. Jerome Baker still young just a rookie with the dolphins. Reuben foster obviously is at his own set of issues Shaq Thompson with Carolina Panthers. So we'll Craven's mentioned Doreen. Oh, Daniel just a rookie. Jalen Smith with Dallas Cowboys, obviously, very very talented player. Dion johns. And that's it. That's that's the list. That's a fair point. I think it's a fair point, especially with the way the game's played today. I always hear that as a concern. And I'm always like, okay. But then who are the guys that and because it concern is they won't hold up in the run game. But like a lot of the guys you just named are awesome in the run game. You know? So I I don't know. I always think that that's an interesting knock on guys. But it is important. It is important to that. Those guys are just listed were all only the guys that were drafted day one or two. There are a lot. Lot of other guys that were drafted day three. The thing is though is guys those guys obviously, they got draft a little bit later. They're not great. There's not as good football players. Right. Exactly, exactly. They'll do by the way for this edition of the college draft podcasts. Hopefully, you guys are already following us on Twitter. He's at FIFA three an excellent follow. I'm at Ross Tucker and fell the best way to always know when any of the shows are ready is by following our producer, Brian at RTF podcast. He posts all the shows. So he knows when they're on your podcast app. And he posts them on Twitter right away at our podcast. Busy Tuesday mentioned earlier I'll say it again fantasy feast posting today with every night breaking down all of the free agent reports those for even money today, and then the moral will have a monstrous Ross Tucker football pike as next week. I think we might be doing the line. So get excited I'm excited. Fran easy. Gimme a list of guys. I need to check out always one of my favorite episodes of the year checkout. Fran and all the great stuff. He does on Twitter for the echoes. You can see because he posts it other than that. The cat gets kicked world tapped out. Enjoy your trusty willing while listening to the college draft, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck Chuck, make sure you're subscribing to the rust Tucker football podcast fantasy fees and even money podcasts all available on itunes and Rostker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found ADT can design and install a smart home. 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