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"jones russula" Discussed on Formula 1 Grid Talk Podcast

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"jones russula" Discussed on Formula 1 Grid Talk Podcast

"It goes from Probably a podium in a definite top-five finished you barely getting points and wondering what if an it's a shame. Because i think sergio perez drove one of his better races this weekend up until that pitstop a. that he's driven all year and he's gonna be there next year because red bulls run through everybody basically But it's not days like today where it's like. Oh man we really could've gotten more there and it just didn't work out too well But i don't even. I don't really blame chaco in that. Just was an unfortunate circumstance. Timing and everything didn't really work out too. well he was in the same boat as landau So i mean we'll see what happens. Turkey i think is a better circuit for anyway I think some of these racetracks that are coming up in this. Last part of the season sue him and be the car Better so we will see what he responds within this last third of the season In regards to the constructor sham egypt because now that third place points situation is kind of iffy Bs thirty plus points behind a voluntary for third the driver's championship. So now it's really not about during the driver's championship anymore. 'cause i think is the only one that really could get get third anymore in that spot think he was genuine. Look today as far as you mentioned about about snobs. It's not the less ten laps so every could just breezed by the a terrible pitstops in that zoo so lucky for him and like you said yeah it got it got second place. That's a he last year. I think he was going to win that race for a little bit tune. Hamilton breeze by so much better circuit from coming up in two weeks time on the final point score. Today was george russell george russell in the top side. Getting a single point jared. This is getting a big bore. It isn't he's making it often in every week. Almost what is going on. He's dragging that williams into playstation obey especially Mentioned that you got third in qualifying yesterday. As well fed and qualifying any did such a great job at the start of the rice to hold up guys like hamilton. Stroh is who they thought were rising in think united. Unfortunately that's what georgia's rice Took a bit of a downturn because they shattered what strolled in the pits and ended up. Pinquater alien took him out of contention. He did come behind straw walser but then in the end coming back and finishing intense could possibly be More if landau gets a penalty for what we talked about in the pit lane but yeah he's making it a regular habit of this side. It's it's great to say absolutely Shown why deserves up mercedes drive so what. She's consistently scored points affect late to the guy seemed all consistently score points though. Acid boston are in. And i fought. That stroll was going to get some good points today after his after his megastar but it just didn't work out for them they just slowly sleep. The backend even collided with each other as well. It's a little for a time. If jones russula gues- sick place finishes so he was looking like. Who's going to do the the williams would be on the back. Filibuster ma in the constructors is not bad for them. It as it a bit worse because strong has actually picked up some points today but not the salt points. He really wants penalty points on his licence. Iowa ruby has just put in the a the slack group that we have the. He's got a ten second time penalty and two penalty. Points things Pa.

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