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"johnny hunter henry" Discussed on Patriots Beat

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"johnny hunter henry" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"We're running behind them, try and stop it. I almost feel like that's the way to go. 'cause I even if the jets know that's coming, unless they, you know, bump Quinn Wilson out, where he's on the outside shoulder of the guard. I don't know that they have the personal to stop that. Yeah. I mean, that's really the only place that they have to avoid running the footballs right. I quit and Williams, right? I mean, everywhere else it seems pretty vulnerable for the jets. I hope that they don't try to just run smash mouths because there should be plays in the passing game that will let's say that that's the only play they have to run, but I'm saying like, I think in week one against Miami, they fell a little bit into a trap of all we have these two tight ends that can block. We're going to put these two guys out at the end of the line and just run behind a four man wall, right? And that in theory is makes sense because you have you have four guys wide there that you can create a wall with, meaning four from center, right? So you have on when you win donu hunter Henry, let's say, or on the other side, mace and brown Johnny hunter Henry. And that is a really that four man wall is very can be very effective. But it didn't move the dolphins front, especially after trend Brown left the game in the way that they necessarily thought it would. Now, just really quickly, they ran the ball 27 times on first and second down and they ran 16 third dance in that game against Miami. If I'm the Patriots, you can not get into third down 16 times. I don't care what the events are going up against in the NFL. That's just not if you're in third down 16 times it's because you're not a good first and second down offense. That's the first and second down problem. That's a not a third down problem. And that also comes to the play calling and the lack of aggressiveness to a degree from Josh McDaniels. So they need to be more aggressive on offense. And that doesn't necessarily mean that they can't run the football, but they definitely need to be more aggressive on offense. Well, you know, it's interesting..

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