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"jones dobbs" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"And then who else would it be? So when they drafted Dobbs in two thousand seventeen seem pretty obvious. You had those three quarterbacks rob burger Jones Dobbs. Now last year was thinking well there is Joshua Dobbs. They just drafted masonry off in the third but Bennell they cut Jarvis Landry. Jones Landry Jones is on employed currently last I checked, and so you now you have this depth chart that is not set in stone. Everyone might think that Joshua's because he was number two. This year will be number two next year. There is something about Mason Rudolph that is intriguing. Me. And maybe it's because I haven't seen him in the NFL that much outside the preseason actually at all outside the preseason. So let's go to Dave. I wanted to tell me what you think going to play out the the backup spot behind Rosberg or coming into next season. All right. You want the stats? I. Before later stats. All right. I thought there was a chance that when they decided to keep Dobbs over Jones because I think we all realize that's what it came down to. It was never a question of whether or not it was going to be Rudolph. I thought there could have been at some point this season where they made the change. When who is who was second who was third. I thought it was possible, but not necessarily that it could happen next year. I think it's really going to be a competition between the two. And they're just going to basically leave it up for their for their play in camping in the preseason. He heating wins out. Stuff to say, we haven't seen Ruto. I don't know Dobbs. He's he's such a good guy. You just want to root for him so much, but Rudolph I think is really going to be the guy. He's gonna be the one. That if something happens where Ben goes down. I think that's who you're going to see coming in the play. It could even be a situation like like some people thought this past year that. Dobbs was more prepared to be the guy that dressed every game to be the backup. But if Ben would have got injured say week six, and there was going to be a long stretch that they might have given route off the shot that that could be it really depends on his progression. From that year one to year two of just learning the NFL can he take the snaps under center. Can he do all those other things I was actually there? The last time he threw a pass a game. I was at the fourth preseason game. And I I really liked what I saw not granted he was playing with a bunch of guys whose names people didn't know going against a bunch of guys whose names, you know. But I I liked what I liked what he did. And will I just he's just gotta move forward. He's got a progress. I mean, I feel that Dobbs really progressed from one to two if Rudolph progresses much Dobbs did that I think he takes over on has moxie. The I I love that word second. Reminds me of Jonathan mocks in from varsity blues, which is one of my favorite sports time. But he has that edge. But he's he's such a professional, man. When you listen to him in interviews. I've said this before it reminds me of listening to Sidney Crosby always cool always calm, always professional and he's got that chip to him. If Dave creepy from wrong wasn't at the fourth preseason game where he got hit late after he scored a rushing touchdown. And he and he went after that guy as I. I like that. I like it. It's the first time in my life. And I've said this multiple occasions is the first time in my life that I've honestly been excited about the future at the quarterback position for the Steelers. But Brian we spend it over to you. Now, what are your thoughts on two and three? How do you shaking out? Well, first of all your varsity blues fan, I use I refuse to wear a whip cream the caney. This show. I'm just telling you right now. But I days. Thanks banker. Speaking my language. Number two..

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